Clifford the Big Red Dog

PBS (ended 2003)


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  • Clifford the Big Red Dog is not a bad show, but it could really use some improvement.

    Clifford the Big Red Dog is about a girl, Emily Elizabeth, that got a little puppy and named it Clifford. After time, the dog got big. Clifford has many adventures with his dog friends and other people, and they learn lessons and stuff, like usual kid shows.

    Clifford isn't a half-bad show. It teaches kids lessons that could be important and is entertaining at times. The plot is very original, too. However, the plots need some help. Sometimes, the episodes seem to get a little repetitive, IMO. Character development and animation are good, but when they try to be funny is where they fail. Some of the episodes are not very good, either.
    Forgive me for not being accurate, but I haven't watched this show in a while. Overall, good animation, plot(s), bad jokes, okay episodes, and great character development.