Clifford the Big Red Dog

Episode 1

Storytime With Speckle

Aired Unknown Sep 04, 2000 on PBS
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Storytime With Speckle
Please note that this is not an actual special, but actually the text of the "Speckle Story" interstitials that appear in Clifford episodes between each story. Hello, and welcome to my guide for the "Speckle Story" Interstitials that air between stories of Clifford: The Big Red Dog. Each episode, Emily Elizabeth reads her dog Clifford a Speckle Story. These delightful stories feature a dog named Speckle and his friends Reba, Ravi, Luna and Darnell. Watch here for the text of more Speckle Stories as they become available. "Speckle" stories are now being shown on the spinoff program Clifford's Puppy Days and this guide will cover those as well. Please e-mail any corrections for these stories to rather than using TVTome's submission form. This helps me to quickly identify the exact correction. Alternatively, you may post on the message board for this episode, although corrections/submissions posted this way may take a bit longer to be put up. Thanks! Emily Elizabeth: Clifford! It's storytime! You wanna hear a Speckle Story, don't ya? Clifford: Woof! Emily Elizabeth: I thought so. He's your favorite. Today's story is:

"Speckle and the Rainy Day" (Episodes 101: "My Best Friend / Cleo's Fair Share", 104: "Clifford's Carnival / Clifford's Doggy Reunion" & 107: "Clifford and the Beanstalk / An Itchy Patch") One day, Speckle went walking in the rain. He walked past Darnell, trying to stay dry. Speckle invited Darnell to join him under his umbrella. Then Speckle saw Luna and he invited her to join them under the umbrella too. As they walked by the brook, they spied Ravi and Reba, but there was no more room under Speckle's umbrella. So Speckle invited everyone to climb in and they all floated downstream in their umbrella boat, happy and laughing together. The end. "Speckle and the Old Wagon" (Episodes 102: "Special Delivery / A Ferry Tale", 105: "The Great Race / Tummy Trouble" & 108: "A New Friend / Stormy Weather.") One day when Speckle and his friends were playing, Speckle saw something behind a tree. They gathered sponges and buckets of soapy water and went to work. Now, it was time to paint the wagon. Ravi wanted to paint it purple, but Luna wanted pea green. Reba's favorite color was blue and Darnell liked bright red. Speckle wanted everyone to be happy. So together they painted it all the colors of the rainbow. Then, off they went down the grassy hill in their wonderful rainbow wagon. The end. "Speckle and the Little Big Snack" (Episodes 103: "And Birdy Makes Three / Home is Where The Fun is", 106: "Cleo Comes to Town / False Friends" & 109: "Circus Stars / Limelight Fright.") One day, Speckle headed for the kitchen to make a snack. He started with two big slices of pumpernickel bread and some cheese. Then he added some lettuce and tomatoes and pickles and more cheese and green olives and black olives and red olives and everything else he could find in the refrigerator, until... Speckle had created the biggest sandwich in the whole wide world. A huge, colossal, enormous, way-too-big-to-get-in-your-mouth kind of sandwich. Speckle tried every which way to eat his beautiful sandwich until he finally realized that the best way to enjoy such a big snack was to share it. So Speckle invited his friends over and together they shared the best big sandwich in the whole wide world. The end. "Speckle and the Really Great Book" (Episodes 110: "To Catch a Bird / The Best Party Ever" & 118: "Mac's Secret Dog Club / The Dog Park") One day, Speckle was walking home with a new book. It was one he'd wanted to read for a long time, so he was delighted to have it at last. Darnell saw Speckle's book and said he wanted to read it as well. Speckle said he'd gladly loan it to Darnell when he was done. Then Luna saw the book. It was on her list of books she wanted to read. Speckle happily agreed to lend it to Luna, when Darnell was done. When Ravi and Reba saw the book, they wanted to read it too and they wondered how long it would be until they would get their turn. Then Speckle smiled and said he knew how they could all enjoy the book with no waiting at all. He'd read it out loud to them right now. Luna, Darnell, Ravi and Reba agreed that that was a wonderful idea. And so, with listening ears on, they gathered around to discover the new book together. The end. "Speckle and the Pirate Ship" (Episodes 111: "Come Back, Mac / Boo" & 119: "Fluffed Up Cleo / Team Spirit") Speckle, Ravi, Luna and Darnell were at their at their favorite picnic spot when Speckle started a game of pretend. He imagined he was a brave buccaneer sailing on the high seas and Luna's backpack was his bag of gold. Soon everyone joined in. Speckle was the captain and his friends were his fearless crew. With the sun shining and the waves splashing, it was a grand day to be a buccaneer. Then, Ravi saw another ship approaching. Who could it be? It was Reba the Red, with a treasure map to share. They studied the map, then steered their ship to follow the treasure map's course, imagining the wonderful adventures they would find along the way. The end. "Speckle and the Sky-High Apple" (Episodes 112: "Little Clifford / Welcome to Birdwell Island" & 120: "Clifford on Parade / Follow the Leader") One day, Speckle, Ravi, Darnell and Luna decided to pick some apples. On the way to the apple tree, they saw Reba playing on her pogo-stick and invited her to join them. So she bounced along beside them. The apples on the tree were red and ripe and ready to be picked. Ravi tried to reach the