Clone High

Season 1 Episode 9

A Room of One's Clone: The Pie of the Storm

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jan 12, 2003 on TELETOON
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A Room of One's Clone: The Pie of the Storm
The love triangle thickens between Abe, Joan, and Cleo. Joan's house is burned down in a storm and her and her father have to live at Cleo's house. This happens because Joan's father and Cleo's foster mom are dating. Abe tries to get more in touch with his DNA roots by helping people just as Abe Lincoln did. Scudworth get's a robotic dog which makes Mr. B jealous. They have a brief falling out which in the end brings them closer together. The episode also ends in a huge pie fight that everyone is involved in.moreless

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  • very well paced

    To start, this is only the second episode since the pilot that actually move the plot of the series, the first one, of course, being Plane Crazy; Gate Expectations, which makes it a bit of different viewing experience than the regular assortment of pop culture references that put together the episodes.

    A story is hilariously told while at the same time, referencing The Civil War, and including a smashing tribute to British slapstick at the end, complete with pie fights and men in drag.moreless
Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Cleopatra, Various

Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan

Joan of Arc, Various

Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald

Gandhi, Various

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

JFK, Mr. B, Various

Phil Lord

Phil Lord

Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth, Various

Will Forte

Will Forte

Abe Lincoln/Narrator

Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Martin Luther King Jr. , Toots

Recurring Role

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

eCyboPooch, Moses, Pirate, Rich Man

Recurring Role

Andy Dick

Andy Dick


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (31)

    • Joan, Cleo, Gandhi, JFK and the cop run past a Tar Plant, Feather Mill and Banana Peel Outlet before entering the pie factory.

    • It seems E-Cybopooch is not a very good spy: E-Cybopooch was sent to spy on Scudworth, found incriminating evidence, and then tried to kill Scudworth before the board ever verified that Scudworth needed to be killed.

    • It's been suggested that it is a trend among principals to wear yellow, rubber dishwashing gloves. As seen at The Principal's Ball, the only two principals wearing bright yellow gloves are Colonel Principal and Principal Scudworth.

    • Scudworth reveals Mr. Buttlertron's first name is Lynn.

    • Goof: At one point, Abe is blown down and out the window. It would be impossible from his point of view to be able to look up and see Cleo and Joan fighting on his way towards the ground.

    • Goof: Given the trajectory of the cat Cleo threw, it would seem that Cleo was to Abe's right side, while the target Joan would be to Abe's left. However, Joan's flaming object is thrown from Abe's right side, while Cleo's flaming object comes from Abe's left side.

    • Goof: When Joan and Cleo are throwing things at each other, Cleo is wearing her regular white shirt and Joan the HyperColor shirt. When they each set things on fire, Cleo is wearing a brown shirt and Joan is wearing her normal black shirt. After the explosion, they continue fighting, wearing the original sets of clothing.

    • Goof: Abe enters through the window after the bedroom is painted, probably by climbing up a ladder. When he gets blown out the window, the ladder is missing.

    • After Cleo and Joan divide the room, the ceiling and top half are painted dark blue, while the bottom half and the floor are painted gray. Cleo's room is possibly uncarpetted or they remove the carpetting, because it is very hard to paint a carpet, and the floor is painted gray.

    • Goof: Abe leaves to go get Joan and Cleo a pair of smocks, but returns with two buckets of paint.

    • Goof: When Gandhi is spying on Cleo & Joan, it shows a closed curtain blocking his view. A moment later JFK appears, and you can see the silhoutte of a window on the ground, suggesting there are no curtains.

    • The red sweater-vest Mr. Buttlertron wears every day is made out of cloth, like regular clothing. However, for some reason, Mr. Buttlertron's tuxedo is made out of a kind of metal.

    • Goof: When Abe walks into Conflict Mediation Seminar, the blackboard reads Conflicts Are Bad. After Martin Luther King, Jr. passes the egg to Moses, the blackboard goes blank.

    • Storm's a brewin'
      This phrase, or a slight variation, is said 6 times during the whole episode.

    • After Abe is blown out the window of Cleo's bedroom, he falls towards the ground. Right before the commercial, he is about to land headfirst onto the cement. After the commercial, Abe instead lands in a pool.

    • Colonel Principal, from Episode 6, makes an appearance at the Principal's Ball.

    • Cleo: She's like a monkey in every way!
      Right after Cleo tells Abe that Joan is like a monkey, Joan throws something brown at Cleo that looks like feces. Monkeys sometimes throw their feces around. Joan is also swinging around and climbing on top of things like a monkey. Cleo's analogy of Joan being like a monkey is true.

