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  • Clerks is still funny in color...and animated.

    First of all...If you haven't seen the movie, stop reading and rent it. Now that thats said, Clerks is an animated series based on Kevin Smith's 1994 Cult-Classic (although it has started to become more mainstream in recent years) Film about 2 Slackers. Two Slackers named Dante Hicks And Randal (Not Handal) Graves. Also appearing in the show are Fan-Favorites Jay & Silent Bob who now deal Fireworks (Step right up and throw down some bucks at J & SB's TNT Redux...Naga Nooch!)

    Getting to the point, this show only lasted 2 episodes. Pretty lame huh? if you said Yes then I'd say, yes it was lame of people to hate this show because it's nothing like the movie. If I wanted something like the movie I would watch the movie. Personally I Loved This Show. And I will tell you why.

    A) It Was Funny.
    B) Refer To A.
    C) Refer To A.
    4) The many many many Pop-Cultural references and spoofs. They seem to do it to everyone, Matt Damon, Ted Danson, Jerry Seinfeld, Almost every director from 1975 and up...The list goes on. The show also spoofed entire movies and shows, Happy Days, the Bad News Bears, the Last Starfighter, even solemn meaningful films like "Schindler's List"...Again, The list goes on.

    To sum-up, Clerks has everything a good animated comedy should have, and they shouldn't have cancelled it. So go make up for it by shelling out the $10 to but a DVD with all 6 episodes.