Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 15

Teacher's Pet / Islander of the Year

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 2000 on PBS
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"Teacher's Pet"

Clifford, T-Bone, Cleo and Mac are starting "doggy-school." Before class, there's some chatter about the teacher, Brittany Spaniel. Mrs. Diller says that she's heard that Brittany is the best doggy-school teacher around. Emily Elizabeth says that Clifford had some trouble sleeping the night before. Sheriff Lewis says that T-Bone had some too. He thinks that T-Bone's worried about how he's going to do. The class starts. Brittany says hello to all the dogs and starts with the first trick, a "simple rollover." She asks Cleo to demonstrate first. Cleo does, but she does a bit more than a simple rollover. Instead, she rolls over a couple times in a fancy style. Brittany says that although it was more than a simple rollover, it was creative. She asks Clifford to go next, and maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Clifford rolls on his side, leaving an impression in the ground and shaking up Brittany. He then completes the rollover. Brittany jokes that Clifford makes a "big impression." She has Mac go next. Mac comments to T-Bone that he's going to show him how it's done. He's not doing any tricks unless he gets treats. Brittany asks him to do the trick and he just stands there and yawns. She demonstrates the trick herself. T-Bone comments that she's good at it. Cleo says that she's not very creative. Mac still won't do the trick. So Brittany pulls out a tummy-yummy. Suddenly, Mac is all over the trick. He rolls over and then grabs the treat. He returns to the other dogs, commenting that there's "nothing to it." Finally, it's T-Bone's turn. He heads up, hesitates at first and then performs the rollover. Brittany tells him that it was "fine, just fine." Just fine? T-Bone's beginning to think that Brittany doesn't like him. In any case, the class is over for the time being. It's time for recess. The next day, Brittany has a new trick, fetch. This is another wild one for Clifford as it causes him to go bounding. The other dogs basically do the same as before, including T-Bone, who gets another "just fine." Finally, the week comes to an end. Brittany reminds them of the graduation the next day. Cleo hopes that she'll get a big graduation trophy. Clifford hopes that all of his family can be there. Mac hopes that there's a lot to eat. T-Bone isn't looking forward to graduation at all. Graduation finally comes. Brittany first calls Cleo and gives her an award for enthusiasm. She next calls Clifford, who gets a huge medal for "the biggest impression." Next is Mac, for the best tricks for treats. Jetta goes up to accept the award, but Mac won't follow until Jetta tempts him with a tummy-yummy. Jetta comments that she always knew that Mac was the best behaved dog on the island. She heads off, but once again, Mac won't leave until given a tummy-yummy. T-Bone thinks he knows what's coming next and covers his ears. But to his surprise, Brittany says that the final award goes to a hard working, tries his best, absolutely delightful student: T-Bone. He and Sheriff Lewis proudly accept the award as Brittany comments that T-Bone is a very fine dog. Confetti rains and T-Bone joins his other happy classmates.

"Islander of the Year"

Ms. Lee is just finishing reading a story at the library. After finishing, she announces that it's time for the annual Birdwell Islander of the Year contest. She explains that in order to enter someone, all one has to do is write a short paper about the person you think has helped people the most on Birdwell Island. Jetta immediately wants to know if there's a prize. Ms. Lee says that there isn't, but the winning essay will appear in the Birdwell Beacon and the Islander of the Year's picture will appear on the library wall along with the winners of past years. As Emily Elizabeth, Charley, Vaz and Clifford head home, Emily Elizabeth wonders who she should write about. Clifford barks and Vaz jokes that Clifford wants to enter the contest too. Emily Elizabeth thanks Clifford, but she doesn't think she's earned it this year. Maybe in the future. Clifford imagines. A futuristic Emily Elizabeth in space gear with a number 1 shirt accepts a trophy from Ms. Lee. She then blasts off into outer space. The next week, everyone is in the library for the reading of the essays. Emily Elizabeth asks Charley to tell her who he wrote about, but Charley says that she'll just have to wait until he reads his essay, like everyone else. Ms. Lee calls the first person to read their essay: Emily Elizabeth. She didn't think she'd have to go first, but with Clifford's encouragement, she heads up. Her nomination is Dr. Dihn. She explains how Dr. Dihn nursed a sick whale back to health. Then Clifford helped her return it to the ocean. She thinks that Dr. Dihn would be a good choice because she takes care of all the animals on the island. Next is Charley. His nominee is Sheriff Lewis. Sheriff Lewis is not only a great sheriff, but he's also the soccer coach. One time, they were trying to practice, but they couldn't play because they didn't have a goalpost. So Clifford became the goalpost. After Charley, Jetta reads her essay. To everyone's shock, Jetta nominates herself. She recalls a time when she saved a kitten stuck in a tree at the park all by herself. She describes that she used Clifford to help her up to the kitty. Ms. Lee interrupts, noting that Jetta said that she did it all by herself. Jetta says that she did... with Clifford. Anyways, she bravely reached up and rescued the kitty. For that, and "other reasons too numerous to mention," she should be Birdwell Islander of the Year. Emily Elizabeth notes to herself that she remembers it a little differently. It was Clifford who first noticed the kitty and then lifted Jetta to rescue it. Oh well. Finally, Vaz reads his essay, about Firechief Campbell. The most important thing he did was save the Birdwell Island museum. The firetruck had gotten a flat tire. This wasn't good, as a ladder was needed to reach the fire. So Firechief Campbell used Clifford as a ladder and saved the museum. With the essays finished, Ms. Lee announces the winner. Surprising everyone, she says that the winner was someone who wasn't nominated, but helped everyone in the island in a big way. The winner is Clifford, the big red dog. Clifford, who's been watching and listening from outside, wraps his ears around his eyes, a bit embarrassed. Ms. Lee says that since everyones essays mentioned Clifford, they'll all be featured in the newspaper. She says that Clifford showed that it isn't just helping in an emergency that makes a difference, but helping in all sorts of little ways.moreless

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Cam Clarke

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T.C. Carson

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