Climax! - Season 2

CBS (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • Dark Wall
    Dark Wall
    Episode 45
    An extreme form of disassociative reaction to stress in which two or more separate personalities exist. The person may shift from one personality to another, which is often very different. Each personality has no memories of the other's thoughts and actions.
  • Throw Away the Cane
    Throw Away the Cane
    Episode 44
    A popular singer who supports his entire family returns to his home town for a visit and falls for the girlfriend of his twin brother, an aspiring concert pianist.
  • The 78th Floor
    The 78th Floor
    Episode 43
    A plane is about to strike the Empire State Building on a foggy day. In one office a blind businessman is writing a suicide note to his wife, while in the other office a young man is trying to persuade his fiancee to help him rob the firm she works for so they can be married.moreless
  • No Right to Kill
    No Right to Kill
    Episode 42
    In this update of Dostoevski's "Crime and Punishment", a young, starving writer tests his theory that some people are above moral law. After murdering a pawn broker, he attracts the attention of the police with his compulsion to keep returning to the crime scene.
  • Child Of The Wind
    Child Of The Wind
    Episode 41
    The ghost of an unborn child haunts a mansion on an isolated island in South Carolina and a woman's strange obsession weaves a pattern of destruction for those around her.
  • The Man Who Lost His Head
    A sailor collapses on the estate of a wealthy Englishman in the Orient. When he comes to he is offered a strange bargain in exchange for his life.
  • Fury At Dawn
    Fury At Dawn
    Episode 39
    When an atomic bomb mounted on a 200-foot-tall steel tower fails to detonate, a veteran nuclear physicist and his aides have to climb the rickety tower to disarm the bomb.
  • Fear is the Hunter
    Fear is the Hunter
    Episode 38
    A man comes to the town of Brewster for car repairs. He is told to leave because the ruthless man who runs the town looks on any stranger as his potential murderer.
  • Phone Call For Matthew Quade
    A retired construction firm executive seeks a respite from enforced idleness and oncoming old age. While waiting for a phone call that will confirm or deny his request for a job back at his old firm, Matthew Quade relives his past.
  • A Trophy For Howard Davenport
    A Babe Ruth League team is perpetually in last place because its compassionate manager tends to pick youngsters no other team wants. When the team has a chance to place in the finals, he turns down a boy's plea to pitch in the big game and the boy then runs away from home.moreless
  • The Circular Staircase
    A middle aged spinster decides to go to the country for the summer with her friend. They end up becoming involved in a murder mystery.
  • To Scream at Midnight
    After being left for another woman, a wealthy young woman suffers a breakdown and is placed in a sanitarium. Her doctor becomes suspicious when the ex reappears and claims he wants to marry her.
  • Faceless Adversary
    Faceless Adversary
    Episode 33
    A man suspected of a young woman's murder denies even knowing her and claims he's being framed.
  • Figures in Clay
    Figures in Clay
    Episode 32
    After an old man is charged with murder, an attorney finds that his partner believes he took the case for publicity reasons.
  • The Shadow of Evil
    The Shadow of Evil
    Episode 31
    The young woman is investigated seems her boyfriends brother is the head of a Rome narcotics ring and when she arrives from the United States she has an investigator at her heels.
  • Flame-Out on T-6
    Flame-Out on T-6
    Episode 30
    Ten men are sent to the North Pole in an experiment that tests their survival skills. Equipped with only tents and meager rations, one of the men snaps and destroys their radio, their only way to call for help.
  • The Empty Room Blues
    After the disappearance of her husband with their savings and their son, a woman fears for the child's life but can't convince her friends or the police that the man is a pathological liar.
  • Sit Down With Death
    Sit Down With Death
    Episode 28
    The father of a young man who was shot to death during an elevator accident sets out to prove that his son did not commit suicide but was killed by one of the people trapped in the elevator with him.
  • The Lou Gehrig Story
    Baseball's "Iron Horse," whose brilliant career was ended by a terminal illness, and who struggled valiantly against adversity.
  • Spin Into Darkness
    Spin Into Darkness
    Episode 26
    A woman gambles away the money her pilot husband gave her for the down payment on a plane. She takes a job as nurse to an alcoholic, who gives her $5,000 in her drunken state and later reports to the police that the money was stolen.
  • An Episode of Sparrows
    An 11-year old girl whose home has always been the slums, steals a packet of flower seeds from a playmate. In her search for a small bit of earth in which to grow flowers, she is befriended by a youthful gang leader.
  • Pale Horse, Pale Rider
    A young woman lives in fear that a recurring dream foretells real tragedy. The premonition persists when she falls in love with a young soldier about to leave for overseas duty.
