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  • Babysitter Blues / Saturday Morning

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 28 - 7/16/01

    "Babysitter Blues"

    Emily Elizabeth and her family are going out for the day, so they've left Clifford with a babysitter - Mrs. Bleakman. Or, rather, Mr. Bleakman, since Mrs. Bleakman is going to some sort of program at the library. Mr. Bleakman isn't at all happy about this, since he's trying to work on painting a masterpiece and Clifford's just going to get in the way. Clifford finds various ways of getting in the way: blocking Mr. Bleakman's shade, scratching and getting fur all over Mr. Bleakman's painting, sneezing and so on. Mr. Bleakman tries taking Clifford to the park, but this doesn't work either. He takes him down by the docks, but Clifford splashes water on his painting of a seascape. He finally takes him down by the beach. After Clifford covers him in sand, Mr. Bleakman orders Clifford to stay completely still. Clifford does this, for the most part and Mr. Bleakman finally completes his masterpiece, but then a strong wind blows it away. Mr. Bleakman gets Clifford to retrieve it, but then both Mr. Bleakman and the painting blow away. Mr. Bleakman and his painting end up in the water, but Clifford rescues them and soon they're hanging ten on the waves. Back on land, Mr. Bleakman thanks Clifford for the most fun he's had at years. He returns home atop Clifford, where Emily Elizabeth and Mrs. Bleakman have been waiting for him. He shows them his new masterpiece - a painting of him having fun with Clifford.

    "Saturday Morning"

    It's Saturday morning and T-Bone's excited. This is his special time with Sheriff Lewis. They're going to have eggs and bacon and all sorts of fun. Sheriff Lewis, however, isn't anywhere to be found and T-Bone wonders what's going on. Then Sheriff Lewis comes in the door. Unfortunately, he won't be able to have fun with T-Bone today. He has to fill in for someone at work. He suggests that T-Bone could come along with him, but T-Bone is very disappointed and doesn't really feel like coming. After Sheriff Lewis leaves, he decides to go see what Clifford is doing. He's getting a bath, which T-Bone figures must be a real bummer on Saturday, but Clifford says that he's just happy to spend time with Emily Elizabeth. While Emily Elizabeth goes off to soccer practice, Clifford and T-Bone decide to see what some of their other friends are up to. They find Charley and Samuel working flipping burgers at the docks. They visit Jetta and Mac, who are playing tea party. T-Bone thinks this stinks, but Mac is happy with it. He gets to spend time with Jetta, plus he gets treats. Finally, they visit Cleo's and see that Mrs. Diller is in bed with a cold. But Cleo seems to be enjoying Mrs. Diller's reading to her. Emily Elizabeth returns from soccer practice and Clifford wants to know if T-Bone would like to go to the park with them, but T-Bone has something else to do. He goes to visit Sheriff Lewis, now happy to spend time with him.moreless

  • New Dog in Town / Get Well

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 27 - 7/13/01

    "New Dog in Town"

    The episode opens with a nice pan shot of the island, as a seagull flies overhead. Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are playing frisbee in the park. Cleo gets a little crazy, spinning around and around with a frisbee for two minutes. She scares some birds and then sends if flying into a tree. Clifford goes up to retrieve the frisbee. He sees a squirrel and tries to say hello to the squirrel, but it's scared and runs away. Cleo calls the squirrel "rude," but T-Bone says that he understands, he was afraid of Clifford at first too because he was so huge. This triggers a flashback sequence of when Clifford first came to Birdwell Island. In the flashback, Emily Elizabeth his riding her bike. Clifford blows on it to make her go faster. Then, Emily Elizabeth tells him that she has to help out at the store. She asks him to go play on his own for a while. As Clifford heads off, he comes across a situation. Cars are backed up on the road. They can't get through because there's a tree blocking the road. Sheriff Lewis and Firechief Campbell are on the scene. They realize they're going to need something big to move the tree. They see Clifford and enlist his services. T-Bone also sees Clifford. Scared at his huge size, he runs off and hides in a garbage bin. Clifford moves the tree. T-Bone peeks out from the garbage bin and sees Clifford moving the tree. But it looks to him like Clifford is wrestling with it or something. He closes the garbage bin lid in fear. Later on, T-Bone is sitting down at the docks, talking to himself about Clifford's huge size. Just then, Clifford sees T-Bone and decides to introduce himself. He bounds towards T-Bone, but then trips and falls in the water. Clifford tries to introduce himself anyway, but T-Bone bounds away again in fear. The scene returns to the present for a bit. Cleo wonders why T-Bone was scared of Clifford. After all, he hadn't taken a chance to get to know him. We see the squirrel come down from the tree. He seems to be listening. T-Bone says that's why he's glad he did take the time to get to know Clifford. He flashes back again, to a scene in which Clifford is playing with Emily Elizabeth at the park. T-Bone watches them play. He sees Clifford spinning around, chasing his tail and acting silly and realizes that he's actually a fun dog. He also sees Clifford showing compassion: when Emily Elizabeth gets pinched by a sand crab that she thought was a seashell, Clifford licks her to make her feel better. Emily Elizabeth sees T-Bone and suggests that he meet Clifford. So Clifford and T-Bone sniff each other and soon become friends. Back in the present, Cleo suggests that there's someone else that they should get to know. She's seen that the squirrel was listening to their story. Clifford tries meeting with the squirrel again, a bit more gently. The squirrel's not so scared this time, so both Clifford and the squirrel have made a friend.

    "Get Well"

    Clifford wants to play with Emily Elizabeth, but her Mom stops them. Emily Elizabeth has a cold right now and so she can't come out. Clifford looks down and we see that Cleo and T-Bone are there. He tells them the situation. He's sad, and wonders if there's anything they can do to make her feel better. Cleo explains the idea of a get well gift. Clifford likes that. They'll get her flowers, a balloon and a card. First they decide to get her flowers. Cleo suggests getting some flowers from Mr. Bleakman's yard. Clifford won't allow that though. Those belong to Mr. Bleakman. They wonder where they could get some flowers that don't belong to anyone. T-Bone leads them to a vacant lot, filled with wildflowers. They get some dandelions, although Clifford manages to blow away all the seeds by wagging his tail. In any case, they gather some up anyway. The next thing to do is get a balloon. They head down to the docks, where Samuel is giving away free ballons. Cleo ends up falling into the balloons. She floats away on them. Samuel calls for Clifford to rescue her. Clifford can't manage to grab her in the air, but then she ends up stuck on a pole. Clifford uses his tail as a slide and Cleo slides to safety. Samuel ties a green balloon to her tail to take with her. Finally the dogs use mud to make a get well card with their pawprints. However, Clifford's pawprint takes up the entire card, leaving no room for T-Bone and Cleo's. So T-Bone and Cleo get creative and the card ends up being a bit messy and not really looking like pawprints, but they go with it anyway. With everything done, they head for Emily Elizabeth's. Then, Clifford stops to scratch an itch. He puts down the card and it blows away, straight into Mr. Bleakman's yard! Clifford's scared to go in because Mr. Bleakman has warned before that he doesn't want the dogs stepping one paw into his yard. So Clifford comes up with an ingenious solution, he gets T-Bone on a tire swing and swings him in, to grab the card with his teeth. Mr. Bleakman doesn't seem to notice. He's inside reading a paper. He senses something is going on, but looks out his window just as T-Bone swings back and therefore doesn't see anything. He goes back to reading his paper. Their plan almost fails, as T-Bone drops the card. Then a wind gust blows the card back their way. They present their gifts to Emily Elizabeth. She loves all of them and is happy that they did this to make her feel better. She says that she could kiss them, but then again, maybe not. She wouldn't want to give them her cold and she knows how it gets when Clifford starts sneezing.moreless

  • The Kibble Crook / Screaming for Ice Cream

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 26 - 7/12/01

    "The Kibble Crook"

    T-Bone's gone over to Cleo's but Cleo seems to be out for the moment. She does, however, have what seems to be some extremely delicious dog food in her dish. T-Bone tries to hold himself. He figures he can sit, wait for Cleo to get back and then he'll ask to taste her new dog food. It's a good idea, but it's almost like the dog food is calling him (the bowl appears to glow) and pretty soon he decides he'll take just one more small taste. Taking his small taste, however, he actually ends up consuming the entire dish! Mac comes and wants to know what's in the bowl. He sees that it's empty and comments that it smells like something really good was in there. Clifford and Cleo show up and Cleo offers to let them try her new dog food... only to find that it's gone! Cleo's pretty mad about this. She wonders who took it. Mac decides that there must have been a crook who took it. T-Bone decides to go with this. Thinking fast, he says that he saw a dog heading down towards the docks. He tries to get them to forget it, saying that it was a pretty big dog, but that argument is quashed quickly, after all, what dog is bigger than Clifford? They go out in search of the "kibble crook," while T-Bone tags along, noting grimly to himself that they're not going to find anything. Down at the docks, they search and T-Bone hears some sort of barking. It's coming from some crates. They open the crates, but find that they only contain stuffed toy dogs. Obviously they aren't the kibble crooks. T-Bone suggests that they give up, after all, it was only a little dog food. Cleo doesn't want to forget it. It was her dog food and she wants to find who took it. Based on a tip from Mac, they head for some caves. Mac notes that a crook needs a good hiding spot. Cleo and Mac start to head in, but then T-Bone convinces them that he should go in after the kibble crook himself. T-Bone goes in. Outside, Clifford starts to worry and begins pacing. He feels that they should go in after T-Bone. But Cleo and Mac just get annoyed at his pacing and wish he'd calm down. Inside the cave, T-Bone is left alone with his conscience, as well as a bad cartoon echo effect. He knows that he's the one who ate the dog food and so he's not going to find anyone in there. Just as the others are about to come in after him, he comes out and he admits that he is, in fact, the "kibble crook." He apologizes and Cleo is upset, but only for about two seconds. Then she forgives him. All she really wanted was an apology. Cleo offers to take the dogs back to her to her house to try her new dog food. T-Bone gets excited again and his stomach rumbles. Everyone laughs.

    "Screaming for Ice Cream"

    Emily Elizabeth and Charley are playing hockey by Samuel's restaurant. It's a makeshift "street hockey" game, using broomsticks and a garbage-can lid. They lid flies toward Clifford, who sends it back in, narrowly missing Samuel, who's just coming out of his store. Samuel tells Charley that he has to go to see Dr. Miyoris. Seems he needs new eyeglasses. Charley offers to watch over his ice cream shop while he's gone. Samuel's reluctant at first, but finally agrees and tells him that if he has any problems, he should ask Pedro for help. After Samuel leaves, customers start coming. Emily Elizabeth thinks maybe they should turn them away until Samuel gets back, but Charley says that it's no problem, he's helped operate the ice cream machine before and knows how to use it. Suddenly, a whole busload of tourists appear. Charley's exciting, now they're going to "do some business." He enlists Emily Elizabeth's and then the dogs' help to keep up with the stream. Cleo delivers the ice cream on a tray and T-Bone collects the money (all coins) in a hat. Clifford uses his ear to fan the patrons, since it's a hot day. Then something goes wrong with the ice cream machine. The stick used to operate gets stuck in place and the ice cream starts pouring down. Charley doesn't know what to do, but one thing he doesn't do is ask Pedro. The ice cream starts flowing like crazy, covering the entire dock area. Clifford and friends try to help out by consuming the ice cream, but the flow is so massive that even they can't keep up. Emily Elizabeth tries to get Charley to get Pedro, but Charley says that he can deal with it on his own. Emily Elizabeth calls for Clifford, but even all of Clifford's strength can't push the lever down. Charley then tries to collect the ice cream in a garbage-can lid, but it's way too much and that overflows almost instantly. Samuel gets back and is really annoyed with what he sees. Mainly, he wants to know why Charley didn't ask Pedro for help. The ice cream machine has malfunctioned this way before and all you have to do is push the handle upwards a bit and then push it back down. Pedro would have known that, but Charley wouldn't, since Samuel's never shown him. Charley's learned his lesson, but there's still the ice cream to clean up. He and Emily Elizabeth are handed a mop and bucket. The dogs try to help too, although they're absolutely stuffed with ice cream. It would seem that Clifford's the only one who's not stuffed. In fact, he kind of hoped they would spill some more. When Samuel notes that Emily Elizabeth and Charley missed a spot while cleaning up, Clifford is quick to lick it up.moreless

  • Clothes Don't Make the Dog / Short-Changed

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 25 - 7/11/01

    "Clothes Don't Make the Dog"

    Sheriff Lewis has received a couple of purple sweaters from his aunt. He puts one on and then puts a matching one on T-Bone. Looking at it, he comments that it looks as good on T-Bone as it does on him. As they head out, Jetta sees them. She certainly thinks that T-Bone looks good. Mac, however, thinks he looks ridiculous. Jetta gives T-Bone a tummy-yummy for being so "adorable." Later on, T-Bone talks with Mac. He was supposed to meet Clifford at the beach, but he can't find him anywhere and wants to know if Mac knows where he is. Mac snits that Clifford is pretty hard to miss. Meanwhile, people are once again noticing T-Bone's sweater. Mac tries to get them to give him treats, but to his surprise, they give him to T-Bone, calling him "adorable." Mac tells T-Bone that when humans call a dog "adorable," what they actually mean is that the dog looks "silly." He says that if T-Bone shows himself in front of Cleo and Clifford wearing that sweater, they're going to laugh at him. T-Bone doesn't believe him at first, but Mac manages to convince T-Bone that he should give the sweater to him to "hold on to." It ends up on Mac and T-Bone says that Mac looks good in it. But Mac says that it doesn't look good on anyone. T-Bone finds Clifford and Cleo and they play volleyball. Clifford sends the ball way up into the air. Cleo tries to catch it, but she misses and the ball literally burns a hole in the ground. With the volleyball game at an end, Clifford asks T-Bone what he wants to do. T-Bone sees Sheriff Lewis coming and quickly says that he wants to play "hide-and-go seek." Clifford argues that there's nowhere to hide on the beach, but T-Bone says he'll show him a good hiding spot. He hides under Clifford's ear to avoid being spotted by Sheriff Lewis because he's afraid that Sheriff Lewis will see that he's not wearing the sweater. (He even says as much out loud, but Clifford and Cleo don't seem to hear, suggesting that he never actually said it out loud, but actually in his mind.) Having shown Clifford and Cleo "a good place to hide on the beach," T-Bone now suggests that they go over to Cleo's yard to bury stuff. At Cleo's, Clifford amuses them with funny faces. T-Bone tries one too, an imitation of a dead dog, but neither Clifford nor Cleo are impressed. As Cleo says that she's going to do a scary face, Sheriff Lewis walks by again, whistling. Cleo turns around with her scary face and T-Bone runs and hides again. Cleo's pleased, she didn't know her face was that scary. Clifford and Cleo quickly figure out what's going on and confront T-Bone on the fact that he's hiding from Sheriff Lewis. T-Bone admits that he is and explains that he took off the sweater because Mac said that they would think it was silly. Clifford and Cleo can't believe that T-Bone believed this. They would never laugh at him. They don't care what he wears, they just like him. They go to get the sweater, but just then, Mac comes anyway. He's wearing the sweater, or, at least, they think he is. It actually turned out that Jetta liked the sweater so much on T-Bone, that she bought one for him. He gives T-Bone back his sweat er. Then, Clifford and Cleo asks if he wants to go play with them at the library. Mac's surprised that Clifford and Cleo would want to play with him while he's in the ugly sweater. But, as Cleo explains, they don't care about the sweater, they care about the dog inside. So they head for the library, Mac asking T-Bone to lead the way.


