Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 2 Episode 20

Fishing Lessons / No Baths For Cleo

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 2002 on PBS
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Fishing Lessons / No Baths For Cleo
"Fishing Lessons"

Charley, Jetta and Emily Elizabeth are down at the docks with Clifford. Charley's fishing, but he hasn't gotten a bite yet. Then, his luck changes and he gets one! He reels it in! It's a big one! Emily Elizabeth's impressed and wants to know if Charley could teach her how to fish. He agrees. He'll help her tomorrow, as he has to help his Dad today. Jetta is made the same offer, but she doesn't really like the idea of fishing. The next day, Emily Elizabeth wakes up extra-early for her fishing lesson. But when she gets to the docks, Vaz is there with Charley. Vaz has a new toy plane and wants them to play with it. Emily Elizabeth still wants to go fishing, but Charley convinces her to watch Vaz fly his plane. So they head to the park to fly it. As they're flying, Vaz loses control and the plane starts heading for Jetta, who's coming in their direction. They yell at Jetta to look out. Clifford creates a wind, blowing away the plane from Jetta. They go and apologize to Jetta, but she's more worried about what Clifford did to her hair than the plane that was coming at her. She asks Emily Elizabeth what she's doing at the park. Isn't Charley supposed to be teaching her how to fish? Charley says that he's still going to do it... tomorrow. Later on, Emily Elizabeth is getting books about fishing from the library. She reads off the titles. There's The Airchair Fisherman. There's also Fishing For the Non-Fisher. Clifford barks his approval of this title. Finally, there's If At First You Don't Succeed, Fish, Fish Again. Jetta comes up and makes a comment about how it looks like Emily Elizabeth is teaching herself how to fish. Emily Elizabeth retorts that she just wants to get a head start. Jetta says anyway that if Charley doesn't come through, her Dad is setting up a swimming hole. She should come check it out. The next day comes and we see Emily Elizabeth and Charley, not fishing, but at the swimming hole. Emily Elizabeth explains that Charley heard about it and he just had to check it out. Jetta comments again that Charley's probably never going to teach her how to fish. Emily Elizabeth says that he will, tomorrow. Tomorrow comes around and Emily Elizabeth and Clifford are at the docks, by themselves. Emily Elizabeth notes that it would seem Charley isn't coming. She decides to go ahead with teaching herself how to fish. Using the help of one of the books, she hooks up bait and casts her line successfully. She settles in to wait for a bite. Meanwhile, Charley is over at the swimming hole. Jetta is pretty angry with him. She says that she'd knew he'd be there, even though he was supposed to teach Emily Elizabeth to fish. Charley says he'll teach her tomorrow. Jetta counters that that's what he said yesterday and the day before that. Charley realizes that he let Emily Elizabeth down. He goes off to make things right. At the docks, Charley apologizes for not upholding his promise. But he still wants to help. Emily Elizabeth says that that's great... as she thinks she has a bite! Charley encourages her to reel it in. She tries hard, with Clifford and Charley's help, but it's a strong fish and her line breaks. Down in the water, the fish swims off. Emily Elizabeth sees it, it's huge! Charley says that Emily Elizabeth doesn't need any help. She's now an official fisherman. She may not have caught any fish, but every fisherman has to have a story about "the big one that got away."

"No Baths For Cleo"

Mrs. Diller and Cleo are just returning home from a grooming at Mr. Kibble's. It's muddy and Mrs. Diller asks Cleo not to jump around in the mud since she just got groomed. But as soon as she goes inside, Cleo is all over the mud puddles. Mrs. Diller comes back out. Since Cleo is all dirty again, she's going to have to have a bath. Mrs. Diller gets her cleaned up. Cleo's not happy, as now she's all poofy. When Mrs. Diller goes back in, Cleo complains that it's not fair. Everytime she does something fun, she ends up having to have a "stupid bath." Or does she? She comes to a decision: she's never taken baths again! She gets a little crazy, jumping all over the mud puddles and hopping up and down singing "I'm never taking baths! I'm never taking baths!" She skips down the sidewalk singing this, when she notices a huge mud patch. It's perfect. She dives into and starts swimming around. Soon, Clifford and T-Bone come upon her. They wonder what she's doing. Isn't today her grooming day? She says that it is, but she doesn't have to worry about that anymore. She's never taking baths again. Clifford and T-Bone don't really have any comment about this. They just seem sort of puzzled. Then Cleo asks them to dive in. They do, and have a great time playing in the mud. Finally, it's time for Clifford to pick Emily Elizabeth up from school. He says that when she sees him, she's going to give him a bath for sure. T-Bone says that he has be heading home too. Cleo comments again and about never taking baths again. Once again, T-Bone and Clifford don't really have anything to say. Cleo stays in the mud patch, playing by herself. She notes that it's not really any fun without anyone else to play with. She figures Emily Elizabeth must be home by now. She heads for Clifford's, where Clifford is just finishing getting a bath. Emily Elizabeth rides down his back with a sponge and then hoses him off. Cleo laughs to herself from the sidewalk about how he's getting bath. She heads up to them and T-Bone soon joins. Cleo laughs at them again about how they got baths. But Clifford and T-Bone don't really seem to mind it. Clifford says that it's good to get clean after getting dirty because otherwise he gets all icky and sticky. Cleo, who's covered in mud, is starting to scratch. T-Bone talks about his bath. Sheriff Lewis got the water warm and bubbly for him. He played with his duck "Mr. Quacky" and Sheriff Lewis gave him a tummy rub. Cleo comments that tummy rubs are nice, but she still doesn't see the point of taking a bath. You're just going to get dirty again. She continues scratching. Then, T-Bone comments that he likes getting a bath because he gets to spend time with his human. Clifford notes that the humans seem to like it too. Cleo realizes that she never thought of it that way. By letting their humans give them baths, they're doing them a favor. And since Mrs. Diller is so nice to her, she's going to do something nice for her. Like taking a bath. Like, right now. She races off in a hurry, obviously very itchy. Back at home, she cleans herself off, commenting that she never realized before how nice it can be to get clean. Mrs. Diller comes outside and sees that Cleo's taking a bath. She says that she loves Cleo, no matter how dirty or clean she may be.moreless

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