  • The Louella Parsons Story
    The Louella Parsons story, based on incidents in her autobiography "The Gay Illiterate", is a series of flashbacks. Teresa Wright portrays Miss Parson in the drama. As she speaks with the stars the cameras will re-create incidents in her long career. The time span is from the early twenties to 1948. We see Miss Parsons' early days as a newspaper reporter in Chicago. Here she loses her job and departs for New York. In New York she resumes her career, only to be stricken with tuberculosis. When she recovers from her illness, she meets the man who is to become her second husband, and her rise as Hollywood columnist begins. As a climax to tonight's drama, there will be a tribute from the stars of the movie industry.moreless
  • The Sound of Silence
    A priest becomes involved in murder when the killer confesses his crime to him.
  • Nightmare By Day
    Nightmare By Day
    Episode 21
    The parents of a newlywed woman become convinced that their son-in-law has murdered her.
  • The Fifth Wheel
    The Fifth Wheel
    Episode 20
    Two sports-minded priests, off for a fishing holiday, become involved with thieves, a stolen car and stolen money!
  • Gamble on a Thief
    Gamble on a Thief
    Episode 19
    A parole officer makes an effort to help a two-time loser after he has violated his parole conditions.
  • The Secret of River Lane
    The son of a respected lawyer is involved in a case of homicide over the shooting of a schoolmate. The entire town is in an uproar when charges are not brought against the boy immediately for lack of sufficient evidence.
  • The Hanging Judge
    The Hanging Judge
    Episode 17
    One of the most despised men in the legal profession clings tenaciously to the belief that English law is infallible. Because of his fixation he even stands trial for a murder he did not commit.
  • The Prowler
    The Prowler
    Episode 16
    Bored with her life as a rancher's wife, Phyllis' mother-in-law offhandedly suggests the "perfect escape".
  • Bailout at 43,000 Feet
    Three men prepare to test the ejector seat of a jet bomber. As they wait for favorable weather conditions, each reacts differently.
  • The Day They Gave the Babies Away
    While decorating a Christmas tree, narrator Joan Evans recalls the story of the Christmas of her ancestors during the 1860s in Wisconsin. A 12-year old boy becomes the head of his family when both parents die. On Christmas Eve he finds a way to provide homes for his five younger brothers and sisters.moreless
  • The Passport
    The Passport
    Episode 13
    Assigned to Europe shortly after World War II, a correspondent is offered part of a fortune in confiscated gems if he lets a former Nazi officer use his passport.
  • A Man of Taste
    A Man of Taste
    Episode 12
    A cultured Englishman, living in Paris, becomes interested in art for purely mercenary reasons. He sponsors a young artist and goes to great lengths to keep his protege's canvases valuable.
  • Portrait in Celluloid
    Art Shaddick, formerly a writer, now a writer's agent, sits in his gaudy, pretentious office, on the bookcase reposes an Oscar, won by Art for his last picture. That was in 1929. Since then he has gone steadily downhill, shouting all the way. When suddenly a young writer appears with a great script, it is just what Art needs, a golden opportunity to rise again to greatness.moreless
  • A Promise to Murder
    A Promise to Murder
    Episode 10
    At his wealthy aunt's insistence, a rising young London barrister submits to having his palm read. The prophecies come true with alarming accuracy.
  • Scheme to Defraud
    Scheme to Defraud
    Episode 9
    An insurance underwriter and his secretary are both disgruntled over their dull, monotonous routine. They fall in love, and then discover a way to cash in on a $70,000 insurance claim.
  • The Pink Cloud
    The Pink Cloud
    Episode 8
    A former convict returns to New York, seeking the man who committed the crime that landed him in prison.
  • House of Shadows
    House of Shadows
    Episode 7
    According to locals, a niece keeps her elderly uncle locked up as a prisoner in his own home. An artist visiting the area becomes intrigued by the story and decides to investigate for himself.
  • Thin Air
    Thin Air
    Episode 6
    While on a summer vacation, the wife of an advertising executive disappears. His desperate effort to locate her leads to his involvement with dangerous gangsters.
  • Sailor On Horseback
    Author Jack London and his wife return to their San Francisco ranch, spending and entertaining until Jack's sister Charmaine pleads with the couple to act more reasonably.
  • Night of Execution
    Night of Execution
    Episode 4
    A mother watches her cruel and destructive husband continually expose their young son to all kinds of violence. Finally she feels she must take steps to save her son from this sinister influence.
  • Silent Decision
    Silent Decision
    Episode 3
    Franchot Tone plays a surgeon who's told that his wife has been unfaithful. The doctor makes a fateful decision when learning that the patient he's operating on is the smae one who's destroying his marriage.
  • Public Pigeon #1
    Public Pigeon #1
    Episode 2
    Cafeteria worker Rusty is cheated by stock swindlers and winds up in jail, but the crooks have to break him out in order to recover their loot, which was stashed in Rusty's safety deposit box.
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    Huck and Jim once again embark on their adventure-filled trek down the Mississippi .