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  • Lost and Found / Basketball Blunders

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 13 - 2/22/06

    "Lost and Found"

    Daffodil is missing her stuffed bunny.

    "Basketball Blunders"

    Emily Elizabeth and her friends play against players on Mr. Solomon's wheelchair basketball team.

  • Heroes and Friends / The Cookie Crumbles

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 12 - 2/21/06

    "Heroes and Friends"

    Clifford decides to try and become a hero.

    "The Cookie Crumbles"

    Plans for baking Christmas cookies go awry.

  • Show and Tell / What a Story

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 11 - 2/20/06

    "Show and Tell"

    Emily Elizabeth gives a presentation about Clifford for her class's show-and-tell.

    "What a Story"

    Daffodil tells a story to the Sidarsky children.

  • Clifford's Little Friend / Tricky Business

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 10 - 12/31/05

    "Clifford's Little Friend"

    Clfiford pays a visit to the laundry room and agrees to play with one of the Sidarsky children --- Lewis. The little mouse is happy to have someone to play with out, as he's often left out of the fun and games among his older siblings. However, he begins to feel left out again when Clifford goes off to play a game with Flo, Zo and Jorge.

    "Tricky Business"

    Evan has a new magic kit and he brings it over when he comes to babysit Emily Elizabeth. Emily Elizabeth invites over Nina and when she goes to greet her, Evan practices a trick to make Clifford disappear. It's only a trick, but it seems that Clifford is nowhere to be found, Evan worries that he really did make him disappear.moreless

  • But I Really, Really Saw it! / The Perfect Pancake

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 9 - 12/24/05

    "But I Really, Really Saw it!"

    When Clifford spots several strange things floating in the air, none of his friends believe him except Norville. The others just think he's imagining things, or worse, fibbing. But Clifford's insistence on believing his eyes turns out to be a big help.

    "The Perfect Pancake"

    Mr. Solomon plans to make potato pancakes for Thanksgiving, but it's his first time using his mother's recipe. The kids all volunteer to help, but things don't go as planned. Then, everyone comes up with a great idea for how they can still have pancakes.moreless

  • The Big Surprise / Be My Guest

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 8 - 12/17/05

    "The Big Surprise"

    It's Daffodil's birthday and Emily Elizabeth is putting together a surprise party for her, complete with Daffodil's favorite dessert --- carrot cupcakes with icing. Hearing about this, Clifford decides to put together a surprise party of his own. He decides to just invite a few of their friends, but they all have their own ideas on things to do fort he party. Clifford works hard to put together a great party, but is in for a surprise of his own.

    "Be My Guest"

    Norville becomes Clifford and Emily Elizabeths' houseguest after he injures his wing. At first, Clifford is happy to have him as a guest and tells him about how great it is to be cared for by Emily Elizabeth. He starts, however, to feel left out when it seems like Norville is getting all the attention.moreless

  • The Big, Big Present / Hanukah Plunder Blunder

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 7 - 12/21/05

    "The Big, Big Present"

    Flo and Zo are excited about opening a big, big present for Hanukah. Clifford pays a visit to their festivities and they play some fun Hanukah games. All the play, however, causes Mr. Solomon's menorah to be broken. While he goes in search of a new one, Clifford, Flo and Zo try to figure out how to repair the old one.

    "Hanukah Plunder Blunder"

    Zo loves Hanukah, but is annoyed by having to wait night after night for eight days to get new presents. Temptation gets the better of him and he opens them all. At first he has no problem with it, but then becomes depressed because there are no surprises left. Flo shows what a great sister she is by helping Zo out.moreless

  • Clifford The Scary Puppy / Things That Go Bump

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 6 - 10/26/05

    "Clifford the Scary Puppy"

    Halloween has come and Emily Elizabeth and her friends Nina and Shun get together for trick-or-treating. They've dressed up their animals as well and everyone has fun getting candy and treats. Evan's apartment is the last stop before heading back for the Halloween party and Evan suggests that they're not experiencing all that Halloween has to other. He decides to play some scary tricks to liven things up, but is in for a surprise of his own!

