Climax! - Season 3

CBS (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • Deadly Climate
    Deadly Climate
    Episode 46
    A woman vacationing on an island off the New England coast reports that she witnessed a murder while walking in the woods. No one in the small island town believes her except a reporter who finds a shoe at the scene of the alleged crime.
  • The Stranger Within
    The Stranger Within
    Episode 45
    A man is visiting the sister of a friend of his who was killed in South America. The woman claims she's being poisoned by her doctor stepfather and begs the him to help her.
  • Murder is a Witch
    Murder is a Witch
    Episode 44
    A man meets a woman who tells him she desperately needs money for an operation for her mother and asks him to go along with a friend on a robbery.
  • Trail of Terror
    Trail of Terror
    Episode 43
    A police detective investigating the apparently motiveless murder of a doctor learns that the victim had been trying to contact the relatives of a patient who had died of a rare disease.
  • The Giant Killer
    The Giant Killer
    Episode 42
    A short man is so touchy about his height that he picks a fight at work over it. Things are no better at home as his wife has bought him a pair of elevator shoes.
  • The High Jungle
    The High Jungle
    Episode 41
    A steel tycoon finds that his company is threatened by a younger man who is trying to gain control through the proxy votes of the shareholders. The older man approaches his late partner's widow in an effort to gain her support, but learns that she has already promised to help the young man.moreless
  • Walk a Tightrope
    Walk a Tightrope
    Episode 40
    A man is arrested for murder, claims he was hired by the victim's wife.
  • Payment for Judas
    Payment for Judas
    Episode 39
    A rancher is resisting an unscrupulous railroad agent's efforts to buy him out decides to breaks ranks and sell. The other ranchers turn against him, his wife scorns him and her brother is murdered.
  • False Witness
    False Witness
    Episode 38
    A man dies in an unfortunate accident at an remote hunting lodge. A passing bum who saw the accident threatens to testify that the death was no accident-- unless the widow and her mother give him cash and a home.
  • The Trial of Captain Wirtz
    During the Civil War, thousands of captured Union soldiers were confined in the Andersonville stockade in Georgia. Conditions there were so bad that over 12,000 prisoners died and the infamous reputation of the Andersonville stockade spread. When the war ended, steps were taken to bring to justice those responsible. The trial of Captain Henry Wirz, commandant of the Andersonville prison and the charge--conspiracy to commit atrocities and murder among the prisoners. The Union prosecutor is determined to prove that Wirz himself shot down one of the prisoners.moreless
  • A Taste for Crime
    A Taste for Crime
    Episode 36
    A doctor tries to prove his theory between body chemistry and the criminal mind by joining forces with a hunted fugitive.
  • The Man Who Stole the Bible
    At carnival time in Havana an American salesman rescues an attractive woman from thieves and spends some time with her. Upon returning to his hotel room, he finds it has been ransacked.
  • Mr. Runyon of Broadway
    New York sportswriter Damon Runyon becomes interested in a young boxer and backs him in an upcoming bout which gamblers try to make him throw by involving his wife in a rigged crap game.
  • The Disappearance of Amanda Hale
    An actress plagued with dread before opening night becomes terrorized when an unflattering picture of her is published in the morning paper, her leading man suddenly falls ill, a man follows her on her way to the theater, and she narrowly escapes injury from a falling sandbag.
  • Hand of Evil
    Hand of Evil
    Episode 32
    Poison pen letters threaten the career of a brilliant college instructor whose pregnant wife has just inherited half a million dollars.
  • Bait for the Tiger
    Bait for the Tiger
    Episode 31
    Two swindlers in Italy try to find a woman to pose as a missing countess entitled to an inheritance. Their plans go haywire when one conspirator is driven to murder.
  • Strange Deaths at Burnleigh
    During the turn of the century, Scotland Yard receives letters accusing a doctor of killing his patients. A detective is sent to investigate but is confronted by the townspeople and the doctor's attractive young niece.
  • Avalanche at Devil's Pass
    The passengers on a train are trapped by an avalanche in a mountain pass. On board the train are a possessive woman, the irresponsible playboy she's been following, a man hunting for a drug addict and a conductor awaiting news of the birth of his first child.
  • The Mad Bomber
    The Mad Bomber
    Episode 28
    After the arrest of New York's notorious mad bomber, a new bomber threats to terrorize the city. A detective suspects the bombs are meant for him begins to search through newspaper files in an effort to find a letter with handwriting matching that of the threatening notes he's received.
  • Don't Touch Me
    Don't Touch Me
    Episode 27
    A successful woman designer returns to her small home town in an attempt to ward off an emotional breakdown. She is still tormented by the memory of a murder she witnessed as a child.
  • Strange Sanctuary
    Strange Sanctuary
    Episode 26
    Two bank robbers are on the run and seek refuge at a convent, one of the robbers is wounded.
  • Let It Be Me
    Let It Be Me
    Episode 25
    A recording artist encounters corruption in the industry and tries to overcome the odds to play music.
