Clifford the Big Red Dog

Season 2 Episode 17

Who Moved My Bone / Clifford the Pirate King

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 2002 on PBS
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Who Moved My Bone / Clifford the Pirate King
"Who Moved My Bone"

Cleo is headed to meet up with T-Bone and Clifford. They're going to play "Super T-Bone." As she walks along, she practices her role as "Fluffy Face." Then she notices a very large and juicy bone. Feeling that she doesn't really have time to bury it, she hides it underneath a bush, figuring she'll come back for it later. As she continues on her way, T-Bone comes along. Cleo didn't do a very good job of hiding the bone. T-Bone sees it and not knowing that it's Cleo's, he claims it for his own. He goes ahead and buries it. Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone finally meet up for their game of Super T-Bone. Cleo goes into routine about how she's going to get Clifford and T-Bone with her super freezing powers. Clifford says that they'll stop her and tries to get T-Bone to acknowledge, but T-Bone is in a world of his own. It turns out that he can't stop thinking of the bone. He brings it up and when Cleo hears this, she thinks about the bone she found. (Not knowing it's the same bone.) She talks about the bone she found and both her and T-Bone run off to get the bone. Clifford follows them, although he's puzzled, wondering if this is all a part of the Super T-Bone game. Cleo reaches the bush where she found the bone, only to find that it's not there. T-Bone admits that he found the bone and goes over to the spot where buried it. But it's not there. That's funny, he was sure he buried it there. Shortly after, Clifford finds it, in another nearby location. This upsets Cleo, as she believes that T-Bone lied about where he hid the bone so he wouldn't have to share it. Clifford suggests that maybe another dog found it just like T-Bone did, but Cleo won't hear it. She says that she won't be T-Bone's friend anymore until he comes clean about where he hid the bone. T-Bone maintains his innocence and says that if Cleo doesn't believe him, he doesn't want to be her friend either. They both part ways, with Clifford trying to figure out what just happened. He decides to go and find T-Bone. T-Bone seems ready to call a truce, although he doesn't want to do it himself. He asks Clifford to be his messenger and tell Cleo that the bone is all hers. Clifford heads for Cleo, in the process disturbing a worker who's trying to put in a cement sidewalk plot. Reaching Cleo, he tells her about T-Bone's offer, but this doesn't satisfy Cleo. She wants Clifford to go back to T-Bone and get him to apologize for lying to her. Clifford heads back to T-Bone, once again disturbing the worker who gets cement all over himself. He tells T-Bone about Cleo's request. T-Bone's not at all interested. In fact, if she doesn't believe him, then she can just forget about being his friend. So it would seem that things are back to the way they were before. Clifford heads back to Cleo, disturbing the street-worker a third time. When Cleo shows no sign of giving in, Clifford gives up. He's tired of being a messenger, and if Cleo and T-Bone are going to not be friends any more over something as silly as a bone, then he's going home. He heads home, once again in the path of the street worker. The street worker, resigned to his fate, decides to simply lay down in the cement. Clifford notices this. Trying to make things right, he picks up the street worker and cleans him off in the fountain in front of the sidewalk, then smooths out the cement sidewalk plot with his paw. The street worker's thankful, but as Clifford heads off, he accidentally backs up into the cement plot and ends up getting cement on himself again. Oh well. As Clifford heads home, he comes upon Mac, who is chewing on a large bone. It turns out that Mac found the bone. Mac says that the dog who buried it did a bad job, so he reburied it. Finders keepers. Clifford takes Mac in tow and heads back to Cleo to show her that it was Mac who found it and T-Bone wasn't lying. But when he gets there, Cleo doesn't care. She's playing Super T-Bone. It turns out her and T-Bone already made up, thanks to Clifford's help.

"Clifford the Pirate King"

Clifford is playing a guessing game with Cleo and T-Bone. He has something and he wants them to guess what it is. After several guesses, T-Bone somehow guesses by luck that it's an inflatable alligator toy. Clifford explains that he and Emily Elizabeth are helping with a party revolving around a Treasure Island. Emily Elizabeth and her friends read the book in school and decided that they liked it so much they would do a party with it as the theme. It's being held on Samuel and Charley's houseboat and Clifford and Emily Elizabeth are helping. T-Bone and Cleo offer to help too and they head over to the houseboat. There, Emily Elizabeth demonstrates the purpose of the alligator toy. It goes under the plank for the "walk the plank" game. Anyone who falls gets "fed to the gator." Clifford and Emily Elizabeth dress for the party, then return. The problems start when Clifford wants to come aboard. When he first comes on, he tilts the boat to one side, causing everything to go sliding. Then he tilts to the other side and everything goes sliding the other way. Finally, he stabilizes and things seem to be going okay. Charley tries to break the piñata, but then a seagull flies onto Clifford's nose, causing him to sneeze. This causes a wind gust, sending things flying. Then Clifford sits down and accidentally breaks a table. Jetta's considering asking him to leave, but Clifford decides to hop out and leave himself. T-Bone and Cleo decide to join him and they hop out and leave for shore. There, Clifford says that they could have stayed at the party. They say that the party was fun, but he was the best part and they want to be with him. Then Emily Elizabeth and her friends come ashore. They don't want to leave Clifford out. Besides, they have treasure buried on the shore, and Clifford is a great digger.moreless

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