    • Like all characters on Clone High, Cleo is always wearing the same clothes, a white shirt and black dress. However, in all the pictures in her room, her shirt is always pink. Why is she wearing different clothes in the pictures?

    • Goof: When Joan's house burns down, Toots' car is not in the driveway and is probably in the garage. After, when the house is burnt and smoking, the garage door is lying on the ground but there is so sign of the car in the garage.

    • When moving into Cleo's house, Toots comments on how nice it will be that he won't have to drive over everytime he wants to see Cleo's foster-mom. How was a blind Toots able to drive over before?

    • Goof: When Gandhi and JFK are about to fight in the diner, Abe is visible in the background. His hands are empty and his table only has condiments on it. When the camera switches to Abe, he is holding a drink and drinking from a straw.

    • The pink toy sprinkler which Gandhi and JFK are playing in at the end of the episode is the same one Gandhi is playing with in Episode 7.

    • Joan is a vegetarian.

    • Principal Scudworth's first name is Cinnamon.

    • Goof: Outside the Grassy Knoll, it looks very dark and stormy. But from the inside looking out, the sky looks light blue and non-cloudy.

    • At the Grassy Knoll, the flag is at half-mast. It might be to mourn the loss of Joan's house or pre-mourning of Ponce de León.

    • Marie Antoinette aparantly works part time at The Grassy Knoll.

    • Apparantly, Moses had long grey hair and a beard when he was 16.

    • The Principal was the only one scalded because he was the only one to get hit with a "Pot Pie" and the rest were normal pies. A pot pie is usualy served at 3-400 degrees F. with the rest of the pies presumably room temperature to cold.

    • When Joan and Cleo have a pillow fight, they strip down to their bras and panties. Joan's are black and Cleo's are tan. Then Gandhi and JFK go into and out of the house, and they seem to switch clothes with the girls. However, JFK is wearing a dark pink set, and gandhi's wearing a turquoise set.

    • Cell-phone-toting E-Cybopooch's 2400-baud modem is a bit anachronistic.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Abe: Please! My eight-inch Abe wants to talk to you! He's in my pants. C'mon everybody! Let's go out behind this building and I'll show him to you.

    • Cleo: Joan's gone crazy since we divided the room! She's like a monkey in every way!

    • Abe: Storm's a' brewin' my heart. (leans in to kiss)
      Cleo's Foster Mom: Cleopatra, I thought I told you...(mumbles incoherently)
      (Cleo and Abe stare at Cleo's foster mom)

    • Scudworth: Real mature, Mr. Jerkatron!
      Mr. B: Oh, Wesley! At least I'm not a pompus china dog who's evil plans suck the devils ass! That's right Wesley! Find yourself a new best friend!
      Scudworth: Quiet, Mr. B, I'm trying to learn how to use E-Cybopooch. It says if you press A, 9, Space, Pound pound, Space, Clap twice, and press enter, he sits up and barks! So lifelike!
      Mr. B: Lifelike! I can carry on complex conversations with you in two different intonations!

    • Abe: Officially licensed Abraham Lincoln your thing.
      Abraham Lincoln figure: Try the churos!

    • Scudworth: Oh, real mature, Mr. Jerkatron! You know, if I don't spend time with E-cyberpooch, his eyes dim!

    • Toots: Storm's still a'brewing...metaphorically too.

    • Abe: (commenting on Joan and Cleo's plan to paint a dividing line down their room a la ' I Love Lucy ') That sort of thing works out on situation comedies all the time!

    • Scudworth: E-cyberpooch is part of this family and he deserves your E-respect!
      Mr. B: Oh yeah? I wish I was never born into this stupid family!
      Scudworth: Oh, that's it! You're not cooking me dinner tonight!

    • Abe: Girls, girls, please! You know how I feel about conflict. I'm against it! Now, I love you both. One in a completely platonic way, the other with a fiery passion that most people know but once in a lifetime. By the way, that one's not you, Joan... it's Cleo.

    • Joan: (Commenting on Cleo's bedroom) I never thought Hell would be this pink.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The Recurring Dolphin is in Scudworth's office. When Scudworth spins Mr. B. around and lets him go, a dolphin is heard squealing. The dolphin is never seen. Apparently, Mr. B. landed on the dolphin after Scudworth throws him.

    • This episode did not air in the U.S.

  • ALLUSIONS (20)

    • Ford's Theatre
      After the animatronic Abraham Lincoln, the ride enters a section called Ford's Theatre. Ford's theatre is the place where the original Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth.

    • Fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away:
      The animatronic Abraham Lincoln at the amusement park speaks these lines. He is quoting the original Lincoln's second inaugural address, from 1864.

