Clone High

Season 1 Episode 1

Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Nov 02, 2002 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

The show begins with Joan, Abe and Gandhi walking to school. They are discussing how they all have changed, Abe with his height and bigger sideburns, Gandhi with high fives and finger snaps and Joan with her breasts. Joan explains that she was at camp all summer. As they walk through the halls Joan brings up dating. Abe talks about how he is after Cleo but Joan tries to get him to think about dating her. Cleo walks up and flirts with Abe. Abe accidentally pushes his arm through glass but Cleo doesn't seem to notice. Cleo invites Abe to JFK's party and walks away. Abe doesn't respond until well after Cleo is gone. Mr. Sheepman is informing the class how the first day of school is always awkward. He lets Joan make an announcement. Joan announces that she has started a teen crisis hotline and is looking for volunteers. At the news of this everyone in the class runs away. In Scudworth's office, him and Mr. B. are spying on the students when they are interrupted by the board of shadowy figures. The head of the board informs Scudworth that they think he is insane. He tells Scudworth that he will have to write an essay on "What its like to be a student at Clone High." Scudworth refuses at first, but then the head of the board tells them if he doesn't then they will kill him. So Scudworth decides to write the essay. Abe is in the bathroom when JFK comes in and tells him to back off of Cleopatra. Then Gandhi comes up to the two of them and asks JFK about the party. Then JFK tells both Abe and Gandhi that they are not welcome at his party and will not be let in. At the restaurant, Gandhi, Abe and Joan are sharing a booth. Gandhi is complaining that he wants to go to the party and blames it on the people he hangs out with, calling them geeks. Abe announces that he needs to go to the party because he is after Cleo. So he walks up to JFK and promises to bring beer to his party. JFK decides to invite him. Joan and Abe are in a gym class being taught by Eleanor Roosevelt. When they are talking about the party, Roosevelt catches them and sends Joan to Scudworth's office. When Joan walks off Cleopatra goes up to Abe and starts to flirt, saying, "I'm so glad you're getting the beer tonight. I just love underage drinking." This makes Abe 100% dedicated to get the beer. Yet he still can't figure out how to get it. Outside a store, Abe is coaching Genghis Kahn to tell the clerk he is over 21 so he can by the beer. Kahn fails all three times. Leaving the bunch beer-less. Joan is tied to a chair in Scudworth's office while he is at a computer questioning her. When she doesn't comply he grows more and more upset and when she makes a crack at Leno Scudworth takes it to heart and drops her into a dungeon. Mr. Sheepman is talking on the teen crisis phone with JFK. He's trying to figure out why JFK is so determined to "nail" Cleo. They decide that it is because of his two gay foster parents. Joan and Gandhi are sitting there and Joan informs Gandhi that he will be the one working the hot-line the night of the party. Gandhi promises that Joan can trust him. Next we see Gandhi at the party talking to a depressed teen on his cell phone. Then Abe shows up with the beer and everybody cheers. On the balcony of JFK's house Joan asks Abe where he got the beer. He informs her that the only beer he could find was non-alcoholic beer. He's afraid that everyone will be able to tell but Joan says that he will be fine. Meanwhile, downstairs Mr. B and Scudworth crash the party dressed as hip teenagers. The moment they walk in everybody recognizes them. Gandhi is on the phone talking to Van Gogh trying to talk to him about a crisis. However, he has put him on speaker phone making a laughing stock of the artist greatly upsetting Van Gogh. Mr. B. and Joan have a sincere talk by the swing set. Mr. B. tells Joan to tell Abe how she really feels. Mr. B. makes Joan feel great about herself and gives her the courage to confront Abe about her feelings. Abe and Cleo are by the fence. Cleo is still flirting with Abe and they begin making out. However, Joan and JFK both see this and are both upset. JFK walks up and confronts Abe and Cleo. Saying that Cleo is drunk and this kiss means nothing. He also makes Cleo choose between Abe and himself. Gandhi is sitting on the keg talking to another teen in crisis, when Joan catches him. She solves the problem by using a taser on Gandhi. Joan then takes over the call. The caller is asking if she should date a hot jerk, or a nice guy. Soon Joan realizes that she is talking to Cleo, and tells her to go with the jerk, but then she realizes that she can't hurt Abe, and tells Cleo to go with the nice guy. Cleo then goes up to Abe and tells him that she has chosen him over JFK. This bums out Joan and JFK. So JFK then hits on Joan, who responds by kicking him in the face. Then, the cops pull up. Out of all the people at the party the cop decides to arrest Joan and Gandhi. Abe has to choose between Cleo or his friends. He decides to go and tell the cop that the beer is non-alcoholic, making him the laughing stock of the party. Scudworth returns to his office very discouraged at his lack of information on his students. When he walks in he finds the head of the board of shadowy figures standing in his office. The head of the board asks for his report. However, as Scudworth is giving him excuse after excuse the man mysteriously disappears. This makes Scudworth proclaim that he will now on be more sensitive to his students. Gandhi, Abe, and Joan are walking to school reflecting on the recent party. Abe is feeling down about what happened. Gandhi encourages him by saying, "Everyone will forget about it when someone makes a bigger idiot of themselves." Just as he says this Van Gogh has painted a very unflattering mural of Gandhi on the wall. Making Gandhi the laughing stock of the school. Then JFK and Cleo walk by, and Cleo slips Abe a note. It reads, "Sorry. Luv Cleo." Leaving Ave with a glimpse of hope. The show ends.