Clive Cussler's The Sea Hunters

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Clive Cussler's The Sea Hunters

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Clive Cussler's The Sea Hunters is a mystery documentary TV series developed by the National Geographic Channel and History Television that follows exploring author Clive Cussler, archaeologist James Delgado, and deep-sea divers Mike Fletcher and Warren Fletcher as they take to the seas in hopes of finding the shipwrecks from World War II. Based superficially on Cussler's non-fiction novel, the Sea Hunters, the quartet travel to the far ends of the world in order to take a look at the remnants of an ice-fortified ship carrier, one of the Czarist Russia's most powerful warships, and steel-built liner the Princess Sophia that is considered one of the worst unnecessary maritime tragedies. The series is split into part documentary and part-reenactment as the scenes leading to the ships' ends are portrayed to full effect while Cussler, Delgado, and the Fletchers look at the end result years later.

Previously Aired Episode

AIRED ON 1/1/2002

Season 2 : Episode 14


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    S 2 : Ep 11

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