apples, but the branches were too high. Speckle tried to climb the tree, but the trunk was too wide. Then, Reba had an idea. Using her pogo-stick, she bounced high up into the air, right up to the fattest apple of them all and picked it. It looked like such great fun, that everyone wanted to get their pogo-sticks too. Soon they were bouncing and picking and laughing together and in no time at all, they had gathered a basket full of ripe juicy apples. The end. "Speckle and the Spiffy Yard" (Episodes 113: "Doing the Right Thing / The Dog Who Cried Woof" & 121: "Good-bye, T-Bone / The Truth About Dogs And Cats") One sunny afternoon, Speckle's friends asked him to play ball. Speckle said he'd love to, but first he had to clean the yard. It looked like a lot of work. Speckle laughed. He didn't think it was work at all. Then, he strapped two brushes to the bottom of feet and skated his front walk clean. It looked like so much fun, everyone wanted to try. So Darnell and Luna skipped across the yard, using their jump ropes to make leaves gather into a pile. Ravi skateboarded along the fence with a paintbrush. Speckle pushed Reba on a swing and she wiped the windows clean. Speckle and his friends make the work so much fun, before they knew it the knew it the job was done. The end. "Speckle and the Lost Bunny" (Episodes 114: "Leaf of Absence / Nobody's Perfect" & 122: "The Big Sleepover / Dog for a Day") One day, even though she was always very careful, Luna lost her favorite stuffed bunny. Her friends helped her look high and low, but the bunny was nowhere to be found. Knowing that Luna would miss her bunny, Speckle suggested that they make her a new one. And everyone was inspired with their own ideas. Reba went into the forest and made a bunny with pinecones and spirns. Darnell went to the creek and made a bunny of stones and shells. In the meadow, Ravi made a sweet-smelling flower bunny. And Speckle took some hay and cloth and made Luna a soft straw bunny. When they surprised Luna with their new bunnies, she had a happy surprise of her own. She had found her own bunny and now she was even happier because now her friends had bunnies of their own. And so they played and pretended for the rest of the afternoon, each with their own one-of-a-kind bunny. The end. "Speckle and the Luscious Lunch" (Episodes 115: "Teacher's Pet / Islander of the Year" & 123: "T-Bone, Dog About Town / Clifford's Big Heart") It was time to eat, so Speckle and his friends unpacked their lunches. Everyone had packed their favorite food. They all brought the same food almost every day. Then Speckle wondered: what if they took their favorite lunches and shared them to make something totally new? Everyone thought that sounded like fun. So Reba rolled her salad in Luna's tortillas to make very-veggie burritos. Speckle layered his yummy sandwich with Ravi's yogurt to make scrumptious striped pudding. Darnell and Luna combined their cheese and apples to make a fruity, cheesy jelly. The new creations were all so yummy, the friends decided to try new things more often and share them with each other. The end. "Speckle and the Heat Busters" (Episodes 116: "Clifford's Big Surprise / The Ears Have It" & 124: "Who Me, Jealous? / A Bunny in a Haystack") On the hottest day anyone could remember, Speckle and his friends just couldn't stay cool, not even in the wading pool. Everyone wanted to play and have fun, but it was just too hot to do their favorite things. Then, Speckle thought of a way they could play and stay cool. He brought over some ice cubes and plopped them in the pool. Then he started a game of "catch the cube." Then, twirling the garden hose, Speckle made a water jump rope. Soon the grass was all wet and slippery and Speckle led the way in a waterslide across the yard. Giggling and joyful, the friends all agreed, Speckle's new way of playing was totally cool. The end. "Speckle and the Puddle Jumpers" (Episodes 117: "Tough Enough / Stars In Your Eyes" & 125: "Clothes Don't Make the Dog / Short-Changed") One day, Speckle and his friends were playing outside. Speckle was about to begin his turn, when suddenly a raindrop fell. Then, the sky grew darker and big round raindrops splashed onto the ground, making everything melt. Everyone quickly ran for cover. When the storm stopped and the sun came out, they saw the rain had washed their hopscotch marks away. The sidewalk was so wet, Luna's chalk couldn't draw a new one. It looked like hopscotch was over for the day, but then Speckle figured that instead of hopping on squares, they could hop in the puddles. So they splashed and played in a wet kind of way and everyone loved the new game they'd invented. The end. "Speckle and the New Ball" (Episodes 126: "The Kibble Crook / Screaming for Ice Cream" & 130: "Friends, Morning, Noon and Night / Mr. Bleakman's Special Day") One day, Reba was showing Speckle her new red ball. She bounced the ball so high, it almost touched the cloud. "That is a great ball," said Speckle. "It sure is," agreed Reba. "In fact, I'll bet Ravi would like to play with it too." And she walked away, taking her new ball with her. "I thought she wanted to play with me," he sighed. He was even a little sad, but Reba can play with whoever she wants, Speckle thought and he went back to his sandbox. He began building a sandcastle when Reba's new ball suddenly landed at his feet. Speckle looked up and saw Reba and Ravi. "Are you ready to play ball?" asked Reba. Speckle realized that all along, Reba had wanted to play with Ravi and him. "Okay," he yelled back and the three of them laughed and played and had a wonderful day. The end. "Speckle and the Cloudy Day" (Episodes 127: "New Dog in Town / Get Well" & 132: "Welcome to the Doghouse / Promises, Promises") One day, Speckle and his friends just couldn't think of anything to do, so they lay in the grass, doing nothing much at all. Then Speckle noticed a cloud that looked just like an apple tree. Ravi thought it looked more like an elephant jumping rope. Then Luna saw a seal balancing a beachball on his nose and Darnell saw a monkey riding a bicycle. All afternoon, the friends watched the sky. They saw a trumpet-playing ostrich, a rhinoceros doing ballet. They even saw an ice cream cone with a mustache and a beard. Soon they had laughed the whole day away and when they said goodbye, they all agreed that they had one of the most fun days ever. The end. "Speckle and the Windy Day" (Episodes 128: "Babysitter Blues / Saturday Morning" & 133: "Clifford's Hiccups / It's My Party") It was a windy day, perfect for flying kites. Speckle, Reba and Ravi flew their kites in the windy sky. Suddenly, Speckle was pulled right up off the ground. Off he sailed, over the treetops. Then he soared past some geese, who'd never seen a dog fly before. Speckle was having a very fun adventure. At last, Speckle landed safely, in a soft green meadow. Now he wanted to stay on the ground and fly his kite with his friends. So Reba picked up some stones and tied them around Speckle's waist. That helped Speckle to stay on the ground with his friends, so they could all fly their kites together. The end. "Speckle and the Disappearing Cookie" (Episodes 129: "Best Paw Forward / Then Came Bob" & 134: "Clifford Cleans His Room / Baby Makes Four") One day, Speckle's friends gathered at the old tree stump to watch him perform a magic show. First, Speckle the Magnificent took a cookie out of his hat and announced he was going to make it disappear. His friends watched closely as Speckle put the cookie on the treetrunk. He moved his magic handkerchief over it, wiggled his fingers mysteriously, then pulled the handkerchief away and presto, the cookie was gone! Everyone was amazed and wondered where the cookie had gone. Behind his back? Up his sleeve? No. Speckle smiled and told them where the cookie had gone. Into his mouth! He ate it! Everyone laughed at his joke. Then they all had a chance to try the trick, making a whole hatful of cookies disappear. And they were delicious! The end. "Speckle and the Fun-Filled Dream" (Episode 131: "Doggie Garden / Captain Birdwell's Treasure") One night, Speckle had a most wonderful dream. He dreamed of all of the fun things he and his friends did together. He dreamed of the day they rode an umbrella down the creek and the time they made an old wagon look new again. He dreamed about picking apples and flying kites. He dreamed of playing pirates in search of lost treasure. When Speckle woke up, he jumped out of bed, eager to create new adventures to fill his dreams at night. The end. "Speckle and the Wintry Summer" (Episodes 135: "Jetta's Tall Tale / The Big Fetch" & 139: "Forgive & Forget / Mimi's Back In Town") One sunny summer day, Speckle and his friends were at the beach, swimming, making sand castles and playing beachball, having some wonderful summer fun. Darnell thought it would be great if they could have both summer and winter fun at the same time. Speckle thought so too and he knew just how to do it. He started building a winter snowman out of the summer sand. Luna put on seashell eyes and Ravi made a driftwood nose. Reba and Darnell made sand angels, just like they would in the snow. Then, everyone got on the surfboard and sledded down a sand dune. They had such a good time, Speckle could hardly wait for winter and the summer fun they would have then. The end. "Speckle and the Shadow Show" (Episodes 136: "Potluck Party Pooper / The Best Gift" & 140: "Blanket Blues / Dino Clifford") One late afternoon as the sun was setting, Speckle and his friends thought their fun was over for the day. Then they noticed their shadows stretching along the ground and making funny shadow shapes on the wall. It was so much fun, they decided to make their own shadow puppet show. Luna became a graceful swan. Darnell was a royal king. Speckle, Reba and Ravi teamed up to be a big friendly giant. It was great fun. But then the sun finally disappeared and took their shadows with it... until tomorrow. The end. "Speckle and the Bouncing Bubble" (Episode 137: "Two's Company / Fair Weather Friend") One sunny day, Speckle and his friends were blowing bubbles. They tried to see who could make the most unusual bubble, or who could make the most bubbles at once. Then Speckle took a blade of glass, twisted it into a circle and make a gigantic bubble. The bubble grew over Speckle, picked him right off the ground and carried him away. Speckle floated over the meadow and saw all of its flowers through his shiny bubble ball. Then a flower petal touched the bubble and it popped. Speckle dropped right into a patch of clean, soft grass. It was a perfect landing and everyone agreed, Speckle had created the best bubble of them all. The end. "Speckle and the Magnificent Magnified World" (Episode 138: "Topsy Turvy Day / Clifford's Charm School") One morning, Speckle helped Darnell look for his lost button. Speckle took out his magnifying glass to help him search through the tall grass. When they looked through the glass, the tiny ants looked as big as Darnell. Speckle and Darnell imagined that they were the same size as the ants. The ground was like a big forest. The anthill was as big as a mountain. And a mile-long caterpillar looked, well, a mile long. Imagining themselves this small, Speckle and Darnell easily found the button they were looking