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  • Season 4
    • Cabin B-13
      Cabin B-13
      Episode 37
      Shortly after Ann and Robert Brewster board a luxury liner for their honeymoon cruise, Robert disappears with the fortune he received as a wedding present from Ann. Ann reports her husband's disappearance to the captain. To her astonishment he informs her that there is no record of either herself or her husband as passengers, and that the cabin number she has given is non-existent.moreless
    • House of Doubt
      House of Doubt
      Episode 36
      When she loses her job, Gwen Dacres seeks economical lodgings in a boarding house run by a mysterious old woman, Mrs. Garr. Strange noises and incidents disturb Gwen's peace of mind. Gwen is attacked and Mrs. Garr disappears and is later found dead. Gwen starts to investigate and uncovers a twenty year old mystery.moreless
    • Spider Web
      Spider Web
      Episode 35
      José Aragon, wealthy Texas cattleman, is on a cattle-buying expedition on the Mexican border. After a gueling day looking over the stock, Aragon returns to his hotel, tired and dirty. A beautiful young woman sees Aragon enter the hotel, and, because of his unkempt appearance, believes he is one of the local peasants. She approaches him and asks him to do her a favor. Amused when she offers him five dollars for the errand, Aragon consents to cross the border and pick up a package for her.moreless
    • The Push-Button Giant
      A music promoter is making his daily rounds when he meets an attractive young singer in a recording executive's waiting room. He passes himself off as her manager and begins climbing to the top of the music world.
    • Time of the Hanging
      In Texas, during the 1880's, cattlemen resent the intrusion of homesteaders on their grazing lands. When cattleman Mannon Tate's brother is sentenced to hang for the murder of a homesteader, Tate makes a desperate attempt to prevent the execution. Believing the sheriff is allied with the farmers, Tate takes him and his wife hostage.moreless
    • The Disappearance of Daphne
      A young heiress marries a dancer after a whirlwind courtship but soon comes to suspect he's responsible for the mysterious disappearance of his former dancing partner.
    • The Big Success
      The Big Success
      Episode 31
      Leo Carson a businessman who worked his way up from machinist's helper to owner of a million-dollar business. He realizes too late that the important things in life, his family have chosen destructive lifestyles and his own mistakes have caused harm to everyone else.
    • Deadly Tattoo
      Deadly Tattoo
      Episode 30
      A detective whose wife lost the power of speech after a polio attack is assigned to investigate a series of murders in which the killer left a heart-shaped tattoo on each of his victims.
    • Shooting for the Moon
      Engineer Frank Colby and his staff have developed a nose cone capable of launching into outer space.
    • The Volcano Seat
      The Volcano Seat
      Episode 28
      This true story involving the crew of an in-air refueling operation for Air Force bombers who take a training team on a dangerous mission. RAF Flight Lieutenant MacKenzie Barton is assigned to an American Air Force base as a result of an exchange of pilots between the RAF and the U.S. Air Force. Barton receives orders to pilot an Air Force tanker--a plane which is capable of refueling jet bombers in mid-air. But in trying to gain the confidence of the American crew members, Barton encounters only resentment. The story is based on an actual experience.moreless
    • On the Take
      On the Take
      Episode 27
      In trying to clean up the local bookmakers, the Washington, D.C. Police department becomes convinced that members of the force are accepting payoff money. Lt. Todd Thoman is assigned the task of discovering the crooked cops.
    • The Great World and Timothy Colt
      A large Manhattan law firm hires the tireless dedicated Timothy Colt, the young lawyer. As he rises in the firm the opportunity to see the conflict between ethics and ambition are upon him. His disillusionment and the constant dishonesty shakes him to his foundations of belief against the bitter cynical conquest of his new great world.moreless
    • So Deadly My Love
      So Deadly My Love
      Episode 25
      While on a date with her boyfriend a woman runs into her erratic estranged husband. Later that night two ruffians beat up the boyfriend and kidnap the woman.
    • The Thief With the Big Blue Eyes
      An American actor and his wife vacationing in Rome, come upon an Italian street urchin who appoints himself their guardian angel and after awhile begins trying to cajole them into adopting him permanently.
    • Albert Anastasia, His Life and Death
      The story of Murder Inc. and the 1957 barber shop rub-out of mob czar Albert Anastasia. Anastasia had an appeal that belied his reputation for brutality and impetuosity. He had a sense of confidence and presence, and because he was so sure of himself he was at ease with other people.moreless
    • The Secret Love of Johnny Spain
      Four days before his movie is to be released, singing idol Johnny Spain is killed in an airplane crash. His press agent decides he must dig up some publicity to make the up-coming movie pay-off. He pressures Julie, a young starlet, to pose as Spain's secret love.
