Clone High

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode Two: Election Blu-Galoo

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Nov 03, 2002 on TELETOON
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Episode Two: Election Blu-Galoo
Abe and JFK square off to the extreme during the school president elections with Abe, back by powerful business interests, seemingly headed for a certain win.

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  • Election Day at Clone High

    This deals with Elections and consumerism.

    You have the clones of two American presidents running against each other. Lincoln cracks a joke eraly on about how he\'s weary to get into politics while sitting in front of a picture of the original Lincoln having his head blown off. Hilarity.

    This episode reminds me a bit of the episode of Daria where the principal leases out the school to a soda company. The Extreme blue is a mockery of mountain dew. The blu is made of pancake batter and blue house paint. But the kids drink it because the company gives them free stuff and sets up extreme stunts.

    Then Joan back stabs lincoln and sets JFK up with a smear campaign of lincoln. Lincoln is said to eat babies.

    Then in the end the president ends up being a dog. Completely rediculous, why I love this showmoreless
  • Go Mailyn!!

    This episode was made great with having Marilyn Manson in it. He is one of my favourite singers and HAIL!!! Clone High is just a awesome show all together. Ghandi with malnurition was awesome a little strange since the dude did go on hunder strikes but hey what ever rocks your boat.
Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Cleopatra, Various

Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan

Joan of Arc, Various

Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald

Gandhi, Various

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

JFK, Mr. B, Various

Phil Lord

Phil Lord

Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth, Various

Will Forte

Will Forte

Abe Lincoln/Narrator

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson


Guest Star

Zach Braff

Zach Braff

X-Stream Mike

Guest Star

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

X-Stream Erin

Guest Star

Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Blushi, Wally, X-Stream Bob

Recurring Role

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • Goof: When Scudworth is standing in his underwear, his body has normal torso-leg proportions, even though in later episodes, his torso is shown to account for roughly 80% of his height.

    • LISTEN HARD: When Cleo removes her shirt during the big debate, you hear her breasts jiggle.

    • This episode shares a strange parallel with Roald Dahl's tale Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:
      In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a small girl named Violet Beauregarde eats a strange blue candy, without knowing of either the ingredients or hazards of eating said candy. Unfortunately, as a result of eating the bonbon, Violet grows huge in size, her skin tints blue, and her body is filled up with blueberry juice.
      In Clone High, a small boy named Mahatma Gandhi eats a strange blue candy, without any knowledge of the ingredients or hazards of eating the candy. Unfortunately, as a direct-result of eating the candy, Gandhi grows huge in size, tints blue, and his body is filled up with Blu-Galoo.

    • Celebrity guests:
      Mena Suvari, actress of American Beauty and two of the American Pie films.
      Marilyn Manson, lead-singer of shock-rock band Marilyn Manson.

    • 'Anti Oxidants and Fibre' break up into letters, forming the word 'Digest' and leaving a bunch of letters behind. Note that the leftover letters and the letters in 'Digest' don't make up the first set of available letters. The 'G' in digest isn't anywhere in 'Anti Oxidants and Fibre'.

    • Cleo keepes changing her shirt, depending on who the crowd is cheering for. When it's Abe, she wears a 'Go Abe' t-shirt, when it's JFK, she wears a 'Go JFK' t-shirt. After Abe reveals his plot, Cleo takes off a 'I (heart) Abe' t-shirt, to reveal a 'I (heart) JFK' t-shirt underneath, and puts the Abe shirt back on when she thinks Abe won. At some points during the debate, and at the end, when the dog has won, Cleo is wearing her normal, white shirt.

    • Abe mentions Dukakis jumping the Snake River Canyon, but he's probably thinking of Evel Knievel. Abe also claims that his stunt will be identical to Snake River Canyon, which would be bad for Abe, because Evel failed the jump and got hurt.

    • Goof: Abe walks straight a couple of feet from the school, and is at the thinking docks. But when the camera shows behind Abe, the school is gone.

    • When JFK suggests a 'dental dam' with Joan, Joan slaps him. Apparently a dental dam involves a sheet of latex, which is used to protect one person's mouth (Joan) of infections from another person's bodily secretions (JFK) during oral sex. Joan was probably very offended by this.

    • This episode reveals two doctors: Marilyn Manson is not just a rock star, he's also a doctor.
      Principal Scudworth is also a doctor as well.

    • The clock in Scudworth's office always shows the same time of 2.25, except in one scene, where the clock shows 11.45. It later returns to it's standard 2.25.

    • Goof: In the previous episode, the rug outside Scudworth's office read 'Welcome Clones'. Now, it's lost the 's', and reads 'Welcome Clone'.

    • Marilyn Manson: Buy American!
      Abe: Well, I guess we did learn that.

      Dr. Manson's line could be interpretted as a double entendre. He could be saying 'Bi-American!', which is probaly how Abe hears it.

    • All the actors who are listed as co-stars in the credits are from NBC's Scrubs.

    • Goof: When Gandhi falls off of the skate ramp slow motion-style, Abe's beard & sideburns change from blue back to the usual black. When we see Abe again, his hair is blue again.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Gandhi: So, Dr. Manson, how does a growing boy like me need to stay alive?
      Marilyn Manson: If there's something I've learned Ghandi, it's that the best way to teach something is through a dumb sounding, bad special effected song!
      (starts singing the food pyramid song)

    • Scudworth: Fine, whatever, this random dog is your new president.