    Emily Elizabeth and Charley are brushing Clifford, using brooms. However, there's a spot they just can't reach. From behind them, a voice says that maybe he can help. They look behind him and see a very tall man: Skyscraper Jackson. They're amazed, Skyscraper Jackson is the best basketball player in the world. He takes one of the brooms and brushes Clifford in just the right spot. Mr. Howard explains that he knows Skyscraper and he's going to be their guest for the weekend. Just then, Mr. Bleakman notices Clifford's hair which has gotten all over his yard. He complains to Emily Elizabeth about it. Skyscraper Jackson apologizes, since it was his fault. Mr. Bleakman sees Skyscraper and suddenly doesn't mind the hair anymore. In fact, he values it as a treasure because he loves Skyscraper Jackson and this is dog hair that was brushed by Skyscraper Jackson. Jetta comes and comments that it's nice for Clifford to be around someone who's his size. Later that day, Emily Elizabeth, Charley and Jetta are hanging out. Emily Elizabeth says that she wonders how basketball players get so tall. Charley says that they're born that way, but Jetta says that she knows of other ways. In fact, she knows just what to do to make Emily Elizabeth taller. She presents Emily Elizabeth with her first idea: stilts. Emily Elizabeth tries it and likes it. She goes to show Clifford, who's playing basketball with Skyscraper Jackson. Clifford jumps wildly when he sees Emily Elizabeth, causing her to nearly fall off the stilts. She manages to remain stable, but then Clifford barks, causing her to fall. Clifford saves her before she can hit the ground, but in the process, Skyscraper Jackson ends up crushing some of Mr. Bleakman's flowers. Mr. Bleakman gets mad again, but then goes wild when Skyscraper apologizes for crushing them. Flowers that were crushed by Skyscraper? They're now a treasure to Mr. Bleakman. Emily Elizabeth comments that Mr. Bleakman must really like Skyscraper, since normally he doesn't let anyone touch his flowers. In any case, so much for the stilts idea. Jetta comes up with another idea. She hooks Emily Elizabeth up to balloons. This is fun at first, but then the wind blows Emily Elizabeth away from Clifford. She unhooks some of the balloons and makes a safe landing. On the ground, Skyscraper Jackson comments that he wishes he could have a dog like Clifford. Emily Elizabeth says that Skyscraper should take him then. After all, Clifford should be with someone his size. Skyscraper's confused. He didn't want to take Clifford. This is interrupted when Mr. Howard tells Sksycraper that he just got a package from Mr. Kibble. Skyscraper opens it. It's his new dog, Rufus, some sort of miniature toy breed. Skyscraper says that he and Rufus were made for each other, just like Emily Elizabeth and Clifford were made for each other. Jetta and Charley come. Skyscraper asks them if they want to see his new dog. Jetta starts talking about how brave Emily Elizabeth is. She thinks Emily Elizabeth gave Clifford to Skyscraper. Then, Skyscraper shows Rufus to Jetta. Jetta's surprised, what would Skyscraper want with a dog that's so small? But as Skyscraper explains, size has nothing to do with love.moreless

  • Who Me, Jealous? / A Bunny in a Haystack

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 24 - 7/10/01

    "Who Me, Jealous?"

    Cleo's playing with Mrs. Diller when she hears Mrs. Diller say "what a sweet little puppy you are." She's confused at first, but then she sees that Mrs. Diller is talking about an actual puppy. It's her sister's new puppy and she's babysitting it. Mrs. Diller asks Cleo to play with Susie, but Susie gets scared when Cleo barks at her. Mrs. Diller at first takes her away, but then tries again. This time, they race all through the house, creating a mess. Mrs. Diller puts Cleo outside so that Susie can calm down. Cleo wonders why she's the one that was put outside. Clifford and T-Bone come. Cleo tells them about Susie. She feels that Mrs. Diller likes Susie more than her because Susie's cuter than her. Clifford and Cleo try to tell her otherwise, but Cleo thinks differently when Mrs. Diller says of Susie that she's "the cutest puppy she's ever seen." She plays tug-of-war with Susie, but Mrs. Diller gets upset when Cleo pulls away the rope from Susie a bit too hard. They go to the park. There, everybody thinks Susie is cute when she plays in the water. Cleo wants to try it too. Clifford says that she probably shouldn't, as humans don't like the smell of wet dog. (Although he doesn't understand why, as he thinks they smell great when they're wet.) Cleo has Clifford help her to get wet. Then, she shakes herself off all over Mrs. Diller and Susie. This only serves to get Mrs. Diller upset, as Cleo should know that Mrs. Diller doesn't like it when she gets wet. They head home, Mrs. Diller saying that she needs to get Susie and Cleo dry. Outside of Mrs. Diller's house, Cleo tells Clifford and T-Bone that she's finally figured out why Mrs. Diller likes Susie better than her. It's because Susie's a puppy. So Cleo says that she's going to act just like she was when she was a puppy, doing things such as making a mess at dinner and chewing shoes. The idea of chewing shoes shocks T-Bone and Clifford. Knowing that this is a bad idea, they try to talk Cleo out of her plan. Just then, Mrs. Diller's sister comes to pick Susie up. Mrs. Diller comments that Cleo is her "big girl." She enjoyed babysitting Susie, but Susie is a real handful and she hopes that Susie could learn something from Cleo. She would like it if Susie could grow up to be like Cleo.

    "A Bunny in a Haystack"

    Emily Elizabeth introduces Clifford to Wally. Wally is her class's bunny and she's been asked to look after him. She asks Clifford to watch him, as she needs to help her parents at the store for a few hours. She talks about how sometimes in school they let him out of his cage and he bounces all over the place. Clifford fantasizes about this. She leaves Clifford, reminding him that looking after Wally is a lot of work. Clifford looks in Wally's cage and sees that Wally's just sleeping. He doesn't think looking after Wally is going to be much work at all. Cleo and T-Bone come and ask Clifford to go down to the beach with them. Clifford agrees at first and even begins to leave, but then he remembers Wally. He says he can't go and shows them Wally. Cleo and T-Bone wonder what kind of dog he is and Clifford has to tell them that Wally is a rabbit. Clifford figures he'd be lots of fun to play with, since he likes to hop so much. T-Bone doesn't think that's such a good idea, as he could hop away. Clifford, however, figures that they'll just hop after him. They open the cage and at first Wally just sits there, but then he hops out and before the dogs know it, he's away. They chase him into the park. They corner him in a log, but T-Bone gets stuck in the log. This gives Wally time to hop away. Cleo and Clifford bound after him, but not before getting T-Bone out of the log. They race up a steep hill, tiring them out. They hope to spot him from way up high. Clifford doesn't see him, so T-Bone and Cleo climb atop Clifford in order to look further. Then, Clifford sees Wally right under his nose. Once again, Wally hops away before they can catch him. Cleo corners him and then T-Bone. T-Bone chases him around and around, but only succeeds in making himself dizzy as Wally hops out of his grasp. Cleo decides that they need to think like rabbits. After thinking like a rabbit, Clifford realizes that Wally would probably be found in a carrot patch. Indeed, Wally has gone to a carrot patch. Now that he's there, though, he doesn't want to leave. They'll never catch him as long as he's there, but maybe they can bait him out. Clifford ties a carrot to his tail. With this, Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo lead Wally home and return him to his cage, then give him the carrot. Emily Elizabeth returns. She thanks Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone for watching Wally, oblivious to what transpired. She notes that Wally's probably getting bored being cooped up in his cage and that maybe she should take him out to play. After all, how much trouble could a cute, little bunny be?moreless

  • T-Bone, Dog About Town / Clifford's Big Heart

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 23 - 7/9/01

    "T-Bone, Dog About Town"

    Clifford and T-Bone are waiting for the ferry. Cleo is just returning from a vacation with Mrs. Diller. Then, a female dog gets off the ferry. It's not Cleo, however. Clifford and T-Bone aren't sure who she is. Then, T-Bone gets a better look. She's cute! She's brown and has a nice pink bow. T-Bone starts swooning. She comes up and says "hi" to him. He gets animated hearts for eyes and she wonders what's happening with him. She introduces herself as Mimi. T-Bone calls it a pretty name. Mimi's human, Ms. Smith, calls for her, as the bus to the Birdwell Island hotel has arrived. Mimi says that she'll see T-Bone later. Cleo arrives shortly after Mimi leaves. She had a good trick, but Mrs. Diller got seasick as usual. We see her - she's turned green in color from seasickness. T-Bone greets Cleo, saying that he just met the most beautiful dog in the world. Cleo gushes at first, thinking he's talking about her. Then, he says that she's staying at the Birdwell Island hotel and that her name is Mimi. They all decide to go to the Birdwell Island hotel to find Mimi. T-Bone greets her as she's coming off the bus. But he's all muddy and so Ms. Smith chases him away. T-Bone gripes that he's a mess. Clifford tells him that he doesn't think Mimi minds, she still likes him. T-Bone, however, wants a new look and Cleo thinks that she can give it to him. First, she gives him a bubble bath. Then, she puts his fur in a wild spike. T-Bone heads back to Mimi to try again. Mimi is at the beach, where her human is trying to photograph sea turtles hatching from their eggs. She leaves for a minute and T-Bone makes his move. But he ends up falling on the sea turtle eggs. They hatch before Ms. Smith comes back and she chases him away again. T-Bone complains to Cleo that the look didn't work for him. Clifford suggests just being himself. Cleo, however, has a new idea. When T-Bone fell, it made Mimi laugh. Maybe humor is the answer. She tells a great joke and T-Bone heads off to tell it to Mimi. Clifford suggests to Cleo that T-Bone should have practiced first. Cleo, however, thinks T-Bone will do just fine. He doesn't do just fine, though. He's able to tell the joke to Mimi, but completely blows the punchline. T-Bone tries one more last-ditch attempt: poetry. He dresses up in a black suit and hat. That night, he goes up to the hotel and calls to her. She peeks out her window and he recites some beautiful poetry. But then he starts howling, causing Ms. Smith to complain about the racket. The next day, at the ferry, Mimi is heading home. T-Bone doesn't even want to talk to her, since he doesn't think she'll even care whether or not he says goodbye. She comes up to him, saying that she does care. She really appreciated all the things he did for her. But, really, he didn't have to do anything. She liked him the way he was. She'll be coming back in a couple months. Cleo says to imagine the changes that they could make to T-Bone in a couple months. Clifford says that they don't need to change anything.

    "Clifford's Big Heart"

    As the episode begins, a seagull flies down from the sky towards the island. Charley, Emily Elizabeth and Jetta are in Clifford's doghouse. They're working on Valentines. Jetta says that she's going to make an amazing Valentine for her Mom. She gets to work on it. But Clifford's tail-wagging causes his fur and some of the Valentine materials to get all over Jetta's clothes. Jetta's upset, but Charley and Emily Elizabeth tell her that she looks nice. Jetta looks herself and agrees that she does look pretty. Charley and Emily Elizabeth suggest that she herself could be a Valentine. Jetta thinks that it's an interesting idea, but says that a person can't really be a Valentine. She says that a Valentine has to be big and red and have lots of sparkles and stuff. Charley and Emily Elizabeth leave to deliver their Valentines. Jetta's comment gets Clifford thinking. He wants to find the biggeast, reddest thing on Birdwell Island to give to Emily Elizabeth. His first try is a big, red truck. But the driver doesn't like being picked up off the ground and asks Clifford to put him down, saying that he can't come with him today. He has to work. Clifford runs into Cleo and tells her about how Valentines are supposed to be big and red. Cleo decides to show Clifford her Valentine for Mrs. Diller, thinking that maybe it'll help him to figure something out. She shows a big red heart, which she made out of all of the ribbons that Mr. Kibble keeps putting in her hair. T-Bone also tries to think about something big and red. They decide to find something small and red and make it into something big. They head to Clifford's, where Clifford uses his dog food to make a giant heart. It's great, although they have to stop T-Bone from eating it all up. But then, a pack of birds, flying a heart formation, swoop in and eat all of the dog food. So there heart-shaped dog food is gone. The dogs all ready to give up, but then the idea of flowers is suggested. So Clifford gets some of Mr. Bleakman's roses. Then, he realizes that maybe he shouldn't have just taken them. Mr. Bleakman comes out and finds that his rose bush is gone. He goes in to complain to Mrs. Bleakman and while he does, Clifford puts the bush back. When Mr. Bleakman comes back out with Mrs. Bleakman, he is puzzled to see the rose bush back where it belongs. Mrs. Bleakman takes him back inside to get the cutters, calling him his sweet, little Valentine. Clifford gives up and lays down, curled up. Emily Elizabeth sees him from her window - the way he's curled up - he's shaped liked a heart! She calls him a big, red Valentine. The episode ends with lots of animated hearts, which are used as the closing picture.moreless

  • The Big Sleepover / Dog for a Day

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 22 - 7/6/01

    "The Big Sleepover"

    Emily Elizabeth is leaving on a ferry to go to her cousin's wedding. She explains to Clifford that he can't come along because her cousin is allergic to dogs. Clifford fantasizes. He's at the wedding. Right in the middle of the wedding vows, he sneezes. So maybe it's better that he doesn't go. Charley's going to be taking care of him for the day. Throughout the day, Clifford and Charley have a great time together. They have a race, which Clifford wins. They play baseball. Clifford hits the ball out of the park with one of his ears. They play frisbee with a garbage can lid. Finally, that night, they watch the sunset together. It's time for bed. Charley and Samuel have set up a special tent for Clifford and Clifford seems to like it. They go inside. But once they're inside, Clifford starts to miss Emily Elizabeth. He imagines her face in the moon and starts howling. Charley comes out. He realizes that this is the first time that Clifford's ever been away from Emily Elizabeth at night and he misses her. His howling wakes the entire neighborhood: Victor and Pedro (who sleep together in a bunkbed), Sheriff Lewis and T-Bone, Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman and more. They all head to Charley's to see what's the matter. T-Bone asks Clifford what's wrong and he tells him that he misses Emily Elizabeth. Mr. Carson has an idea. When he was young, his Dad would take him for a ride in a truck and that would put him to sleep. So he gets a big truck and puts Clifford in the cargo load. It works. As they drive along, Clifford dozes off. But when they return to Charley's, Clifford wakes up again. Mr. Bleakman's ready to give up, but Mrs. Bleakman has an idea. Mr. Bleakman should sing him a lullaby. He's reluctant at first, but tries it. Mrs. Bleakman and soon, everyone else, joins in. The lullaby only succeeds in putting everyone to sleep except Clifford. With everyone now sleeping around him, Clifford still can't sleep. Charley's awake. He tells Clifford that they're with him and they're going to stay right there until he falls asleep. Finally, with everyone around him, Clifford does fall asleep and sleeps through the night. In the morning, he's the first to wake up. Charley congratulates him sleeping through the night. Emily Elizabeth arrives. She notices everybody there and so they explain to her what happened. She hopes that Clifford wasn't too much trouble, but they agree he was none at all. It was kind of fun all sleeping through the night together.

    "Dog for a Day"

    Charley is helping Samuel with maintenance on the restaurant. He wants to go play, but Samuel has him doing things like mopping and stuff. He sees Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone playing and notes that they're having a lot of fun. Emily Elizabeth comes. She wants to ride bikes with Charley, but Charley is still mopping. Samuel comes out and congratulates him on a good job. He says they can ride bikes, but there's one more thing first. Charley dreads it, but actually Samuel just wanted to know if they wanted ice cream cones. He hands them vanilla and strawberry. Emily Elizabeth and Charley go and play soccer. The dogs join in and Cleo does some pretty neat tricks. Charley says that he wishes he could be a dog. Among other things, they don't have to go to school. Emily Elizabeth tells him that they do a lot of great things in school, but Charley still wants to be a dog. That night, before going to bed, Charley asks Samuel if he's ever wanted to be a dog. Samuel says that he did when he was a kid, but not anymore. Of course, if Charley wants to be a dog, he can always dream. So Charley does. He goes into a dream sequence in which he's a shaggy, small brown dog. He comments to himself that he had the weirdest dream the night before: he dreamt he was a dog. Samuel feeds him dog food and calls him a "good dog." Charley doesn't get it at first, but then sees his reflection in the water and figures out that he's a dog. He tries to help with the mopping, but Samuel tells him that dogs don't do chores and that he should go play with Clifford. This is right up Charley's alley. At the beach, Charley brags to Clifford about how he's a dog now. He says he's going to tell everyone in school. Clifford reminds him that now that he's a dog, he can't go to school. Charley likes that too: no homework. He has a race with Clifford, which Clifford wins. Charley tries to get on his bike, so that he can beat Clifford in the race, but Clifford reminds him that dogs can't ride bikes. Charley's next idea is to play basketball. But he can't get a hold of the ball and ends up popping it with his teeth. Well, how about soccer? Dogs can play soccer. However, when they reach the soccer field, Jetta, Emily Elizabeth and Vaz are there holding a practice. They won't let Charley or Clifford play because it's a practice for a game later in the day and they need to concentrate. Now Charley's starting to get annoyed. He thinks that maybe being a dog isn't such a good idea after all. Clifford tries to expound the virtues of being a dog. There's chasing your tail and jumping and all sorts of other things. Charley tells Clifford that being a dog may be good for him, but as Charley, he's kind of missing being a kid. He returns to Samuel, hoping for advice. But Samuel just treats him like a dog. Finally, Charley wakes up. He runs to the mirror and his happy to see that he's himself again. He offers to help Samuel with the mopping. After all, dogs can't mop and he likes himself just the way he is.moreless

  • Clifford on Parade / Follow the Leader

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 20 - 7/4/01

    "Clifford on Parade"

    The Birdwell Island parade is coming and everyone is getting ready. A plane with a bone streamer flies overhead. Down on the ground, Emily Elizabeth compliments Mr. Kibble's float. Mr. Kibble asks her and Charley what they're going to do for the parade, but they say they don't know yet. Jetta comes up, twirling a baton. She's going to march for the high school band in the parade. Later on that day, Emily Elizabeth and Charley are down by Samuel's restaurant. They're discussing themes for their float. Emily Elizabeth sees Clifford playing tag with a seal and suggests a sports theme. Everyone loves sports. Charley isn't too impressed with this idea and suggests and ocean theme. Emily Elizabeth realizes that she has to go home. She promised to help with something for the store. Charley can meet her at her house at an hour with his idea. Charley comes up with the idea for a pirate ship float. He dresses Clifford up as a ship, thinking he'd make a great pilot. He'll surprise Emily Elizabeth with it. Charley surprises her with Clifford, but Emily Elizabeth has also come up with her own idea. She wants to do a basketball float. She removes Clifford's pirate ship outfit and puts a basketball shirt on Clifford. Charley says that he likes his pirate ship better. They argue back and forth about which is better, finally deciding that they'll each do their own float. It's obvious that Clifford doesn't like their fighting. Sometime later in the day, the dogs are playing Super T-Bone. T-Bone tries to get Clifford's help against Cleo, the "evil fluffy-face," but Clifford's not really paying attention. He explains to them about Emily Elizabeth and Charley fighting. Then, without any help from them, he comes up with the idea of combining the basketball and pirate ship themes. He heads back to Emily Elizabeth and Charley, who are trying to make up. They see his idea and like it, but decide that they should come up with their own idea. Noticing that they all love hot dogs, they decide to make Clifford into a hot dog float. At the parade, everyone loves Clifford. Emily Elizabeth, Charley, the crowd and Cleo and T-Bone. Jetta's there. She twirls her baton and then drops it. Up on Clifford, Emily Elizabeth and Charley agree that they had a great idea, with the help of Clifford, the "big, red hot dog."