    • Four Hours in White
      Trapped in a crossfire of human emotions, a hospital chief surgeon fights his own conscience to decide the fate of two men. He must weigh the possible sacrifice of one life for another. Drawing on years of experience, he defies the pressures of time and personal fear to face one crucial moment of judgment.moreless
    • Burst of Fire
      Burst of Fire
      Episode 20
      A singer orders a copy made of an antique cross for an old friend of hers, a priest. While she is in the jewelry store to pick up the cross, the store is held up by a masked gunman who steals the cross and makes his escape. The thief resembles the priest's brother. Then the third brother, a policeman, is assigned to investigate the case.moreless
    • Sound of the Moon
      Sound of the Moon
      Episode 19
      An airline hostess faces a personal crisis on a coast-to-coast flight and appeals for help to a doctor on the plane but he claims he's too busy to help her.
    • Thieves of Tokyo
      Thieves of Tokyo
      Episode 18
      An undercover agent investigating a black-market ring in Tokyo runs across a murder. Then his American girlfriend becomes upset when he begins to date a Japanese dancer.
    • Scream in Silence
      Scream in Silence
      Episode 17
      A medical student tries to help his next-door neighbor, who has become depressed after losing several jobs. When she awakens after a blackout with a gun in her hand, she's convinced that she killed the man.
    • Shadow of a Memory
      Shadow of a Memory
      Episode 16
      A woman returns to the cottage owned by her late husband and tries to settle in, but a body is discovered in the living room and she is accused of murder.
    • To Walk the Night
      To Walk the Night
      Episode 15
      On a snowy Christmas eve, police detective Ed Brooks hopes to be able to get away early. But a call comes in that a prowler, who has murdered several women, has struck again.
    • Hurricane Diane
      Hurricane Diane
      Episode 14
      A group of people seeking shelter from a flood at a rundown Southern hotel are a man accused of murder, the deputy sheriff to whom he's handcuffed, a compassionate young social worker, a preacher, and the hotel owner's disturbed wife who claims she's a countess.
    • The Devil's Brood
      The Devil's Brood
      Episode 13
      A blackmailer follows two fugitives that are hoping to find a new start in life on a sheep ranch.
    • Murder Has A Deadline
      A ruthless gossip columnist receives threatening letters and asks for police protection. He suffers a severe panic attack and barricades himself in his apartment.
    • A Matter Of Life and Death
      A man wakes up with a hangover one morning and thinks he may have killed someone. All he can remember is standing over a body holding a broken bottle in his hand. His girl believes his innocence and helps him try to prove it.
    • Two Tests on Tuesday
      A college professor tries to help an ex-GI with a history of mental illness whose anxiety over low grades caused him to cheat on his final exam.
    • Keep Me In Mind
      Keep Me In Mind
      Episode 9
      A Las Vegas lounge singer with a reputation for publicity stunts claims to have seen a man wanted for murder, no one believes him - except the murderer believes him.
    • Tunnel of Fear
      Tunnel of Fear
      Episode 8

      A veteran sandhog suffering from Caisson's disease violently opposes his son's plan to quit college and pursue his father's occupation.

    • The Largest City in Captivity
      An American newspaperman in West Berlin and an East German freedom fighter in the anti-Soviet underground not only bear a striking resemblance but are in love with the same woman, in whose apartment the freedom fighter takes refuge after being wounded.
    • Mask For The Devil
      A man invites the invalid widow of a man he accidentally killed to live with himself and his wife, unaware that her facade fragile gentleness is an act in order to destroy his marriage.
    • Jacob and the Angels
      A lawyer's career has been damaged by alcoholism tries to redeem himself by defending a man accused of murder.
    • Along Came a Spider
      A woman is leaving her house to meet her daughter at the airport. A psychoanalyst receives a phone call from one of her patients who tells her he's just killed a man. When the two women return home the patient, who is waiting for them, pulls a gun, forces the daughter into a room and locks the door.moreless
    • The Necessary Evil
      A man with the reputation of a fast gun turns up in a small New Mexico community, the townspeople including the man's son want no part of him. Then two brothers bent on revenge on the gunfighter ride into town.
    • The Secret of the Red Room
      At the turn of the century, a young woman is about to come into an inheritance, she extends an invitation to a man who had befriended her as a schoolgirl in Europe. Though seriously ill when he arrives, after being placed in the home's red room he unaccountably begins to regain his health.moreless
    • Trial By Fire
      Trial By Fire
      Episode 1
      When a small town near Los Angeles is almost destroyed by fire, a newspaper editor discloses a note from a 13-year-old boy threatening arson.
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