Clone High

Season 1 Episode 1

Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Nov 02, 2002 on TELETOON

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  • The beginning of a series that should still be on the air today.

    This episode is the first in the collection of Clone High episodes. Clone High is a show about clones of famous figures in history in a high school. In this episode Abe attempts to get the beer for JFK's party, in order to impress Cleopatra. This show is very funny, it was canceled because MTV for some reason cancels all of their animated shows. It doesn't make sense and it's angered hardcore fans of the show. This is sad because nobody wins, MTV doesn't make anymore money, the creators are lose money and the fans of the show want it back on the air. Anyways the episode was very funny as all episodes of Clone High are.