    "Things that Go Bump"

    Emily Elizabeth and her friends are out on another Halloween night attending a sleepout. Mr. Solomon reads from his newest Flo and Zo adventure Scaredy Cats, in which Flo and Zo realize that scary noises they're hearing are imaginary. Clifford, however, starts hearing real noises that sound just like the ones in the book and is scared by them. Norville helps him to see that they're not so scary after all.moreless

  • Celebrating Spring / Garden Delights

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 5 - 9/16/05

    "Celebrating Spring"

    Emily Elizabeth, Nina, Jorge and Clifford watch a newsbit on TV about the local City Restoration Project, which inspires them to do something about the empty lot behind the apartment. They enlist the help of Shun, Evan and Vanessa and get to work creating a garden. However, problems soon arise as there seems to be no solid plan. Everyone ends up getting in each other's way and soon things are actually looking worse than they were when they started.

    "Garden Delights"

    Clifford, Jorge, Flo and Zo watch with interest as Jenny shows Mr. Solomon how a broken willow branch can be planted to grow into a whole new toy. When Flo and Zo end up breaking one of their toys, he ends up hearing about the willow and comes up with an intriguing idea. He suggests that the toy could be planted, along with some of everyone else's broken toys and then that would repair them. They're not sure at first, but decide to give it a go. However, things get out of control and Shun and Clifford come down to stop them going crazy with the hose. When they see the broken toys, it gives them another new idea.moreless

  • Sandcastle Hassle / School Daze

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 4 - 9/15/05

    "Sandcastle Hassle"

    Emily Elizabeth, Nina, their families and dogs are taking a day-trip to the beach. Emily Elizabeth and Nina are entering a sand-castle competition and Jorge and Clifford are eager to help out --- it should be a fun time! The stakes are raised, however, when a dog named Jack says that he's sure his owners will win. Pretty soon, Clifford and Jorge are engaging in displays of one-upmanship that leave Nina and Emily Elizabeth quite puzzled.

    "School Daze"

    It's back-to-school for Emily Elizabeth and Clifford is going to miss her --- he wishes he could go to school too. His friends suggest that perhaps they all could --- they'll create their own school. They soon find that for the most part they want to be teachers and only Clifford wants to be a student. The next thing he knows, he's being dragged back-and-forth from lesson-to-lesson, getting tired out and not sticking in one spot long enough to learn much of anything.moreless

  • Puppy Dog Power / Extra! Extra!

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 3 - 9/14/05

    "Puppy Dog Power"

    Clifford and Jorge meet a new friend named Bobby at the dog park who's a rather big dog compared to their small puppy size. He's a playful puppy like them, but Clifford is a bit intimidated. Jorge assures Clifford that big dogs are big fun, but it turns out that Bobby plays rather rough for them. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, they try things such as faking being sick in order to get out of playing with him.

    "Extra! Extra!"

    Emily Elizabeth and her friends have decided to create a newspaper and promise to deliver copies of it to people in the apartment and around the neighborhood before dinner. After trying to figure just what exactly is news, they all go out searching for stories and snapping photographs. When they get back together, however, they worry that they don't have any stories that would be good for a newspaper.moreless

  • Finders Keepers? / You're Famous!

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 2 - 9/13/05

    "Finders Keepers?"

    Emily Elizabeth, Nina and Shun are out playing kickball, while Jorge is teaching Clifford how to bury a bone. When the three friends lose the kickball, they end up finding a basketball and Nina declares that they can keep it, saying that it's "Finders Keepers." Clifford and Jorge consider this and Jorge especially seems to agree with this logic. When he finds a shark-tooth necklace, he keeps it, even after finding out that it actually belongs to Shun. Clifford feels this isn't right, but wonders how to tell his friend that's he wrong.

    "You're Famous!"

    While attending a carnival, Nina and Jorge unwittingly strike a great pose and before they know it, their picture is in papers around the nation. Suddenly they're the "hot dog duo" and enjoying all the benefits of fame --- free hot dogs, adoring crowds and signing autographs. Jorge even manages to enlist Clifford as his "assistant," depsite loud complaints about this from Daffodil. Nina and Jorge become completely absorbed in their fame, cutting off ties to the activities they used to enjoy. Then, one day, they head out and find that nobody seems to be noticing them anymore.moreless

  • Small Packages / Clifford's Magic Lamp

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 1 - 9/12/05

    "Small Packages"

    It's a nice day outside, so Emily Elizabeth decides to take Clifford to the dog park, where there are lots of dogs to play with. It seems like it should be a fun time, but a series of incidents leave Clifford lamenting how small he is. No matter what he does --- from hopping over an obstacle course or trying to get a dog biscuit, it seems like he needs his friends' help because he's too small. His friends help him to see that he isn't the only with such problems --- Jorge's length causes him difficulties, Norville's feathers are maintenance problem and Daffodil's big ears get in her way. Clifford learns that sometimes things that cause problems can also be the same things that make one special.

