Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 40

Blanket Blues / Dino Clifford

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 2001 on PBS
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"Blanket Blues"

Emily Elizabeth calls for Clifford. He's in his doghouse. She notices his favorite blanket resting on his nose. She notes that he's had it a long time and flashes back to when he was just a puppy. There were so many times when she couldn't find him because he would be hiding under his blanket. Now, it barely covers his nose. Still, Clifford likes his blanket and considers it special. Cleo and T-Bone come over to play. They're ready for a fun game of Super T-Bone. Then, they see Clifford's blanket. Cleo thinks it would be fun to play with. Clifford tells her that it's special and that he doesn't really want anyone playing with it, but Cleo and T-Bone don't listen. They beg him to let them play with it. So Clifford agrees, just as long as they're careful with it. They head to the park, where they play Super T-Bone. Cleo uses the blanket as a flag. She's the evil Fluffy-Face and Clifford calls for Super T-Bone to rescue her. But T-Bone doesn't come. He says he has to have his cape. So the blanket is employed as a cape and he stops Fluffy-Face. Or, at least, he thought he did. But it turns out that Fluffy-Face has super freeze-ray powers. She freezes both Clifford and Super T-Bone. Super T-Bone says that he has reflective powers and so he's reflecting it back to Cleo. Cleo, however, says that she has a shield on that prevents freezing. She heads over to Super T-Bone and tries to get the cape off. They tussle over and Clifford warns them to be careful. Then, something terrible happens. Cleo drags the cape in the mud. Clifford sees it and complains that it's all muddy. Cleo doesn't understand what the problem is. He can get it clean. She asks him to stay and play, but Clifford heads home. At home, Emily Elizabeth sees the dirty cape and takes it in to wash. Clifford's glad that the blanket will be okay, but wonders how to get his friends back. At the park, T-Bone says that they should apologize to Clifford. They never really listened to Clifford when he told them the blanket was special. He reminds Cleo of the time she didn't want to share her new squeak-toy. The two head to Clifford's and apologize. Clifford gladly accepts, as he wasn't too mad anyway. Emily Elizabeth comes out and hangs Clifford's blanket to dry. Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone head off again to continue the Super T-Bone game.

"Dino Clifford"

The dogs are in Emily Elizabeth's backyard digging for a bone. They've really dug up the yard, but they can't find it. T-Bone is doing especially bad and Mac criticizes that digging "isn't his thing." Vaz is over at Emily Elizabeth's house. His cousin, Teresa, is visiting the island. She's attending college on the mainland, but right now, they're having a two week break. She's a paleontologist and is hoping to do some research. She thinks that she might find some great fossils right on the island. She's going to be doing some digging and Emily Elizabeth recommends that the dogs help out, since they're great diggers. They head to the dig site. Teresa tells Emily Elizabeth that she might not find any dinosaur bones. They're very rare. Then, Clifford digs up a huge bone. Emily Elizabeth comments that Clifford knows about being really big. Clifford fantasizes about himself, Cleo and T-Bone in the time of dinosaurs. Clifford gives everyone a ride into the deep hole, so that they can continue to dig for more dinosaur bones. They find so much that they're able to form almost a complete dinosaur. All of the dogs are doing great, except for T-Bone. He finds a chicken bone, which accidentally rolled down into the hole, but no dinosaur bones. It gets to the point where the entire skeleton has been found, except for one bone. Teresa is donating the skeleton to the Birdwell Island Museum, but she'd really like to have this last bone, as it connects the head to the neck. Everyone searches for hours, but they can't find it. They're ready to give up, but T-Bone's still digging. Mac says that he should quit, but then T-Bone finds something. It's the missing bone! He's complimented for not giving up and when Teresa's taking a picture of everyone, he's asked to stand in the front. The picture is the closing picture for the episode and for the first season of Clifford.moreless

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