Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 2 Episode 25

Tie-Dyed Clifford / Stage Struck

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 2003 on PBS
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Tie-Dyed Clifford / Stage Struck
"Tie-Dyed Clifford"

Emily Elizabeth and her friends are all very involved with soccer. Their team, the Birdwell Island Birds, is on a roll and the big soccer championship is coming on Sunday morning. Emily Elizabeth has to tell Clifford some bad news. She can't give him his Saturday bath until Sunday afternoon because of the soccer championship. Clifford understands. Still, he sees how busy he is and wants to help her out. So he gets out the garden hose so he can give himself a bath. Cleo and T-Bone come along and see what he's doing. But at first, they think that the hose is attacking Clifford and try to attack it back. Then, Clifford tells them what he's doing. Cleo says that she can help out, as no one knows more about her than baths. She sees three bottles set out on a table in the yard. We saw earlier that these are bottles of tie-dye paint that Emily Elizabeth and Charley are using to make t-shirts for the soccer team. But the dogs don't know this. They think that they're some kind of new shampoo that Emily Elizabeth was going to use on Clifford. So Cleo puts on the first one, which is blue, very blue. She thinks that it must be the shampoo. T-Bone and Cleo rub it all over him and now Clifford's back-end is blue. Cleo says that's the way it's supposed to be and it'll go away once she puts the "slippery stuff" on. She goes for the second tie-dye color, which is yellow. Clifford says that it tickles. But now, instead of being just blue, Clifford's back-end is blue and yellow. Cleo says now that it'll go away when she applies the third bottle, which is the "fruity, stinky, smelly stuff." But it's just green tie-dye, which makes Clifford's back end a tie-dye combination of blue, yellow and green. Clifford sees it and realizes that although he was trying to help Emily Elizabeth, he's just created more work for her. Not wanting to upset her, though, he decides to try to hide it until Sunday evening. Charley and Emily Elizabeth return and do the tie-dye t-shirts. Later on, every time that Emily Elizabeth calls Clifford, he comes up with different ways to keep her from seeing the tie-dye. When she calls him to eat his dog food, Clifford scurries over with his doghouse on top of him to eat it and then scurries back when he's finished. Emily Elizabeth finds this funny. Finally, on the morning of the big soccer match, Emily Elizabeth calls Clifford over to her and the soccer team. Clifford tries to keep anyone from seeing the tie-dye, but he's so big that it just can't be avoided. Emily Elizabeth realizes that Clifford must have gotten into the tie-dye paints. She's not sure how he got tie-dyed like he is now, but says that there isn't anything she can do to help him. He's just going to have to wait for his fur to grow out in a few weeks. Everyone seems to like the tie-dye, though and so Clifford is enlisted as a mascot for the Birdwell Birds soccer team.

"Stage Struck"

Emily Elizabeth's class is having a talent show. Jetta was the winner of the previous year's talent show and she's working hard on perfecting her baton-twirling act for this year. Emily Elizabeth is singing, Dan and Charley are doing a comedy routine and Vaz is going to perform magic tricks. There's only one person in Emily Elizabeth's class who hasn't signed up to do something: Mary. Ms. Carrington asks her if she wants to sign up, but Mary says she'd rather not. Emily Elizabeth wonders why Mary doesn't want to sign up. Jetta says that Mary is just to shy to sign up. She tried to play the piano last year, but she wasn't able to do it. Later, Emily Elizabeth is walking along when she hears some beautfiul music. She investigates the source and finds that it's coming from Mary's house. Mary stops playing and Emily Elizabeth encourages her to keep going. She tries again, but starts playing off-key. Emily Elizabeth and Mary talk. Mary says that she'd like to perform in the talent show, but she gets nervous because of all the people watching. Emily Elizabeth says that she knows what it's like. She used to have stage-fright too. But her Dad told her to just imagine that she's performing for one friend instead of the entire audience. So now she imagines that she's just performing for Clifford. She offers to partner up with Mary. They would be great together, Emily Elizabeth could sing and Mary could play the piano. Finally, it's the evening of the talent show. Jetta twirls her baton expertly. Charley and Dan do their comedy routine, which is the old routine between a waiter and a cusotmer with the line about the fly doing the backstroke. Vaz comes on and does his magic. He makes a bird appear and then asks for a volunteer. Emily Elizabeth volunteers. He locks her in a box and makes it look like she's been cut into three pieces. His performance ends and he heads of stage, wheeling off Emily Elizabeth, still in the box. Now offstage, he makes a startling discovery, he can't find the key to unlock the cage! This is bad, as Emily Elizabeth and Mary have just been called to perform. Emily Elizabeth encourages Mary to go on without her. At first, Mary doesn't want to, but Emily Elizabeth reminds her to just pretend she's performing in front of one friend. So she goes out and at first starts slow. But then she picks up playing the piano and also begins singing. It's the "If I Ever Need a Friend" pop song from "Fan Mail." She sings well, well enough to earn the first place trophy. Jetta comments that next year, she'll just have to twirl two batons.moreless

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Kath Soucie


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Cam Clarke

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