for, so they reached to pick it up, both agreeing that using a little imagination can be big fun. The end. "Speckle and the Music Makers" (Episode 201: "That's Snow Lie / A Friend in Need") One sunny afternoon, Speckle and his friends thought it would be fun to make their own band. They imagined all the wonderful music they would make. All they needed now was some instruments, which they didn't have. Then, Speckle got an idea. He picked up a paper tube and blew into it, like a trumpet. Reba took a glass of water and a spoon and created a tinkling chime. Darnell and Luna used pots and lids as drums and cymbals. But Ravi didn't know what to do. Speckle said there was still one thing their band needed: someone to lead them. They all soon discovered that the very best part of being a band is making music together. The end. "Speckle and the Big Job" (Episode 202: "Fan Mail / Hooray for Cleo") One morning, Speckle had a big job to do. He had to clean his room before he could go out and play. Speckle thought he'd never get done and would be cleaning forever and ever and ever. Then Ravi, Luna, Reba and Darnell arrived and asked Speckle to play. He said he couldn't until he cleaned his room. So they offered to help. First, they worked together to put everything away. Then, they helped to make the bed. Before they knew it, the big job was done. Then, Speckle and his friends went out to play, the same way they worked: together. The end. "Speckle and the Spectacular Sand Castle" (Episode 203: "Nothing to Fur but Fur Itself / Jetta's Project") One sunny day, Speckle and his friends were at the beach, doing what they liked to do best: building sand castles. Each one of them had a favorite part of the castle that they liked to build. So Speckle suggested they work together to make the biggest sand castle of them all. Luna went right to work on the tall towers. Speckle and Darnell built a sturdy outside wall. Reba dug the deepest moat she ever created and Ravi found a piece of driftwood that was just perfect for the drawbridge. Finally, when they were all done, they had a castle so big and so strong they could stand inside it. And everyone agreed: it was the most spectacular sand castle they'd ever made. The end. "Speckle and the Perfect Painting" (Episode 204: "Stinky Friends / He's Wonderful Mr. Bleakman") One day, Speckle decided he was going to paint a picture. So he got an easel, canvas and paintbrushes, just like a real artist. Speckle was already hard at work when his friends gathered around him to watch. Luna admired his blue, cloud-filled sky. Ravi thought the flowers were so pretty that you could almost smell them. And Reba and Darnell said they couldn't have made a better tree themselves. Everyone said the painting was wonderful, but Speckle thought there was something missing... and he knew just what it was. Quickly, he painted Reba, Ravi, Darnell, Luna and himself into his picture. And all his friends agreed that now it truly was a perfect painting. The end. "Speckle and the Great Story" (Episode 205: "Magic in the Air / Everyone Loves Clifford") One afternoon, Speckle sat in his favorite chair to read a book. It was about a great explorer in outer space. The story was so exciting that Speckle couldn't help but imagine that he was that astronaut, heading his fearless crew on a journey through space. Together with Luna and Ravi, Speckle floated in space, looking down at our planet Earth below. Then he raced Darnell and Reba on space scooters and discovered a planet that one had ever discovered before. Speckle finished the story and smiled as he thought about his great adventure in space. Then Speckle picked up another book to begin his next amazing adventure. The end. "Speckle and the Whole Team" (Episode 206: "Clifford Grows Up / Jetta's Sweater") Speckle and his friends were going to play one of their favorite games: volleyball. They found the perfect place to set up their net. And then it was time to choose teams. But with Speckle, Reba and Darnell on one side and Ravi and Luna on the other, the teams didn't seem fair. So they decided to try again. And again. But no matter how many different combinations they tried, the teams were always uneven. How could they play so that the teams would have the same number of players?, they wondered. Then, Speckle thought of a way they could all be on the same team. And they found that the best way to play was together. The end. "Speckle and the Valentine" (Episode 207: "Big Hearted T-Bone / Cleo's Valentine Surprise" and "Clifford's Valentine's Day Special 2003") It was almost Valentine's Day, so Speckle and his friends were making Valentines to give each other. Speckle decided to make his from paper. With his scissors, he carefully cut out a heart, then framed it with pretty white lace. Darnell colored his Valentine with lots of crayons and Ravi used colorful waterpaint. Luna made hers from flowers, tying them together in a heart-shaped bouquet. Reba's Valentine hearts were made from clay. The friends could hardly wait to share what they had created with each other. Each Valentine was different, but they were all made with love and that made them perfect. The end. "Speckle and the Clean Beach" (Episode 208: "Embarrassing Moments / Lucky Charm") One sunny day, Speckle and his friends were on the way to the beach, laughing and chatting about all the fun things they were going to do when they got there. But when they arrived, they had a sad surprise. The beach was covered with litter, not clean like a beach should be. Reba, Darnell, Luna, Ravi and Speckle couldn't imagine playing on a beach like that. Then, Speckle said they could, if they just took a