Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 39

Forgive & Forget / Mimi's Back In Town

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 2001 on PBS
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"Forgive & Forget"

Cleo and T-Bone are at the beach. T-Bone digs a hole, as he wants them to keep cool until Clifford gets there with some tires for them to float on in the water. Cleo joins T-Bone in the hole. Then, she thinks that he's pinching her. But it turns out that a crab has clamped onto her. She chases it off and then it goes after T-Bone. At Clifford's house, Cliford is trying to figure out which tires to bring. Then, Emily Elizabeth calls him and says that she's going to the park and she wants him to come along. All the kids are going to be there. Clifford looks sad about having to forget about the tires and the beach, but he joins Emily Elizabeth. At the beach, Cleo and T-Bone begin to wonder where Clifford is. They wait for him and think that he's coming, but it turns out it's just a garbage truck coming by. Cleo begins to think that he forgot them. She decides to go see what's going on and go find him. T-Bone says that he's sure he wouldn't just forget them. It must have been something important. Cleo says that good friends don't just forget their friends. They find Clifford at the park. Cleo doesn't think what Clifford's doing is important at all. T-Bone says that he probably just forgot about them. Everybody can forget something. But Cleo doesn't seem to agree with this at all. The next day, Clifford comes with the tires. T-Bone's happy to see him and Clifford apologizes for not coming the previous day. Cleo pretends like she can't hear him. In fact, as far as she's concerned, he's not even there. The next day, Cleo is still giving Clifford the silent treatment. The dogs try to play ball, but Cleo will only pass the ball to T-Bone. Clifford tells Cleo he's sorry, but he still won't listen. So T-Bone confronts Cleo and says that she should forgive Clifford. After all, he apologized. Cleo repeats her line that good friends don't forget their friends. T-Bone retorts that good friends do forgive their friends. Cleo finally decides to forgive Clifford and she also apologizes for being so stubborn. Clifford accepts this and they all play ball.

"Mimi's Back In Town"

Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are playing a game of hide and seek. Cleo and T-Bone have a toy and they're trying to hide it from Clifford. They come up with the perfect idea: they'll hide it right out in the open, by sitting on it! This is a great idea, but then they overhear a conversation between Victor and Pedro. They mention that the photographer girl that was on the island a couple months ago is coming back. T-Bone's excited to hear this because it means that she's probably also bringing her dog Mimi. He blows the cover on the toy to head for the ferry. Clifford finds it and wants to continue the game. Cleo tells him that Mimi is coming and so the game's over. She notes that T-Bone will probably want to spend the whole time with Mimi. They can't stay to wait for her though, as they have to get home. So T-Bone is left to meet her there, alone. He doesn't see her at first, but they finally meet. T-Bone asks her to meet him in front of the library tomorrow. Mimi arrives at the library the next day and sees Cleo and Clifford. But she doesn't see T-Bone. Then, T-Bone comes up behind her and surprises her. The dogs are all play a game of chase. But T-Bone's upset when Cleo sings an embarrassing song about him and Mimi. The teasing continues the next day, when he and Mimi try to share a tummy-yummy. Cleo sings the song again. T-Bone and Mimi head home, leaving the tummy-yummy. Cleo tries to take the tummy-yummy for herself, but Clifford stops her. He thinks they should go talk to T-Bone and find out what's wrong. When they get to T-Bone's, T-Bone says that Cleo's comments are embarrassing. Cleo says that it's a good thing that he likes Mimi. She doesn't understand why he's embarrassed. Clifford, however, thinks he knows. He was embarrassed when he was growing and everyone said he was "as big as a house." Cleo apologizes and then they all head back to the park to find Mimi and apologizes. With that out of the way, T-Bone offers to let them play with his new ball. But first, there's something to take care of. Cleo gives them the tummy-yummy, so they can share it like they should have been able to before.moreless

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