Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 13

Doing the Right Thing / The Dog Who Cried Woof

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 2000 on PBS
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"Doing the Right Thing"

T-Bone is outside of Mr. Kibble's shop. Mr. Kibble has just gotten a truckload of new toys. As he carries some of them in, he drops one, a porcupine squeak-toy, on the ground and doesn't notice. Since Mr. Kibble doesn't seem to have noticed, T-Bone decides to take it. He meets up with Clifford and Cleo at the park. They're playing hide-and-seek and Cleo's just found Clifford for the fifth time very quickly. (It doesn't help that no matter where Clifford hides, he's so large that he's easily visible from just about any direction.) T-Bone greets them and shows him the toy. However, he gets a bit dodgy when they ask where he found it, saying that he found it, in "the street." In any case, it's "finders-keepers." That's fair, right? They play with it for a bit and then Cleo notes that it's a lot like the toys Mr. Kibble sells. T-Bone gets nervous, saying that it's getting dark and he has to go home. Cleo calls him on this, as it's not getting dark at all. He says he has to go home anyway and leaves. As he heads home, he passes by a house where a brother and sister are fighting. The girl grabs a basketball from her brother and starts playing with it. Her Mom comes out and reprimands her, saying that she knows it's not her ball and she shouldn't take it. She gives it back and they start playing peacefully. T-Bone continues along and sees a boy and his father posting signs. The boy comments that he hopes somebody found his bike. Finally, T-Bone arrives home, where he's warmly welcomed by Sheriff Lewis. Sheriff Lewis calls him a great dog and gives him a bowl of his favorite food. However, as Sheriff Lewis goes inside, T-Bone pushes the bowl away. He's not feeling like such a great dog. That night, when he goes to bed, T-Bone tries to hide the squeak-toy in a bush. It pops out the first time, but he forces it in a second time and this time it stays in. He goes to sleep, but starts dreaming. In his dream, a ghostly version of himself appears, like something out of "A Christmas Carol." The ghostly version says that he's the part of him that tells him what the right thing to do is. However, lately T-Bone hasn't been listening to him. He grabs T-Bone and takes him for a trip into the past. There, T-Bone sees another, younger version of himself. This younger version is playing with a rope toy with Sheriff Lewis. This is back when he was just a puppy. Something very bad also happened back then, as we see. Somehow some other dogs got a hold of it. T-Bone notices them playing with it and says that it's his toy and asks if they want to play with it with him. They say yes at first, but when he approaches them, they tell him that it's theirs now. "Finders-keepers." We see the younger T-Bone crying, very upset over the loss of his favorite toy. T-Bone wakes up and considers things. He figures that although he may have been upset over the rope toy, Mr. Kibble probably won't even miss the squeak-toy. He has lots of toys. He goes back to sleep. Then, all of a sudden, the porcupine toy appears! It starts multiplying, surrounding him in ever-growing circle! Then... he wakes up! It was just another dream. Except, he hasn't actually woken up. Instead, his conscience is back. T-Bone explains how he doesn't think Mr. Kibble will miss the squeak-toy and he's taken on another trip. This time, he's floating outside of Mr. Kibbles. We look in and see Mr. Kibble searching desperately for the squeak-toy. He knows he ordered one, but he just can't seem to find it. His dog Harriet is really upset about it, she really wanted that toy. T-Bones conscience narrates that Harriet really wanted to play with that toy yesterday, but Mr. Kibble just couldn't find it anywhere. T-Bone wakes up again. He realizes that he knows now what he has to do. He gets the squeak-toy out of the bush and promises to take it to Mr. Kibble first thing in the morning. He falls asleep again, where he's once again greeted by his conscience. This time though, his conscience just wants to tell him that he's proud of him. He then lets T-Bone have some sleep. That morning, Clifford and Cleo come to wake up T-Bone. They want to play with the squeak-toy. T-Bone admits that they can't and explains that it's actually Mr. Kibble's. He asks them to go with him to return it. They do and Mr. Kibble sees T-Bone and thanks him for returning the squeak toy. He pats him on the head and tells him that he did the right thing.

