Clifford's Puppy Days

Season 2 Episode 7

The Big, Big Present / Hanukah Plunder Blunder

Aired Wednesday 7:30 AM Dec 21, 2005 on PBS
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The Big, Big Present / Hanukah Plunder Blunder
"The Big, Big Present"

Flo and Zo are excited about opening a big, big present for Hanukah. Clifford pays a visit to their festivities and they play some fun Hanukah games. All the play, however, causes Mr. Solomon's menorah to be broken. While he goes in search of a new one, Clifford, Flo and Zo try to figure out how to repair the old one.

"Hanukah Plunder Blunder"

Zo loves Hanukah, but is annoyed by having to wait night after night for eight days to get new presents. Temptation gets the better of him and he opens them all. At first he has no problem with it, but then becomes depressed because there are no surprises left. Flo shows what a great sister she is by helping Zo out.moreless

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    • Flo: I'm not gonna have fun unless you're having fun too, Zo.
      Zo: Oh, thanks, Flo. I'm glad you're my sister. You're the best Hanukah present a kitten could ask for.
      Flo: Ah, are you going to keep being mushy, or are you gonna help me open my present.
      Zo: Present! Present!

    • Flo: What's wrong, Zo?
      Zo: You were right, Flo. I spoiled Hanukah by not waiting to open my presents and now I have nothing to look forward to for the whole rest of Hanukah. This isn't any fun.

    • Mr. Solomon: Oh, so it's true what they say about kittens being curious. Someone opened up all his Hanukah presents early.
      Zo: (mews weakly)

    • Jorge: So Flo and Zo said this is the first night of Harmonica.
      Clifford: What's that?
      Jorge: I don't know exactly, but I hope they have enough harmonicas for everyone to play.
      Clifford: Yeah. Me too.

    • Daffodil: In order to be in a tea party, you have to be dainty.
      Jorge: I can be dainty. (gobbles entire plate of doggie doodles) Was that dainty enough for you?
      Daffodil: Not exactly.

    • Clifford: Oh boy. Wearing hats sure makes you itchy. How do people stand them?
      Daffodil: (giggles) I love my big, floppy hat. It matches my ears.

    • Emily Elizabeth: Would you like more tea, Mrs. Daffodil? And would you like another cup, Mr. Clifford?
      Clifford: Ruff ruff.

    • Daffodil: Look around, Clifford. What do you see?
      Clifford: Well, I see all our family. And friends. And we're all together.
      Daffodil: That's right.
      Clifford: (wagging his tail) Oh! Right! And being together with your family and friends during the holidays is really the biggest present of all.

    • Clifford: So, what do you think, Daffodil? Is there any hope?
      Daffodil: Absolutely. Where there's a will, there's a way.

    • Clifford: Hey, I've got a big idea. We'll just put the menorah pieces back together again, like a puzzle.
      Flo: Good thinking, Clifford!
      Zo: We love puzzles.

    • Flo: Look, Zo. A walking Santa hat.
      Zo: That's weird. I didn't know Santa hats could walk.
      Both: Let's get it!

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    • Mr. Solomon: This is gonna be so delicious.
      Clifford: What's Mr. Solomon doing?
      Zo: Oh, he's making potato pancakes called latkes and special Hanukah donuts called sufganiyot.
      Clifford: (slowly) Sufganiyot?
      Flo: Uh huh. They're filled with jelly. Mmm-mmm.

      According to Wikipedia, latkes are a type of potato cake eaten by most of the Jewish population, though not necessarily Jewish in origin. Sufganiyot is the plural of sufganiyah.