Clifford's Puppy Days

Season 1 Episode 9

Something Special / Shun Gets in the Game

Aired Wednesday 7:30 AM Dec 24, 2003 on PBS

Episode Recap

#10901 "Something Special" There's Latin music in the air and a festive look in Nina's backyard. It's a party and Emily Elizabeth think its a perfect day for one with the nice weather. The holiday is Cinco de Mayo - a Mexican celebration. Nina has made a special dress for her Mom that Emily Elizabeth thinks is really neat. Nina tells her that her Mom says that everyone has something special that they're really good at. Making dresses like that is her something special. Emily Elizabeth wonders what hers is and Nina tells her that it's that she's really good with animals - take Clifford for example. Nina then points out a piñata that Mr. Solomon created in his art studio. Emily Elizabeth likes it and figures that creating cool artwork like that must be Mr. Solomon's "something special." Nina and Emily Elizabeth head off to set up some decorations and Clifford wonders to himself what his something special is. He figures it would be great if he could use it to help out with the party. He goes to talk to Daffodil, thinking that she might be able to help him figure out what his something special is. He sees that she's setting up some decorations and wonders if he can help, but Daffodil tells him that she has it under control. It soon becomes evident, however, when the decorations fall down and cover all of her except her ears that she doesn't have things under control. Clifford agrees to help her out by supporting one end of the decoration. With his help, Daffodil happily hops and drapes the decoration on the fence. Clifford decides that hopping must be her something special. He wants to talk with her more, but she decides to take a nap, so he heads off to look for something else to do, still hoping to figure out what his something special is. He finds Emily Elizabeth and Nina setting up some more decorations. They've just finished getting them set up and so they go off to make some tacos. Unfortunately, once they're gone, a stiff wind blows down the decorations. Clifford wants to do something about it, but there's no way that he could reach to put them back up and even Daffodil can't hop that high. Then, Norville shows up. He calls Clifford "Rojito," saying that it's Spanish for "Little Red," his nickname for Clifford. Norville agrees that they need to fix the decorations and since he can fly, he can get the put back up. The only problem is that from where he is, he has no way to tell if the decorations are straight. So Clifford helps out, directing him until the decorations are in just the right place. Norville says that flying is what he does best and Clifford tells him that it's his something special. Norville decides to have some fun flying and leaves. Clifford then smells something good and goes to check it out. He finds that it's the tacos that Emily Elizabeth and Nina are working on. Jorge shows up and it turns out that he's in charge of carrying the plate of tacos over to its destination. Clifford decides to tag along and Jorge tells him that with the taco tray on top of his head, it's hard to see what he's doing and if there's someone in front of him that he might bump into. So Clifford acts as a navigator, telling him what direction to take, when to stop and when to go. They arrive without spilling a single taco and Nina's Mom thanks them both. Clifford, however, isn't happy. He heads off, thinking that everyone has a something special but him and so he decides to skip the party. His friends all show up, saying that they've been looking for him. They say that the party's started and want to know why he isn't around. He says that he hasn't helped out for the party any and points out all of the things that everyone else did to get ready. He says that they all used their something special to help, but he doesn't have one. They remind him of all the things that he did to help them out. Daffodil summarizes it, saying that he knew exactly when and how to help everyone. That's his something special. Clifford thinks about this and agrees. They tell him that right now they need his help to enjoy the party. Clifford responds that if helping is something special, then he'd best help them out. They race off to enjoy the party as a few Latin dance bars of the title theme play in the background. #10902 "Shun Gets in the Game" Clifford's sleeping peacefully, but then he starts sniffing and it seems that he's scented something wonderful. He heads over to Daffodil's hutch and asks if she's awake. She responds in the negative, but Clifford insists that she wake up. He tells her that he smells something. Daffodil asks "and," wondering if he has anything more to say. Clifford tells her that it's really nice, but she's not interested and is annoyed that he woke her up so early. Norville shows up at the winter, saying that it's the first day of spring and that's why Clifford's smelling the great smell. He continues on about the greatness of spring, saying that all the birdies are going to be going "tweet, tweet, tweet," causing Daffodil to bury herself in her hutch in annoyance. Emily Elizabeth shows up and says good morning to Clifford and Daffodil. Daffodil just waggles her tail in response. She says that it's the first day of Courtyard Volleyball season. She gets dressed and goes outside. Some time progresses and the game is tied 6-6 when Shun shows up. They invite him to play, but he says that he's never played before. They ask him to join a team anyway, saying they'll teach him how to play. He joins in, but misses a couple of shots and the score becomes 8-6 in favor of the opposing team. Elsewhere, Clifford, Daffodil, Flo, Zo and Norville are all together. Flo and Zo want to play, but Daffodil decides to take a nap. Clifford thinks that they should play volleyball, but they don't have a net. Norville suggests that they play a game called "wall-hit-ball." He claims that it's the perfect springtime game, but when everyone says that they've never heard of it, he has to admit that he just made it up. So they all start playing, hitting the ball against the wall and basically just having fun. Back at volleyball, Evan tells Shun that he's doing great, but Shun doesn't seem to think so. It comes time for Shun to serve the ball, but he fails to get it over the net. They encourage him to try again because you get two tries, but Shun says that he hears his Mom calling him for dinner. He leaves quickly and everyone agrees that it's weird since it's not anywhere close to dinnertime, but they do agree that they're getting hungry and so they break for lunch. Emily Elizabeth sits down for a nice, large bowl of spaghetti and then Shun shows up. He asks Emily Elizabeth if she wants to play checkers, but Emily Elizabeth says that she wants to continue the volleyball game. She asks Shun to come back, but Shun says that he has to do his homework. When Emily Elizabeth questions him about the checkers, he claims that he's doing an extra-credit report about checkers. While this is happening, the wall-hit-ball game continues and Norville is really getting into it, calling the action like a sports radio commentator. Later, Shun watches the volleyballl game from his window and plays his flute. He goes over to his seahorses and talks about how much fun everyone seems to be having. He decides to go back outside, if only for the fresh air. His friends ask him to come back to the game, but he shows them his fingers, which are bandaged and claims that he hurt them lpaying too much checkers. He heads over to a bench and starts playing his flute. Evan excuses himself from the game and goes over to talk to Shun. He comments about his playing the flute and Shun admits that his fingers aren't really hurt. He also has to admit that his Mom wasn't calling him earlier. They talk and Evan tells Shun that he understands why he doesn't want to join in the game. He says that he's not that great at volleyball either, in fact, he's not that great at a lot of sports. He plays them anyway because he thinks that they're fun and he also gets to spend time with his friends. Shun is touched by this and agrees to come back to the game. As for wall-hit-ball, everyone's still having a lot of fun when Zo stops the game and asks how it is you're supposed to win. Norville sputters, not really sure, but Clifford stops him and says that they should just play for fun. Back at the volleyball game, Shun finally manages to make a play, while Evan messes up one. The game continues and now everyone's having fun.