"The Dog Who Cried Woof"

Emily Elizabeth and Charley are on Samuel's houseboat. It's late at night and they're listening to Samuel tell scary stories. The particular one he's telling as the episode opens is about "Whiffy the Skunk Ghost." This is a 20-foot tall ghost of a skunk. He terrified the villagers with his foul-smelling stink. Just then, something large comes up behind Emily Elizabeth and Charley. Is it Whiffy?! Oh no, it's just the dogs. They want to hear the story too. Samuel continues. One day he just disappeared. Nobody knows where he lives, but some say that he dwells in Birdwell Park. Emily Elizabeth asks if the story is true. Samuel assures her that it isn't. Clifford and T-Bone don't seem to be so sure though, although Cleo doesn't seem to be scared. The next day, the dogs are playing in the park. Cleo wants to play hide-and-seek, in the woods. She's surprised when Clifford and T-Bone don't want to do this at first and realizes that they're scared of Whiffy. Cleo assures them that he doesn't exist and they go off to play. Clifford is "it" and so everyone else hides. The game is soon interrupted when Cleo starts yelling for help. She says that Whiffy the Skunk Ghost is after her. Clifford panics and starts looking around for him. He thinks he sees him, but it's just T-Bone. Now Clifford is panicked too. Then, all of a sudden, Cleo is gone. Finally, they find her, laughing. It turns out it was just a trick! There was no skunk-ghost, she was just "having a little fun" with him. Clifford and T-Bone don't find it fun at all. Cleo says that they should go swimming and T-Bone and Clifford agree. Swimming's more fun than tricks. They go swimming, but then they notice that Cleo is gone again. Suddenly, they hear a scream. It's Cleo! Whiffy is after her. They find her behind a bush, rolling on the ground laughing. She can't believe they fell for it again. They, however, or shocked. They can't believe she tricked them again. They tell her again that it isn't nice and make her promise to stop. Sometime later on, they're once again playing hide-and-seek. Clifford finds T-Bone and then hears a scream from Cleo. This time, though, he's rather relucntant to come to her rescue. T-Bone says that she's probably trying to trick them again. Clifford says he'll go check. Discreetly, Clifford peeks under the bush Cleo is hiding behind and sees Cleo rolling around laughing. He reports back to T-Bone that Cleo is indeed trying to trick them again. They decide to leave, figuring that once Cleo realizes they're not coming, she'll come out and apologize. As they head off, Cleo continues to roll around behind the bush, more and more amused with herself. Then, she realizes that they haven't come for her. She starts heading in their direction, but then her bow gets stuck on a branch. She's trapped and she can't move. The scene changes to Emily Elizabeth's, where Clifford and Cleo are playing. Emily Elizabeth gets a phone call. It's Mrs. Diller, wanting to know if Emily Elizabeth knows where Cleo is. Emily Elizabeth tells her that although Clifford and T-Bone are there, she hasn't seen Cleo all day. Clifford and T-Bone realize something is amiss and head back for the forest. Back at the forest, Cleo is engaging in a little self-berating. She says that if she ever gets out, she'll never play tricks again. Then, something moves behind the bush. Cleo hopes it's Clifford and T-Bone, but it's not. It's a skunk, a real-live skunk. Cleo tries to frighten it off, but it sprays her stinky odor all over her. Soon after, Clifford and T-Bone reach the forest and catch wind of the nasty smell. They think Cleo really has been captured by the skunk ghost. They reach her, where Cleo explains what happened. Clifford frees her bow from the branch. She promises (this time for real) not to play tricks on them again. With Cleo out of the forest, she's now at Mr. Kibble's getting cleaned up. Clifford and T-Bone watch from outside, notin that Mr. Kibble's already given her four baths. Finally, Cleo's done. She emerges from Mr. Kibbles and we hear once more that she's learned her lesson.moreless

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