    "Follow the Leader"

    Cleo, Clifford and T-Bone are bored. There's nothing to do. Their musing on this is interrupted when people start honking their car horns. Clifford realizes that his tail is in the road, blocking peoples' way. He moves it. Having done that, he figures out what they can do, play "follow the leader." Cleo calls to be the leader. T-Bone calls second and Clifford third. The first thing Cleo has them do is twirl their tails. T-Bone can't do it at first. Clifford shows him how and he finally gets it. They continue along, doing what Cleo does. T-Bone begins to wonder when it's going to be his turn. He asks Cleo if it is yet, but she says no. A little later, she asks him when'll be his turn. Cleo gives the non-answer, "when my turn is over." They continue on and on. They follow Cleo under a bench. Clifford follows too, squeezing under it and causing it to slide down his back. The two people on the bench, who are reading, never realize that anything happened. As they continue, both T-Bone and Clifford begin to wonder when it'll be T-Bone's turn. Cleo says that the rule is that you get to do 47 things as leader and she's only done eight. She also says that the leader gets to decide when the next leader gets to start. Both Clifford and T-Bone think this is unfair. They hold a vote and vote T-Bone leader by a vote of 2-1. Cleo says that she's not going to follow, as she's still the leader. So Clifford and T-Bone continue playing the game on their own. Cleo, left behind, figures that they're going to come back. But they don't and then the garbage truck that she's in starts moving. It's headed for the swap meet. Clifford and T-Bone, playing on their own, see Cleo headed for the swap meet. They decide to follow her. Cleo reaches the swap meet, where sees that the location is perfect for the "follow the leader" game. However, it's no fun without Clifford and T-Bone there to play. She tries to pretend that they're there, but it doesn't work. Then, Clifford and Cleo reach the swap meet location. They too think it would be a perfect place for their game. Cleo once again tries to be leader, but then realizes that she's making the same mistake again. So she makes T-Bone leader and they play the right way, having a great time. Cleo thinks T-Bone makes a great leader. Finally, T-Bone's turn is over. So Clifford is now the leader and he leads them home.moreless

  • Fluffed Up Cleo / Team Spirit

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 19 - 7/3/01

    "Fluffed Up Cleo"

    The episode opens with a beautiful view of the Birdwell Island sea and the birds flying above. It pans to a competition in which Cleo is participating: "the fluffiest dog competition." Mrs. Diller says that she knows Cleo is going to win. We see several very fluffy dogs, but the judges agree that Cleo is the fluffiest. They award her a first place ribbon and a trophy with a hedgehog toy on top. She has her picture taken. Elsewhere on the island, T-Bone and Clifford are pretending to be other animals. T-Bone pretends that he's an elephant. Then it's Clifford's turn. Clifford turns around, then reveals that he has sticks in each of his nostrils. He makes "arf arf" noises. T-Bone tries to guess what he is, but he's stumped. Cleo comes up. T-Bone asks her if she knows what kind of animal Clifford is and she says that he's a dog. She doesn't realize that they're playing. Mac comes along and wonders what they're doing. Finally, T-Bone correctly guesses that Clifford is pretending to be a walrus. Cleo wants to know if they notice anything different about her. She shows them her ribbon and they're all impressed. It's a first place ribbon. But then when T-Bone asks if she wants to play the pretend animal game and suggests she use her ribbon, she says that it's not for play. Instead, she decides to tell them all about her win at the fluffiest dog competition. She rambles on and on as the sun beats down. Clifford and T-Bone fall asleep. She asks them if she's listening. They say that it's getting rather hot and they want to go swimming. She can finish the story later. As they go and splash in the water, they get it all over T-Bone and Mac. Mac tells her that it's not easy being an award-winning dog. He knows, since he's an award-winning dog. He offers to take her to his dog house to show her his awards. So they do so. As they walk along, Mac babbles on about his past victories and his ribbons. They reach his doghouse, which is filled with trophies, photos and ribbons. He goes on and on about the pictures, while Cleo begins to bored. That's not the half of it though. Once he gets done with the photos, he wants to show her his trophies. He continues on about those. Finally, Cleo escapes. Mac yells after her to come back next week, when the rest of his trophies are back from being polished. On her way home, Cleo mocks Mac's ramblings. As she listens to herself, she realizes that she did the exact same thing to Clifford and T-Bone. She fantasizes about what it must have sounded like to them. It's awful. She returns to the beach, where Clifford and T-Bone are playing in seaweed. They tell her that she shouldn't play in it because it could get her ribbon dirty. She explains that she left her ribbon at home and apologizes for going on like she did. They all go for a swim, racing to be the first one in the water.

    "Team Spirit"

    It's the first game of the new soccer season. Emily Elizabeth's team is having practice. Clifford is playing goalie. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman are in the audience. Mr. Bleakman's happy, as they have a perfect view of the soccer field. Their team is the Birdwell Birds. Vaz practices. He tries to kick the ball, but ends up missing. Jetta snits that only he could miss Clifford. Cleo and T-Bone come in. They're the team mascots, rooting for victory today against the Sea City Sharks. The whistle blows as Mrs. Lee calls the game over the PA. The action is fast, as the Birds's goalie catches the ball, causing the crowd to cheer. Clfiford works the audience along with Cleo and T-Bone. However, he's backing out Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman's view. They can't see with him in the way. Meanwhile, Vaz keeps fumbling plays, while Charley scores goals. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman make a move for different seats. Halfway through the first half, the score is 1-1. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman find their new seats, but once again Clifford blocks their view as he does a cheer. Charley scores again. Vaz continues to mess up, causing Jetta to get irritated from the bench. She wants to go in for him. At halftime, the score is 2-1. Everybody takes a drink from a drink center that was Vaz's idea. Jetta's not interested in thanking him though. Instead, she has some advice for him. She wants him to stop playing, or else they could lose the game. Vaz seems to agree. Before the start of the second half, he asks Emily Elizabeth's Dad (who's coaching) if Jetta or Charley could go in for him. Back to the game and the score is tied 3-3. The Sharks then take over the lead with only five minutes left in the game. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman have finally gotten what they feel are decent seats. They're now on the field, right behind one of the nets. Then, Mr. Howard wants to put Vaz back in. Vaz doesn't want to go in because they could lose the game. But Mr. Howard doesn't mind and puts him in anyway. With a minute left, the score is tied. The ball heads for Vaz and he stops it. He's completely clear from opposing players and having made the stop, everyone now wonders if he'll go for the goal. Jetta asks him to pass it to her and he does. Then, Jetta goes for the goal. But it bounces off the net and into Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman's food that they brought with them, covering them in it. Time's up and the game ends in a tie. Mark congratulates them, saying that he's really proud of them. Jetta doesn't think he's proud of her. Vaz says that he is though. She played her best. Jetta agrees that Vaz did his best too. They all do a cheer for their team.moreless

  • Mac's Secret Dog Club / The Dog Park

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 18 - 7/2/01

    "Mac's Secret Dog Club"

    Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo are playing "shuffle-dog." They have a shuttlecock. Cleo scores in the proper area for ten points. The Clifford tries, but he sends it in the water. It bounces ten times, which means that Clifford also scores ten points. Then T-Bone takes a turn, but it takes him forever to shoot. This gives time for Mac to come and bump into T-Bone. They tell him what they're doing. Mac tells them about his "secret dog club." He wants to show it to them, but he notes that "not everyone can get in, you know." It's a bit of a climb to Mac's secret spot, and T-Bone has some trouble. He has to have Clifford help to get him all the way up. Everybody thinks Mac's secret spot, which features an awesome waterfall is great. T-Bone really likes it, but then he's surprised when Mac tells him he isn't in the club. Why? According to Mac, the first rule of the club is that in order to be a member, you have to be able to get to it without help. Cleo, Clifford and T-Bone don't like this at all. They decide to have a vote to try and get T-Bone in. Mac votes that he can't be in. Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone all vote yes. They've won, right? Wrong. Mac says that as the president, he has four votes. He wins. Or does he? Clifford and Cleo agree that without T-Bone in the club, they don't want to be in it either. They leave. Mac shouts after Clifford, offering him Vice President status, but it doesn't work. So Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo go back to their playing, this time Super T-Bone. Mac comes down and tries to tempt Cleo to join with tummy-yummies, but that doesn't work either. Mac leaves. He's got an exciting meeting to go to. Over at his secret location, he tries to conduct a meeting, with all the regular trappings of such meetings, such as "old business" and "new business." It doesn't work very well with just him though. He goes back to the others, who are still playing Super T-Bone, with a new trick up his sleeves. He says his club has games and he's offering prizes. Clifford says that it sounds great, but can T-Bone join? No, he's still out. Mac tries begging. It's no fun being in a club by himself. Clifford retorts that it's no fun being left out of a club by yourself either. Mac gives up. He makes an announcement and changes his vote. T-Bone's in. With everybody in, they head back to the secret spot, where they have a great time, sliding down the waterfall and having splash fights.

    "The Dog Park"

    It's a beautiful day at the park. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman are there and so are kids and their dogs. But Clifford's playing disturbs Mr. Bleakman, who says that there oughta be a law about dogs in the park. He has Clifford go play with his dog friends. We see that T-Bone and Cleo are playing tug-of-war. Mac keeps changing who he's rooting for. When asks whose side he's on, he answers that he's on the "winner's side." Clifford comes and they figure they can have more fun now. They'll play "Red Rover." Clifford, of course, is Red Rover, but when he charges really fast, they all decide it would be best to just get out of the way. Clifford ends up nearly slamming into the bench where Mr. Bleakman is sitting. He causes a commotion and licks Mr. Bleakman. Mr. Bleakman calls Emily Elizabeth over and asks her to get her "galloping gargantuan" out of the way. Clifford, with his friends, decides to go find a nice big fetch stick. In the meantime, Mr. Bleakman is birdwatching through binoculars, when he spots a very rare bird, a Birdwell Island budgie. Then, all of a sudden, it disappears. It turns out Clifford took the stick that it was sitting on, but Mr. Bleakman doesn't notice that. Clifford and friends decide that they have to find somewhere to put the bird down so they won't disturb it. They head for a pond. Mr. Bleakman trails, still not noticing them, hoping to catch sight of the bird again. He scares away other birds and, not paying attention to where he's going, he ends up walking into a pond where Clifford sat down the branch. Then, the bird flies away. He sees Clifford and the gang and snaps. We see Sheriff Lewis putting up a "no dogs" sign. He asks Mr. Bleakman if he's sure about this. Mr. Bleakman refers to the city bylaws, which have a clear precedent for dogs not being allowed in the park. The next day, he returns. He's pleased at first that it's nice and quiet, but then he realizes that it's too quiet. He wonders what happened to the kids, the birds and the squirrels. Mrs. Bleakman connects the dots, explaining how without the dogs, the kids, birds and squirrels won't come. Over at Emily Elizabeth's house, everyone's bored and wishes they could come to the park. Mr. Bleakman comes up. They wonder if they've done anything to disturb him and promise to quiet down. That, however, isn't why Mr. Bleakman's there. He says thats kids like them should be in the park. And with that, he takes the "no dogs" sign and drops it in a trash can. With dogs allowed again, Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman are back at the park. Mr. Bleakman's hoping for birdwatching, but then it starts to rain. He looks behind him and sees that it's actually Clifford with a hose that's making the rain. Mrs. Bleakman asks if Clifford's presence is a problem. Mr. Bleakman doesn't think so at all.moreless

  • Tough Enough / Stars In Your Eyes

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 17 - 9/26/00

    "Tough Enough"

    Sheriff Lewis and T-Bone are playing with a jiggly rope. Sheriff Lewis calls him a sweet puppy and rubs his tummy. Then T-Bone notices a squirrel and starts barking at it. He chaes it up a tree and continues barking as he returns to Sheriff Lewis. Sheriff Lewis calls him a "tough dog," but then says that he couldn't scare a fly off a jelly donut. The phone then rings indoors and Sheriff Lewis has to go inside. T-Bone's left to think about Sheriff Lewis's comment. He doesn't like it at all. He fantasizes a jelly donut with a fly on it. He barks at the fly, but it waves him off and then continues eating the jelly donut. He's worried that he's not tough enough and goes to see Clifford and Cleo. On the way, he runs into Mrs. Diller. She calls him "sweet." As he reaches the beach where Clifford and Cleo are, he decides to try his "tough" act. He runs up to them barking, but they're not scared at all. In fact, they didn't even notice that he was trying to scare them. T-Bone explains. He's a bulldog and bulldogs are supposed to be tough. But he's not. Clifford says that everyone likes him the way he is. T-Bone doesn't care though, he still wants to be tough. He tries making tough faces, but only succeeds in making faces that look silly or cute and even one that's both silly and cute. Cleo decides that she's going help T-Bone. All he really needs to be tough are strong muscles and a tough-guy face. She starts out by having him try to move a gigantic rock. T-Bone tries, but he can't budge it. Then all of a sudden it budges. We see though that it was actually Clifford who moved the rock, without letting T-Bone know it. Now thinking he's strong, T-Bone says that he needs a drink. As he heads for the water, a frog blocks his path. He tries to budge it using his newfound strength, but it won't move. He tries bravado, telling it that if it doesn't move, he's going to have to move it, but it stays put. So T-Bone revs up for a kick, but before he can kick it, it hops away and T-Bone ends up with his face on the mud near the water. He wants to give up. Being tough is hopeless. Cleo, however, isn't done. She figures that if she can just get T-Bone a "tough-guy" face, then that's the most important thing. So she has T-Bone try some out until she and Clifford decide on they think is "perfect." To test it, she's going to have T-Bone scare the toughest crab on the beach. If he can scare it, he can scare anyone. T-Bone sees a crab and manages to scare it off. He thinks that he did it, but Clifford tells him that's not the one that Cleo was talking about. They show him the actual one. It's mean and tough. T-Bone tries to scare it, but it just covers its ears. Then T-Bone gets spooked and ends up in the claw of the other crab he scared earlier. He declares himself a failure. He thanks Clifford and Cleo for trying, but apparently he's just not tough. He heads home, where he sees that there's some lady he's never seen before sitting in the bench outside outside his door. He decides to try and show her how tough he is. But he only succeeds in making her think that he's mean. That's not what he wanted. The lady (Martha) calls out Sheriff Lewis and says that there's a mean dog in the yard. Sheriff Lewis says that it's just T-Bone. He doesn't know what got into him. T-Bone finally gives up the tough act once and for all. Martha's not so scared of him now, noticing that he doesn't seem so mean. In fact, he's quite nice. T-Bone realizes that Sheriff Lewis loves him just the way he is.

