Clone High

Season 1 Episode 3

A.D.D.: The Last 'D' is for Disorder

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Nov 10, 2002 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

The episode began with Ghandi, Abe and Joan sitting at the lunch table. Ghandi is horsing around and sticks fries up his nose. Abe cracks up while Joan scolds him for being a spaz. They are interrupted by Cleo and JFK putting up posters for an Awareness Fair. She points out that the theme this year is "Awareness." She informs the gang that she is opening up an "open-mouth kissing booth." She also tells JFK that he is working the booth as well which angers JFK. JFK also says that he is tired of playing second fiddle to Cleo's dog Mr. Prez. Cleo defends the dog and JFK walks away crying.

Mr. B. and Scudworth are walking down the hall. As they walk down the hall, "The Brat Pack" gives Mr. B. high fives, which makes Scudworth jealous. Scudworth asks Mr. B how he can get closer to the students and Mr. B recommends listening them and not trying to kill them. However, Scudworth thinks the only reason Mr. B. is more well like is because of his sweater.

Abe is walking outside when he sees Cleo sitting on a bench alone. Cleo informs Abe that she has just broken up with JFK. She is upset and doesn't know how she is going to manage the open-mouth kissing booth. Abe volunteers saying, "I love open mouth kissing, its so much more open than close mouth kissing."

Jane who has been watching this from behind a bush hears a voice as she starts to tear up. The voice says, "Don't feel alone, God is always with you." She turns around and sees Ghandi asking if he said something, when Ghandi responds no she realizes that she is hearing voices.

Scudworth, Mr. B. and JFK are all in Scudworth's office. Scudworth tries to use the sweater vest to get JFK to open up to him. It works and Scudworth befriends JFK.

All the students are in a classroom taking a test. Ghandi finishes extremely fast and keeps on figiting. When a greek person asks him to be quiet. When he doesn't stop Mr. Sheepman has to tell him to be quiet. Yet Ghandi can't keep still or quiet. After making a farting noise Ghandi gets kicked out of the class.

Ghandi is taken into Scudworth's office where he still can't stop figiting. Scudworth has Mr. B. analyze him and the results show that Ghandi has ADD and ADHD. Ghandi takes the news pretty hard for about 3 seconds and then gets distracted. The show goes into commercial.

When the show returns a musical group is spreading the word that Ghandi has ADD in song. Along with lots of snapping. Paul Revere finds out and runs around the school spreading around that Ghandi has ADD and that its completely contagious.

Joan goes to Jesus to find out more about Joan of Arc. Jesus explains her story very briefly. Joan explains that she hasn't ever been able to live up to Joan of Arc, but now she is hearing religious voice. She also explains that she is really freaked out about the whole thing. Jesus calms her down. Then Joan realizes the voices are telling her to go to St. Paul's Mattress discounters and she runs off to the store and starts preaching to all of the customers at the store comparing mattresses to God's love.

Ghandi shows up to the dance team and begins to stretch. However, since everyone heard about Ghandi's ADD they want him off the team. Ghandi is then exiled from the rest of the school. As he walks around everyone is talking about him.

The PTA even says they want him out of the school. At the PTA Joan's foster grandfather gives a long monologue without saying anything. After that everyone agrees that Ghandi must be locked up. A mob starts.

Abe and Cleo are eating together at the Grassy Noll restaurant. When Ghandi shows up Cleo tells Abe to get rid of him. She forces Abe to choose between Ghandi or her. Abe chooses Cleo. Ghandi then takes off his matching friendship locket.

The mob is outside and is after Ghandi.

Abe catches up with Ghandi while he's painting. Abe offers Ghandi some fries but Ghandi turns them down. Abe explained the reason he didn't choose Ghandi was because of his condition. Abe gets a call from Cleo and leaves.

As Abe leaves a montage begins. It shows Abe missing Ghandi and all of the good memories that they share. And when he gets to where Cleo is he turns around and decides to go to the ADD clinic instead. When he is in there he sees Tom Green. Tom Green explains how he has ADD and how the way people are treating Ghandi is discrimination.

Scudworth is in his office with JFK. JFK is pouring out his emotions to Scudworth and begins to tell him how hes lost Cleo. When he starts to cry Scudworth is disgusted and kicks him out of his office.

Abe is watching Cleo at the kissing booth sadly. The Joan comes up and starts preaching to him.

In his office, Scudworth is about to drill into the skull of Ghandi. But when Ghandi doesn't resist the operation Scudworth doesn't want to do it because there is no "sport" to it. Ghandi explains that he is lonely and Scudworth explains how principals get lonely as well. Scudworth tells Ghandi to go to the awareness fair and stand up for what is right. When Ghandi leaves Scudworth realizes that he helped Ghandi without the help of the sweater.

Meanwhile, at the fair Joan is still preaching, only now she has a microphone. However, while she's preaching her retainer pops out of her mouth and it starts to put out a radio signal. Joan realizes the voices she had been hearing the whole time was her retainer which was broadcasting a religious radio station.

Ghandi goes to the kissing booth, but Cleo is disgusted with him. Cleo asks Abe to form a mob and get rid of Ghandi. But Abe refuses and instead informs the mob with the help of Tom Green. Tom then tells everyone how being mean to kids with ADD is not cool. However, his speech is spastic. Abe caps off his speech by saying that everyone else is being ignorant. Everyone is still skeptical, so Abe goes up to Ghandi and kisses him. People were so disgusted with Abe kissing another man, that they decided to accept Ghandi and outcast Abe.

Ghandi was let back onto the dance team and the show was finished with him doing a dance routine while Abe tosses Ghandi the friendship locket and Ghandi stuffs it up his nose.