Clive Anderson Talks Back

Channel 4 (ended 1996)


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  • Clive Anderson was always acerbic. Asked the guests the unusual questions, in fact had unusual guests. Famously asked Jeffrey Archer, "Is there no begining to your talents?" and the infamously short interview with the Bee Gees in his BBC series All Talk.

    One had to question why the Bee Gees would appear on Clive Anderson's show in the first place and quite what they wee expecting. After a number of slightly near the bone remarks and then when it was revealed that one of the band's earlier names was Les Tosseurs, Clive remarked in jest that they would always be always be Tosseurs to him, forcing Barry Gibb to unclip his microphone and storm off-stage saying "You're the tosser, pal". His departure was quickly but not imediately followed by the others, leaving Clive looking rather surprised.

    The same quick-witted teasing style of interviewing guests also led to him having a glass of water poured over his head by the Virgin boss Richard Branson. Clive replied: "I'm used to that. I've flown Virgin."

    Best of all though was the appearance of Peter Cook. Can't remember how the show was advertised but Peter came as four different incarnations, tremendous.
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