Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 12

Little Clifford / Welcome to Birdwell Island

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 2000 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • In "Welcome to Birdwell Island," when Emily Elizabeth calls Clifford to meet Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman for the first time, Clifford comes bounding out of his doghouse. This is directly contradictory to the events of "Welcome to the Doghouse," which shows Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman (among many others) helping to build Clifford his doghouse in honor of all the great things he's done around the island.

    • In "Little Clifford," Mr. Howard comments that if Clifford keeps growing, he'll have to buy a new collar for him. In fact, Clifford does keep growing, yet his collar seems to grow with him, since at no point does Clifford ever get a new collar.

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  • Notes

    • The episode "Little Clifford" is adapted from two stories: "Clifford the Small Red Puppy" and "Clifford's Puppy Days".

    • Clifford executive producer and creator/developer Deborah Forte stated that PBS/Scholastic received a lot of positive mail about "Little Clifford" and that it was one of two episodes which led to the spinoff Clifford's Puppy Days.

    • "Welcome to Birdwell Island" also appears in some online listings as "Welcome to Birdwell."

    • Emily Elizabeth's Mom's first name is mentioned several times in these episodes. It's Caroline.

    • Neither T-Bone nor Cleo have speaking parts in "Little Clifford" or "Welcome to Birdwell Island" and their voice actors are not credited. Mac has no speaking roles, other than a bit of barking, yet his voice actor Cam Clarke is credited for Mac, rather than his role as Mr. Mark Howard in these episodes. Clifford has no speaking parts in "Little Clifford," but does speak "Welcome to Birdwell Island." Tony Plana is credited for the character "Victor Pedro," although Victor and Pedro are actually two separate characters in "Welcome to Birdwell Island."

    • Barry Hawkins is credited as Baz Hawkins.

    • Clifford's Big Idea: Play Fair

    • Speckle Story: Speckle and the Sky-High Apples

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