    • JFK: How do I get everyone to like me?
      FDad: Baby, a lot of people liked the original JFK because he was such a caring leader, and he inspired a generation of young people.
      JFK: I thought he was a macho, womanizing stud, who conquered the moon!

    • JFK: You're wet. Allow me to dry you off...With my pants!

    • Food Pyramid Song Marilyn Manson: The ancient pharoas were not too bright they say, But they made one contribution that I live by to this day, It's the food pyramid and it's approved by the USDA. Now grains are the foundation, so please take my advice, Have five to eleven servings of breads, cereals, or rice. Four to six of vegetables and five of fruits is best, Their antioxadents and fibers help you to digest. Three servings of yogurt milk and cheese, Will help your bones and subsidize the cattle industries. A body needs to grow, and growing takes protein, Thats why meat can be a tasty treat like from fish or human beings. When you eat sweets, be sure you try, to limit your servings, or you'll DIE! Everybody! Everyone: My body is a pyramid thats made of healthy food. So do what we say Eat right every day I...Love...You.

    • Gandhi: That looks so good! What's in it?
      Tyler: Great question! Have a T-shirt!
      (Throws a grenade that explodes on Gandhi and Gandhi is wearing a Xtreme Blu t-shirt)
      Gandhi: That totally answers my question!

    • Abe: You know what hurts the most, Joan? This nail I just stepped on. But there's a metaphorical nail in my other foot that hurts the second most, and it's from you backstabbing me. So, maybe instead of the nail metaphor, I should've used a stabbing metaphor, but it's too late for that now isn't it?
      Joan: (softly) I guess it is.
      Abe: Goodbye, Joan. (walks off dock into water, comes back soaking wet) Goodbye, Joan.

    • T.V. announcer: Last year, Abe claimed to be 15. Now, this year, he claims to be 16! Which is it, Abe?

    • Scudworth: Can I have 2 million dollars? You know, for dry eraser markers and such. They got such keen new colors, like kiwi and mango...
      Shadowy Figure: For giggles, I'm going to keep saying no until you turn the TV off. No, no no no, no no...
      (Scudworth turns off TV)

    • Gandhi: Numbers don't lie, dude
      (a number four runs by)
      Number Four: I'm a number five!

    • Dr. Scudworth: Wassup, my fellow students? Raise the roof...raise it!

    • Dr. Scudworth: I've watched the first two-thirds of the MC Hammer Behind the Music, and if there is one thing I learned about money, it's that it never runs out.

    • Abe: (about the Extreme-blue act ) Well, the people weren't won over.
      Joan: Ummmm, Abe...
      Abe: Just give me a few more minutes of denial.

    • JFK: Ask not what your Student Body President can do for you, ask what you can do for your Student Body President's body.

    • Mr. B: Bling, Bling!!

    • Joan: (Abe walks off screen) Abe Lincoln, don't! She's just trying to get attention. And you're falling for it. Ugh! (To herself) It makes me so mad I could kiss you!
      Abe: (Pops his head back on screen) What was that last part?
      Joan: (sheepishly) I'm..I'm sorry, what? No, I..I said ' I..I-I...I could piss... glue! ' in, ah, 'Oh, I'm so angry I could piss glue! '

    • X-BLU Woman: (Hard-rock theme starts) Just sign this legit-ass contract!
      X-BLU Man #1: And totally initial article seven!
      X-BLU MAN #2: My son won't even look me in the eye anymore! (Hard-rock theme stops)

    • Joan: Here's what we're gonna do. (Whispers in JFK's ear) Pss wss wss wss wss wsss... AND THEN pss wss wss wss wss wss.
      JFK: Well, how about (whispers in Joan's ear) Pss wss wss wss wss... DENTAL DAM pss wss wss wss wss wss wss wss.
      JFK: (Joan slaps him across the face) Okay, no dental dam.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Wolverine:
      When Marilyn Manson's claws extend from his hand, this is similiar to Marvel's character, Wolverine, because Wolverine also has extendable claws that retract from his hands.

    • Back to the Future Part II & III
      Abe rides into the auditorium on a Hoverboard. Abe's Hoverboard is similiar to the one Michael J. Fox uses in both of the Back to the Future sequels.

    • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
      At one point during the debate, there are several swirling spotlights and a short, but serious-sounding music. This alludes to the television game-show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The US version of this show was originally hosted by Regis Philbin. The show itself involves contestants correctly answering increasingly difficult multiple-choice questions, in order to earn more money, and eventually win $1 million.

    • Audience Guy: ....and he's licking that dead Smurf's face!!

      The Smurfs is a cartoon from the eighties about a group of imaginary, blue midgets, who all live in a small-town community.

    • Abe: Now something worse is goin'a happen! I've seen it on 'Happy Days'.

      Happy Days is a television show that ran from 1974 to 1984.

    • Scudworth: I've watched the first two-thirds of the MC Hammer Behind the Music, and if there is one thing I learned about money, it's that it never runs out.

      MC Hammer was a Rap star who had one huge hit with 'U Can't Touch This'. The song made him a huge amount of money but fame went to his head and he ended up spending much more than he made. He even got a solid gold toilet seat, a possible reference to Scudworth getting Mr. Butlertron gold-plated.

      Behind the music was a DVD detailing these events by MC Hammer (hoping the DVD sales would help him out of bankruptcy). The majority of the DVD was about Hammer's extravagant success and riches, then toward the end it talked about his spending sprees, depression and bankruptcy. This is why Scudworth says he only watched the first two thirds of the DVD and learned that money never runs out.