    "Clifford's Magic Lamp"

    After Emily Elizabeth reads Clifford the story of Aladdin, he rushes to tell it to his friends. Norville shows up, saying that he knows where to find a magic lamp just like the one in the story. While he flies off to search for it, Clifford, Jorge and Daffodil fantasize about their dream wishes. Jorge wishes for mountains of tacos and burritos, Daffodil for a quiet patch full of cloves and Clifford wishes to fly high in the sky with Emily Elizabeth. But when they realize that the genie only grants three wishes, they begin to wonder if they could live without theirs.moreless

  • The Halloween Bandit / An Honest Spin

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 25 - 2/17/05

    "The Halloween Bandit"

    Clifford, Emily Elizabeth and friends take part in a neighborhood Halloween party. Emily Elizabeth has some trouble deciding on Clifford's costume, but Clifford finally comes up with it himself. Then strange things start happening --- peoples' food disappearing and a treats table being wrecked. The evidence seems to point to Clifford, but Emily Elizabeth and his friends stand by him.

    "An Honest Spin"

    Clifford plays with Daffodil's spinning top toy without permission and then ends up breaking it. He wants to tell Daffodil right away, but Norville suggests that he wait and see if he can get Emily Elizabeth to fix it. Then, Daffodil wakes up and Clifford and Norville begin a web of deception to to try to keep her from finding out about the broken top.moreless

  • Lights, Camera, Action / Basketball Babysitter

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 24 - 2/16/05

    "Lights, Camera, Action"

    Ken Burns pays a visit to the class of Emily Elizabeth and her friends, explaining that he's at work on a documentary about pets. He's been invited as a guest to the class because the class project is for everyone to group into teams and make their own documentaries. Emily Elizabeth, Nina and Shun get their first turn with the class video camera and decide to make a video about the people in their neighborhood. They get so caught up in the roles of cameraperson, producer and interviewer that are assigned to them that at first they have trouble creating a meaningful documentary.

    "Basketball Babysitter"

    Evan receives tickets from Coach Harris to go see a basketball game featuring his favorite player --- Alan Houston. Once at the game, he gets to actually meet Alan Houston, but then is asked to watch over Houston's little daughter Remie and her puppy, Hoops. Evan is glad to do it, but finds it very hard to concentrate on the game. Still, he finds it worth it in the end.moreless

  • Adopt-A-Pup / Jokes on You

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 23 - 2/15/05


    There's a neighborhood street fair being held in Emily Elizabeth's neighborhood and Clifford gets to come along as Emily Elizabeth and Evan help out Mrs. Howard with the Adopt-A-Pup booth. These are all dogs from the animal shelter who haven't yet been adopted. Clifford makes friends with a small, pink poodle named Teacup who never seems to have any chance at being adopted because she's too small to even be noticed. Clifford sympathizes and vows to help her find an owner.

    "Jokes on You"

    Emily Elizabeth, Shun and Nina all have some fun and crazy jokes for Wacky Wednesday at school. From the beginning, Nina seems to want to be the very best --- the Queen of Wacky Wednesday. But her gags continue outside school and start to become annoying rather than funny.moreless

  • Grooming Gloom / The Letter

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 22 - 9/22/04

    "Grooming Gloom"

    Jorge is excited about his first-ever visit to the grooming shop with Nina until Norville's misinformed ramblings convince him the experience is something to fear. His friends try everything from giving him their own makeover to having him hide, until Daffodil takes the matter into her own paws.

    "The Letter"

    Emily Elizabeth and Evan are on their way to a concert of one of their favorite bands, the Pogo Sticks. They spot Mr. Solomon, who has a bad cold and is trying to get to the post office to mail a letter. They agree to help out by taking it for him and end up helping a lot more people along the way.moreless

  • Moving On / Fair is Fair

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 21 - 9/15/04

    "Moving On"

    Due to the birth of their new son ("Oh, Brother") and their growing children, the Sidarskys are moving into a new, bigger mouse hole. It's just around the corner and Clifford offers to help them move a rather large heirloom - a family clock that helps lull the baby to sleep. Called away for lunch, he finds that various distractions keep him from getting back to help out in time.