  • Nine-Day Wonder
    Nine-Day Wonder
    Episode 24
    The parents of a young man's girlfriend refuse to let him see her because his father is a bootlegger. He runs away to the big city and becomes an overnight sensation as a hillbilly singer, then returns home exepecting a celebration.
  • And Don't Ever Come Back
    When a man wrongly convicted of murder is released from prison after the real killer's deathbed confession, a newspaper reporter seeks to learn if the town will accept the ex-convict.
  • The Long Count
    The Long Count
    Episode 22
    When an American boxer is defeated by a French fighter, a beautiful cafe owner tries to help him get out of his depression which threatens his career.
  • Stain of Honor
    Stain of Honor
    Episode 21
    The governor, "Big Man" Brush, was murdered by Frederick Coates. Coates, in turn, was shot while trying to escape. Several years later, the late governor's son, "Little Man" Brush, is running for the same office. He recognizes Coates' son, who's now living under another name, and tells him he plans to use the murder to further his campaign.moreless
  • The Stalker
    The Stalker
    Episode 20
    A businessman who testified against a gangster learns that the criminal is now out of jail. He is concerned for the safety of his family upon learning that another witness at the trial has been murdered.
  • The Trouble at Number 5
    A middle-aged woman takes a job as a wealthy old lady's housekeeper and plots to dispose of her employer.
  • Circle of Destruction
    A ruthless convict breaks out of prison and intimidates his family into helping him.
  • The Gold Dress
    The Gold Dress
    Episode 17
    A wealthy newspaper publisher dies in an accident but comes back to haunt the man who rejected her.
  • Carnival at Midnight
    The elderly owner of a carnival is infatuated with the bareback rider he discovered. She rejects him and his jealousy drives him to murder.
  • Ten Minutes to Curfew
    A paroled convict and a hoodlum are both in love with the same girl. The hoodlum tries to provoke the ex-convict into a violation of his parole.
  • Strange Hostage
    Strange Hostage
    Episode 14
    The kidnapping of a retired doctor by criminals who mistakenly believe him to be wealthy is witnessed by a young boy whose story no one believes.
  • Savage Portrait
    Savage Portrait
    Episode 13
    The loss and failure of a man's one-man show, sets the artist to acquire money in a new way, steal it.
  • The Secret Thread
    The Secret Thread
    Episode 12
    A man discovers a cache of stolen goods in an attic. Injured by falling crates, he is unable to leave and finds himself at the mercy of the leader of the gang that stole the goods.
  • The Chinese Game
    The Chinese Game
    Episode 11
    A newspaper columnist buys an unusual Chinese game at a curio shop. As he plays this game, he sees himself murdering his wife for another woman. He passes this vision off as a bad case of imagination, but the real world turns into a world of terror when he suddenly sees the other woman in the flesh-and-blood form.moreless
  • Night Shriek
    Night Shriek
    Episode 10
    The young bride of a plantation owner is frightened by her husband's violent outbursts of rage and begins to believe the rumors that he is responsible for the death of his first wife, whose body was never found.
  • Flight to Tomorrow
    Flight to Tomorrow
    Episode 9
    One of the partners in a Tangier air charter service masterminds a plot to steal the receipts of a gambling casino by faking a plane crash.
  • Night of the Heat Wave
    A man who served six years in prison for a jewel robbery finds himself and his wife threatened by underworld characters who believe he knows the whereabouts of a missing gem worth $150,000.
  • The Midas Touch
    The Midas Touch
    Episode 7
    The owner of a mine comes to a small South American town to investigate the cave-in which caused his brother's death but the townspeople refuse to co-operate.
  • Journey Into Fear
    Journey Into Fear
    Episode 6
    A munitions expert goes on an arms smuggling mission to Istanbul and becomes a target for Nazi agents.
  • Island in the City
    Island in the City
    Episode 5
    A Puerto Rican detective in the big city tries to keep a youngster from getting into trouble but is suspended from the force for alleged brutality to the boy.
  • The Fog
    The Fog
    Episode 4
    A small town is enveloped by a strange, poisonous fog. The only doctor within reach is an eccentric recluse. In the struggle against death, they start to evaluate their lives.
  • The Garsten Case
    The Garsten Case
    Episode 3
    A husband and wife who are nuclear scientists are working together on a top-secret experiment when she is accidentally exposed to atomic radiation. With only a week to live, she and her husband decide to peform a series of usually fatal experiments in the name of science, with her as the subject.moreless
  • Burst of Violence
    Burst of Violence
    Episode 2
    A Texas rancher against slavery which led him to fight for the Union in the Civil War returns home to find himself despised for betraying the South even by his family.
  • Bury Me Later
    Bury Me Later
    Episode 1
    An elderly farmer who vanished mysteriously was found murdered by an artist who was painting a portrait of the farmer's attractive young wife. The artist suffers from a lapse of memory and has no alibi for the crime.