    "Stars In Your Eyes"

    Emily Elizabeth and Clifford are playing a game of "fetch the stick" at the beach. Emily Elizabeth throws the stick, but when Clifford returns, he's brought her a stick much larger than the one she threw. (It's gotta be the Puppy Chow.) Charley comes up and shows Emily Elizabeth his new telescope. It's really neat. He explains that you can't see very much during the day, but at night you can see stars and planets and maybe even a spaceship. Jetta comes up. She doesn't see how Charley's going to see much with a toy telescope. Charley clarifies that it's a real telescope and you can see real planets with it, including the big red planet, Mars. Jetta tries out the telescope. She looks and thinks the sees the big red planet. But it's just Clifford, the big red dog. Emily Elizabeth thinks that the telescope is really neat and to celebrate it, they should have a telescope party that night. They'll have all sorts of neat stuff. Clifford and Emily Elizabeth leave to set up for the party. Jetta ends up covered in sand. With Emily Elizabeth and Clifford gone, Jetta talks to Charley. She tells him that if she had a real telescope, she wouldn't bring it to a party. He could get sand in it and ruin it. Charley says that he just won't bring it then. Jetta says that wouldn't be a good idea, since everyone is expecting him to bring the telescope. If she were him, she wouldn't come to the party at all. Over at Emily Elizabeth's, Emily Elizabeth and her Mom are setting up the party. They've got ballons and a planet mobile, which is hanging off of Clifford. Mrs. Howard comments that someday Emily Elizabeth may travel in space. Clifford fantasizes about riding in the rocket. The scene changes to that night, where everyone is at the party watching the shooting stars, the moon and more using cardboard telescopes. Everyone's there, including Dan and and Mary. About the only one of Emily Elizabeth's friends who isn't there is Charley. We see Jetta doing "moonwalking." Actually, it's simulating moonwalking, with Jetta hanging on strings off of Clifford. Emily Elizabeth wonders where Charley is. The scene cuts to Charley, who's bored. Back at the party, Emily Elizabeth presents "rockets," which are actually food. They're not going to eat them though. They're going to launch them to the moon. This consists of throwing the "rockets" into Clifford's mouth. Mary has a try at this. Emily Elizabeth wonders again where Charley could be. Jetta tells her that he's probably not coming. Emily Elizabeth quickly realizes what Jetta is up to. She counters that it doesn't matter whether Charley can bring his telescope or not. He should just be at the party. Everyone agrees and Jetta comes around too. They use Clifford as a "big red spaceship" to go and pick up Charley. Charley sees them coming, Clifford with all sorts of lights attached to him. They pretend that they're aliens, calling for Charley to come aboard their "big red spaceship." Then Emily Elizabeth drops down and tells him not to be scared. It's just them. She tells him that they want him and don't care about the telescope. However, it turns out that there's a way he can bring the telescope after all. He says they can use it, so long as they keep it in the "big red spaceship." Back at the party, everyone enjoys looking through the telescope. Charley says that maybe one day they'll travel to other planets. Emily Elizabeth concurs. Her, him and their big red spaceship.moreless

  • Clifford's Big Surprise / The Ears Have It

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 16 - 9/25/00

    "Clifford's Big Surprise"

    Clifford's found a new toy, a large ship ring thingy. It's multi-functional, as it can be a ring or a frisbee. He wants Emily Elizabeth to play with him, but she doesn't seem to be around anymore. He looks in her bedroom and she's not there. He tries looking in the living room, but she's not there either. His next destination is the park. The park, however, is entirely empty. Then he sees that the ferry has come in and wonders if everybody went down to watch it come in. The scene changes to down at the docks, which is where Emily Elizabeth is. She's thanking Victor and Pedro for getting her this huge bunch of balloons. Then, she sees that Clifford is coming. This isn't good, as the balloons are for Clifford. She passes them off to Victor and Pedro to hide. They work quickly, covering them inside a crate. Clifford bounds up and makes it obvious that he wants to play with Emily Elizabeth. She tells him that she's too busy to play, while trying to hold down the balloons. Clifford keeps trying, whimpering and rolling around, but Emily Elizabeth tells him again that she can't play right now. So Clifford heads off, hoping to maybe play with Cleo and T-Bone. The scene changes to Cleo and T-Bone. They're wheeling a wagon containing a very large bone with a bow around it. Cleo comments that this was a great idea of hers. T-Bone reminds her that it was both their ideas. Just then, Clifford's toy comes rolling around the street. Cleo and T-Bone wonder what it is. T-Bone goes up and sniffs it. It's Clifford's! Cleo tries to hide the wagon, but without realizing it, she sends it hurtling down the street. T-Bone tries to tell her, but Clifford comes up and she covers his mouth. When Clifford asks what she's doing, Cleo tells him that T-Bone had onions for breakfast. They make his breath all stinky. Clifford asks if they can play, but Cleo says that they have to go home and get T-Bone's teeth brushed so his breath won't smell anymore. Clifford leaves, dejected. Cleo uncovers T-Bone's mouth and notices that the wagon is gone. Cleo asks T-Bone why he didn't say anything. Clifford continues looking for stuff to do. He wonders if there's any fun to be had down at the dunes. We see that Charley and Samuel are down at the dunes, carrying a large, bone-shaped cake for Clifford. They see Clifford and manage to hide in time, but Samuel ends up with frosting all over himself. Clifford ends up down by the shore. He's bored. There's nothing to do. Then he starts playing with his toy and finds that he can have fun on his own. He hears Emily Elizabeth calling him. When he doesn't find her in front of his house, he hears her call again and finds her in the back. She leads him around the back, where there's a huge party going on. She explains that's why she couldn't spend time with him earlier and wishes him a happy birthday.

    "The Ears Have It"

    It's Founder's Day on Birdwell Island and everyone is getting ready for the festivities. Sheriff Lewis (T-Bone with him) is on his way to set up for the fireworks, when he notices a car parked in front a fire hydrant. That's not good, as he really doesn't want to have to write any tickets on Founder's Day, but the car is definitely in violation. Clifford and Emily Elizabeth come up. Sheriff Lewis asks if Clifford could do him a favor. He has Clifford pick up the car and move it to a legal parking spot. He thanks Clifford and asks Emily Elizabeth if she could do him another favor. He's going to be setting up the fireworks. However, T-Bone is afraid of loud noises and he was wondering if he could hang around her for today. Emily Elizabeth has something else to do, but she says that T-Bone could hang around Clifford. Elsewhere on the island, Mrs. Diller and Cleo are leaving Mr. Kibble's. Cleo is all dressed up for Founder's Day. She has lots of colorful bows and ribbons her. Mrs. Diller comments that she's going to outshine the Founder's Day fireworks. Cleo goes off and joins T-Bone and Clifford. Clifford comments on all of her bows. She repeats about how Mrs. Diller said that she would outshine the fireworks. T-Bone whimpers. Clifford explains to Cleo that she oughtn't mention the fireworks. T-Bone's afraid of loud noises. Cleo asks T-Bone why he didn't tell them that he was afraid of loud noises before now. T-Bone explains that he thought they would think he's a scaredy-cat. He says that he doesn't want to be scared of loud noises, since he'd really like to see the fireworks. Clifford and Cleo decide to help him. They take him to a construction site. T-Bone tells them that he doesn't like all the noise. Clifford says that he doesn't like it either. Cleo explains her strategy for dealing with it, she's going to make noise right back. She says that if you're scared of something, you should scare it right back. She howls and then has T-Bone join in. Then, she asks Clifford to join in. At first, Clifford's extremely loud howling disturbs the constructon workers. But then he howls again and this time the howling is set to background music. Everyone starts dancing as Cleo and Clifford howl. Finally, they stop. However, they see that T-Bone is cowering on the ground. This time, it was Clifford's loud howling that scared him. That didn't work, so they try something else. Their new idea is to get him used to loud noises slowly. Clifford says "boo" to him and it doesn't scare him. So they try quiet windchimes. That works, but when they make the windchimes a bit louder, T-Bone's scared again. Clifford bangs cymbals, but it's stil not working. Finally, Clifford picks up a large crate. T-Bone's scared, as he knows it's going to make a loud noise when it drops. Clifford drops it and it crashes, but T-Bone doesn't seem to be scared. Their hard work payed off. Then the ferry horn blasts and T-Bone gets spooked. He runs away, all the way to his dog house. Clifford and Cleo try to convince him to come out. They explain that they don't think he's a scaredy-cat. Cleo says that everyone's afraid of something. For example, she's afraid of the dark. That's why she has a glow-in-the-dark hedgehog toy. And Clifford admits that he's afraid of spiders, even though he knows they're really friendly. T-Bone thanks them. He says that if they want, they can watch the fireworks, while he stay homes. Cleo's okay with this and she starts to walk off, but Clifford puts his foot in front of her path, stopping him. He says they're going to stay right there and watch the fireworks from T-Bone's house. So they do. They're beautiful and T-Bone wears earmuffs so he doesn't have to hear the noise. The fireworks continue, the last one we see being one of Cleo, Clifford and T-Bone.moreless

  • Teacher's Pet / Islander of the Year

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 15 - 9/22/00

    "Teacher's Pet"

    Clifford, T-Bone, Cleo and Mac are starting "doggy-school." Before class, there's some chatter about the teacher, Brittany Spaniel. Mrs. Diller says that she's heard that Brittany is the best doggy-school teacher around. Emily Elizabeth says that Clifford had some trouble sleeping the night before. Sheriff Lewis says that T-Bone had some too. He thinks that T-Bone's worried about how he's going to do. The class starts. Brittany says hello to all the dogs and starts with the first trick, a "simple rollover." She asks Cleo to demonstrate first. Cleo does, but she does a bit more than a simple rollover. Instead, she rolls over a couple times in a fancy style. Brittany says that although it was more than a simple rollover, it was creative. She asks Clifford to go next, and maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Clifford rolls on his side, leaving an impression in the ground and shaking up Brittany. He then completes the rollover. Brittany jokes that Clifford makes a "big impression." She has Mac go next. Mac comments to T-Bone that he's going to show him how it's done. He's not doing any tricks unless he gets treats. Brittany asks him to do the trick and he just stands there and yawns. She demonstrates the trick herself. T-Bone comments that she's good at it. Cleo says that she's not very creative. Mac still won't do the trick. So Brittany pulls out a tummy-yummy. Suddenly, Mac is all over the trick. He rolls over and then grabs the treat. He returns to the other dogs, commenting that there's "nothing to it." Finally, it's T-Bone's turn. He heads up, hesitates at first and then performs the rollover. Brittany tells him that it was "fine, just fine." Just fine? T-Bone's beginning to think that Brittany doesn't like him. In any case, the class is over for the time being. It's time for recess. The next day, Brittany has a new trick, fetch. This is another wild one for Clifford as it causes him to go bounding. The other dogs basically do the same as before, including T-Bone, who gets another "just fine." Finally, the week comes to an end. Brittany reminds them of the graduation the next day. Cleo hopes that she'll get a big graduation trophy. Clifford hopes that all of his family can be there. Mac hopes that there's a lot to eat. T-Bone isn't looking forward to graduation at all. Graduation finally comes. Brittany first calls Cleo and gives her an award for enthusiasm. She next calls Clifford, who gets a huge medal for "the biggest impression." Next is Mac, for the best tricks for treats. Jetta goes up to accept the award, but Mac won't follow until Jetta tempts him with a tummy-yummy. Jetta comments that she always knew that Mac was the best behaved dog on the island. She heads off, but once again, Mac won't leave until given a tummy-yummy. T-Bone thinks he knows what's coming next and covers his ears. But to his surprise, Brittany says that the final award goes to a hard working, tries his best, absolutely delightful student: T-Bone. He and Sheriff Lewis proudly accept the award as Brittany comments that T-Bone is a very fine dog. Confetti rains and T-Bone joins his other happy classmates.

    "Islander of the Year"

    Ms. Lee is just finishing reading a story at the library. After finishing, she announces that it's time for the annual Birdwell Islander of the Year contest. She explains that in order to enter someone, all one has to do is write a short paper about the person you think has helped people the most on Birdwell Island. Jetta immediately wants to know if there's a prize. Ms. Lee says that there isn't, but the winning essay will appear in the Birdwell Beacon and the Islander of the Year's picture will appear on the library wall along with the winners of past years. As Emily Elizabeth, Charley, Vaz and Clifford head home, Emily Elizabeth wonders who she should write about. Clifford barks and Vaz jokes that Clifford wants to enter the contest too. Emily Elizabeth thanks Clifford, but she doesn't think she's earned it this year. Maybe in the future. Clifford imagines. A futuristic Emily Elizabeth in space gear with a number 1 shirt accepts a trophy from Ms. Lee. She then blasts off into outer space. The next week, everyone is in the library for the reading of the essays. Emily Elizabeth asks Charley to tell her who he wrote about, but Charley says that she'll just have to wait until he reads his essay, like everyone else. Ms. Lee calls the first person to read their essay: Emily Elizabeth. She didn't think she'd have to go first, but with Clifford's encouragement, she heads up. Her nomination is Dr. Dihn. She explains how Dr. Dihn nursed a sick whale back to health. Then Clifford helped her return it to the ocean. She thinks that Dr. Dihn would be a good choice because she takes care of all the animals on the island. Next is Charley. His nominee is Sheriff Lewis. Sheriff Lewis is not only a great sheriff, but he's also the soccer coach. One time, they were trying to practice, but they couldn't play because they didn't have a goalpost. So Clifford became the goalpost. After Charley, Jetta reads her essay. To everyone's shock, Jetta nominates herself. She recalls a time when she saved a kitten stuck in a tree at the park all by herself. She describes that she used Clifford to help her up to the kitty. Ms. Lee interrupts, noting that Jetta said that she did it all by herself. Jetta says that she did... with Clifford. Anyways, she bravely reached up and rescued the kitty. For that, and "other reasons too numerous to mention," she should be Birdwell Islander of the Year. Emily Elizabeth notes to herself that she remembers it a little differently. It was Clifford who first noticed the kitty and then lifted Jetta to rescue it. Oh well. Finally, Vaz reads his essay, about Firechief Campbell. The most important thing he did was save the Birdwell Island museum. The firetruck had gotten a flat tire. This wasn't good, as a ladder was needed to reach the fire. So Firechief Campbell used Clifford as a ladder and saved the museum. With the essays finished, Ms. Lee announces the winner. Surprising everyone, she says that the winner was someone who wasn't nominated, but helped everyone in the island in a big way. The winner is Clifford, the big red dog. Clifford, who's been watching and listening from outside, wraps his ears around his eyes, a bit embarrassed. Ms. Lee says that since everyones essays mentioned Clifford, they'll all be featured in the newspaper. She says that Clifford showed that it isn't just helping in an emergency that makes a difference, but helping in all sorts of little ways.moreless

  • Leaf of Absence / Nobody's Perfect

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 14 - 9/21/00

    "Leaf of Absence"

    Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are playing the park. It's fall and they're all having fun jumping in leaf piles. Clifford and Cleo both jump and then ask T-Bone why he isn't jumping in his pile. T-Bone explains that he's trying to create the biggiest, crunchiest leaf pile ever. His pile isn't big enough yet. He needs more crunchy leaves. So Cleo and T-Bone help in gathering up more leaves. Cleo makes a comment about it being a perfect way to spend a Saturday. This sets off a bell in T-Bone's mind. He realizes that he's supposed to be playing fetch with Sheriff Lewis today. He asks Clifford to watch the pile of leaves while he does that. Clifford agrees and T-Bone heads off. Now alone, Cleo and Clifford consider the leaf pile. Clifford thinks that it would really be great to jump in it. Cleo agrees at first and then realizes what Clifford is thinking. He doesn't want to jump in it, right now, does he? Cleo reminds him that he promised T-Bone to watch it. Clifford acknowledges this, but then he just can't help it and before Cleo can stop him he's jumped in the pile. Then, shortly after, a stiff wind blows away all the leaves. Cleo figures that they can just create a new pile. This doesn't work for Clifford though. He promised T-Bone to take of that leaf pile. Cleo notes that the leaves must be all over Birdwell Island by now. Clifford decides that they'll just have to go and find them all. They head off. They find one of them underneath a van. They find another stuck on a compass on top of a house. Some time passes and they head over to Clifford's with a bagful. One of the leaves flies into Mr. Bleakman's yard and into a trash can he's keeping leaves in. While Mr. Bleakman's turned the other way, Clifford grabs the trash can to get the leaves. Mr. Bleakman turns around and silently wonders what happened to the trash can. Clifford and Cleo get the leaf and then return the trash can without Mr. Bleakman noticing. So he's suprised when he turns around and there it is again. Finally, Cleo and Clifford head for the docks. There's the just one leaf left and they manage to claim it after it falls into a bowl of chips being eaten by a customer at the edge of the dock. Down by the shore, Clifford and Cleo are relieved that they've finally collected all the leaves. Then, suddenly, the wind blows one of them away. Despite Cleo's protests, Clifford bounds after it. He finally catches it, at the end of the docks, but then loses his balance and falls into the water, soaking the lady eating her chips and Cleo. They return to the beach once more, this time with all the leaves for certain. Back at the park, they dump them out, reforming the leaf pile. Clifford then says that he just wants to take one tiny jump. He promises. Cleo reminds him of what happened the last time he made a promise. Clifford admits that she's right and goes back to watching the pile. T-Bone returns. He's happy they watched the pile for him. Another wind comes, but Clifford protects the pile. T-Bone notes that the wind knocked down about a "million more leaves." He, Clifford and Cleo gather them up in the crunchiest pile ever. Then, to thank Clifford for watching the pile, T-Bone lets him jump in it. It's a tremendous crunch. The leaves are scattered again, but they don't mind. They'll just pile them back together. Clifford promises it'll be great.

