Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 3

And Birdy Makes Three / Home is Where The Fun is

Aired Unknown Sep 04, 2000 on PBS
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"And Birdy Makes Three"

Emily Elizabeth tells her Mom that she's going to go take care of her chores. One of these chores is brushing Clifford's teeth. She gets a big brush and swishes it in some water with toothpaste. Clifford, however, doesn't want to have anything to do with this. Emily Elizabeth tells him that he knows he doesn't like it, but it has to be done. Does he want dog breath? So she does it, but as she's doing it, she hears some chirping. It's coming from a bird's nest. It's a baby bird and it's trying to fly. But apparently, it's lost its parents. It nearly falls to the ground, but Clifford saves it. Then, he saves it once again after another ill-advised attempt at flight. Emily Elizabeth decides that she'll have to care for the bird until it can fly. She gets a cage for it and asks Clifford to dig for some worms, since Clifford is good at digging. However, after Clifford digs up a huge hole and sprays mud in Mr. Bleakman's face, Emily Elizabeth decides it would probably be better to just buy worms from the pet store. Later, she can go with Birdy to the library to get a book about flying. Clifford, however, should stay home and clean up all the dirt he dug up. Later, Clifford goes to visit Cleo and T-Bone. They're setting up their own circus, although T-Bone is having trouble fitting through the hoop Cleo has. They ask Clifford if he wants to join their circus. He says that he doesn't, but perhaps "Birdy" might. He explains that Birdy is the baby bird that Emily Elizabeth found. Both Cleo and T-Bone agree that babies are "nothing but trouble." T-Bone says that one time, Sheriff Lewis got a baby bunny and didn't pay attention to him for a week. Cleo tells Clifford that if he wants to get Emily Elizabeth's attention, he's going to have to act like a baby. So Clifford tries this. He jumps up and down lke a puppy, wears a bonnet and even shreds the garden hose. However, this only succeeds in irritating Emily Elizabeth, her parents and Mr. Bleakman. He's sent to his doghouse. Later, Emily Elizabeth comes and says that he thought he might like some company. However, the company she offers him is Birdy. She asks him to watch Birdy for a while. Birdy has a try at flying again and Clifford saves him from falling. Emily Elizabeth goes inside. Clifford talks to Birdy. He says that he remembers being a puppy and not being able to get up on the couch. Now, he's bigger than the couch. Birdy looks up in the sky and sees some birds flying by. He wants to join them, so Clifford helps out. He first has Birdy practice flapping his wings. Then, he spins his tail around like a fan, creating a updraft. The wind heads towards Mr. Bleakman. At first, Mr. Bleakman's upset again, but once he sees what Clifford's doing, he calms down. With Clifford's help, Birdy flies up and joins the other birds. Emily Elizabeth comes out and sees this. She says that she's going to miss Birdy, but she's glad he can fly with the other birds now. She tells Clifford that he knows that she was spending a lot of time with Birdy. However, she'll always love Clifford. He's her big, red dog.

"Home is Where The Fun is"

Jetta is going to the city to visit a skyscraper called "Titanic Tower." She sarcastically tells Emily Elizabeth that she's sure she'll find something to do on this "little island" today. Clifford goes to meet Cleo and T-Bone. However, he doesn't really feel like playing. He's worried that Emily Elizabeth took Jetta's comment too seriously. Cleo suggests that he should show her just how fun the island is. So he decides that he will. He takes both her and Charley on a tour of all the great sights on the island. First, he takes them deep into the ocean, where they see Beluga whales up close. In the city, Jetta and her Mom are faced with huge traffic. Jetta's Mom asks if she wouldn't rather go to the zoo. But Jetta insists that she wants to see Titanic Tower. On the island, Clifford takes Emily Elizabeth and Charley to a remote beach. There, they find sea turtle eggs. Even better yet, it's hatching time. At first, the baby turtles think that Clifford is their mother and head towards him. But then their real mother shows up. In the city, Jetta and her Mom have a bad experience with a crowded bus. But Jetta still wants to go to Titanic Tower. Clifford next takes Emily Elizabeth and Charley to a lookout point from which you can see the entire island. Both are really wowed by this. They think that maybe it's even better than Titanic Tower. In the city, Jetta and her Mom are forced with a huge line to get tickets to enter Titanic Tower. Then, when they get inside, the elevator's broken, so they have to take the stairs. Finally, when they get to the top, they find that the windows are covered, so there's no view. Clifford takes Emily Elizabeth and Charley to the pier, where Jetta's ferry is coming in. When Jetta gets off, Emily Elizabeth asks Jetta how Titanic Tower was. Jetta lies and says that it was great. She says that next time, maybe Emily Elizabeth can come along with her. Her Mom tells her that next time, they're going to the zoo.moreless

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Cam Clarke

Machiavelli and Mr. Mark Howard

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