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Click (1997)

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Just a couple of years after Columbia-TriStar Television (now Sony Pictures Television) took over production of Merv Griffin's two most successful game shows - Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! - the game show mogul was back, this time with the teen game show Click!

Playing on the enormously expanding technology of the Internet, Click saw three teams of teen-agers (one made up of two boys, another of two girls and the third one boy and one girl) compete for cash and the grand prize - a pair of computers!

Three rounds were played, with questions as thus:

* Web Site - Where the team had to identify the author of a fictional e-mail message (e.g., "Hello Martha, crossing the Delaware today. Make sure you tell Pa I didn't chop down that cherry tree!" Answer: George Washington).

* Click Pix - The team had to answer questions about a photograph.

* Sound Byte - Questions with audio clues.

* Word Wizard (known as the Chat Room in the second season) - Word-based questions, where contestants had to identify possibly the misspelled word in a sentence (via the Spell Check), the correctly spelled word from a choice of three (Dictionary), or give a synonym for a word (Thesaurus).

Three rounds were played, as thus:

* Round 1 - Each team was given 60 seconds to answer as many questions as they could, worth $25, $50, $75 or $100, using the click of a computer mouse (natch, otherwise Click's title wouldn't be very appropriate, eh?) to select the category. One icon on the board was called Double Click, where the team can double their current score with a correct answer (or win $100 if they had no money).

* Round 2 - One team stayed in control of the mouse until they either didn't know an answer or landed on a Virus (Crash in the second season). In those instances, the other two teams could take control by answering a toss-up question, though the original team kept control if neither answered correctly. Dollar values were still worth anywhere from $25-$100.

* Round 3 - Seacrest now (with his back to the board during season two) controlled the mouse (which he pressed to stop a randomly flashing cursor which designated either the "Mother Board" (1997-1998)/"Hard Drive" (1998-1999); Web Site; Word Wizard (1997-1998); or Chat Room (1998-1999). One member of each team ran to the boards, all first come, first serve- their partners went to the appropriate podium. Correct answers were worth $100. A wrong answer meant that the players at the podiums would have a chance to buzz-in and take the money. After several questions an off-stage voice would then yell, "SWITCH! SWITCH! SWITCH!" Then the players would swap places with their teammates and more questions would be asked. Three switches took place during the round, and at the end of the round, the team with the most cash became the show's champion and played the bonus round.

In the bonus round, the teams had to answer three questions in 45 seconds to win a set of laptop computers. They did so by pressing the mouse to stop the cursor (which designated one of the screens); both members ran to the screen to answer the question and quickly had to scurry back, right or wrong. In season two, the team had 60 seconds, but the three answers had to be given consecutively to win the computers. Each correct answer in the second season bonus round was worth $100 win or lose, and getting three won the bonus.

The dumpy bonus prize – they could have included such things as a trip, stereos, movie tickets and other prizes teen-agers covet as well – placed a pall (but not that big of one) on this fast-paced game show.moreless
Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

Himself - Host

Amber Willenborg

Amber Willenborg

Herself - Co-Hostess/Announcer - 2nd Season

Amber Bonasso

Amber Bonasso

Herself - Co-Hostess/Announcer - 1st Season

Andrew Shepard Price

Andrew Shepard Price


Kevin McCarthy (III)

Kevin McCarthy (III)