Clifford's Puppy Days

PBS (ended 2006)


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  • Intresting for little kids

    I think that this show may have done better, but hey, I`d recomend it to PBS watchers with kids.
  • More like a HUGE Step backwards from: "Clifford the big red dog"

    My 33rd review after: "Clifford the Big red dog"

    Ok now, The person that did clifford's voice from Clifford the big red dog, died right? so why did they had to make this poor spin-off? It's not even as fun or good as the Original! They had to make clifford shrink back into a small red puppy, and they had to replace the chracthers with these chracthers.
    What the heck were they thinking?!?! I Can't beileve they had to cancel the Original, and make this Piece of boiling Garbage!
    This cartoon deverses a D. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: C-- 5.0/10.0 Medicore, Not as good as the other.

    Animation: C+ 6.5/10.0 Same as the original. Graphics: E- 3.0/10.0 Terrible, Ugly, and Stupid. Aviod it at all costs.

    Dialouge: F-- 1.0/10.0 There is no good scripts to this cartoon, AT ALL.

    Eductional Value: D-- 4.0/10.0 There is no good Eductional value to this cartoon either!

    Lasting Appeal: F- 2.8/10.0 The Lasting Appeal is beyond Terrible, because this cartoon is soooooo Boring!

    Overall: D 4.6/10.0 This cartoon is just a Boiling piece of Dog Turd! Watch the Original Clifford the Big red dog, Not this! Avoid This Spin-off, at all costs!!!
  • Clifford the red big dog as an puppy and all his friends from that time.

    It´s an great show and makes many fun to watch Clifford and his gang at there activities. The two cats Flo and Zo makes fun the watch and the dachshound is nice too. Novielle the bird thinks he is so smart and knows every thing that is possible. The nighbours from the Howards are very nice specially Mr. Salomon the author and owner of Flo and Zo. Emily Elisabeth has great friends like Evan, Nina and Shown, the japanese Boy. Also i like the short but good Speckle Stories, which Emily reads for Clifford during two stories. The show is for the whole family.