Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 1 Episode 10

To Catch a Bird / The Best Party Ever

Aired Unknown Sep 15, 2000 on PBS
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"To Catch a Bird"

Emily Elizabth's class is having a spelling bee. It's down to just two students left- Emily Elizabeth and Jetta. Ms. Carrington asks Emily Elizabeth to spell the word "monkey." Emily Elizabeth incorrectly spells it with an extra 'e' instead of a 'y.' So the word is giving to Jetta, who gives the correct spelling and wins. For her performance, she's given a bright, shiny medal. That afternoon, on the playground, Emily Elizabeth congratulates Jetta on winning the medal. Jetta really likes the medal and doesn't want to lose it. So when she goes to play soccer, she asks Emily Elizabeth to set her coat, with the medal, on a bench. Emily Elizabeth does so. As Jetta is off playing soccer, a seagull catches sight of the bright gleam from the medal. He flies down, grabs the medal and flies off with it. When Jetta returns, she doesn't notice at first that her medal is gone. But later, as she's walking home, she reaches for it and realizes that it's gone. She doesn't know where it is, but she thinks she knows who probably took it - Emily Elizabeth! She heads to Emily Elizabeth's house to demand that she give it back. She gets there and heads to knock on the door. Meanwhile, Mac goes to see Clifford and T-Bone and tells them that Emily Elizabeth stole Jetta's medal. Clifford doesn't believe it, saying that Emily Elizabeth would never steal anything. That's exactly what Emily Elizabeth says when Jetta accuses her of taking the medal. But Jetta doesn't believe her. She thinks that Emily Elizabeth was jealous of her winning, so she stole it. Emily Elizabeth insists that she didn't take it and offers to help her find it. After all, maybe it just fell out of the coat or something. Clifford comes to the same conclusion. So he enlists Cleo and T-Bone's help to go search for it. They find a feather and follow the smell of it. Eventually, they wind up at the docks, where T-Bone thinks he's found something, but it's just Jetta. Clifford says that someone's taking things that don't belong to them and he's going to find out who it is. Jetta takes a mirror out of her purse to examine her neck. She thinks it looks bare without the medal. She turns around to talk to Emily Elizabeth and as she does, the seagull notices the shiny mirror. He swoops down, grabs it and flies off unnoticed. When Jetta turns back around again, she sees that the mirror is gone. Once again, she accuses Emily Elizabeth of taking it. Emily Elizabeth says that she didn't and she can't believe Jetta keeps accusing her. She's had enough and is going home. Meanwhile, Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are baffled. Clifford still can't believe that Emily Elizabeth would take anything, but who is it that's taking stuff? They decide to set up a trap, using a shiny new hair ribbon that Cleo has. They'll set it out and wait for somebody to take it. As Emily Elizabeth comes by, they get suspicious as she picks it up. But to their relief, she heads straight over to Cleo and pins it on her head. Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone continue their stakeout, while Jetta comes to pester Emily Elizabeth again. She's going to give her "one last chance" to come clean. Not surprisingly, the seagull comes, but this time, he's caught in the act. Clifford barks for Emily Elizabeth and shows her the seagull's nest, which contains all of the stolen treasures. Emily Elizabeth shows it to Jetta, who apologizes for blaming Emily Elizabeth. Emily Elizabeth says that she had one friend who always stuck by her - Clifford.

"The Best Party Ever"

Emily Elizabeth's birthday is coming and she and Charley are making the preparations for her party. Mr. Howard is impressed at how well they're doing, making everything by themselves. He says that he's going to rake the leaves, but Emily Elizabeth tells him that he doesn't have to. Clifford will take care of it. We see Clifford, who blows all of the leaves into one giant pile. What a helpful dog! Then, Jetta comes. She sees Emily Elizabeth and Charleys' homemade preparations and isn't at all impressed. She says that for a party to be exciting, it needs "pizazz." She leaves shortly afterward. Charley tells Emily Elizabeth not to worry about it, but Emily Elizabeth can't help but worry that maybe her party isn't going to have "pizazz." But she finally agrees with Charley that it's still going to be a good party. Later, Charley and Emily Elizabeth hitch a ride with Clifford. We see them handing out invitations to a number of unnamed extras. Then they come to Jetta. Jetta sees them coming and comments that she guesses she'll come to the party, since she doesn't have anything better to do that day. So she's surprised when Emily Elizabeth and Charley pass right by her house. She runs out after them, but not to ask Emily Elizabeth to invite her to the party. Instead, she tells her that she has an even better party to go to in the city, one that has "pizazz." The time comes for the party. Everyone's having a good time, but Jetta's not there. Clifford asks Mac if Jetta is enjoying her party in the city. Mac informs him that Jetta isn't going to any party. She's staying inside and moping. So Clifford attracts Emily Elizabeth's attention to Jetta. Seeing that Jetta's bored, she invites her to the party. She even tells her that she thought about her suggestion and decided to add some "pizazz" to the party - a waterslide! We see that Clifford has been set up as the slide, which the guests slide down into a pool of water. Everyone has a great time with it. Emily Elizabeth blows out the candles on her cake, although Clifford has to help with one. Clifford also creates fun by blowing around some of the remaining leaves. Emily Elizabeth thanks Clifford, saying that it's her best party ever.moreless

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Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie


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Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke

Machiavelli and Mr. Mark Howard

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Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Ms. Debbie Carrington

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