    "Nobody's Perfect"

    Emily Elizabeth and her friends are playing soccer at school. Clifford is the goalie, but Charley manages to get the ball past him for a goal. Recess ends and their teacher announces that coming up Monday is "Silly Sports Day." She has the class draw for their acitivity to do on that day. Emily Elizabeth draws and gets the Feather Pillow Toss. Jetta draws and gets the Cream Pie Long Jump. At first, she doesn't want to do it, but then when Emily Elizabeth says that she got her picture in the paper for doing it last year, Jetta changes her mind and says it'll be perfect for her. Charley gets Jiggly Juggling. He's supposed to juggle three bags of jiggly gelatin. However, he says that it sounds to easy and that he's going to try to juggle six. Later that day at his Dad Samuel's restaurant, Charley is busy preparing gelatin. Samuel jokes that it's a lot of gelatin to eat and Charley explains that it's for "Silly Sports Day." He tries to demonstrate the juggling, but ends up spinning around too fast and dropping the bag on the floor, causing the gelatin to splatter. Samuel thinks Charley will be great at Jiggly Juggling, outside. Sometime later in the week, Emily Elizabeth is practicing the Feather Pillow Toss. She keeps throwing the pillow, but it just keeps blowing in her face. Then, she throws the pillow and it not only doesn't blow back, it sails way afar. Emily Elizabeth looks behind her and realizes that Clifford is blowing on the pillow. She tells Clifford that she appreciates it, but she wants to do this on her own. Then, Mary comes wheeling in, shouting that Charley is going to demonstrate Jiggly-Juggling. Charley gives a demonstration. He first does it with one bag, then two. However, when he gets to three bags, he ends up dropping them all. He tries a couple more times, but only succeeds in getting gelatin on himself. Charley continues to practice, but he just keeps dropping the bags. At one point, when Samuel comments that he's looking forward to Charley's event, Charley says that he's decided not to do it. It's too hard. Samuel says that juggling is rather hard. He then tries juggling some stuff himself and ends up cracking an egg on his head. He says that he never could master it himself. But it doesn't really matter because it's fun. Charley agrees that he's right and decides not to quit. The next day, Charley is practicing juggling down by the shore. Clifford is watching. He seems to have gotten pretty good with three bags, although he still drops them occasionally. He thinks for a moment about quitting again, but Clifford encourages him to continue trying. As Charley juggles, Clifford throws in a fourth bag. Charley stumbles at first, but then realizes that he's able to juggle four bags. Finally, the Silly Sports Day comes. Everyone watches as Charley juggles the three bags. Then Clifford tosses in a fourth one. Charley does okay with this, so Clifford tosses in a fifth one. Everyone's amazed as Charley retains his control with this. Then, Charley asks Clifford to toss in a fifth bag. Clifford's reluctant at first, but Charley tells him it's okay. The scene goes to slow-motion as Clifford tosses the bag. It lands in Charley's hand and now he's juggling six bags. Pretty soon, he loses control, but not before juggling them for a decent amount of time. He bows, saying "how's that for silly?" Then, someone notes that Jetta is doing the Cream Pie Long Jump. Everyone heads over to watch. Jetta successfully completes the jump, but wonders where the newspaper people are. Then, Clifford licks some of the cream off of her. Emily Elizabeth says that Jetta has one really big fan, Clifford.moreless

  • Doing the Right Thing / The Dog Who Cried Woof

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 13 - 9/20/00

    "Doing the Right Thing"

    T-Bone is outside of Mr. Kibble's shop. Mr. Kibble has just gotten a truckload of new toys. As he carries some of them in, he drops one, a porcupine squeak-toy, on the ground and doesn't notice. Since Mr. Kibble doesn't seem to have noticed, T-Bone decides to take it. He meets up with Clifford and Cleo at the park. They're playing hide-and-seek and Cleo's just found Clifford for the fifth time very quickly. (It doesn't help that no matter where Clifford hides, he's so large that he's easily visible from just about any direction.) T-Bone greets them and shows him the toy. However, he gets a bit dodgy when they ask where he found it, saying that he found it, in "the street." In any case, it's "finders-keepers." That's fair, right? They play with it for a bit and then Cleo notes that it's a lot like the toys Mr. Kibble sells. T-Bone gets nervous, saying that it's getting dark and he has to go home. Cleo calls him on this, as it's not getting dark at all. He says he has to go home anyway and leaves. As he heads home, he passes by a house where a brother and sister are fighting. The girl grabs a basketball from her brother and starts playing with it. Her Mom comes out and reprimands her, saying that she knows it's not her ball and she shouldn't take it. She gives it back and they start playing peacefully. T-Bone continues along and sees a boy and his father posting signs. The boy comments that he hopes somebody found his bike. Finally, T-Bone arrives home, where he's warmly welcomed by Sheriff Lewis. Sheriff Lewis calls him a great dog and gives him a bowl of his favorite food. However, as Sheriff Lewis goes inside, T-Bone pushes the bowl away. He's not feeling like such a great dog. That night, when he goes to bed, T-Bone tries to hide the squeak-toy in a bush. It pops out the first time, but he forces it in a second time and this time it stays in. He goes to sleep, but starts dreaming. In his dream, a ghostly version of himself appears, like something out of "A Christmas Carol." The ghostly version says that he's the part of him that tells him what the right thing to do is. However, lately T-Bone hasn't been listening to him. He grabs T-Bone and takes him for a trip into the past. There, T-Bone sees another, younger version of himself. This younger version is playing with a rope toy with Sheriff Lewis. This is back when he was just a puppy. Something very bad also happened back then, as we see. Somehow some other dogs got a hold of it. T-Bone notices them playing with it and says that it's his toy and asks if they want to play with it with him. They say yes at first, but when he approaches them, they tell him that it's theirs now. "Finders-keepers." We see the younger T-Bone crying, very upset over the loss of his favorite toy. T-Bone wakes up and considers things. He figures that although he may have been upset over the rope toy, Mr. Kibble probably won't even miss the squeak-toy. He has lots of toys. He goes back to sleep. Then, all of a sudden, the porcupine toy appears! It starts multiplying, surrounding him in ever-growing circle! Then... he wakes up! It was just another dream. Except, he hasn't actually woken up. Instead, his conscience is back. T-Bone explains how he doesn't think Mr. Kibble will miss the squeak-toy and he's taken on another trip. This time, he's floating outside of Mr. Kibbles. We look in and see Mr. Kibble searching desperately for the squeak-toy. He knows he ordered one, but he just can't seem to find it. His dog Harriet is really upset about it, she really wanted that toy. T-Bones conscience narrates that Harriet really wanted to play with that toy yesterday, but Mr. Kibble just couldn't find it anywhere. T-Bone wakes up again. He realizes that he knows now what he has to do. He gets the squeak-toy out of the bush and promises to take it to Mr. Kibble first thing in the morning. He falls asleep again, where he's once again greeted by his conscience. This time though, his conscience just wants to tell him that he's proud of him. He then lets T-Bone have some sleep. That morning, Clifford and Cleo come to wake up T-Bone. They want to play with the squeak-toy. T-Bone admits that they can't and explains that it's actually Mr. Kibble's. He asks them to go with him to return it. They do and Mr. Kibble sees T-Bone and thanks him for returning the squeak toy. He pats him on the head and tells him that he did the right thing.

    "The Dog Who Cried Woof"

    Emily Elizabeth and Charley are on Samuel's houseboat. It's late at night and they're listening to Samuel tell scary stories. The particular one he's telling as the episode opens is about "Whiffy the Skunk Ghost." This is a 20-foot tall ghost of a skunk. He terrified the villagers with his foul-smelling stink. Just then, something large comes up behind Emily Elizabeth and Charley. Is it Whiffy?! Oh no, it's just the dogs. They want to hear the story too. Samuel continues. One day he just disappeared. Nobody knows where he lives, but some say that he dwells in Birdwell Park. Emily Elizabeth asks if the story is true. Samuel assures her that it isn't. Clifford and T-Bone don't seem to be so sure though, although Cleo doesn't seem to be scared. The next day, the dogs are playing in the park. Cleo wants to play hide-and-seek, in the woods. She's surprised when Clifford and T-Bone don't want to do this at first and realizes that they're scared of Whiffy. Cleo assures them that he doesn't exist and they go off to play. Clifford is "it" and so everyone else hides. The game is soon interrupted when Cleo starts yelling for help. She says that Whiffy the Skunk Ghost is after her. Clifford panics and starts looking around for him. He thinks he sees him, but it's just T-Bone. Now Clifford is panicked too. Then, all of a sudden, Cleo is gone. Finally, they find her, laughing. It turns out it was just a trick! There was no skunk-ghost, she was just "having a little fun" with him. Clifford and T-Bone don't find it fun at all. Cleo says that they should go swimming and T-Bone and Clifford agree. Swimming's more fun than tricks. They go swimming, but then they notice that Cleo is gone again. Suddenly, they hear a scream. It's Cleo! Whiffy is after her. They find her behind a bush, rolling on the ground laughing. She can't believe they fell for it again. They, however, or shocked. They can't believe she tricked them again. They tell her again that it isn't nice and make her promise to stop. Sometime later on, they're once again playing hide-and-seek. Clifford finds T-Bone and then hears a scream from Cleo. This time, though, he's rather relucntant to come to her rescue. T-Bone says that she's probably trying to trick them again. Clifford says he'll go check. Discreetly, Clifford peeks under the bush Cleo is hiding behind and sees Cleo rolling around laughing. He reports back to T-Bone that Cleo is indeed trying to trick them again. They decide to leave, figuring that once Cleo realizes they're not coming, she'll come out and apologize. As they head off, Cleo continues to roll around behind the bush, more and more amused with herself. Then, she realizes that they haven't come for her. She starts heading in their direction, but then her bow gets stuck on a branch. She's trapped and she can't move. The scene changes to Emily Elizabeth's, where Clifford and Cleo are playing. Emily Elizabeth gets a phone call. It's Mrs. Diller, wanting to know if Emily Elizabeth knows where Cleo is. Emily Elizabeth tells her that although Clifford and T-Bone are there, she hasn't seen Cleo all day. Clifford and T-Bone realize something is amiss and head back for the forest. Back at the forest, Cleo is engaging in a little self-berating. She says that if she ever gets out, she'll never play tricks again. Then, something moves behind the bush. Cleo hopes it's Clifford and T-Bone, but it's not. It's a skunk, a real-live skunk. Cleo tries to frighten it off, but it sprays her stinky odor all over her. Soon after, Clifford and T-Bone reach the forest and catch wind of the nasty smell. They think Cleo really has been captured by the skunk ghost. They reach her, where Cleo explains what happened. Clifford frees her bow from the branch. She promises (this time for real) not to play tricks on them again. With Cleo out of the forest, she's now at Mr. Kibble's getting cleaned up. Clifford and T-Bone watch from outside, notin that Mr. Kibble's already given her four baths. Finally, Cleo's done. She emerges from Mr. Kibbles and we hear once more that she's learned her lesson.moreless

  • Little Clifford / Welcome to Birdwell Island

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 12 - 9/19/00

    "Little Clifford"

    "Little Clifford" begins with a pan-shot, showing Clifford dozing outside Emily Elizabeth's school on Birdwell Island. The scene then changes to inside Emily Elizabeth's class, where Emily Elizabeth is just starting an oral report: "My Favorite Memory." We get to experience her favorite memory in the form of a flashback sequence as the scene changes to when she was a little girl living in an apartment in the big city. Back then, she wanted a dog more than anything. Her room was decorated with pictures of dogs. We see her on her bed, looking at pictures of different types of dogs and considering what it would be like to have them. The next scene is Emily Elizabeth's birthday. She's blowing out the candles on her cake and she makes a wish. Mr. and Mrs. Howard ask her what she wished for and she answers that you're not supposed to reveal what you wished for. It doesn't matter because they already know. They ask her if she wished for a dog and explain that Mr. Bradley's dog just had a litter of puppies. They're going to take her to pick one out, if she wants to, of course. She does, of course and so they go to meet Mr. Bradley. There, we see three puppies crowded around a fairly large (nowhere near Clifford size, but fairly large for a normal dog) mother. They all vie for Emily Elizabeth's attention, but then Emily Elizabeth notices another dog, cowering behind the mother. She calls for him and the dog, a very small, red puppy comes bounding up. She says that she wants him to be her dog. Mr. Bradley tries to convince her otherwise, as he's the runt of the litter and won't ever grow. It's too late though, Emily Elizabeth has already made up her mind. She wants him and she's naming him Clifford. Back at the apartment, Emily Elizabeth puts Clifford on the floor to explore. He bounds for one of Emily Elizabeth's toys, a bunny toy that dwarfs him in size. He's surprised when he attacks it and gets no reaction out of it. Emily Elizabeth thinks that Clifford's going to like his new home. Later on, Emily Elizabeth goes to feed Clifford. However, she finds that Clifford is so small that he can't even climb up to reach the food in his food dish. She'll just have to find another way of feeding him and ends up feeding him with a baby bottle. Further trouble ensues when Clifford goes missing. She asks her Dad if he's seen him and it turns out that he was hiding inside one of her Dad's shoes. He comments that Clifford is so small, he hopes that he doesn't get into trouble. In another scene, we see Clifford trying to climb up Mrs. Howard's purse. He finally succeeds and ends up inside the purse. Mrs. Howard soon picks it up and asks Emily Elizabeth to come along to the bakery with her. Emily Elizabeth doesn't want to leave, as she hasn't said goodbye to Clifford, but Mrs. Howard says that it'll only be a few minutes. When they get to the bakery, Mrs. Howard is very surprised when she opens her purse and Clifford hops out of it. He causes quite a mess, landing in a cupcake, turning over pies and messing up a wedding cake. He's finally caught, but the clerk is quite upset. As he closes the door, after Emily Elizabeth and her Mom have left, he puts up a "No dogs" sign. As they head home, Emily Elizabeth apologizes for Clifford's behavior. Mrs. Howard says that she knows that it wasn't Clifford's fault, but she sometimes worries about Clifford. Being so small could be quite a problem. Emily Elizabeth says that she'll just have to help him grow. One morning, Emily Elizabeth wakes up and to her surprise, Clifford seems to have grown. She takes him downstairs, where her Mom sees him and agrees. Clifford has indeed grown, he's big enough to eat out of his food dish without any trouble now. Another morning, Clifford has grown some more. He's pretty large now, at least the size of his Mom if not larger. Then, one morning, Emily Elizabeth wakes up to find that she can't fit on her bed. The entire thing is taken up by Clifford. She shows Clifford to her parents, who realize that their small apartment is no place for such a large dog like Clifford. They're not going to let him go though, so they're just going to have to move. And such concludes Emily Elizabeth's story about Clifford, her big, red dog.

