Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 2 Episode 16

Another Fine Mess / King Mac

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 2002 on PBS
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Another Fine Mess / King Mac
"Another Fine Mess"

Clifford's racing through town, obviously in a big hurry to get somewhere. His running causes a wind gust, transferring a group of hats on some pedestrians to other peoples' heads. They all laugh at this. Clifford reaches his destination, Emily Elizabeth's school, where we see why he was in such a big hurry - school is letting out... for the summer! It's summer vacation, and everybody is really excited. Emily Elizabeth is among the excited, she has all sorts of things that she wants to do, such as reading books to Clifford every night in his doghouse. However, things are moving very fast during summer vacation and Emily Elizabeth makes a bit of a mess of her room. Charley's Dad is taking everybody swimming and Emily Elizabeth is getting ready, but she can't find her bathing suit anywhere. She calls for Mom, but then eventually finds it on Clifford's nose. Mrs. Howard comments on what a mess Emily Elizabeth's room is and Emily Elizabeth says that she'll clean it later. While going swimming, Vaz takes some pictures of the gang. (As we learned in "When I Grow Up," Vaz wants to be a photographer someday.) Vaz gets the camera wet, which worries Emily Elizabeth, but Vaz isn't worried, it's a waterproof camera. Emily Elizabeth thinks that it's really neat and Vaz offers to let her borrow it for a few days, until the upcoming baseball game. Emily Elizabeth accepts the offer. Later in the week, Emily Elizabeth is searching through her room again. This time, she's lost Charley's softball. She doesn't find the softball, but she finds an old toy of Clifford's, a trash-can lid and takes it to the park for Clifford to play with. At the park, Charley and Vaz notice Clifford playing. Charley asks Emily Elizabeth if she found his softball and Emily Elizabeth is forced to admit that she didn't. Vaz also reminds her to bring back his camera the next day and Emily Elizabeth realizes that she's lost that too, although she doesn't say so. She asks them if they want to stay and play with Clifford, but what they really wanted to do was practice softball. They leave, Charley reminding Emily Elizabeth to bring the softball to the game tomorrow. Emily Elizabeth decides to head home. At home, she searches around for the softball and camera, but can't find them anywhere. In the meantime, Clifford is getting upset because Emily Elizabeth was supposed to come out and read to him. Emily Elizabeth makes a decision - she'll keep her promise to read to Clifford and then get up early in the morning to clean her room. The next morning, Clifford wakes up, wondering if Emily Elizabeth's cleaned her room. He peeks in her window. It's spotless and Emily Elizabeth's found the baseball and camera. Clifford takes her to the baseball practice. She's running a bit late, but Charley's happy to have his baseball and Vaz is happy to have his camera. He gets everybody together for the team photo and asks them to say "summer vacation." Emily Elizabeth, however, has a different idea and has them say "clean your room." They say "huh?" instead and Vaz snaps the picture, ending the episode.

"King Mac"

Mac and T-Bone are playing soccer in Mac's backyard. The soccer ball careens when T-Bone hits it and knocks over a trash can. T-Bone wants to clean it up, but Mac doesn't think it's any big deal. He has T-Bone keep playing and all three trash cans end up getting knocked over. The soccer game ends when the soccer ball gets lost and T-Bone leaves. Mac, meanwhile, causes his own mess, knocking over a table in the front yard and mutilating one a rabbit-toy of Jettta's. Jetta comes out, sees the mess and gets upset with Mac. T-Bone overhears and thinks that Mac is getting in trouble for what he did. He heads back and starts apologizing, saying that he's going to clean up the garbage. Mac tries to explain that the garbage wasn't what Jetta was mad about, but T-Bone keeps interrupting and Mac gives up, saying that if it'll make T-Bone feel better to clean up the mess, go ahead. As T-Bone is cleaning, Cleo and Clifford are heading towards Mac's. They're playing "pirate Cleo" and Cleo notes that there are strange things going on at "pirate Mac's." They decide to "go ashore," where Cleo asks Mac why she isn't helping T-Bone clean. Mac explains about how T-Bone wanted to clean it himself. Cleo and Clifford decide to help T-Bone anyway and they soon have the entire yard cleaned. T-Bone heads off to go play with Cleo and Clifford, deciding to let Mac relax. As Cleo, Clifford and T-Bone head off, Jetta comes back outside. She's pleased that the yard is cleaned. Believing that Mac did it, she rewards him with a big bowl of tummy yummies. Then she looks for her soccer ball, but it's lost. She says that she'll give a big bowl of tummy yummies to the dog who can find it. Meanwhile, Cleo realizes that she lost her green-parrot toy at Mac's. T-Bone decides to head back and get it for her. That way, he can find out if Jetta has forgiven Mac yet. When T-Bone arrives, Mac hides his tummy yummies. Then he says that Jetta is still upset because they lost her soccer ball. He asks T-Bone if he could find it. T-Bone is more than happy to, while Mac sits back and secretly enjoys his Tummy Yummies. But then T-Bone falls into one of the trash cans while searching for the soccer ball and is nearly hurt. Mac finally admits that Jetta's not mad at him anymore. He explains that he tried to get T-Bone to stop, but T-Bone kept interrupting him. T-Bone notes that wasn't very nice. Mac apologizes to T-Bone, offering him the bowl of tummy yummies. T-Bone says that he should share them... with Clifford and Cleo since they helped clean. Mac says that he feels better, even if he's a little hungry and they both laugh about that.moreless

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