Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 33

Clifford's Hiccups / It's My Party

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 2001 on PBS
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Clifford's Hiccups / It's My Party
"Clifford's Hiccups"

There's something causing rumbling in the area of Clifford's household. It's disturbing Mr. and Mrs. Howard. It gives Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman a jolt when they're trying to enjoy breakfast. And it wakes Emily Elizabeth up. It's Clifford! He has a bad case of the hiccups. Emily Elizabeth calls in Dr. Dihn, to see if Clifford's okay. She assesses him, but tells Emily Elizabeth that he's just got the hiccups. They'll go away sooner or later, but it's just a matter of time. It could take just a few hours, or it could be days. Clifford goes off and mopes in his doghouse. Then, Cleo, T-Bone and Mac show up. They all heard about his hiccups. Even better than that - they think they know how to cure them. T-Bone starts, by trying to scare Clifford. That, however, doesn't work. His weak "boo" doesn't scare Clifford at all. Cleo says that she gets the hiccups all the time. After she's questioned about this, she modifies it to one time, when she was a puppy. She says she knows what will cure Clifford's hiccups though. It's called "feng-shui." She's seen Mrs. Diller lots of time. She'll just rearrange the objects in Clifford's doghouse to change the flow of energy. She does this, but when Clifford keeps hiccuping, she says that it'll take a minute to work. After he keeps hiccuping, she says that maybe it's not working after all. Then, Mac says that he knows how to cure hiccups. He takes Clifford to Jetta's, where he wants Clifford to go through this strange thing of taking twenty gulps of pool water while covering his ears. Cleo and T-Bone think this is very strange and say that he's making it up. As they argue, Clifford's hiccups stop. They all start trying to take the credit for it, but then they start up again. Later, they're walking by the library. Clifford gets ready to head home. The hiccups haven't stopped, but he thanks everyone for trying. He appreciates it. Then, Emily Elizabeth calls him. She comes up to him and asks if his Clifford's have stopped. Clifford realizes something: he hasn't hiccuped in the past couple of minutes. He waits a bit longer and then everyone celebrates. He's cured! Emily Elizabeth sees Mac, Cleo and T-Bone. She says that it's nice for Clifford to have good friends.

"It's My Party"

Vaz, Charley and Emily Elizabeth are heading to Jetta's. Jetta's invited them to a movie-watching party. They've all brought some great videos. Emily Elizabeth's bringing one about a dog and everyone agrees that it's a good movie and they want to watch it first. Vaz also has a video camera with him. He thinks that maybe when they're done watching movies, they coul make one of their own. When they get to Jetta's, Jetta shows them the drink and popcorn and has them all find comfortable seats. Then, the talk turns to the movie-watching. Emily Elizabeth tells Jetta about her movie, but Jetta says that since it's her party, she kinda thought she'd be the one to pick the first video. They agree to this and she presents: The Jetta Show. She says that it's her Mom's name for their home videos. The videos are all stuff about Jetta when she was a kid. Charley, Vaz and Emily Elizabeth quickly become bored with them. Outside, Clifford notes to Mac that Jetta is now making them watch a third Jetta Show video. He asks if Mac is in any of them and Mac says that he has an entire video called The Mac Show. They discuss what they want to play. Clifford suggests hide-and-seek, but Mac says he's bored with it because they play it all the time. So instead they play "jump hose," which is jump rope, except using a hose as the rope. Inside, the gang is becoming increasingly bored. Vaz is flat-out sleeping, Charley has a blank expression on his face and Emily Elizabeth is doing a fairly good job of faking interest. Then, Clifford's thudding on the ground from the jump hose game gets their attention. They all look out the window, while Jetta continues to narrate the video. Jetta eventually notices that they aren't watching and wonders what they're looking at. When Emily Elizabeth asks how many Jetta Show videos there are, Jetta says that there's 25. Not wanting to see 21 more videos, Vaz suggests that they use his video camera to make a movie. Jetta objects, so they take a vote and then all head outside, sans Jetta. Jetta continues to watch the videos inside. Outside, the group has a fun time with their video. They pretend that they're adventurers, on the trail of the big, red "dogosaurus." Jetta hears them laughing outside and wonders how they can be having such a good time. She decides to go ask them. Outside, Charley explains to her that things aren't fun if it's just one person telling everything to do. Jetta realizes that's just what she was doing. She finally agrees to join in their home movie, as a brave jungle princess who needs to rescued from the "dogosaurus." There's just one problem: Clifford isn't acting scary.moreless

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Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke

Machiavelli and Mr. Mark Howard

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T.C. Carson

T.C. Carson


Recurring Role

Haunani Minn

Haunani Minn

Dr. Dihn

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