Clifford the Big Red Dog

PBS (ended 2003)


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  • Clifford is a fabulous dog and this is fabulous show.

    Let's see....what can I tell you about this show..?
    Ok well when I was younger I use to watch it all the time I'm talking probably some time after 2000 because it isn't that old of a show.
    The Clifford story is truly amazing I love it so much, I still watch it today although I probably saw all the episodes already. "Clifford needed Emily so she chose him for her own and th love made Clifford grow so big that the Howards had to leave their home. Clifford's the best friend anyone could know,he's the greatest dog ever, I really think so. Clifford's so loyal he's there when you call. I love Clifford the big red dog. So they packed up the family car and the Howards left the city. They moved to Birdwell Islands there so many of friends there to greet Clifford and Emily. Clifford's so much fun he's a friend to us all, I love Clifford the big red dog!"

    That theme song is enough to warm the coldest of hearts. When I was younger I really did believe that if I loved my dog with all my heart he'd grow up to be just as big as Clifford.
    That's how influential this show is. It teaches kids from an early age to love and treat animals well. I too love Clifford the big red dog.
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