Clifford's Puppy Days

Season 1 Episode 5

Sock It To Me / My Toy

Aired Wednesday 7:30 AM Nov 19, 2003 on PBS

Episode Recap


"Sock It To Me"

Emily Elizabeth and Clifford are outside, playing with a toy of Clifford's called the sock spider. They're playing tug of war and Clifford is yanking so hard that Emily Elizabeth has to give. Clifford bring it back to her and she tosses it and he goes to fetch it. Watching this, Daffodil sighs. Clifford goes over to her and asks her if she wants to play, but she turns down the idea, seeming annoyed by the sock spider. Later, Clifford comments that he's pooped and Daffodil comes back with a "good for you." Clifford wonders if smoething's wrong, but she deflects the question and says that she's fine. Clifford, however, detects that something is wrong and so he presses Daffodil. She claims that it's the sock spider that bothering her - she can't stand being in the same room with it. She claims that it's smelly and not even a real toy. She heads into her hutch, leaving Clifford to lament that it always seemed real to him. Norville flies onto the windowsill and notices that Clifford seems to be upset. Clifford explains to him what Daffodil said about the sock spider. Norville thinks this is bad, saying that there's only one thing you can do with a toy that's not a real toy. You have to get rid of it and the sooner, the better. He says that it's for his own good and when Clifford asks Daffodil about it, she agrees, saying that she thinks he should have gotten rid of it weeks ago. Clifford wonders where he should hide it, thinking that maybe under the bed would be a good idea. Daffodil thinks it's way too obvious, so Clifford suggests that there are lots of good hiding places in the kitchen and Daffodil responds by saying that now he's using his puppy head. Clifford leaves for the kitchen and Daffodil stops for a little private reflection. She says that maybe she should tell Clifford the truth: that her real problem isn't the sock spider. She seems very close to telling him, but then gets an idea that perhaps the problem will go away if the sock spider goes away. Clifford hides the sock spider underneath a pillow, just as Emily Elizabeth is arriving home. She asks him to go get it and then thinks that he's playing hide-and-seek. She starts looking for it and is very close to finding it, when she gets a phone call from Nina. Clifford is relieved and decides that he needs a better hiding place. He heads over to a potted plant and buries it underneath the dirt, then leaves to go play with a "real toy." However, as we can see, he's tracked dirty pawprints all the way into Emily Elizabeth's room. He plays with the toy, a banana squeak toy, but tells Daffodil that he doesn't think it's any fun because he's not playing with Emily Elizabeth. He says that it isn't the toy that matters, it's Emily Elizabeth. Daffodil agrees, saying that's how she feels as well. She confesses that she's not really bothered by the sock spider, but she is jealous because Clifford and Emily Elizabeth spend so much time together playing with it and she's not good at those kind of games, so she doesn't know how to join in. Clifford thinks about this, saying that he never knew Daffodil felt left out. He tells her that if she plays with them, the game will belong to all three of them. They can play hide-and-seek with the sock spider, like he's been doing with Emily Elizabeth. That's something that she is good at. Emily Elizabeth returns with the sock spider, having followed Clifford's trail of pawprints and the three all play hide-and-seek together.


"My Toy"

It's morning and Emily Elizabeth heads into her room and calls for Clifford. She's taking him to the dog run and wants him to pick out one toy of his to take with him. Norville shows up at the windowsill and Clifford asks which toy he should pick. He goes into an explanation about how he has a toy that he always keeps at home, a peanut toy that he brought to the dog run the week before, and a toy dalmatian that he's never brought to the dog run before, so Norville tells him that he's answered his own question: he should take the dalmatian toy. After all, it's the logical thing to do and the peanut toy is "so last week." The scene changes and we learn that Jorge has a brand-new toy, Mr. Squirrel. Nina just went to the pet store and bought it for him. It's a squirrel that squeaks and has an acorn that jingles. As Jorge arrives at the dog run, he realizes that the other dogs will want to play with his toy, but he hasn't even had any time to play with it himself yet. He decides that the best thing to do is to hide it. He tries giving it to Nina to hide, but Nina doesn't get the point and thinks that Jorge wants her to throw it, so she does. Clifford is just arriving at the dog run and he sees this. Jorge takes the squirrel and gives it back to Nina, who comments that she guesses they're done with the squirrel. Clifford questions him about it when they're together with their friends Hester and Chew Chew, but Jorge claims that it was just a new collar. Clifford tries to argue, but Jorge suggests that they stop arguing and play disc toss. So they do that for a while, until they grow tired of it. Jorge, meanwhile, begins thinking that keeping the toy with Nina is too risky and he stil needs to hide it. He suggests that they all play with Clifford's toy, but it turns out that Hester's hurt her paw and isn't supposed to get it wet, so she can't play with it. Jorge tries it anyway, but they remind him of their rule that if they can't all play with it, then they can't play with it all. It's a rule that he himself made. They question him about his toy and he claims that it's gone. They, however, think that he's playing a game and then Clifford remembers spotting Jorge trying to bury the toy, so they all head for it and find it. Jorge says that if they're going to play with it: there's some rules - no throwing it, no lifting it and no chewing it. So bascally, what they're left with is just looking at it. None of the dogs are impressed with this and Hester and Chew Chew start to leave, but Clifford thinks that's something's wrong and by talking with Jorge, he learns that the toy is brand-new. Clifford tells Hester and Chew Chew about it and everyone understands - the toy is special and so they see why Jorge doesn't want to let them play with it yet. They each have their own toy like that as well. With the problem solved, they decide to play freeze-tag.