    "Welcome to Birdwell Island"

    "Welcome to Birdwell Island" picks up pretty much where "Little Clifford" left off, but not without a bit of exposition first. The closing bell rings at Emily Elizabeth's school (perhaps not on the same day as her report, although it's not really stated) as Clifford is bounding for the school. Emily Elizabeth and Charley hitch a ride on him. Charley comments that everyone on the island loves Clifford. Emily Elizabeth concurs, but notes that not everyone felt that way at first. Charley's surprised about this, so Emily Elizabeth explains the story of what happened when she and Clifford came to Birdwell Island. The scene changes to the past, with Clifford, Emily Elizabeth and Mr. and Mrs. Howard on the ferry to Birdwell Island. They arrive at the island, where they're greeted by Victor and Pedro. They greet them warmly, but they're less than enthusiastic, and even rather scared when Emily Elizabeth introduces Clifford. As Emily Elizabeth and family head for their new home, Victor and Pedro comment that such a large dog could be a large problem. The scene cuts briefly back to Emily Elizabeth and Charley. Charley doesn't think it was fair that Victor and Pedro judged Clifford before they got to know him. Emily Elizabeth agrees, but says that they weren't the only ones on the island that felt that way. The scene returns to the past. Emily Elizabeth and family are at the new house and they're meeting their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman. Like Victor and Pedro, they're pleased to meet them. However, when Emily Elizabeth calls for Clifford, they're less than pleased. They also think it could be a big problem to have such a large dog on the island (and as a neighbor.) Later on, Emily Elizabeth is out walking with Clifford. She comes upon the mailman, who's also scared of Clifford, although he doesn't say as much. Emily Elizabeth continues along and meets Jetta and her dog Mac (or Machiavelli as Jetta introduces him.) Jetta goes on about Mac, saying that he's the fastest, bravest dog on the island. Then Emily Elizabeth asks if Jetta wants to meet her dog, Clifford. Suddnely, Mac isn't so brave. He cowers in the presence of Clifford. Clifford likcs Jetta, getting slobber all over her. Jetta comments that such a large dog doesn't belong on "our island." Emily Elizabeth heads home, comforting Clifford. She tells him that he does belong on the island and that she just wishes people would take the time to get to know him better. Sometime in the future, Emily Elizabeth is playing frisbee in the park with Clifford, using a garbage-can lid as the frisbee. As he bounds along chasing it, Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman make disparaging comments about him and Jetta comments that he also slobbers. Then a firetruck comes speeding into the park. There's a fire in the park. It seems that someone didn't do a good job of putting out their campfire. The firecrew starts doing their best to put it out, but it's a large fire and they don't have a lot of water. They enlist the help of the people in the park, who start a row of buckets to transfer water from the park in the pond. This, however, seems to be very ineffective, as their little splashes from the bucket are immediately neutralized by the burgeoning fire. Emily Elizabeth sees what's going on and asks if she can help. She's told that she can't, but Clifford has other ideas. He starts sucking up water from the pond. This annoys Mr. Bleakman, who thinks Clifford is drinking the water, leaving them without any to fight the fire with. To their surprise, however, Clifford instead turns towards the fire and begins spraying it with a huge blast of water. This is much more effective than the firemens' spray and it puts out the fire pretty quickly. Suddenly, everyone's not so down on Clifford. They introduce themselves to him and call him a good dog. They realize that he never really was a problem. Back from the flashback, Charley comments that everyone learned a lesson. They learned not to judge someone before you get to know them.moreless

  • Come Back, Mac / Boo

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 9/18/00

    "Come Back, Mac"

    Jetta has lost her sweater and can't seem to find it anywhere. Emily Elizabeth comes over and asks if she can help. So they go hunting for it. Jetta wants Mac to come with them and so she calls for him. When he doesn't come right away, she says that she has a tummy-yummy, as this always gets Mac to come. But this time, Mac doesn't come. We see him, with Jetta's ruined sweater. Now we know why he's not coming. Jetta laments that first she lost her sweater and now she's lost her dog. Emily Elizabeth and Jetta go to search for Mac and Clifford decides to hunt for him too. He's soon accompanied by Cleo and T-Bone. They eventually find him, hiding under a bush. They see the ruined sweater and realize why he's hiding. Mac explains: he didn't mean to ruin the sweater, it was an accident. But now Jetta is going to be mad at him and he doesn't want to face her. Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone tell Mac that they don't think Jetta's going to be all that mad with him. She really misses him and is heartbroken that he's disappeared. So Mac finally returns home, although at first he tries to run away. Emily Elizabeth and Jetta, having not found Mac during their search, decide to return home. Maybe Mac returned while they were away. Jetta's pleased to find Mac is home. Mac shows Jetta the ruined shirt and she's a bit upset, but mostly she's just glad that Mac is back. And not only that, but this gives her an excuse to go shopping for a new shirt. Emily Elizabeth tells Clifford that he should never run away either. There's nothing he could ever do that would make her stop loving him.


    It's Halloween on Birdwell Island and everyone's getting dressed up for the festivities. Emily Elizabeth is dressed as a caveman and she's dressed Clifford up as a lion. Mrs. Diller's gotten dressed up too and she's dressed up Cleo as well. She tells Jetta that Mac has a cute outfit. Jetta complains that it's not cute, it's scary. He's Frankenstein's monster. The festivities for the evening include a movie and an outdoor picnic. However, Jetta can't really seem to get into the festivities. The movie, which is being presented courtesy of Victor and Pedro is a standard B-list scary movie, with the requisite scene where a lady opens a closet door, finds that there's no ghost and is relieved, only to then find that the ghost is behind her. After the movie, Clifford hangs around, trying to figure out how everyone was fit into the small projection screen. At the picnic area, Jetta says that she's going to go home. She and Mac are getting really bored and they're just not getting scared. So Victor and Pedro offer to escort her back home. Back at the theater area, a wind causes the large, white projection screen to fly into Clifford, draping over him and making him look like a ghost. It's covering his eyes and so he can't see, so he heads towards the picnic area, trying to figure out what's going on. Jetta, Mac, Victor and Pedro see him on the way to Jetta's house and think that he's the "Ghost of Birdwell Island." They race back to the campsite, creating a mass panic. Only Emily Elizabeth remains calm and as Clifford comes closer, she soon realizes that it's him. Jetta is forced to admit that she and Mac actually got kind of scared. So maybe it wasn't such a bad Halloween after all. Emily Elizabeth says that next year, she's going to dress Clifford up as a ghost to avoid this problem. He'll be Clifford, her "big, white ghost."moreless

  • To Catch a Bird / The Best Party Ever

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 10 - 9/15/00

    "To Catch a Bird"

    Emily Elizabth's class is having a spelling bee. It's down to just two students left- Emily Elizabeth and Jetta. Ms. Carrington asks Emily Elizabeth to spell the word "monkey." Emily Elizabeth incorrectly spells it with an extra 'e' instead of a 'y.' So the word is giving to Jetta, who gives the correct spelling and wins. For her performance, she's given a bright, shiny medal. That afternoon, on the playground, Emily Elizabeth congratulates Jetta on winning the medal. Jetta really likes the medal and doesn't want to lose it. So when she goes to play soccer, she asks Emily Elizabeth to set her coat, with the medal, on a bench. Emily Elizabeth does so. As Jetta is off playing soccer, a seagull catches sight of the bright gleam from the medal. He flies down, grabs the medal and flies off with it. When Jetta returns, she doesn't notice at first that her medal is gone. But later, as she's walking home, she reaches for it and realizes that it's gone. She doesn't know where it is, but she thinks she knows who probably took it - Emily Elizabeth! She heads to Emily Elizabeth's house to demand that she give it back. She gets there and heads to knock on the door. Meanwhile, Mac goes to see Clifford and T-Bone and tells them that Emily Elizabeth stole Jetta's medal. Clifford doesn't believe it, saying that Emily Elizabeth would never steal anything. That's exactly what Emily Elizabeth says when Jetta accuses her of taking the medal. But Jetta doesn't believe her. She thinks that Emily Elizabeth was jealous of her winning, so she stole it. Emily Elizabeth insists that she didn't take it and offers to help her find it. After all, maybe it just fell out of the coat or something. Clifford comes to the same conclusion. So he enlists Cleo and T-Bone's help to go search for it. They find a feather and follow the smell of it. Eventually, they wind up at the docks, where T-Bone thinks he's found something, but it's just Jetta. Clifford says that someone's taking things that don't belong to them and he's going to find out who it is. Jetta takes a mirror out of her purse to examine her neck. She thinks it looks bare without the medal. She turns around to talk to Emily Elizabeth and as she does, the seagull notices the shiny mirror. He swoops down, grabs it and flies off unnoticed. When Jetta turns back around again, she sees that the mirror is gone. Once again, she accuses Emily Elizabeth of taking it. Emily Elizabeth says that she didn't and she can't believe Jetta keeps accusing her. She's had enough and is going home. Meanwhile, Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are baffled. Clifford still can't believe that Emily Elizabeth would take anything, but who is it that's taking stuff? They decide to set up a trap, using a shiny new hair ribbon that Cleo has. They'll set it out and wait for somebody to take it. As Emily Elizabeth comes by, they get suspicious as she picks it up. But to their relief, she heads straight over to Cleo and pins it on her head. Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone continue their stakeout, while Jetta comes to pester Emily Elizabeth again. She's going to give her "one last chance" to come clean. Not surprisingly, the seagull comes, but this time, he's caught in the act. Clifford barks for Emily Elizabeth and shows her the seagull's nest, which contains all of the stolen treasures. Emily Elizabeth shows it to Jetta, who apologizes for blaming Emily Elizabeth. Emily Elizabeth says that she had one friend who always stuck by her - Clifford.

    "The Best Party Ever"

    Emily Elizabeth's birthday is coming and she and Charley are making the preparations for her party. Mr. Howard is impressed at how well they're doing, making everything by themselves. He says that he's going to rake the leaves, but Emily Elizabeth tells him that he doesn't have to. Clifford will take care of it. We see Clifford, who blows all of the leaves into one giant pile. What a helpful dog! Then, Jetta comes. She sees Emily Elizabeth and Charleys' homemade preparations and isn't at all impressed. She says that for a party to be exciting, it needs "pizazz." She leaves shortly afterward. Charley tells Emily Elizabeth not to worry about it, but Emily Elizabeth can't help but worry that maybe her party isn't going to have "pizazz." But she finally agrees with Charley that it's still going to be a good party. Later, Charley and Emily Elizabeth hitch a ride with Clifford. We see them handing out invitations to a number of unnamed extras. Then they come to Jetta. Jetta sees them coming and comments that she guesses she'll come to the party, since she doesn't have anything better to do that day. So she's surprised when Emily Elizabeth and Charley pass right by her house. She runs out after them, but not to ask Emily Elizabeth to invite her to the party. Instead, she tells her that she has an even better party to go to in the city, one that has "pizazz." The time comes for the party. Everyone's having a good time, but Jetta's not there. Clifford asks Mac if Jetta is enjoying her party in the city. Mac informs him that Jetta isn't going to any party. She's staying inside and moping. So Clifford attracts Emily Elizabeth's attention to Jetta. Seeing that Jetta's bored, she invites her to the party. She even tells her that she thought about her suggestion and decided to add some "pizazz" to the party - a waterslide! We see that Clifford has been set up as the slide, which the guests slide down into a pool of water. Everyone has a great time with it. Emily Elizabeth blows out the candles on her cake, although Clifford has to help with one. Clifford also creates fun by blowing around some of the remaining leaves. Emily Elizabeth thanks Clifford, saying that it's her best party ever.moreless

  • Circus Stars / Limelight Fright

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 9/14/00

    "Circus Stars"

    The episode opens with Emily Elizabeth putting up a poster of Gordo the Great - an elephant almost as big as Clifford - in Clifford's doghouse. Gordo's in town, and everyone's excited. Charley then drops by and invites them to Birdwell Park, where the circus is at. They're about to set up the big tent. But when they get there, it turns out that Gordo is down with a cold and the circus might have to be cancelled. He's the only one who's able to raise the tent. Emily Elizabeth, however, suggests that Clifford do it. So, Clifford comes to the rescue and raise the tent. The rest pitch in, too. Gordo then invites Clifford and company over, and thanks them. He then asks Clifford and company to do the finale for him. That evening, after some clips from the circus, it's time for the big finale. Gordo has completely recovered and can perform the finale. But this means that Clifford doesn't need to perform any more. So, they compromise and both Clifford and Gordo perform together. They finish the act together, side by side.

    "Limelight Fright"

    The scene opens at the ferry dock. Charley's waiting for a surprise, but it seems that the ferry's late again. Clifford's tail starts beating in a rythimic fashion on the floors, and this prompts Charley to start beating on the metal drum he was leaning on. T-Bone then starts brushing his tail on a pail, and Emily puts some clams into a can and starts shaking it. Then Cleo starts dancing to the rythim. We have a band! They play on some more. Then, the fairy comes in, and everyone applauds them and moves on. Then, Charley's surprise arrives. It's a steel drum! Just then, one of the tourists that watched them play steps forward and asks them when are they're going to perform next. Charley explains that they're not, but the tourist insists that they put up another one. So, they set up a stage to put up a show. Problem is, while the show was on, Cleo gets stage fright, and Clifford takes over by making silly faces to the music. Later, Charley and Emily are having a drink over at the Fish and Chips shack. Samuel comments that the show was fantastic. Charley then wonders what's wrong with Cleo - she acted like she has stage fright or something. Samuel says that Cleo's probably getting over it. We cut to the dogs at the beach. T-Bone's covering Clifford with sand. But Cleo's just sitting in a corner. She's still getting over the shock. T-Bone asks Cleo if she wants to practice for the show in the afternoon, but she says no... she doesn't need it. T-Bone then asks her why she didn't dance in this morning's show, and she gives a really big excuse, and denys being afraid. Later, Cleo tries to make a run for it, but Clifford stops her. They then have a talk about her fright, and she decides to give it another shot. During the show, Cleo hesitates a bit, but performs eventually. The show goes on well. Later, the show's over, but Cleo's till dancing on, until she finally stops due to exhaustion. She then admits that it was fun, and thanks Clifford for the encouragement. Scene closes with Cleo lying on the stage.moreless

  • A New Friend / Stormy Weather

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 9/13/00

    "A New Friend"

    Cleo and T-Bone are walking along when they notice a dog they've never seen before behind a fence. The dog introduces himself as K.C. He's visiting the island, as his owner is on vacation. Cleo and T-Bone ask if they'd like to join them and K.C. agrees. When K.C. comes out, Cleo and T-Bone immediately notice something: he only has three legs! Not sure what to make of it, they try to act normal and attempt to explain their plans for the day. They mention that they're just waiting for Clifford, who's their friend. Clifford arrives and is introduced to K.C. K.C. says that Clifford is the biggest dog he's ever seen. As Clifford and K.C. talk, Cleo and T-Bone try to point out to Clifford that K.C.'s missing a leg, but Clifford doesn't notice and just comments that K.C. is a nice dog. K.C. goes back into his yard to get a ball and Cleo and T-Bone reveal to Clifford that K.C. is missing a leg. Cleo wants to know what they're going to do. He wants to play with them. Clifford says that they should just play. Hs says that they just have to remember that K.C. probably can't do most of the things they can do and he may need their help with things. They head for the beach to play. Clifford tells Cleo and T-Bone to hurry up, as they need to help K.C. cross the street. Cleo tells T-Bone that he can follow Clifford's request and hurry if he wants, but she's not so sure. She's worried that K.C. has a "leg-losing disease" and if they play tag, then when K.C. tags them, they could all catch it. When they get to the street, Clifford says that he's going to watch for cars and that it can be a difficult street to cross. K.C. asks Clifford if he has trouble crossing it and Clifford admits that he doesn't. As they continue towards the beach, Charley sees K.C., pets him and calls him a "nice dog." He doesn't even notice that he's missing a leg. T-Bone points out to Cleo that Charley pet K.C. and yet he seems to be fine. At the beach, K.C. tries to play, but everyone's still afraid of or concerned for K.C. Clifford suggests going to the park, where there's nice, soft grass. Cleo doesn't want to throw the ball back to K.C. for fear of catching the "leg-losing disease." She asks K.C. if he's ever been to a lighthouse and points it out to him. K.C. wants to climb up to it. Clifford says that Rocky Point can be kind of hard to climb, but K.C. just asks Clifford if it's too hard for him to climb. So they head up Rocky Point and it's T-Bone who seems to have trouble catching up. Still, when K.C. slips, Clifford tries to help him. K.C. asks him why he did that. After all, did he ask for help? So T-Bone finally lets it slip out: it's because he has three legs! K.C. starts looking around and acts surprised about this. Then he says that he was only kidding. You know, he must have left the other one on the ferry... whoops! Kidding again! Although he was wondering when somebody was going to mention (lowering his voice to a whisper) his leg. After all, they've been staring at it all day. He says that other dogs do find it odd at first, but the truth is that he can do just about anything any other dog can do. He's just looking for some friends. He likes doing things on his own, although sometimes he does need help and when he does, he'll ask Clifford. For example, right now. He'd like it if Clifford could give him a lift to the lighthouse. Not that he couldn't make it, but why walk when you can take the elevator? So Clifford takes everyone to the lighthouse, where they all have a good howl.

