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  • Clerks was an illfated show that is grossly overlooked but is a comedy gem.

    Not many people know about the 1994 black and white indie movie by director Kevin Smith titled Clerks. This starred Dante Hicks, a clerk at a small convinient store in Leonardo, New Jersy and his friend Randal Graves that works in the video store next to it. It was a very classic movie (A sequel is in the works slated for January 2006 n_n). Not many people know about the short lived animated series that followed it. It was much like the movie, but without the cursing and sexual inuendo. What it lacks in vulgarity, it makes up for in off the wall humor. Seriously, this show is f*cking halarious. Also adding to comic relief are Jay and Silent Bob. These characters played a small part in the movie but come along to add to the fun. Unfortunately, the off the wall humor was short lived. Premered on NBC (Don't quote me on that though), it premered the same night as the NBA playoffs, so it was soon overlooked. If you can find the DVD that is floating around, do yourself a favor and buy it. Seven episodes of halarity for around $10-$15 is a steal.