Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 8

A New Friend / Stormy Weather

Aired Unknown Sep 13, 2000 on PBS
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"A New Friend"

Cleo and T-Bone are walking along when they notice a dog they've never seen before behind a fence. The dog introduces himself as K.C. He's visiting the island, as his owner is on vacation. Cleo and T-Bone ask if they'd like to join them and K.C. agrees. When K.C. comes out, Cleo and T-Bone immediately notice something: he only has three legs! Not sure what to make of it, they try to act normal and attempt to explain their plans for the day. They mention that they're just waiting for Clifford, who's their friend. Clifford arrives and is introduced to K.C. K.C. says that Clifford is the biggest dog he's ever seen. As Clifford and K.C. talk, Cleo and T-Bone try to point out to Clifford that K.C.'s missing a leg, but Clifford doesn't notice and just comments that K.C. is a nice dog. K.C. goes back into his yard to get a ball and Cleo and T-Bone reveal to Clifford that K.C. is missing a leg. Cleo wants to know what they're going to do. He wants to play with them. Clifford says that they should just play. Hs says that they just have to remember that K.C. probably can't do most of the things they can do and he may need their help with things. They head for the beach to play. Clifford tells Cleo and T-Bone to hurry up, as they need to help K.C. cross the street. Cleo tells T-Bone that he can follow Clifford's request and hurry if he wants, but she's not so sure. She's worried that K.C. has a "leg-losing disease" and if they play tag, then when K.C. tags them, they could all catch it. When they get to the street, Clifford says that he's going to watch for cars and that it can be a difficult street to cross. K.C. asks Clifford if he has trouble crossing it and Clifford admits that he doesn't. As they continue towards the beach, Charley sees K.C., pets him and calls him a "nice dog." He doesn't even notice that he's missing a leg. T-Bone points out to Cleo that Charley pet K.C. and yet he seems to be fine. At the beach, K.C. tries to play, but everyone's still afraid of or concerned for K.C. Clifford suggests going to the park, where there's nice, soft grass. Cleo doesn't want to throw the ball back to K.C. for fear of catching the "leg-losing disease." She asks K.C. if he's ever been to a lighthouse and points it out to him. K.C. wants to climb up to it. Clifford says that Rocky Point can be kind of hard to climb, but K.C. just asks Clifford if it's too hard for him to climb. So they head up Rocky Point and it's T-Bone who seems to have trouble catching up. Still, when K.C. slips, Clifford tries to help him. K.C. asks him why he did that. After all, did he ask for help? So T-Bone finally lets it slip out: it's because he has three legs! K.C. starts looking around and acts surprised about this. Then he says that he was only kidding. You know, he must have left the other one on the ferry... whoops! Kidding again! Although he was wondering when somebody was going to mention (lowering his voice to a whisper) his leg. After all, they've been staring at it all day. He says that other dogs do find it odd at first, but the truth is that he can do just about anything any other dog can do. He's just looking for some friends. He likes doing things on his own, although sometimes he does need help and when he does, he'll ask Clifford. For example, right now. He'd like it if Clifford could give him a lift to the lighthouse. Not that he couldn't make it, but why walk when you can take the elevator? So Clifford takes everyone to the lighthouse, where they all have a good howl.

"Stormy Weather"

Clifford has a huge bone and wants to bury it. It's the biggest bone Cleo and T-Bone have ever seen. Clifford's first spot for digging is near Samuel's restaurant at the docks. But when the digging causes sand to spray into the food of Samuel's customers, Samuel asks Clifford to go somewhere else to do his digging. So Clifford heads to his house and finds that there's a small hole already there. It's like it was meant to be. However, it's not big enough, so he works at making it bigger. But then, Mr. Howard, Samuel and Pedro come. They drop a tree in it and realize that the tree is down in the ground way more than it ought to be. They wonder how it go so big. They soon spot their answer: Clifford. Mr. Howard tells Clifford that the hole was their tree, not his bone and he's going to have to go somewhere else. The scene changes to Emily Elizabeth's class, where Ms. Carrington is telling the class that she's going to let them out early, as it looks like there's a storm coming. Charley notes that last year, when there was a big storm, the library got flooded. He wonders if the same thing is going to happen this year. Meanwhile, outside, Clifford is trying to dig another hole. His digging causes mud to fly, making Charley think that a big hurricane has come. Emily Elizabeth goes out and investigates and finds that it's just Clifford. She tells Clifford that he needs to go somewhere else, as this isn't a good place to dig. He interrupted their class. So Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone walk home. Clifford says that maybe he'll just bury the bone in his backyard. Cleo says that she's going to go over to her house because of the storm: Mrs. Diller hates it when she gets wet. T-Bone says that he's going to go home too. So Clifford goes to his backyard and tries to bury the bone. But his digging sprays mud on Mr. Bleakman's flowers. Mr. Bleakman tells Clifford to take his digging somewhere else, like maybe another island. Mr. Bleakman probably didn't mean that seriously, but that's exactly what Clifford does. In the meantime, a group of islanders has gathered outside of the library. They're trying to dig a sand barricade in front of the library to keep the waves from the coming storm from causing a flood. But it's taking so long, that they don't think they'll ever get all the digging done in time. Emily Elizabeth says that she knows the best digger around: Clifford. She calls for him and her voice carries to the other island. Clifford bounds to the library, where Emily Elizabeth tells him that they need him to dig. But Clifford just whimpers. Emily Elizabeth wonders what's wrong and then everyone remembers about all of the bad things they told him about digging. Emily Elizabeth apologizes and tells Clifford that not all digging is bad. In fact, if he digs right now, he'll be doing them a great help. So Clifford does as asked and the sand wall is built. Everyone takes refuge from the storm in Clifford's doghouse. They're glad to know the library is safe. Emily Elizabeth asks if Clifford ever found a place to bury his bone. Clifford whimpers. So Samuel tells him that he'll buy him an even bigger bone. Pedro agrees too and pretty soon, just about everyone is agreeing to get Clifford a bone. After all, he deserves it.moreless

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Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Ms. Debbie Carrington

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T.C. Carson

T.C. Carson


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Tony Plana

Tony Plana

Victor, Pedro

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