    "Stormy Weather"

    Clifford has a huge bone and wants to bury it. It's the biggest bone Cleo and T-Bone have ever seen. Clifford's first spot for digging is near Samuel's restaurant at the docks. But when the digging causes sand to spray into the food of Samuel's customers, Samuel asks Clifford to go somewhere else to do his digging. So Clifford heads to his house and finds that there's a small hole already there. It's like it was meant to be. However, it's not big enough, so he works at making it bigger. But then, Mr. Howard, Samuel and Pedro come. They drop a tree in it and realize that the tree is down in the ground way more than it ought to be. They wonder how it go so big. They soon spot their answer: Clifford. Mr. Howard tells Clifford that the hole was their tree, not his bone and he's going to have to go somewhere else. The scene changes to Emily Elizabeth's class, where Ms. Carrington is telling the class that she's going to let them out early, as it looks like there's a storm coming. Charley notes that last year, when there was a big storm, the library got flooded. He wonders if the same thing is going to happen this year. Meanwhile, outside, Clifford is trying to dig another hole. His digging causes mud to fly, making Charley think that a big hurricane has come. Emily Elizabeth goes out and investigates and finds that it's just Clifford. She tells Clifford that he needs to go somewhere else, as this isn't a good place to dig. He interrupted their class. So Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone walk home. Clifford says that maybe he'll just bury the bone in his backyard. Cleo says that she's going to go over to her house because of the storm: Mrs. Diller hates it when she gets wet. T-Bone says that he's going to go home too. So Clifford goes to his backyard and tries to bury the bone. But his digging sprays mud on Mr. Bleakman's flowers. Mr. Bleakman tells Clifford to take his digging somewhere else, like maybe another island. Mr. Bleakman probably didn't mean that seriously, but that's exactly what Clifford does. In the meantime, a group of islanders has gathered outside of the library. They're trying to dig a sand barricade in front of the library to keep the waves from the coming storm from causing a flood. But it's taking so long, that they don't think they'll ever get all the digging done in time. Emily Elizabeth says that she knows the best digger around: Clifford. She calls for him and her voice carries to the other island. Clifford bounds to the library, where Emily Elizabeth tells him that they need him to dig. But Clifford just whimpers. Emily Elizabeth wonders what's wrong and then everyone remembers about all of the bad things they told him about digging. Emily Elizabeth apologizes and tells Clifford that not all digging is bad. In fact, if he digs right now, he'll be doing them a great help. So Clifford does as asked and the sand wall is built. Everyone takes refuge from the storm in Clifford's doghouse. They're glad to know the library is safe. Emily Elizabeth asks if Clifford ever found a place to bury his bone. Clifford whimpers. So Samuel tells him that he'll buy him an even bigger bone. Pedro agrees too and pretty soon, just about everyone is agreeing to get Clifford a bone. After all, he deserves it.moreless

  • Cleo Comes to Town / False Friends

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 9/11/00

    "Cleo Comes to Town"

    Clifford and T-Bone are at the docks. They're eagerly awaiting the ferry bringing Cleo back to the island, as she's been on vacation for the past week. T-Bone's friend Manny notices their excitement, but says that he remembers a time when T-Bone wasn't so excited to see Cleo. Clifford remembers that too. He goes into a flashback sequence to the time when he and T-Bone first met Cleo. It starts out with the two of them playing tag. They like playing, but it's starting to get a bit boring, with just the two of them playing. They just keep tagging each other, back and forth. As they're walking along, they notice a dog they've never seen before in Mr. Kibble's shop. Clifford thinks that maybe she'd like to play with them. T-Bone, however, just wants to move on. So they go to the library, where they play hide-and-seek. T-Bone hides under Dr. Dihn's hat, but she ends up picking it up and leaving, blowing T-Bone's cover. Cleo comes as Clifford is looking for T-Bone. Not realizing that they're playing a game, Cleo points out where T-Bone is. T-Bone says that it's no fair and Cleo explains that she didn't know they were just playing a game. She wants to join them and suggests going to a place she's heard about called "Rocky Point." T-Bone doesn't really want to, as he and Clifford were going to go play at the dunes. But Clifford says that they can go to Rocky Point, as they haven't played there in a long time. So they head up to Rocky Point, where Cleo wants to explore some caves. She's sure they'll find all sorts of neat treasure, but all they find are spiders. Clifford and T-Bone leave, saying they have to go home. The next day, T-Bone tries to meet Clifford alone, before Cleo shows up. But his plan is foiled when he arrives. He leaves, saying that he's going to spend some time with his human. Clifford finds this odd, as he knows that Sheriff Lewis works during the day. But Cleo thinks it's great that T-Bone can spend some time with his human. Throughout the day, Cleo and Clifford have a great day playing. T-Bone follows them the whole way, just observing. Finally, he has a talk with Manny. He says that he doesn't really like Cleo. She calls him "T" and she wants to play with them all the time. He's worried that Clifford likes her so much, that he'll stop liking him. Manny tells T-Bone that Cleo can be his new friend also. After all, she already gave him a special nickname. And besides, there's enough of Clifford for everyone. He thinks that they're going to be really great friends. So T-Bone goes and joins Clifford and Cleo. They play tag, with Cleo and T-Bone both calling "not it." So Clifford is "it" and chases after them. Back in the present, Cleo's ferry arrived. She gets off and she, Clifford and T-Bone proceed to play tag, just like when they first met.

    "False Friends"

    Cleo, Clifford and T-Bone are playing kick the can. They're having a lot of fun, but they're disturbing Mac, who's watching from a distance. Cleo tells Clifford and T-Bone that she's set up a new playground. She wants them to be the first to try it. Mac overhears. He decides to see if he can sweet-talk his way into being the first onto this playground. His initital efforts are unsuccessful, but he's not about to give up. The next day, Clifford and T-Bone come to Cleo's backyard, so that they can be the first dogs (other than her) to try out her new playground. But to their surprise, Mac is already there. Cleo explains that Mac came extra early because he really wanted to play on her playground. T-Bone is a bit upset, but Clifford doesn't really mind. He just wants to have fun. Things, however, soon turn out not to be so fun, when Mac keeps wanting to play only with Cleo and not include Clifford and T-Bone. At one point, they're playing on a teeter-tooter, when Mac simply hops off, causing everyone to crash and sweet-talks Cleo into coming to play on a tire swing with him. Sometime in the future, Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are sniffing for food in a garbage bin when Mac comes. He doesn't want to join them, however, he just wants to play on Cleo's playground. Cleo doesn't want to because it's been raining and she's worried they'll get the equipment all muddy. So Mac tricks her by getting her to play tag with him and then racing into her backyard where the playground is. From there, he's quickly able to convince her to let them play, even if it does get muddy. Clifford and T-Bone are starting to get irriated, especially T-Bone. He knows that Mac doesn't really like Cleo, he just likes her playground. He and Clifford decide to go over to Cleo's to see if they can get her to play with them. Meanwhile, Mac and Cleo are there, playing on the playground, when Cleo slips and hurts her paw. Mac wonders if she can still play, but Cleo doesn't think that she should with her paw hurt. So Mac simply leaves, telling her let him know when it gets better. Soon after, Clifford and T-Bone arrive. They ask if she's all right. When she explains that she hurt her paw, they feel bad for her, of course. Clifford says that since she can't run around right now, they can do something else. He'll tell them all a story that Emily Elizabeth told him. After the story, Cleo admits that she's a bit embarrassed. T-Bone was right about Mac not really wanting to play with her, but only with her playground. Clifford and T-Bone forgive her. After all, Mac might not be a real friend, but they all are.moreless

  • The Great Race / Tummy Trouble

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 9/8/00

    "The Great Race"

    Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are playing freeze tag. Clifford moves in order to try to get a butterfly off of him that is tickling his nose. Cleo tells him that he can't do this, as in freeze tag, you're not supposed to move at all. T-Bone is playing by the rules and ends up slipping and sliding, but never actually moves any of his muscles. He ends up frozen in a spot, when Mac comes. Mac makes a rude comment about T-Bone being the "slowest dog on the island." Clifford and Cleo defend T-Bone, saying that he's both fast and strong. T-Bone does nothing, still following the rules of the freeze tag game, although it's obvious he's getting irritated. Mac challenges T-Bone to a race. Clifford and Cleo agree on T-Bone's behalf. Mac says that it's "winner take all." Clifford and Cleo want to know what this means. Mac says that if T-Bone wins, then he gets to take his collar. However, if he wins, then he gets to take T-Bone's collar. Cleo and Clifford agree. After Mac leaves, Cleo wonders why T-Bone didn't say anything. Clifford reminds her that she didn't "unfreeze" him. So Cleo unfreezes him. T-Bone protests, wondering why they agreed to the race. He doesn't want to race Mac. But Clifford and Cleo encourage him, saying that he should try it and they think he can do it. So T-Bone gets into it and begins training. There are several legs to the race and T-Bone trains hard for each and every one of them. Throughout it all, Clifford and Cleo encourage him with the mantra "I can do it." Finally, the day of the big race comes. Mac gets off to an early lead, but T-Bone follows close behind. Then, although T-Bone can't see it, Mac starts cheating. After going down a hill, he puts some seaweed in the way to block the path for T-Bone. As expected, T-Bone slips on the seaweed. But he quickly recovers and continues onward. The next leg of the race involves jumping over Mr. Bleakman's flower bed. T-Bone makes a valiant leap and looks like he's going to clear it. But Mac's waiting on the side. He turns on a sprinkler, spraying water in T-Bone's path, causing him to fall. Mr. Bleakman sees T-Bone and gets upset, but then when he sees Mac, he's not really sure what to make of it, other than that if he has to see another dog again, it'll be too soon. The next leg of the race involves pulling a wheelbarrow full of sand. T-Bone and Mac are on even footing starting out - or are they? Unbeknownst to T-Bone, Mac has piled down his wheelbarrow to make it especially difficult to pull. Still, after much struggling, T-Bone catches up with Mac. Now there's just one final sprint to the finish. Mac crosses the finish line first and T-Bone comes in soon after. To Mac's surprise, Clifford and Cleo both go over and congratulate T-Bone on nearly winning. Mac doesn't understand. He won, so why are they praising T-Bone? T-Bone agrees that Mac did win and starts to hand over his collar. Mac, beginning to feel a bit guilty, tells him that he can keep it, as he doesn't even like it very much anyway. T-Bone insists that he take it and Mac is forced to admit that he didn't win the race fair and square, he cheated. He leaves, saying that next time he'll beat T-Bone for real. T-Bone says to Clifford and Cleo that Mac is probably feeling guilty about cheating. Clifford and Cleo tell T-Bone that he can feel good about himself, as he raced fair and square.

    "Tummy Trouble"

    Emily Elizabeth is with Charley in her backyard. She's giving Clifford "Bowser Bites" for tricks that he's performing. Clifford wishes that they could just skip the tricks part, but Emily Elizabeth tells him that today he's doing "tricks for treats." She has him perform the trick "Down." Clifford gets a little close to the fence and Mrs. Bleakman asks Emily Elizabeth to make sure he stays away from the fence. She and Mr. Bleakman are painting it today. Mr. Bleakman says that they don't want a repeat of what happened last year. Clifford remembers what happened last year: Emily Elizabeth threw him a giant ball and he ended up backing into the fence, causing Mr. Bleakman to dump a bucket of white paint on his head. Emily Elizabeth agrees to keep him away. She has him do another trick, but before she can give him his treat, Mrs. Howard calls for her and Charley. If they don't leave, they're going to be late for soccer practice. Emily Elizabeth yells to Clifford from the car, saying that she'll give him his treat when he gets back. Clifford, however, has fallen asleep performing his trick, "Stay" and doesn't hear Emily Elizabeth. Clifford continues to doze and several birds land on him. Then, Cleo and T-Bone come and wake him up. Clifford explains what he was doing. He wonders where Emily Elizabeth is. She hasn't given him his treat. Cleo notes that Emily Elizabeth is nowhere to be seen. However, Clifford did perform the trick, so he should get his treat. She climbs up into the barrel of "Bowser Bites." Clifford's not so sure, so Cleo says that if it'll make him feel any better, she and T-Bone will share it with him. Clifford says that they haven't performed any tricks, though. So they both do a trick. Cleo breaks off a piece for her, a piece for T-Bone and then tosses the rest to Clifford. They're getting into the whole "tricks" thing and so they decide to continue. But then, while doing a trick, Clifford bumps into the fence. He doesn't think he's done any damage, but as it turns out, he's gotten white paint all over himself. So Cleo and T-Bone work on hosing him down, while they all continue to eat more of the Bowser Bites. The hosing helps some, but Clifford still has a patch of paint on him. So they decide that maybe some scrubbing is in order. They all take a mudbath, while still doing "tricks" and eating the Bowser Bites. They've now eaten an entire barrel and so now they're working on a second barrel of four. Eventually, they eat all four of the barrels and have giant stomachaches. Worse, the yard is a mess from all of the mud. They hurry to clean things up and actually get things looking pretty good. Emily Elizabeth comes and Mr. Bleakman and Mrs. Bleakman also come out. Mr. Bleakman notices Clifford by the fence and asks Emily Elizabeth to get him away. He's certain that he's ruining something. But to his surprise, there's nothing wrong. Emily Elizabeth apologizes to Clifford for not giving him his treat earlier and offers him an entire doggy bag full of treats. Clifford, however, just whimpers. Then, Charley notices the empty barrels of Bowser Bites. Emily Elizabeth figures out that Clifford at them all and that Cleo and T-Bone helped. She's not going to punish him though, as she thinks he's learned his lesson, the hard way.moreless

  • Clifford's Carnival / Clifford's Doggy Reunion

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 9/4/00

    "Clifford's Carnival"

    Scene opens with T-Bone and Cleo playing slide on Clifford. Suddenly, they spot a big giant head floating near the schoolhouse. Fearing that a giant is attacking the school, Clifford rushes over... Only to it's actually a balloon head that Emily, Charley and Jetta's supposed to be inflating for the Fall Carnival. Except that Jetta's not doing any work and bossing Emily and Charley around. Clifford inflates the balloon, and Charley gets Jetta to tie the balloon up. She does, but the knot comes undone and the ballon flies around and ends up flat on Jetta's face. Next, Jetta bosses them around some more. They have to move a basket of pumpkins above a sign. Clifford comes to the rescue again. Finally, they have to clean up a carousel. Jetta makes Emily wash the animals and Charley dry them. Charley tries to get Jetta to do the work, but she refuses. No surprise on what happens next: Clifford comes along and cleans the carousel for them. Jetta, taking advantage of the situation, forces Clifford to work faster. She rightfully gets what she deserves when soap suds from the carousel spashes all over her. She then cleans up using Clifford's tongue, thinking that it's a towel (oh boy, if Clifford gets sick, Jetta'll be in big trouble). She then blames Emily. In steps Mr. Rodriguez, promising them a big ice-cream treat if the carnival's successful. Clifford imagines a ice-cream sundae that's 10 times bigger than him. Fast forward to the evening. We see the carnival in full swing. Everybody's having fun, even the dogs. Scene changes over to Jetta. She's about to go on the Ferris wheel when Mr. Rodriguez pulls her aside and asks her to usher the tractor that he has rented for the hay ride over to the pumpkin patch when it arrives. Apparently, he's been watching her all afternoon and notes that she wasn't doing anything. Jetta reluctantly agrees and go over to the gate. But after a while, she runs off. Shortly after she does, the tractor arrives. The scene then alternates between Jetta on the Ferris wheel and the owner of the tractor waiting outside, and repeats until the owner finally tires of waiting and leaves. Turns out that Jetta has been on the wheel 15 times! We cut to the pumpkin patch. The tractor was supposed to be there an hour ago. He questions Jetta. He's upset and was about to cancel it - until Emily gets the idea of making Clifford the tractor. Jetta also gives in and dusts the hay off those who've rode the ride. Finally, the carnival is a success, and everyone gets an ice-cream. Including Clifford, who gets a huge one. Clifford licking the ice-cream off his face.

