Clone High

TELETOON (ended 2003)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Changes: You got a Prom with That? (2)
      As the clones attend the Winter Prom, the following questions are answered: Who did Abe ask to the prom? Will Gandhi have to go Stag? What separate things are Cleo and JFK doing? Will Scudworth finally become Prom King? Who is the surprise celebrity guest? Will the clones be taken away by the evil board of shadowy figures, and begin "Phase Two"?moreless
    • Makeover, Makeover, Makeover: The Makeover Episode (1)
      Its Make Over time for anyone who is anyone at Clone High before the prom. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Make Over!"
    • Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Episode
      Joan loses her spirit of Snowflake Day, but a homeless gypsy/angel/Mandy Moore tries to help her get it back. Abe, wanting to buy Cleo an expensive gift, works together with Gandhi to invent a device that will make them rich. JFK produces his Snowflake Day album. Cleo plans her Snowflake Day party. Scudworth writes his annual letter to his close contacts.moreless
    • Litter Kills: Litterally
      Ponce de León is killed by litter. JFK mourns the loss of his best friend. Cleo comforts JFK. Abe is weary of his girlfriend's concerns over her ex-boyfriend. Gandhi is mistakenly incarcerated in prison. Joan tries to solve the littering problem. Scudworth dislikes the friendly janitor, Glenn.
    • A Room of One's Clone: The Pie of the Storm
      The love triangle thickens between Abe, Joan, and Cleo. Joan's house is burned down in a storm and her and her father have to live at Cleo's house. This happens because Joan's father and Cleo's foster mom are dating. Abe tries to get more in touch with his DNA roots by helping people just as Abe Lincoln did. Scudworth get's a robotic dog which makes Mr. B jealous. They have a brief falling out which in the end brings them closer together. The episode also ends in a huge pie fight that everyone is involved in.moreless
    • Raisin' the Stakes
    • Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts
      Most of the Clones start smoking Raisins to get high, sold by The Pusher. Abe and Cleo turn into hippies and have psychadelic journeys. Gandhi goes on a trippy adventure into his subconscious. Scudworth and the parents build a wall to stop the clones. Joan has a plan to fix things.moreless
    • Plane Crazy: Gate Expectations
      Ashley Angel's recruiting of Cleo, has Abe chasing airport to airport to save his relationship with Cleo who promised to wear his jacket on TV. Scudworth has an encounter with a skunk.
    • Homecoming: A Shot in D'Arc
      Scudworth has a bet that the school's mens basketball team will score at least one point in the upcoming game. Joan, trying to prove that girls can play basketball, joins the team disguised as a man. Both Cleo and JFK develop lust for the disguised Joan. Abe is angry that Cleo finds interest in Joan. Gandhi kidnaps the other team's school mascot.moreless
    • Sleep of Faith: La Rue D'Awakening
      Abe avoids sleep to win a date with Cleo. Gandhi drops out of school to avoid taking a test and studies how to be a trucker. Joan is worried about Abe will die from lack of sleep and reveals to him her most horrible secret. JFK tries to get back with Cleo. Scudworth is forcing the clones to use #2 pencils for an evil plan from the board of shadowy figures. Sparks fly between Mr. Buttlertron and ScanGrade because they both dislike each other.moreless
    • Film Fest: Tears of a Clone
      Student films are shown at Clone High, as Abe encouages everyone to ' express themselves'. For Joan, Ghandi and JFk, this phrase takes on different meanings for each and not necessarily the way Abe meant.....
    • A.D.D.: The Last 'D' is for Disorder
      Ghandi is shunned by people at the school when they learn of his A.D.D. JFK and Cleo break up which leads Abe to go after Cleo stronger than ever. Meanwhile, JFK befriends Scudworth because of mystical powers from a cardigan sweater vest typically worn by Mr. B.
    • Episode Two: Election Blu-Galoo
      Abe and JFK square off to the extreme during the school president elections with Abe, back by powerful business interests, seemingly headed for a certain win.
    • In the pilot episode, the students of Clone High, who are all clones of famous people from the past, mix at a party. Abe quickly develops an infatuation for Cleo at the party.