    "Fair is Fair"

    Emily Elizabeth and Nina are excited to hear about their favorite author, Marjorie Maxwell, coming to the city fair to sign copies of the newest book in her Sarah Solver mystery series. ("My Blanky" & "Share and Share Alike") They're also excited to volunteer to read picture books to little kids, so long as they can finish up in time for the book signing. When their relief doesn't show up on time, they're forced to come up with a creative solution to keep things going, and are rewarded for their responsibility and creativity.moreless

  • Oh, Brother / Up, Up & Oops

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 20 - 9/10/04

    "Oh, Brother"

    There's a new baby mouse in the Sidarsky family and Lucy is feeling a bit left out. To cheer her up, Daffodil tells her the tale of when Clifford first became a part of the Howard family.

    "Up, Up & Oops"

    After Emily Elizabeth, Nina and Shun spot some kites in the store, the storekeeper encourages them to join him for Kite-Flying Day. Shun spots a book on how to make kites and the three decide that they'll all design their own. Emily Elizabeth and Nina have big plans, but find that their kites aren't working when they don't follow the instructions in the book.moreless

  • Fall Feast / Norville's New Game

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 19 - 9/9/04

    "Fall Feast"

    Clifford, Emily Elizabeth, Daffodil and the family are all headed to the train station for Fall Feast. They enjoy this tradition every year with their grandparents and it's going to be Clifford's first time. Bad weather forces a change in plans, but everyone still enjoys the celebration in the company of friends.

    "Norville's New Game"

    On a bright morning day, Clifford wants to play ball games with Daffodil, while she just wants to sleep. After hearing about the prospect of a bouncy game, she joins Clifford, Norville, Jorge, Flo and Zo in the courtyard. The game comes to an abrupt end when the hopscotch lines are ruined, but Norville invents a new game. Unfortunately, his ever-changing rules and refusal to play fair threaten to spoil things for everyone.moreless

  • A Promise is a Promise / Share and Share Alike

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 18 - 9/8/04

    "A Promise is a Promise"

    Emily Elizabeth is learning how to skate for the first time. She's ready to learn with a skating book she checked out from the library. She's then offered something better --- skating Elizabeth's from her friend Evan. Unfortunately, it looks like she might be skating alone after all when Evan ducks out to play basketball instead.

    "Share and Share Alike"

    Emily Elizabeth, Shun and Nina get involved in a drive to collect books for the library. As they make their rounds, they find a lot more shared with them than just books. Unfortunately, Nina can't take part after waking up with a bad cold, but Emily Elizabeth and Shun find a way to include her after appreciating the value of her careful preparations for their journey.moreless

  • Time Out / Sniff, Sniff

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 17 - 9/7/04

    "Time Out"

    With Nina's super-scheduled life, Jorge begins to feel as she doesn't play with him enough. He concocts a plan to have her all to himself, but finds that it doesn't work so well.

    "Sniff, Sniff"

    Emily Elizabeth gets a bad cold and Clifford is determined to make her feel better. He tries a number of activities after hearing that it would be a good idea to keep her busy.moreless

  • My Blanky / With Friends Like You

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 16 - 9/6/04

    "Mr. Blanky"

    During a sleepover, Emily Elizabeth lets out a secret to a friend. It's a big deal to her, but the secret gets out and soon it seems like everyone knows. Emily Elizabeth is completely embarrassed and her friend finds that though it doesn't seem like a big deal; it's something she has to take seriously.

    "With Friends Like You"

    When Clifford helps out a friend in a sticky situation, he finds that he now has an overbearing helper. At first, he enjoys the attention and treats, but then starts to find it a bit annoying. However, he's not sure how to say this without feelings getting hurt.moreless

  • Your Secret Valentine / Perfect Pet

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 15 - 2/20/04

    "Your Secret Valentine"

    When Clifford learns that Valentine's Day can be a great day to make new friends, he tries to befriend a small, yellow puppy by getting her to be her Valentine. Norville thinks that the best way to do would be through fancy tricks, so Clifford tries this, with disastrous results. Even thinking small doesn't help and Clifford learns a lesson about being himself.

    "Perfect Pet"

    Shun knows that he's good with animals and now his Mom has finally given him permission to get a pet. Clifford and his friends catch word of this and decide to try to campaign to get him to select the type of pet that they are as his new pet. Their antics disturb his quiet studying, leading him to think that maybe it would be best if he didn't get a pet at all. Meanwhile, the animals learn that if they work together, they can still help out their friend.moreless

  • Best Nest / Practice Makes Perfect

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 14 - 2/19/04

    "The Best Nest"

    On a heavily windy day, things are being blown all over the place, including Norville's nest to parts unknown. A search for it comes up empty and Norville takes to the skies to look all over for it. His furry friends decide to try to help out by making him a new nest, but run into problems with bossiness and uncaring behavior.