few minutes to clean it up. Speckle used his beach bag to collect cans. Ravi, Darnell and Luna collected all the empty boxes and candy wrappers. And Reba used her shovel and pail to collect bits of stray paper. Before they knew it, the beach was just like it should be: clean and beautiful and ready for them to play on together. The end. "Speckle and the Costume Party" (Episode 209: "Princess Cleo / Basketball Stories") Speckle and his friends were reading a wonderful book, filled with pictures of a colorful costume party. Luna had never seen anything like a costume party and she thought it was fantastic. The gang wished they could be invited to such a special event, but Speckle said they didn't have to wait to be invited, they could have a costume party of their own. First, they turned Speckle's backyard into a festive place. Speckle dressed up as a brave pirate. Reba and Ravi dressed as playful circus clowns. Darnell was a regal king and Luna arrived as an invincible superhero. In all their customed glory, Speckle and his friends agreed that the party they had made together was even better than the party they had seen in the book. The end. "Speckle and the Camping Trip" (Episode 210: "Doggy Detectives / Camping it Up") Speckle and his friends were excited to be going on their very first camping trip. They had everything they needed snuggled tightly in their backpacks. Off they went, in search of the perfect spot to set up camp. Soon they found a wonderful place and since there was a lot to do before nightfall, everyone agreed to take on an important job. Working together, Speckle and Reba set up the tent. Ravi cleared the campground of any twigs or branches. And Luna and Darnell prepared a special gooey treat, S'Mores. As the sun went down, they gathered around their lanterns, sharing stories and enjoying their wonderful adventure in the great outdoors, right in their own backyard. The end. "Speckle and the Slumber Party" (Episode 211: "Cleo Gets a Cone / A Job Well Read") It was nighttime at Speckle's slumber party and everyone was ready for bed. But Ravi couldn't fall asleep. She was afraid of the dark. Everyone knew what that felt like, so Speckle lent Ravi his special teddy bear to keep him company throughout the night. Darnell shared his favorite blue blanket. Luna offered her snuggly stuffed doll. Reba even put her nightlight right by Ravi. Snuggling with his friends' gifts, Ravi felt wonderful and ready to sleep. But now, no one else could sleep. They missed their bedtime buddies. Then, Ravi said there was enough room under his blanket for everybody. So they all piled in together and with their bedtime buddies close by and with the bright, full moon shining on them through the window, they happily fell asleep. The end. "Speckle and the Indoor Picnic" (Episode 212: "When I Grow Up / Not Now, I'm Busy") One day, Speckle and his friends were going on a picnic. They packed all their favorite foods and all their favorite things to do. But just as they were ready to leave, it started to rain. It looked liked their picnic was ruined, but then Speckle suggested that they have their picnic inside. So they carefully cleared some space and set up their picnic right there in the house. It was wonderful! Everyone was having such a good time that even when the rain stopped, they stayed inside, enjoying their indoor picnic and the fun of being together. The end. "Speckle and the Homegrown Garden" (Episode 213: "Special T-Bone / Jetta's Sneak Peek") One sunny spring day, Speckle and his friends decided to grow their very own garden. After they had prepared they soil, they planted rows and rows of seeds, carefully marking what each row would be. As the seeds sprouted, Luna and Darnell were in charge of watering, while Speckle, Reba and Ravi took turns weeding so that the vegetables could grow big and strong. And after many days the vegetables did grow and grow and grow, until finally the crop was ready to be harvested. Everyone pitched in, picking the freshest, plumpest vegetables they'd ever seen. And that night, Speckle, Reba, Ravi, Luna and Darnell enjoyed the most scrumptious meal, eating vegetables that they'd grown together. The end. "Speckle and the Best Medicine" (Episode 214: "Vaz Goes Down the Tubes / Cyber Puppy Problems") When Speckle's friend Reba didn't feel well, she had to spend the day in bed and she was very lonely, until her friends came to visit. Speckle brought Reba some delicious, homemade carrot soup. Luna brought crayons and coloring books, so that Reba could draw while she rested. Ravi and Darnell told jokes and made silly faces, making Reba laugh and smile. Soon she was feeling much better and the gang wondered: was it because of the soup? The crayons? The silly faces? And Reba said everything was wonderful, but what she liked most was having her friends come to visit her. They were the best medicine of all. The end. "Speckle and the Balloon Ride" (Episode 215: "Another Fine Mess / King Mac") One afternoon, Speckle was floating through the sky in a hot-air balloon. He was up so high that trees and houses looked like tiny toys. It was such a fantastic view, he wanted to share it with his friends. So he landed the balloon and invited them to climb aboard. They were all eager to sail into the sky and see the fantastic view from way up high, but with everyone in the basket, it was to heavy to lift off the ground. So Speckle jumped out of the basket to let his friends take their turn in the balloon. Seeing Ravi, Reba, Luna and Darnell, Speckle thought that this was the most fantastic view of all. The end. "Speckle and the Night at the Movies" (Episode 216: "Who Moved My Bone / Clifford the Pirate King") One night Speckle and his friends got together to watch their favorite movie. It was one they'd seen many, many times before. Speckle and Darnell made popcorn. In fact, they made so much popcorn that they couldn't even see over it. Luna made a pitcher of sparkling fruit punch. And Ravi and Reba brought huge, fluffy pillows for everyone to sit on. They all settled down in front of the TV, with their drinks and popcorn and pillows, until they realized they'd forgotten one thing: the movie! But since they'd seen it before, Speckle and his friends decided that they could act it out themselves. So they danced and sang and their night without a movie turned out to be more fun than they'd ever imagined. The end. "Speckle and His Very Own Book" (Episode 217: "Clifford's Cookie Craving / Jetta's Friend") One day, Speckle was reading one of his favorite books. He was enjoying it so much, he decided to write a book of his own. So he sat down at his desk and began to write. In Speckle's story, Darnell finds an amazing treasure map. He asks Reba, Luna and Ravi on to join him on his adventure to find the treasure. Following the map, they made their way through a dark and mysterious jungle and opened the secret entrance to an ancient cave, where they discovered the treasure that was to be shared by all. When Speckle was finished writing his book, there was still more fun to be had. Because Reba, Ravi, Luna and Darnell were eager to hear the story that he had written about them, a story that was a true treasure. The end. "Speckle and the Wishing Star" (Episode 218: "Fishing Lessons / No Baths For Cleo") One night, Speckle was walking with his friends when he saw something incredible. A shooting star shot across the sky. That meant Speckle got to make a wish and he wondered what that wish should be. Darnell thought that Speckle should wish for ice cream, lots and lots and lots of ice cream. Luna suggested Speckle wish for a giant playground and Ravi said he should wish that it was summer all year long. But looking at his friends, Speckle smiled and knew exactly what he was going to wish for: that they would all be friends forever. And as he closed his eyes to make his wish, everybody agreed that was one wish they would all make come true. The end. "Speckle and the Impossible Meal" (Episode 219: "Flood of Imagination / Lights Out") One night, Speckle invited his friends over for dinner. As they sat around the dinner table, Speckle asked them what they would like to eat. Ravi wanted hot dogs, while Reba said a big old hamburger. And Darnell thought grilled cheese would be nice, but Luna was in the mood for tuna. Since nobody wanted to eat the same thing, Speckle wondered what he was going to do. Then, he got an idea and got right to work on it. The gang listened to Speckle bustling in the kitchen and wondered what tasty treat he could possibly be making. Then - voila! Speckle appeared with the world's first yummy hot dog, hamburger, cheese, tuna pizza. And everyone agreed: it was exactly what they wanted. The end. "Speckle and the Building Blocks" (Episode 220: "A Big Help / The Trouble with Kittens") Reba had some brand new building blocks, but she also had a problem. She didn't know how the blocks were supposed to go together, so she asked her friends if they could help. Speckle looked at the blocks and knew exactly what to do. He put them in the shape of a sporty race car. Then Luna used the same pieces and arranged them to make a handsome horse. When it was Ravi and Darnells' turn, they built a mighty robot. After watching her friends, Reba realized that the blocks didn't have to be just one thing. They could be anything she imagined. So she took the blocks from the robot and created a shape of her own... a spectacular castle. Everyone was having so much fun that they continued to play and build together all that afternoon. The end. "Speckle and the Too Full Toy Chest" (Episode 221: "Led Astray / Wedding Bell Blues") One day, Speckle realized he had so many toys, his toy chest couldn't hold them all. Darnell suggested that Speckle give away some of his toys and that sounded like a good idea. So with the help of his friends, Speckle started cleaning out the chest. Darnell pulled out some swim fins and a snorkel and thought they would be a lot of fun at the beach, so Speckle gave them to Darnell. Luna discovered some roller-skates. Speckle told her to please take them home with her. Reba found a fire truck with a real siren. She loved it so much that Speckle wanted her to have it for her own. Ravi and Speckle dug out matching badminton rackets from the very bottom of the chest. Speckle gave one racket to Ravi and kept one for himself. As his friends played with the toys that Speckle gave them, Speckle realized how good it made him feel to share his toys with his friends. The end. "Speckle and the Spaghetti Competition" (Episode 222: "Food For Thought / Friends Forever") Speckle and his friends were having one of their favorite meals, spaghetti. And each of them said that they had the best way to eat it. Speckle showed them how he could eat an entire noodle in one long slurp. Luna twirled her spaghetti on her fork, creating a tasty noodle twist. Reba and Darnell cut their spaghetti up into tiny little pieces, so that they could easily eat it in big, yummy spoonfuls. And Ravi's way was to toss his meatball into the air and catch it in his mouth. As they enjoyed their lunch, Speckle, Reba, Ravi, Darnell and Luna agreed any way to eat spaghetti is a good way, especially when you're eating it with friends. The end. "Speckle and the Memory Makers" (Episode 223: "Tie-Dyed Clifford / Stage Struck") One afternoon, Speckle and his friends got together to look at Speckle's album of photographs. Seeing the pictures reminded them of all the good times they'd shared together and everyone had a particular memory they liked best. Reba's favorite was the time they sailed across the sky in a hot-air balloon. Darnell liked the time they built a great big castle in the sand. Ravi laughed when he recalled the rainy day they had a picnic indoors. And Luna loved when they picked vegetables from their very own garden. Speckle agreed that memories are great, so they all decided to make as many new memories as possible every time they were together. The end. "Speckle and the Beautiful Boat" (Episode 224: "Dog House Rock / Guess Who's Coming To Birdwell") It was a gorgeous blue-skyed afternoon and Speckle and his friends decided to spend it sailing their toy boats. Everyone had made their own and they were very proud of how wonderful their boats looked. But suddenly, Ravi's boat started sinking. And then it disappeared under the water. Without a boat, Ravi couldn't play and that wouldn't be fun for anyone. Luckily, Speckle had an idea. They could each take a piece from their own boat and put them together to make a brand new boat for Ravi. Which they did. Soon, Ravi's new boat was sailing skillfully next to the others. Watching it glide across the water, everyone agreed that the boat they made together was an especially beautiful boat. The end. "Speckle and the Hiding Place" (Episode 225: "Little Big Pup / Getting To Know You") One sunny afternoon, Speckle and his friends were playing hide-and-seek and it was Reba's turn to be "it." While Reba counted to ten, Luna, Ravi, Darnell and Speckle scattered off to hide. Once she finished counting, it was time to find everyone. First she found Darnell, cleverly hiding behind a fun-shaped bush. Then she found Ravi and Luna, hidden in a flower patch. But where was Speckle? Reba looked and looked, but she couldn't find him. Then, Reba heard Speckle calling for her. Looking up, she saw that he was in the tree. Where he'd been the whole time. Laughing with her friends, Reba declared that Speckle had found the best hiding place of all. The end. Emily Elizabeth: That was a great story. Isn't reading fun? Clifford: Woof! (licks Emily Elizabeth) Emily Elizabeth: Heh heh!

Clifford's Puppy Days

Emily Elizabeth: Clifford! Where are you, boy? Clifford: (barks) Emily Elizabeth: Want to read a story, Clifford? Clifford: (barks) Emily Elizabeth: Okay, pick one out. (Clifford knocks the Speckle story book off the shelf.) Emily Elizabeth: Thanks, Clifford. This looks like a great story. Today's story is:

"Speckle and the Pen Pals" (Episodes 101: "Keeping Cool / Socks & Snooze", 111: "No Small Parts / Fine Feathered Friend", 122: "Grooming Gloom / The Letter" & 125: "The Halloween Bandit / An Honest Spin") Early one afternoon, Luna went to check her mailbox. Luna said she loved getting mail... but hadn't gotten any letters in a long time. None of them had gotten a letter of their own in a long time either. Then Speckle said he knew how they could all get mail. They could write letters to each other. Luna wrote about the apple tree in her backyard and the day it blossomed with flowers. Reba wrote about her last basketball game and how she scored the winning point. Darnell and Ravi wrote about the great new books they checked out from the library. And Speckle wrote a letter that was all pictures-- drawings of every one of his favorite activities. Soon Luna's mailbox was filled with letters and so was everyone else's and they enjoyed reading and sharing their very own letters with their friends. The end. "Speckle and the Terrific Tour" (Episodes 102: "The Monster in 3B / Cat-tastophre", 107: "Clifford's Field Trip / Helping Paws", 112: "Sing a Song Norville / Tell Me a Tale" & 123: "Adopt-A-Pup / Jokes On You") One morning, Reba was showing the gang a great book that had pictures of exotic places all over the world. The gang wished they could visit such exciting places. Then Speckle said they could. All they needed was a little bit of help from their imagination. Speckle pretended he was their conductor and collected everyone's tickets. And once they were seated on the train, the tour began. At their first stop, Darnell pointed out a beautiful house in the sky. Ravi and Luna were amazed by the wild sea creature they passed and Reba loved exploring the untamed jungle and discovering its lovely surprises. When the trip was over, there was only one thing left to do and that was to thank the conductor for taking them on such a terrific tour. The end. "Speckle and the Homemade Toys" (Episodes 103: "Jorge and the Dog Run / Clifford's Club House" & 114: "Best Nest / Practice Makes Perfect") It was a great morning because Speckle and his friends had gotten together to play, but soon they realized that none of them had brought a game or a toy to play with. They wondered, what were they doing to do? Until Speckle said they could use their imaginations and make their own toys. That was a great idea! And off they went to see what toys they could create. Reba was so inspired, she went right out and gathered acorns just the right size for a game of jacks. Working together, Darnell and Luna made an extra-long chain to use as a jump rope. Then Ravi and Speckle found that a soft, plastic lid was perfect for throwing through the air like a flying disc. Now the gang had a brand-new question: which wonderful homemade toy should they play with first? The end. "Speckle and the Made-Up Rules" (Episodes 104: "Paw Print Picasso / Hup Hup", 113: "Hoop Dreams / Doggie Duds" & 124: "Lights, Camera, Action / Basketball Babysitter") One afternoon, Speckle invited all his friends over. He had a new board game and couldn't wait to share it. But when they opened the box, they couldn't find any rules and no one knew how to play. Then, Speckle had a great idea. The group could make their own rules for the game. Ravi spun a 3, so he had to make the funniest face he could. And when Speckle landed on a green square, his challenge was to juggle, or at least try to. It was so much fun, they played for the rest of the afternoon, enjoying the rules and the game that they all made up together. The end. "Speckle and the Fairy Tale" (Episodes 105: "Sock It To Me / My Toy" & 116: "My Blanky / With Friends Like You") Speckle and his friends were reading a great story. It was a fairy tale about a beautiful kingdom and all the princesses and brave knights who lived there. Speckle and his friends decided to dress up like they were the characters in the book, but what could they wear? King Speckle made a crown out of an old newspaper. Queen Reba found a beach towel that made the perfect cape and decorated her hair with a beautiful chain of wildflowers. With his sand pail and flying disc, Sir Darnell was ready to fight a mighty dragon. Then Princess Luna and Prince Ravi pretended that ordinary brooms were majestic horses and raced each other around the palace. It was so much fun, they played for the rest of the afternoon. The end. "Speckle Gets Well" (Episodes 106: "Friends Of All Ages / Clifford's Super Sleepover" & 117: "Time Out / Sniff, Sniff") One day, Speckle wasn't feeling very well, so he had to stay in bed. His friend Reba came by and wanted to jump rope with him, but Speckle couldn't. And he couldn't play ball with Darnell, or bounce on Ravi's trampoline or even play hopscotch with Luna. All Speckle could do was lay in bed and since no one wanted to leave Speckle alone while they played, they decided to take turns reading him a story and keeping him company as he got better and better and better. And finally when Speckle was well enough to go outside and play, he was very happy, but he was even happier that he could play with the very friends who had cared so much about him and helped make him feel better. The end. "Speckle and the Cure for Hiccups" (Episodes 108: "Nina's Perfect Party/ Just the Right Size" & 119: "Fall Feast / Norville's New Game") One day, Speckle started making a silly sound. He had the hiccups and couldn't seem to make them stop, so his friends came up with some very creative cures. Luna said Speckle should drink a giant glass of water, but that didn't work. Darnell suggested Speckle blow up a balloon as big as he possibly could. Ravi thought that rolling down a soft, grass hill would help and Reba recommended jumping rope, on one foot. Soon, Speckle's hiccups were gone. His friends didn't know if their cures really worked, but they did know they sure were fun acting out. Speckle agreed. He had such a good time, he couldn't wait to have hiccups again. The end. "Speckle and the Brand-New Toy" (Episodes 109: "Something Special / Shun Gets in the Game" & 120: "Oh, Brother / Up, Up & Oops") Speckle had just gotten a brand-new toy. He loved playing with it because even though it was very small, it was a whole lot of fun. Naturally, Speckle couldn't wait to share it with his friends. But when Ravi, Luna, Reba and Darnell all showed up together, his friends wondered how they could all possibly play with such a teeny toy at the very same time. But then Speckle got an idea. He thought of a way that all of his friends could enjoy the bubble-maker and its beautiful bubbles at the same time. Using Speckle's great idea, the group found that one tiny toy led to lots of big fun. The end. "Speckle and the Vacation for Everyone" (Episodes 110 & 121: "Clifford's Winter Spirit / Flo Motion" & "Moving On / Fair is Fair") When Speckle returned from his vacation, he invited all of his friends to his house to see a movie he'd made just for them. They watched Speckle play on a sandy beach where he found a fabulous seashell that he brought back for Reba. And when he learned how to dance on a tropical island, he saved the flower necklace for Luna. They saw Speckle explore a deep green forest and pick up a pinecone just for Ravi, then climb to the very top of a mountain, where he spotted a sparkling stone perfect for Darnell's collection. Seeing the wonderful sights and having their very own souvenirs, Reba, Ravi, Luna and Darnell felt like they had been on Speckle's vacation too and they all had a wonderful time. The end. "Speckle and the Surprise Story" (Episodes 115: "Your Secret Valentine / Perfect Pet" & 118: "A Promise is a Promise / Share and Share Alike") Speckle and his friends were gathered around, listening to Speckle tell a brand-new story. It was about brave explorers searching for buried treasure. But just as Speckle reached the most exciting part of the story, he said that it was Ravi's turn to tell what happened next. Ravi thought for a moment, then said the explorers found a mysterious blue door. What was behind it? Reba said the door opened to a secret tunnel that led to the top of a very tall mountain... where they went sliding on a supercharged sled all the way down to... a circus, said Darnell. As the day went on, Speckle, Ravi, Reba, Luna and Darnell all took turns creating a truly surprising story. Which was so much fun because the whole gang created it together. The end. Emily Elizabeth: I love reading stories together. You know, Clifford, for such a small dog, you sure are a big reader. Clifford: (barks)moreless

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