    "Clifford's Doggy Reunion"

    Scene opens with Clifford waiting at the docks. Victor thinks that the Ferry's running late, but Pedro thinks otherwise. Turns out that Emily's waiting for her cousin Laura, and Rex - Cousin Laura's dog. Emily jokes about Rex being bigger than Clifford, and that gets Victor and Pedro worried. We then cut over to the ferry. Laura's looking at Rex through a pair of binoculars. She comments on how big Rex is and says that Emily writes that Clifford has grown. Flashback sequence: When Clifford was still a small red puppy, Rex used to swing Clifford around. In this particular flashback, Little Clifford is swung into a drinking bowl. He then squirts Rex with water. Laura then wonders aloud if Clifford ever outgrown that. Her answer is promptly answered when Clifford swims over to the ferry and helps push it over to the dock so that it's on schedule. A reunion ensues. Turns out that the binoculars are a present to Emily. Laura also knitted a sweater for Clifford, but apparently she wasn't aware that Clifford's now really huge. Later, we see Emily playing in the water. She invites Laura over, but Laura somewhar prefers drawing in the sand. Meanwhile, Rex races with Clifford, and loses (no surprise to us, but a big one to Rex, who won the last time. But Clifford wasn't 2-storey tall back then). Meanwhile, Emily wants to play catch with Laura at the park, then show her the climbing tree in her backyard. But Laura doesn't appear interested - instead, she's looking at the stickers onm display outside the Sea Shell. Emily looks through the binoculars and see Clifford and Rex playing catch. Another flashback ensues and we see Little Clifford getting squished by the frisbee. Cut back to the present. Clifford throws the frisbee, but his strength causes the frisbee to fly in at an unimaginable speed. Rex ducks it, then narrowly avoids it by getting jumping a tree. Scene cuts back to Emily and Laura. We see Laura organize her scrapbook, which is full of bird stickers. Emily invites Laura to climb the tree but Laura refuses. Scene cuts back to Clifford and Rex. Rex asks Clifford if he still remembers back when Rex always swing Clifford on a rope. Clifford replies that he's too big now, but offers to swing Rex instead. Rex accepts, and Clifford starts swinging Rex around, and throws him into a pond. Emily then calls Clifford over and tells him that he's too big to roughhouse like that anymore. She suggests that they find something that they can both do and like. She then realizes that she wasn't a good host to Laura, either. So, they make up. Laura then explains that she likes birds. Emily explains that she has a camera and that they could make their own stickers. Laura like the idea and they run off to get the camera. Meanwhile, Rex and Clifford realizes that they can't play the game they're used to and decides to try something new. Later, at night, Emily ponders over how much Laura and her has changed.moreless

  • And Birdy Makes Three / Home is Where The Fun is

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 9/4/00

    "And Birdy Makes Three"

    Emily Elizabeth tells her Mom that she's going to go take care of her chores. One of these chores is brushing Clifford's teeth. She gets a big brush and swishes it in some water with toothpaste. Clifford, however, doesn't want to have anything to do with this. Emily Elizabeth tells him that he knows he doesn't like it, but it has to be done. Does he want dog breath? So she does it, but as she's doing it, she hears some chirping. It's coming from a bird's nest. It's a baby bird and it's trying to fly. But apparently, it's lost its parents. It nearly falls to the ground, but Clifford saves it. Then, he saves it once again after another ill-advised attempt at flight. Emily Elizabeth decides that she'll have to care for the bird until it can fly. She gets a cage for it and asks Clifford to dig for some worms, since Clifford is good at digging. However, after Clifford digs up a huge hole and sprays mud in Mr. Bleakman's face, Emily Elizabeth decides it would probably be better to just buy worms from the pet store. Later, she can go with Birdy to the library to get a book about flying. Clifford, however, should stay home and clean up all the dirt he dug up. Later, Clifford goes to visit Cleo and T-Bone. They're setting up their own circus, although T-Bone is having trouble fitting through the hoop Cleo has. They ask Clifford if he wants to join their circus. He says that he doesn't, but perhaps "Birdy" might. He explains that Birdy is the baby bird that Emily Elizabeth found. Both Cleo and T-Bone agree that babies are "nothing but trouble." T-Bone says that one time, Sheriff Lewis got a baby bunny and didn't pay attention to him for a week. Cleo tells Clifford that if he wants to get Emily Elizabeth's attention, he's going to have to act like a baby. So Clifford tries this. He jumps up and down lke a puppy, wears a bonnet and even shreds the garden hose. However, this only succeeds in irritating Emily Elizabeth, her parents and Mr. Bleakman. He's sent to his doghouse. Later, Emily Elizabeth comes and says that he thought he might like some company. However, the company she offers him is Birdy. She asks him to watch Birdy for a while. Birdy has a try at flying again and Clifford saves him from falling. Emily Elizabeth goes inside. Clifford talks to Birdy. He says that he remembers being a puppy and not being able to get up on the couch. Now, he's bigger than the couch. Birdy looks up in the sky and sees some birds flying by. He wants to join them, so Clifford helps out. He first has Birdy practice flapping his wings. Then, he spins his tail around like a fan, creating a updraft. The wind heads towards Mr. Bleakman. At first, Mr. Bleakman's upset again, but once he sees what Clifford's doing, he calms down. With Clifford's help, Birdy flies up and joins the other birds. Emily Elizabeth comes out and sees this. She says that she's going to miss Birdy, but she's glad he can fly with the other birds now. She tells Clifford that he knows that she was spending a lot of time with Birdy. However, she'll always love Clifford. He's her big, red dog.

    "Home is Where The Fun is"

    Jetta is going to the city to visit a skyscraper called "Titanic Tower." She sarcastically tells Emily Elizabeth that she's sure she'll find something to do on this "little island" today. Clifford goes to meet Cleo and T-Bone. However, he doesn't really feel like playing. He's worried that Emily Elizabeth took Jetta's comment too seriously. Cleo suggests that he should show her just how fun the island is. So he decides that he will. He takes both her and Charley on a tour of all the great sights on the island. First, he takes them deep into the ocean, where they see Beluga whales up close. In the city, Jetta and her Mom are faced with huge traffic. Jetta's Mom asks if she wouldn't rather go to the zoo. But Jetta insists that she wants to see Titanic Tower. On the island, Clifford takes Emily Elizabeth and Charley to a remote beach. There, they find sea turtle eggs. Even better yet, it's hatching time. At first, the baby turtles think that Clifford is their mother and head towards him. But then their real mother shows up. In the city, Jetta and her Mom have a bad experience with a crowded bus. But Jetta still wants to go to Titanic Tower. Clifford next takes Emily Elizabeth and Charley to a lookout point from which you can see the entire island. Both are really wowed by this. They think that maybe it's even better than Titanic Tower. In the city, Jetta and her Mom are forced with a huge line to get tickets to enter Titanic Tower. Then, when they get inside, the elevator's broken, so they have to take the stairs. Finally, when they get to the top, they find that the windows are covered, so there's no view. Clifford takes Emily Elizabeth and Charley to the pier, where Jetta's ferry is coming in. When Jetta gets off, Emily Elizabeth asks Jetta how Titanic Tower was. Jetta lies and says that it was great. She says that next time, maybe Emily Elizabeth can come along with her. Her Mom tells her that next time, they're going to the zoo.moreless

  • Special Delivery / A Ferry Tale

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 9/4/00

    "Special Delivery"

    Cleo, T-Bone and Cliford are playing hide-and-seek. Cleo finds T-Bone and so they both go to search for Clifford. However, unlike their normal hide-and-seek games seen later in the series, Clifford has actually find a pretty good hiding spot and they absolutely can't find him anywhere. They search high and low, but just can't find him. Then, Emily Elizabeth calls Clifford and T-Bone and Cleo comment that he's sure to come out of hiding now. He does. He was cleverly hiding behind the firehouse, which is both large and red, a perfect cover. He goes to Emily Elizabeth. She has a package. It's a present for her cousin, Laura. She wants Clifford to take it to the post office and give it to the mailman, Mr. Carson, for her. Clifford dutifully obeys. Meanwhile, T-Bone and Cleo are at the post office. Cleo's trying to make herself look and sound aggressive to scare the mailman, Mr. Carson. But she only succeeds in getting him to rub her tummy. Being vain, she says that she thinks she scared him anyway. Clifford comes and tells them that he's delivering Emily Elizbaeth's package. Both Cleo and T-Bone are surprised by this. T-Bone doesn't think Sheriff Lewis would ever allow him to do something like that. They're both curious about what's inside the package, but Clifford just wants to get it delivered. Cleo, however, gets wild with it and ends up shredding the package. Fortunately, the contents are damaged (yet.) They study the contents and determine that it's a "magic ball," that inflates itself. They start to play with it, but then Clifford decides that they'd better try to get it back in the package. However, now that it's inflated, it's too big to fit. They try to smoosh it down to get it to fit, but Clifford ends up sitting on it and popping it. Clifford says that he has to go tell Emily Elizabeth. Both Cleo and T-Bone think that she's probably not going to be very happy. They offer to go with him, but Clifford says that he has to do it on his own. On the way home, Clifford imagines that different things with a round shape are actually the ball. He doesn't know how he's going to let Emily Elizabeth know what happened. Later, Cleo comes to Clifford's and he admits that he still hasn't shown Emily Elizabeth what happened. Cleo keeps talking about how upset Emily Elizabeth is going to be and suggests that he hide the ball. After some smooth talking, Clifford finally agrees. Then, Emily Elizabeth comes and thanks him for delivering the package. She gives him a treat as thanks for doing so. But Clifford just whimpers and refuses the treat. Finally, he goes over, gets the ruined ball out of the hiding place and shows Emily Elizabeth. Emily Elizabeth is, as Cleo expected, upset. But mainly, she wishes Clifford hadn't hidden the ball. If she had known sooner, she could have gone out and gotten a new one right away. She really wanted to get the gift to her cousin for her birthday. She says that she knows Clifford is sorry and so they both go into town to get a new gift. From a tree where she's been watching, Cleo comments that she knew from the beginning that they shouldn't have hidden the ball. Then, she falls out of the tree.

    "A Ferry Tale"

    Emily Elizabeth is giving Clifford a bath. She says she knows that it's not his favorite thing to do, but it has to be done. She asks if he's ready for a back scrub and then slides down his back on a giant, soapy sponge. As she's doing this, Jetta and Mac are coming by and she ends up landing right on top of them before they can get out of the way. Jetta says that Emily Elizabeth's dog is nothing but trouble. And Emily Elizabeth just messed up Mac's coat. She wants it to be nice for the "Dog of the Year" contest. Emily Elizabeth thinks that Clifford would make a good "Dog of the Year." Clifford fantasizes about having his picture on a magazine cover with the headline "PRIZE POOCH DOG OF THE YEAR." Jetta says "whatever" and leaves with Mac. Emily Elizabeth tells Clifford that he needs to stay well-groomed, so that he'll remain the best looking dog on the island and win the Dog of the Year contest. Clifford goes to sleep in his doghouse and has a nice nap, until Cleo and T-Bone come along and ask him if he wants to go to the beach. Cleo notices a fruity smell and Clifford explains that it's shampoo. He just had a bath. Cleo and T-Bone both try to get him to go to the beach. At first he just whimpers and then explains that Emily Elizabeth wants him to stay "well-groomed" for the Dog of the Year contest. Cleo doesn't think that Clifford should just lie around all day. After all, it's a "ball day," a "digging day," basically just a great day to be outside playing. Cleo and T-Bone tell him that they smelled a huge bone down at the beach. Clifford-size even. This is enough to get him to come with him. They get there, but Clifford refrains from digging, for fear of getting dirty. However, without Clifford's help, Cleo and T-Bone can't find the bone. They finally convince him to dig and they find a huge bone, one that is, indeed, Clifford-sized. But then, Clifford notices that he's gotten very dirty. He runs off, remembering that he's supposed to meet Emily Elizabeth at the dock. Cleo and T-Bone follow close behind. Looking for a solution to his problem, Clifford tries to go through a car wash. It gets his bottom half cleaned up, but his upper half is still dirty. T-Bone and Cleo try to tell him, but he doesn't notice and heads for the docks. At the docks, everyone's waiting for the ferry that's bringing the Dog of the Year judge, Lily Lavalley. However, there's a thick fog and even the lighthouse lantern isn't enough to cut through it. Clifford arrives at the dock and Emily Elizabeth sees how dirty he is. Jetta doesn't think there's any way he could win the contest now. Clifford hears the comments about the thick fog and how if it doesn't clear up, the ferry might be stuck at sea for the night. Wanting to do something to help, Clifford goes over to the lighthouse and grabs the lantern. He heads through the water to the ferry and guides the way for the ferry to come to Birdwell Island. At the end of the episode, Emily Elizabeth shows Clifford his picture on the cover of the magazine. It looks just like the picture he imagined, only in this picture, he's dirty. Emily Elizabeth says that Lily Lavalley named him Dog of the Year, but he's Dog of the Year every day to her.moreless

  • My Best Friend / Cleo's Fair Share

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 9/4/00

    "My Best Friend"

    Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are having fun at the beach, playing pirates. The game ends when Clifford realizes that it's getting close to the time when school lets out. He wants to go meet Emily Elizabeth. At the school, Ms. Carrington assigns the class a bit of a project. She wants them to come up with something that's special to them to bring to show-and-tell. Emily Elizabeth takes this seriously. She gets a metal detector and takes it to the beach, hoping to find a treasure. She gets excited when it starts beeping and has Clifford help her to dig. Buried under the sand, she finds an old anchor. She lifts it up high, thinking everyone in the class will love it. Clifford fantasizes (note: such fantasy seqeunces in this episode and future ones appear in a bone shaped thought bubble) about the class lifting Emily Elizabeth up and chanting "Emily! Emily!" Back in reality, Jetta shows up with her dog Mac. Emily Elizabeth shows her the anchor, thinking that she'll think it's very cool. But Jetta comments that it looks just look the one she brought to show-and-tell last year. She doesn't think the class will be too impressed with Emily Elizabeth's anchor after that. Emily Elizabeth decides that they probably won't and so she'll have to look for something else. Jetta calls for Mac to come, as she's leaving. At first, however, Mac won't come. Clifford asks why he's ignoring her and Mac tells Clifford to "watch and learn." After yelling at Mac for a bit longer, Jetta offers Mac a "tummy-yummy" to get him to come. That does the trick and they're out of there. Emily Elizabeth continues her hunt and finds an old bird nest. That would make a neat treasure, but one of the feathers in the nest tickles Clifford's nose. He sneezes, blowing the nest apart. Emily Elizabeth heads to her Mom and Dad's store, thinking maybe she can find something there. Clifford tries to help too and leaves to go hunt for something. Jetta shows up again and Clifford returns with a pile of bones. Jetta doesn't think anyone's going to be too impressed with a pile of bones. Emily Elizabeth eventually ends up leaving Clifford in his doghouse while she goes to search for something. But Clifford misses her and Emily Elizabeth starts missing him too. She calls for him and then realizes he's not there and also fantasizes that she sees him. She goes to talk to Charley, who tells her that he's bringing in the same drum he brought the year before for show-and-tell. It doesn't matter what you bring, just as long as it's special to you. So Emily Elizabeth gets an idea. For show-and-tell, she brings Clifford to school. Jetta comments that she "knew" that Emily Elizabeth was going to bring "that big, old dog." But everyone seems to have fun with Clifford, so it all works out well.

    "Cleo's Fair Share"

    T-Bone and Clifford are watching Cleo from outside a window. Cleo's at Mr. Kibble's having her least favorite thing done to her: having a bow put in her hair. Clifford tells T-Bone to come with him to the beach and that Cleo will catch up with them later. After they're gone, Mr. Kibble finally gets the bow in. Mrs. Diller rewards Cleo with a new pink, bone squeak-toy. Mrs. Diller comments that she bets Cleo can't wait to share it with her doggy friends. Cleo, however, isn't so sure about this. She imagines T-Bone slobbering all over it, or Clifford accidentally swallowing it. She sees to it that no one else is going to lay a paw on it and starts looking for a place to hide it. Clifford and T-Bone come and ask her if she wants to go to the beach. Cleo, who wasn't able to find a place to hide the squeak toy in time, is now sitting on it to hide it. She tells them that she doesn't want to come because she doesn't want to get dirty. Both Clifford and T-Bone find this odd, as she normally loves to get dirty, but they leave her anyway. That evening, Emily Elizabeth gives Clifford a new giant tire as a toy. She asks if he likes it and notes that everyone likes a new toy. The next day, Cleo is still trying to play with the bone squeak toy by herself. She tries to hide it, "forget where she hid it" and then sniff it out. But it's hard to make herself forget. So she tries a new tactic: she'll close her eyes, throw it and then sniff it out. But it ends up in a tree and T-Bone comes along to ask her if she wants to play again. Before Cleo can do anything, the toy falls out of the tree. To try and keep T-Bone from seeing it, Cleo tells him that there's a giant spider behind him. But he ends up seeing it. Cleo tells him to keep away from it. It's hers and she doesn't want anyone else to play with it. T-Bone's a bit confused, but he agrees. Cleo also says that she's not coming to the beach because she wants to stay and play with the toy and asks T-Bone not to tell Clifford about the toy. T-Bone agrees to this too. At the beach, T-Bone nearly lets it slip, but covers it up by saying that the reason Cleo didn't want to come is because she has a "new tooth." Clifford says that she's been avoiding them for three days now and tomorrow she's definitely going to play with them. The next day, Clifford and T-Bone come to Cleo's house, but she's not there. We see that she's at the beach, still trying to play with the squeak toy by herself. Clifford and T-Bone come and start playing with Clifford's tire. Cleo thinks it looks like fun and finally decides to join in. She says that the knows that Clifford wanted to share the tire with her. He's the best sharer of new toys that she knows... and she's the worst. She explains that she was avoiding him because of the squeak toy. But she realizes that it's no fun to play with a new toy by yourself and so she wants to share it now. So they all head back to Clifford's house to have fun with Cleo's toy.moreless