    "Practice Makes Perfect"

    Emily Elizabeth has been helping Mr. Solomon with a presentation of one of his art books and he graciously offers to tutor in her painting. She's excited by it at first and invites Nina to join in. Nina picks up painting quickly, while Emily Elizabeth worries that her paintings aren't any good and that she should give up art.moreless

  • Hoop Dreams / Doggie Duds

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 13 - 2/18/04

    "Hoop Dreams"

    Evan has been practicing hard at basketball and his practice pays off - he makes it onto the school basketball team. In is first game, he is on the bench at the start, but soon called to join in. After repeatedly falling and getting blocked due to his short-size, some inspiration from Clifford gives him ideas on to use his size to his advantage.

    "Doggie Duds"

    Nina has been learning knitting from her abuela (grandmother) and has knitted two handsome sweaters for her and Jorge to wear together for a family portrait. Jorge likes the sweater, but doesn't treat it with the care it deserves and it ends up getting a huge rip. He tries to hide what happened, but the plan fails when the situation gets even worse.moreless

  • Sing a Song Norville / Tell Me a Tale

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 12 - 2/17/04

    "Sing-a-Song Norville"

    Norville isn't a songbird, but hearing the singing of other birds makes him want to sing too. Clifford encourages him to pursue his dream, but it soon causes a big problem. Norville's singing is not only excessively loud, he tries to sing all the time, disturbing his friends and the entire neighborhood when they're trying to sing and play.

    "Tell Me a Tale"

    Emily Elizabeth and Nina are bored stiff inside when a big snowstorm keeps them from having fun in the snow. Shun shows up and tries to capture their interest with a tale from Japan his Gtrandma told him. At first, Nina isn't that interested, but as the tale grows more intense, she finds herself invested in the outcome, even after the snow has stopped falling.moreless

  • Clifford's Winter Spirit / Flo Motion

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 10 - 12/31/03

    "Clifford's Winter Spirit"

    Norville is excited about the first day of winter and wants to have snow fun with his friends outside, but finds that they're all busy inside celebrating first-snowfall traditions. As each declines his invitation to come outside, he fibs at having his own winter traditions, but soon ends up lonely outside by himself. It's up to his friends to realize that he's feeling lonely and find a way to bring their traditions outside to him.

    "Flo Motion"

    Flo is a great athlete, but when Jorge gets everyone playing a bouncing game with a new beanbag toy of his, she finds that she's not very good at it. She's disappointed and tries playing alone by herself, but soon decides that it's not any fun playing games like freeze-tag or hide-and-seek by herself.moreless

  • Something Special / Shun Gets in the Game

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 12/24/03

    "Something Special"

    Nina and her family are putting on a Cinco de Mayo party and when Emily Elizabeth compliments a dress Nina made for her Mom, Nina tells her about her Mom says that everyone has a "something special" that they're good at. Clifford overhears this and decides that he should use his "something special" to try and help get things set up for the party. Unfortunately, he has no idea what his "something special" is and when it seems like there's nothing he can do to help, he wonders if maybe he doesn't have one.

    "Shun Gets in the Game"

    On the first day of spring, Emily Elizabeth is eager to get up, get dressed and play in the first day of Courtyard Volleyball. Shun, new to the neighborhood, doesn't know how to play, so Emily Elizabeth invites him to join in and learn. When it seems to him like he's not a very good player, he starts making excuses to try to get out of the game. Meanwhile, Clifford and his friends are also looking for fun and take part in a game created by Norville: wall-hit-ball, a wacky game that's fun to play but seemingly has no solid rules.moreless

  • Nina's Perfect Party / Just the Right Size

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 12/17/03

    "Nina's Perfect Party"

    Nina's birthday is coming and she's set up the perfect party plan. She's going to do it at a t-shirt shop, with all sorts of balloons and painting t-shirts and more. Unfortunately, on the day of the party, it turns out that a burst pipe has flooded the entire place. She's really disappointed, but Emily Elizabeth has an idea to fix things.

    "Just the Right Size"

    Clifford's excited about Emily Elizabeth's ballet recital, but when Mrs. Howard can't find her car keys, it looks like they might not be going anywhere. Daffodil immediately launches a search, but when Clifford tries to help, she tells him he can't help because he's too small. Encouraged by Norville, Clifford won't give up. He keeps on trying, feeling that there is something he can do to help.moreless

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