Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 2 Episode 24

Food For Thought / Friends Forever

Aired Unknown Feb 20, 2003 on PBS



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    • Clifford: You see that, Cleo? Those two are going to be friends forever.
      Cleo: You said it, pal. Friends forever.

    • T-Bone: When Hamburger left that day, I thought I'd never find another friend. But then Clifford came to town.
      Cleo: Ahem hem. What am I? Chopped kibble?

    • Deputy Wilson: (to T-Bone) I know you're going to miss Hamburger. And he's going to miss you too. But don't worry. We'll come back and visit. I promise.

    • T-Bone: How about instead of me moving with you, you stay with me?

    • Hamburger: Gotcha!
      T-Bone: Ah, Hamburger. Go on!

    • T-Bone: What happened? Are you stuck?
      Hamburger: No, I can get out. ... Uh oh. Now I'm stuck.

    • Sheriff Lewis: Wilson, I can hardly believe that you're moving away.

    • T-Bone: When we were little, we used to do everything together. Whatever I did, Hamburger did. And whatever Hamburger did, I did.

    • Clifford: (burp) Excuse me.
      Cleo: Clifford! Was that a burp?
      Clifford: Uh, maybe. Or maybe it was a "fireworks of flavor."
      T-Bone: Really?
      Clifford: No, it was a burp. (everyone laughs)

    • T-Bone: I guess no dog food in the world would make me exactly like Rexington.
      Clifford: Next time we hear an ad like that, maybe we should really think about what it's saying before we get so carried away.

    • Cleo: I feel exactly the same as when I eat regular dog food.
      Clifford: Yeah, but this dog food has got a fireworks of flavor. It's really... (less excited voice) a lot like regular dog food. I don't understand.

    • T-Bone: Hey, guys, look at me! I've got the mighty power of Mighty Snackies! Whoo hoo! (clunk)

    • Clifford: A fireworks of fun.
      T-Bone: Packed with mighty power.
      Cleo: And they're mighty tasty too.

    • Cleo: Have you ever had that much fun just eating your regular dog food?
      T-Bone: I haven't had that much fun in my entire life.

    • Clifford: That dog food must be supercharged.
      Cleo: Ah, come on, big guy. It's just dog food.

    • Announcer: Your dog can have that same mighty power with Mighty Snackies.

    • Announcer: It's Mighty Snackies. The dog food eaten by Rexington himself.

    • Old Lady: And, so thanks to you Rexington, the school is saved.
      Announcer: And so ends another adventure of Rexington, Dog of the Yukon!

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