Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 6

Cleo Comes to Town / False Friends

Aired Unknown Sep 11, 2000 on PBS
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"Cleo Comes to Town"

Clifford and T-Bone are at the docks. They're eagerly awaiting the ferry bringing Cleo back to the island, as she's been on vacation for the past week. T-Bone's friend Manny notices their excitement, but says that he remembers a time when T-Bone wasn't so excited to see Cleo. Clifford remembers that too. He goes into a flashback sequence to the time when he and T-Bone first met Cleo. It starts out with the two of them playing tag. They like playing, but it's starting to get a bit boring, with just the two of them playing. They just keep tagging each other, back and forth. As they're walking along, they notice a dog they've never seen before in Mr. Kibble's shop. Clifford thinks that maybe she'd like to play with them. T-Bone, however, just wants to move on. So they go to the library, where they play hide-and-seek. T-Bone hides under Dr. Dihn's hat, but she ends up picking it up and leaving, blowing T-Bone's cover. Cleo comes as Clifford is looking for T-Bone. Not realizing that they're playing a game, Cleo points out where T-Bone is. T-Bone says that it's no fair and Cleo explains that she didn't know they were just playing a game. She wants to join them and suggests going to a place she's heard about called "Rocky Point." T-Bone doesn't really want to, as he and Clifford were going to go play at the dunes. But Clifford says that they can go to Rocky Point, as they haven't played there in a long time. So they head up to Rocky Point, where Cleo wants to explore some caves. She's sure they'll find all sorts of neat treasure, but all they find are spiders. Clifford and T-Bone leave, saying they have to go home. The next day, T-Bone tries to meet Clifford alone, before Cleo shows up. But his plan is foiled when he arrives. He leaves, saying that he's going to spend some time with his human. Clifford finds this odd, as he knows that Sheriff Lewis works during the day. But Cleo thinks it's great that T-Bone can spend some time with his human. Throughout the day, Cleo and Clifford have a great day playing. T-Bone follows them the whole way, just observing. Finally, he has a talk with Manny. He says that he doesn't really like Cleo. She calls him "T" and she wants to play with them all the time. He's worried that Clifford likes her so much, that he'll stop liking him. Manny tells T-Bone that Cleo can be his new friend also. After all, she already gave him a special nickname. And besides, there's enough of Clifford for everyone. He thinks that they're going to be really great friends. So T-Bone goes and joins Clifford and Cleo. They play tag, with Cleo and T-Bone both calling "not it." So Clifford is "it" and chases after them. Back in the present, Cleo's ferry arrived. She gets off and she, Clifford and T-Bone proceed to play tag, just like when they first met.

"False Friends"

Cleo, Clifford and T-Bone are playing kick the can. They're having a lot of fun, but they're disturbing Mac, who's watching from a distance. Cleo tells Clifford and T-Bone that she's set up a new playground. She wants them to be the first to try it. Mac overhears. He decides to see if he can sweet-talk his way into being the first onto this playground. His initital efforts are unsuccessful, but he's not about to give up. The next day, Clifford and T-Bone come to Cleo's backyard, so that they can be the first dogs (other than her) to try out her new playground. But to their surprise, Mac is already there. Cleo explains that Mac came extra early because he really wanted to play on her playground. T-Bone is a bit upset, but Clifford doesn't really mind. He just wants to have fun. Things, however, soon turn out not to be so fun, when Mac keeps wanting to play only with Cleo and not include Clifford and T-Bone. At one point, they're playing on a teeter-tooter, when Mac simply hops off, causing everyone to crash and sweet-talks Cleo into coming to play on a tire swing with him. Sometime in the future, Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are sniffing for food in a garbage bin when Mac comes. He doesn't want to join them, however, he just wants to play on Cleo's playground. Cleo doesn't want to because it's been raining and she's worried they'll get the equipment all muddy. So Mac tricks her by getting her to play tag with him and then racing into her backyard where the playground is. From there, he's quickly able to convince her to let them play, even if it does get muddy. Clifford and T-Bone are starting to get irriated, especially T-Bone. He knows that Mac doesn't really like Cleo, he just likes her playground. He and Clifford decide to go over to Cleo's to see if they can get her to play with them. Meanwhile, Mac and Cleo are there, playing on the playground, when Cleo slips and hurts her paw. Mac wonders if she can still play, but Cleo doesn't think that she should with her paw hurt. So Mac simply leaves, telling her let him know when it gets better. Soon after, Clifford and T-Bone arrive. They ask if she's all right. When she explains that she hurt her paw, they feel bad for her, of course. Clifford says that since she can't run around right now, they can do something else. He'll tell them all a story that Emily Elizabeth told him. After the story, Cleo admits that she's a bit embarrassed. T-Bone was right about Mac not really wanting to play with her, but only with her playground. Clifford and T-Bone forgive her. After all, Mac might not be a real friend, but they all are.moreless

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