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"Clone High" is about the clones of historical figures dug up in the '80s, going through the normal teenage angst like the rest of us. Airdates are Canadian, where the series first aired. Also aired in the U.S. on MTV, Monday nights @ 10:30 as part of "The 10 Spot." "Clone High Theme" by Abandoned Pools.
Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan

Joan of Arc, Various

Will Forte

Will Forte

Abe Lincoln/Narrator

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Cleopatra, Various

Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald

Gandhi, Various

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

JFK, Mr. B, Various

Phil Lord

Phil Lord

Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth, Various

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  • This show deserved to be cancelled.

    Wayside is over 9000 times better.
  • need more

    we (the fans) need more clone high we don't care if it's adult swim, teletoon, or comedy we just need more.
  • Historical Accuracy!

    I stumbled upon Clone High recently after hearing tidbits about it from fans of Scrubs and random interviews by the directors of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Whom created the show). So I found the pilot online and literally almost hurt myself laughing.

    Rarely do comedies contain such clever hybrid concepts, all the while maintaining hilarity, genuinely likeable characters and a blistering pace now standard in most comedy shows.

    The show excels the most with its odd ball humor seemingly poking fun at sitcom and teenage drama cliches. Both of these are most present when the show jabs at the "A very special episode", "Previously on" or "Next time" narrated segments, often to episode highlight degree.

    However, I never really felt they managed to top the pilot in the laughs department and with EVERY single episode featuring something tying into Joan constantly pining over Abe, the plot, in my opinion, never explored its genius concept in any huge way. In short, I've never wanted straight filler so bad in my life.

    But with that being said, its short life span didn't really let the show grow and that maybe the biggest sin of omission it committed. Being to darn original to stick around.moreless
  • A very special "Clone High" high school reunion special

    This show was great! I think that those of us who loved it deserve a little closure.

    Give us a reunion, fill us in on what is happening with all of our favourite clones (and what happened after prom!)
  • I watched an episode once, and I loved it. It was too bad that lawyers killed it.

    I loved the show, and like Time Warp Trio and Time Squad, you can easily point out the inaccuracies; sometimes my favorite thing to do is look up the information they had to see if it was right. I liked the Gandhi character, and despite the fact he was portrayed rather negatively, I still liked him. Curse the lawyers, and parent-friendly suing!

    "JFK: Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys!" * his car crashes and he loses* I have to admit, it was offending, but they knew for a fact it was going to be, if it's on MTV anyway.moreless

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