Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 23

T-Bone, Dog About Town / Clifford's Big Heart

Aired Unknown Jul 09, 2001 on PBS
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Episode Summary

"T-Bone, Dog About Town"

Clifford and T-Bone are waiting for the ferry. Cleo is just returning from a vacation with Mrs. Diller. Then, a female dog gets off the ferry. It's not Cleo, however. Clifford and T-Bone aren't sure who she is. Then, T-Bone gets a better look. She's cute! She's brown and has a nice pink bow. T-Bone starts swooning. She comes up and says "hi" to him. He gets animated hearts for eyes and she wonders what's happening with him. She introduces herself as Mimi. T-Bone calls it a pretty name. Mimi's human, Ms. Smith, calls for her, as the bus to the Birdwell Island hotel has arrived. Mimi says that she'll see T-Bone later. Cleo arrives shortly after Mimi leaves. She had a good trick, but Mrs. Diller got seasick as usual. We see her - she's turned green in color from seasickness. T-Bone greets Cleo, saying that he just met the most beautiful dog in the world. Cleo gushes at first, thinking he's talking about her. Then, he says that she's staying at the Birdwell Island hotel and that her name is Mimi. They all decide to go to the Birdwell Island hotel to find Mimi. T-Bone greets her as she's coming off the bus. But he's all muddy and so Ms. Smith chases him away. T-Bone gripes that he's a mess. Clifford tells him that he doesn't think Mimi minds, she still likes him. T-Bone, however, wants a new look and Cleo thinks that she can give it to him. First, she gives him a bubble bath. Then, she puts his fur in a wild spike. T-Bone heads back to Mimi to try again. Mimi is at the beach, where her human is trying to photograph sea turtles hatching from their eggs. She leaves for a minute and T-Bone makes his move. But he ends up falling on the sea turtle eggs. They hatch before Ms. Smith comes back and she chases him away again. T-Bone complains to Cleo that the look didn't work for him. Clifford suggests just being himself. Cleo, however, has a new idea. When T-Bone fell, it made Mimi laugh. Maybe humor is the answer. She tells a great joke and T-Bone heads off to tell it to Mimi. Clifford suggests to Cleo that T-Bone should have practiced first. Cleo, however, thinks T-Bone will do just fine. He doesn't do just fine, though. He's able to tell the joke to Mimi, but completely blows the punchline. T-Bone tries one more last-ditch attempt: poetry. He dresses up in a black suit and hat. That night, he goes up to the hotel and calls to her. She peeks out her window and he recites some beautiful poetry. But then he starts howling, causing Ms. Smith to complain about the racket. The next day, at the ferry, Mimi is heading home. T-Bone doesn't even want to talk to her, since he doesn't think she'll even care whether or not he says goodbye. She comes up to him, saying that she does care. She really appreciated all the things he did for her. But, really, he didn't have to do anything. She liked him the way he was. She'll be coming back in a couple months. Cleo says to imagine the changes that they could make to T-Bone in a couple months. Clifford says that they don't need to change anything.

"Clifford's Big Heart"

As the episode begins, a seagull flies down from the sky towards the island. Charley, Emily Elizabeth and Jetta are in Clifford's doghouse. They're working on Valentines. Jetta says that she's going to make an amazing Valentine for her Mom. She gets to work on it. But Clifford's tail-wagging causes his fur and some of the Valentine materials to get all over Jetta's clothes. Jetta's upset, but Charley and Emily Elizabeth tell her that she looks nice. Jetta looks herself and agrees that she does look pretty. Charley and Emily Elizabeth suggest that she herself could be a Valentine. Jetta thinks that it's an interesting idea, but says that a person can't really be a Valentine. She says that a Valentine has to be big and red and have lots of sparkles and stuff. Charley and Emily Elizabeth leave to deliver their Valentines. Jetta's comment gets Clifford thinking. He wants to find the biggeast, reddest thing on Birdwell Island to give to Emily Elizabeth. His first try is a big, red truck. But the driver doesn't like being picked up off the ground and asks Clifford to put him down, saying that he can't come with him today. He has to work. Clifford runs into Cleo and tells her about how Valentines are supposed to be big and red. Cleo decides to show Clifford her Valentine for Mrs. Diller, thinking that maybe it'll help him to figure something out. She shows a big red heart, which she made out of all of the ribbons that Mr. Kibble keeps putting in her hair. T-Bone also tries to think about something big and red. They decide to find something small and red and make it into something big. They head to Clifford's, where Clifford uses his dog food to make a giant heart. It's great, although they have to stop T-Bone from eating it all up. But then, a pack of birds, flying a heart formation, swoop in and eat all of the dog food. So there heart-shaped dog food is gone. The dogs all ready to give up, but then the idea of flowers is suggested. So Clifford gets some of Mr. Bleakman's roses. Then, he realizes that maybe he shouldn't have just taken them. Mr. Bleakman comes out and finds that his rose bush is gone. He goes in to complain to Mrs. Bleakman and while he does, Clifford puts the bush back. When Mr. Bleakman comes back out with Mrs. Bleakman, he is puzzled to see the rose bush back where it belongs. Mrs. Bleakman takes him back inside to get the cutters, calling him his sweet, little Valentine. Clifford gives up and lays down, curled up. Emily Elizabeth sees him from her window - the way he's curled up - he's shaped liked a heart! She calls him a big, red Valentine. The episode ends with lots of animated hearts, which are used as the closing picture.moreless

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Tyisha Hampton

Tyisha Hampton


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Cam Clarke

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