    • A house divided against itself cannot stand:
      Abe: A bedroom divided against itself cannot stand!
      Abe's speech alludes to a similiar speech the original Abreham Lincoln gave in 1858, addressing the issue of slavery dividing the country in half.

    • Xena, Warrior Princess:
      When Joan is acting territorial in Cleo's bedroom, she makes a screeching noise that is similiar to the one that Xena makes in her television show.

    • Broadway Musicals
      When M. B and Scudworth are imagining high class society, one of the shots shows parodies of several Broadway Musicals. Two visible parodies are 'The Zion King' and 'I'm Miserable!'

    • What's Happening!!
      Abe: Hey, hey!
      Abe could be alluding to either the catch phrase of Dwayne Nelson off of 'What's Happening!!'. Or, Abe could be alluding to Fat Albert, who has the same catch phrase as Dwayne.

    • The Price is Right
      Toots: Cleo's drunk foster-mom, come on out here!
      Toots sounds like Ron Roddy off of the game show, The Price is Right. Ron calls down contestants from the audience by asking them to "Come on Down!"

    • Noah's Ark:
      Toots compares Joan's house to Noah's Ark, in terms of being flood-proof. Noah's Ark, from Hebrew scripture, is used during a flood to keep two of each animal alive, while the rest of the world drowned.

    • The Great Race

      The giant pie fight may infact, be a reference to the 1972 Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis movie "The Great Race" which features the largest pie fight ever to be shown in film (over 1000 pies being thrown in all).

    • Jack Ruby When the lady at the restaraunt is talking to JFK, she says that there new smoothie is called Jack Ruby Red Berry Blast. Jack Ruby is the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK's accused assasin.

    • Grassy Knoll: The restaraunt that JFK get into a fight in is called the Grassy Knoll. The Grassy Knoll is an infamous grassy area within the vicinity of the street in Dallas where JFK was shot.

    • Scudworth: Oh, and Lynn, I know which CDs are mine!
      Another reference to Mr. Butlertron being inspired by the main character on the show Mr. Belvedere (Christopher Hewett), who's first name is Lynn.

    • A Room of One's Clone
      The title for this episode was taken from the Virginia Woolf essay titled: "A Room Of One's Own."

    • JFK: Holy Toledo! They're fighting in their skivvies!
      Benny Hill theme-type music starts playing at this point and then Joan and Cleo start chasing JFK and Gandhi like on the Benny Hill Show, after a suitable switching of clothes. The theme music doesn't sound exactly like the Benny Hill theme since I guess the producers don't like paying royalties, same as with the Buffalo Springfield-esque song.

    • Scudworth: (poster) Reserved Dogs
      Scudworth has a poster in his house that says "Reserved Dogs" and shows five men in black suits standing together. Presumably this is a reference to Quentin Tarantino's movie "Reservoir Dogs" in which five well-dressed (and color-coordinated) men attempt a diamond heist.

    • Singer: There's battle lines that bisect / Nobody's correct if everybody's incorrect
      The song that plays as Abe is blown out the window echos of the song "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield, which includes parallel lyrics "There's battle lines being drawn / Nobody's right if everybody's wrong," etc. The song symbolizes the turbulent mood of 1960's youth toward the establishment. This theme also plays during the narrator's monologue at the start of the episode.

    • Cleo: Yankee go home!
      Cleo says "Yankee go home!" to Joan while they are fighting. "Yankee go home" was a slogan from the American Civil War (1861-1865), uttered contemptuously by the South against the North. Joan also says, "Die, Dixie slut!" and then Abe refers to the splitting of the bedroom between North and South (though, really, it should be Up & Down, as North and South are horizontal directions on the surface of the Earth), and echos the original Abe Lincoln saying, "A bedroom divided against itself cannot stand". ("Yankee go home" was also a slogan in Japan to protest the US occupation after WWII.)

    • Cleo:... and here's a musty old HyperColor shirt I found in our dust-rag drawer. I know it's out of style, but you poor people don't care about that sort of thing, right?

      Cleo gives Joan a Generra "HyperColor" mood-reflecting T-shirt. This is why it glows orange when Abe asks Joan how to remove Cleo's bra. This shirt was a fad in the 1980's but fizzled in the early 90's.

    • Head Shadowy Figure: We have a little present for you, Cinnamon. It's a token of our thanks for going one full year without planning your own suspicious plot behind our backs.
      The Evil Board of Shadowy Figures gives Dr. Scudworth a toy robotic dog that's a lot like the Sony Aibo.

    • Mr. B.: I'm walking on sunshine, woah-woah.
      Mr. B. is mechancially singing the chorus to Katrina & The Wave's hit song "Walking on Sunshine".