Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 34

Clifford Cleans His Room / Baby Makes Four

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 2001 on PBS
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Clifford Cleans His Room / Baby Makes Four
"Clifford Cleans His Doghouse"

T-Bone, Mac and Cleo are just arriving at Clifford's place. The day's just starting and they're really hoping that Clifford can play. However, as they head towards Clifford's doghouse, something comes flying up. They come up to investigate and learn that Clifford is cleaning is doghouse. He has a whole bunch of stuff that's been gathering up and he needs to clear it out. Mac says that he cleans his own doghouse all the time. He just throws out all of his old boring junk, which is nice because then Jetta buys him a whole bunch more new... junk. As Clifford continues cleaning, something comes out that Mac thinks is definitely junk. It's a pair of green, dirty, smelly old boots. Clifford looks at them and says that he remembers the boots. In a flashback sequence, we see that it's a rainy day. Mr. Bleakman is just coming out to get the paper. He's very annoyed with the paperboy, who always seems to just sort of throw the paper so it lands on the ground and gets wet. Clifford decides to come over and see what Mr. Bleakman is complaining about. He starts licking all over Mr. Bleakman, which gets him even more upset. He tries to leave, but finds that he's become stuck in a mud puddle. He can't move at all. Clifford, realizing that he can help, lifts him up and places him away from trouble on the sidewalk. Mr. Bleakman, however, notes that there's something missing - his boots! Clifford lifted him straight out of his boots. Clifford goes over and gets the boots out of the mud. He also slobbers all over them. He tries to give them back to Mr. Bleakman, but Mr. Bleakman says that Clifford can keep them. So, he does. He also licks Mr. Bleakman again. Back in the present, Clifford states that the boots are special and he just has to keep them. Mac insists that the boots aren't special, but Clifford won't hear of it. Cleo heads over to Clifford's junk pile and pulls out an old mop head. Clifford definitely remembers that. He got that when he just a puppy. Emily Elizabeth's Mom was mopping and Clifford was having fun playing with the mop. Emily Elizabeth's Mom left to go get the rinse bucket and by the time she returned, puppy Clifford had torn off the mop head. So she just gave it to him. Cleo agrees that Clifford definitely can't throw that out; it has puppy memories all over it. Mac, however, can't believe how sentimental they're getting. Then, T-Bone finds this old beach towel. The entire gang remembers that. It came from a time when they were all out on the beach. T-Bone was digging, when he found the towel. They all had a great time with it. Clifford grabbed onto one end with his teeth and T-Bone and Cleo grabbed on to the other. Then, Clifford started spinning them around and they all got really dizzy. While they were doing this, Mac showed up. They encouraged him to join in the fun, but he wasn't interested at first. They finally convinced him and he had a good time too. Still, Mac thinks the towel is junk. It smells like awful fish. He convinces Clifford to throw it in the garbage pile, but then asks if Clifford is going to junk it anyway, if maybe he could give it to him instead. So Clifford does. Clifford thinks that all of his stuff his treasure. He doesn't know what he's going to do, as he doesn't want to throw it out. Then, he decides that if it's treasure, it has to be buried. So, he and his friends dig a large hole next to his doghouse and dump it all in. Clifford's friends head on their way, Mac thanking Clifford for the beach towel. Emily Elizabeth comes out and is glad Clifford cleaned his doghouse. She wonders though what he did with all his stuff, since there isn't any junk pile. Clifford whimpers a little and Emily Elizabeth notices where he dug. Emily Elizabeth understands completely. She does, however, notice an old fetch stick that they played with recently and goes and throws it in the trash. She heads back inside, saying that she needs to clean her own room, as her Mom is complaining that it's been a long time since she's seen her bedroom floor. Once Emily Elizabeth heads inside, Clifford heads over to the garbage can. He takes the stick and heads over and buries it with the rest of his treasure. Then, he curls up on top of it all and goes to sleep.

"Baby Makes Four"

Vaz has a new camera and is excitedly taking a lot of pictures with it. As he's walking with Charley and Emily Elizabeth, they come to Jetta's house. He shows her his camera and Jetta informs him that he's not the only one who has something new. She has something new too - a new baby brother! His name is Cosmo and Jetta says that he looks just like she did when she was a baby. Jetta's Mom explains that when Cosmo is a little older, they're going to have a party to celebrate his arrival. Vaz tries to shoot a picture of Cosmo, but Jetta gets in the way and all he gets his a picture of Jetta's face blocking Cosmo. The day of the big party finally comes and Jetta is in her house greeting the guests. She wants to perform magic for them, but nobody seems to be interested. They're bringing presents and Jetta wonders if any of them are for her, but as she reads the tags, she sees that they're just for Cosmo. As more guests arrives, they keep giving her presents to hold. Jetta ends up holding a large stack of presents and asks again if anyone wants to see a magic trick. Everyone is too busy looking at Cosmo though to care about Jetta's magic trick. Outside, Clifford is asking Mac what it's like to have a new baby in the house. Mac tells him that it's great. The best thing about it is the free food. Everyone is so busy paying attention to the baby that they lose their appetite. Mac demonstrates. Jetta has been passing out burgers to the guests and also trying to get their attention with her dance moves. As one of the guests sets down a partially eaten burger to pay attention to Cosmo, Mac slinks over and grabs it. Jetta manages to get Mr. Bleakman interested in a burger, but then he too puts it down to see Cosmo. Mrs. Handover thinks that Cosmo likes Mr. Bleakman. Mac sneaks over again and grabs the hamburger. Mr. Bleakman, finally finishing up with Cosmo, says that he's hungry and wants to go back to eating his burger. He finds that it's gone, but Jetta's more than willing to give him another one. He thinks that it's really great and Jetta, upset that she didn't notice her dance moves says that she'll show him something that's really great. She heads into her house. Outside, Cosmo is finally settling down to sleep. Jetta's Mom is glad he's finally going to sleep and everyone gathers around to watch him. Then, Jetta comes out, having rigged up some sort of awful drum contraption that looks an awful lot like the one on the cover of this book here. She bangs on it like crazy. Everyone wonders what the awful noise is and she manages to wake Cosmo. Her Mom admonishes her for what she's done and Jetta heads unhappily back inside her house. Emily Elizabeth follows after her, saying to Charley and Vaz that she's going to help her. Inside, Emily Elizabeth talks with Jetta. Jetta grumbles on about how she just doesn't understand why Cosmo is getting all the attention. Cosmo doesn't do anything but lie around, while she's so interesting. Emily Elizabeth tells her that maybe it was just Cosmo's turn to get attention. After all, he's brand new and he is pretty cute. Jetta says that of course he is, he's her brother. Outside, Cosmo is still crying. Nobody can do anything to comfort him. Jetta comes out and takes hold of him. In her presence, he immediately calms down. Everyone thinks that Cosmo is pretty lucky to have Jetta. Jetta agrees, she's pretty lucky to have Cosmo too. Vaz flashes a picture of Jetta holding Cosmo, which becomes the closing storybook picture for the episode.moreless

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Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke

Machiavelli and Mr. Mark Howard

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T.C. Carson

T.C. Carson


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Earl Boen

Earl Boen

Mr. Horace Bleakman

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