Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 20

Clifford on Parade / Follow the Leader

Aired Unknown Jul 04, 2001 on PBS
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"Clifford on Parade"

The Birdwell Island parade is coming and everyone is getting ready. A plane with a bone streamer flies overhead. Down on the ground, Emily Elizabeth compliments Mr. Kibble's float. Mr. Kibble asks her and Charley what they're going to do for the parade, but they say they don't know yet. Jetta comes up, twirling a baton. She's going to march for the high school band in the parade. Later on that day, Emily Elizabeth and Charley are down by Samuel's restaurant. They're discussing themes for their float. Emily Elizabeth sees Clifford playing tag with a seal and suggests a sports theme. Everyone loves sports. Charley isn't too impressed with this idea and suggests and ocean theme. Emily Elizabeth realizes that she has to go home. She promised to help with something for the store. Charley can meet her at her house at an hour with his idea. Charley comes up with the idea for a pirate ship float. He dresses Clifford up as a ship, thinking he'd make a great pilot. He'll surprise Emily Elizabeth with it. Charley surprises her with Clifford, but Emily Elizabeth has also come up with her own idea. She wants to do a basketball float. She removes Clifford's pirate ship outfit and puts a basketball shirt on Clifford. Charley says that he likes his pirate ship better. They argue back and forth about which is better, finally deciding that they'll each do their own float. It's obvious that Clifford doesn't like their fighting. Sometime later in the day, the dogs are playing Super T-Bone. T-Bone tries to get Clifford's help against Cleo, the "evil fluffy-face," but Clifford's not really paying attention. He explains to them about Emily Elizabeth and Charley fighting. Then, without any help from them, he comes up with the idea of combining the basketball and pirate ship themes. He heads back to Emily Elizabeth and Charley, who are trying to make up. They see his idea and like it, but decide that they should come up with their own idea. Noticing that they all love hot dogs, they decide to make Clifford into a hot dog float. At the parade, everyone loves Clifford. Emily Elizabeth, Charley, the crowd and Cleo and T-Bone. Jetta's there. She twirls her baton and then drops it. Up on Clifford, Emily Elizabeth and Charley agree that they had a great idea, with the help of Clifford, the "big, red hot dog."

"Follow the Leader"

Cleo, Clifford and T-Bone are bored. There's nothing to do. Their musing on this is interrupted when people start honking their car horns. Clifford realizes that his tail is in the road, blocking peoples' way. He moves it. Having done that, he figures out what they can do, play "follow the leader." Cleo calls to be the leader. T-Bone calls second and Clifford third. The first thing Cleo has them do is twirl their tails. T-Bone can't do it at first. Clifford shows him how and he finally gets it. They continue along, doing what Cleo does. T-Bone begins to wonder when it's going to be his turn. He asks Cleo if it is yet, but she says no. A little later, she asks him when'll be his turn. Cleo gives the non-answer, "when my turn is over." They continue on and on. They follow Cleo under a bench. Clifford follows too, squeezing under it and causing it to slide down his back. The two people on the bench, who are reading, never realize that anything happened. As they continue, both T-Bone and Clifford begin to wonder when it'll be T-Bone's turn. Cleo says that the rule is that you get to do 47 things as leader and she's only done eight. She also says that the leader gets to decide when the next leader gets to start. Both Clifford and T-Bone think this is unfair. They hold a vote and vote T-Bone leader by a vote of 2-1. Cleo says that she's not going to follow, as she's still the leader. So Clifford and T-Bone continue playing the game on their own. Cleo, left behind, figures that they're going to come back. But they don't and then the garbage truck that she's in starts moving. It's headed for the swap meet. Clifford and T-Bone, playing on their own, see Cleo headed for the swap meet. They decide to follow her. Cleo reaches the swap meet, where sees that the location is perfect for the "follow the leader" game. However, it's no fun without Clifford and T-Bone there to play. She tries to pretend that they're there, but it doesn't work. Then, Clifford and Cleo reach the swap meet location. They too think it would be a perfect place for their game. Cleo once again tries to be leader, but then realizes that she's making the same mistake again. So she makes T-Bone leader and they play the right way, having a great time. Cleo thinks T-Bone makes a great leader. Finally, T-Bone's turn is over. So Clifford is now the leader and he leads them home.moreless

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Nick Jameson

Nick Jameson

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Cam Clarke

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