Clerks - Season 1

ABC (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Episode #6: The Last Episode Ever
    Randal and Dante visit a comic con, where people encourage them to be more true to the movie. Back at the store, Dante prepares for a date with Caitlin Bree. A fair springs up across the street and Jay and Silent Bob can't keep themselves from rushing in every 2 minutes to bring news while Randal and Dante must man the Quick Stop all night.moreless
  • Episode #5
    Episode #5
    Episode 5

    Dante and Randal go to their ten year high school reunion, while Leonardo attends his 30th. All of Randal's ex-girlfriends are now lesbians while Dante's baseball team doesn't remember him. Leonardo offers Dante the chance to coach a little league team, while Randal beats the "Pharoah" video game and is offered a chance to put his skills to use.

  • Episode #3
    Episode #3
    Episode 4
    Dante and Randal read fan mail and introduce a new black character, Lando. Randal neglects a shipment of frozen burritos. A new pet store opens next door, and Patrick Swayze works there. Randal fears an outbreak after Leonardo Leonardo is bitten by a monkey and gets food poisoning from the burritos. After Jay and Silent Bob steal the monkey to teach it to smoke, Randal and Dante must track it down, as it is the key to stop the town from being liquidated.moreless
  • Episode #1
    Episode #1
    Episode 3
    Billionaire Leonardo Leonardo, opens a new convenience store across the street from the Quick Stop. The store is an instant success, but is putting Dante and Randal out of their jobs. The two are offered jobs at the store, but Randal refuses without consulting with Dante. The two later sneak into the Leonardo Tower to find Leonardo's secret plans, and Jay and Silent Bob. The two tell the town of Leonardo's world domination plans, only to have no one listen. After seeing The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer however, the two find a way to expose Leonardo. Their plan succeeds and with the help of Jay and Silent Bob, The Quicker Stop is gone. Leonardo promises revenge, and the first safety tips segment shows Jay and Silent Bob telling kids how to protect their food while camping.

  • Episode #2
    Episode #2
    Episode 2
    Randal and Dante are accidentally locked in the freezer at Quick Stop while testing the locks. They spend the day reminiscing about such things as the opening of a new convenience store across the street, the last time they got locked in the freezer, Randal's mail order husband, celebrities that have stopped by, their time on The Real World and Happy Days. Silent Bob and Jay try to help but get locked in also. After escaping from that, Randal and Dante get trapped in RST Video.moreless
  • Episode #4
    Episode #4
    Episode 1
    Randal and Dante bet that they couldn't do each other's job for a day at RST Video and Quick Stop, respectively. Randal doesn't make it two minutes. Jay sues Dante and Quick Stop for $10 million after slipping and falling on the floor.