Clone High

Season 1 Episode 4

Film Fest: Tears of a Clone

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Nov 17, 2002 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

After the intro the show starts at a cross-country meet. The band is playing the theme song in the background. Ghandi and Joan are sitting in the stands together. Ghandi comments on the size of the crowd at the meet. The you see a race going on below. JFK is in the lead and then way behind the pack is Abe. Joan stands up and Starts cheering Abe on. Then Cleo says, "Man its hot, I think I'll pour this sports drink all over myself. Ooh, its sticky." She pours the drink all over herself. At the sight of this Abe stumbles and falls to the ground as JFK runs across the finish line.

When realizing they had just won the meet, a fan declare, "Oh my god, we just won a cross country duel meet!" Then another fan yells, "Lets destroy property to show how much we appreciate the team!" Then you see a mob of student running through the town destroying things. The students flip over a car and Ghandi rips off part of it and starts gulping down the fluid that was inside. Then you see the students flip the pool. Scudsworth is watching all of this through a hole in his office. He is very excited at the sight of this saying, "They're rioting at the college level."

The next day the counselor is teaching inside what is left of his classroom. He looks beaten up after last night's riots. He tries to get the class to brainstorm creative ways to express themselves. Ghandi points out that Joan of Arc makes movies. It is agreed that they will hold a film festival and Abe volunteers to be in charge of it.

In his office Scudsworth is talking via satellite to the board of shadowy figures. The head of the board says, "Listen we've all done things we're not proud of after a good cross-country meet, but that riot was unacceptable." To which scudworth replies, "Unacceptable, did you see the pool…they flipped the bitch." The board of shadowy figures invites themselves over to Scudworth's house for dinner to discuss the problems they are having at the school.

Scudworth enters his home while Mr. Butlertron greets him at the door. He informs Mr. B. that the board is coming over for dinner on Friday. However since Scudworth hasn't remodeled his home since his college days him and Mr. B. decide to go on a shopping spree to pick up some "over-priced knick-knacks."

Ghandi bursts into George Washington Carver's peanut lab causing G.W. to drop the test tube he was holding greatly upsetting Carver. Ghandi the begins to pitch his new action adventure movie to Carver. He wants the title of his movie to be "Black and Tan."Carver at first wants nothing to do with this movie citing that he does not like action adventure movies, but when Ghandi tells Carver that his peanut can have a role Carver agrees.

JFK is in the editing room making out with girls who hope to be in his movie.

Abe and Joan are sitting at a booth in a restaurant. Abe is showing her the flyers he made for the film festival. Joan acts like she thinks it's good. She then begins to tell Abe how she is glad they have some time to spend alone when she is interrupted by Cleo. Cleo then begins to describe her film to Abe. The title of Cleo's film is "The best of the best of the best of the best of the best." When Cleo leaves Joan sees that Abe is in love with Cleo so she runs off. Abe runs after her and finds her at the next booth down. He says, "Joan, thank God your ok. I've been looking all over the restaurant for you. A cop enters the screen and says, "Abe, we put out an A.P.B. on your missing friend." Abe tells the officer that it is ok because he found her. Abe and Joan have an intimate conversation about their feelings and when the camera pulls back we see that the officer has been listening in the entire time. The show cuts to commercial.

When the show returns we get to see a clip of Cleo filming her movie. It is set of Egypt and she is being carried by people dressed as slaves. She is upset, however, because her cue cards aren't written in calligraphy.

We then see Joan filming her movie. She is coaching Genghis Kahn on his lines who is obviously dressed as Abe and dawning Abe apparel.

Then we see a clip of Carver and Ghandi shooting their movie. They are riding on a fast boat. When the peanut pulls out guns and yells, "Eat Shell!" He then proceeds to spray peanut shell like bullets all around. However the scene stops when Carver disappointingly delivers his line, "Say What?" This causes Carver and Ghandi to argue and Carver walks off. He then sees a water tower about to fall on Ghandi. Then Carver jumps and saves Ghandi. He then decides to stick with the movie but he wants to write his own lines.

Then we see Abe coaching an actor. He's trying to give the actor motivation for his line which is, "There's nothing in the rule book that says a giraffe can't play football."

Next we see Scudworth and Mr. B. at the home. Scudworth says, "Get out the funbrella Mr. B. cause its rainin' style. We then see a montage of the two redecorating the home and the students filming their movies.

Joan finishes her movie in the editing room while JFK and Catherine the Great are making out on the couch in the back. Abe enters the room and they begin to discuss Joan's film. However, when Abe calls Joan "friend" Joan realizes Abe doesn't feel the same way she does. She then decides to not show her movie and throws it away in the trash. However when Abe reenters the room he finds the film. He then decides to turn the film into the festival anyways.

Abe is back stage preparing for the film festival. Joan comes up and confronts Abe on why her film is in the line-up. She tells him to take it out but he refuses. He says, "Who knows Joan maybe your film will change the world."

Joan goes to the projection booth and tries to get Edison to give Joan the film back. He refuses.

Scudworth and Mr. B. are done with the home. Before the board arrives Scudworth tells Mr. B. to hide in the kitchen making Mr. B. sad.

We see the intro to Black and Tan. Which is topped off by the words "Black and Tan" shot through paper for like four seconds. We then see some clips of the movie which is everything Ghandi had described. Next introduces his film entitled, "It takes a hero" We see a giraffe kick a game winning field goal. Then the giraffe is abducted by aliens. While a girl yells "I love you," and "I'm having your baby." The film ends. Abe has a single tear running down his cheak.

As Abe is announcing Cleo's film we see a huge explosion coming from the projection booth. Edison rises and announces that all of the films were destroyed. Cleo yells, "There is no God." Joan replies, "There is a God." Edison then announces that Joan's film survived. Joan replies, "There is no God."

At the house Scudworth is struggling to entertain his guests. Then Mr. B. comes and lightens up the party. So everyone ends up having a good time. Scudworth then introduces Mr. B. as his friend. Then the Board admits that they came to kill Scudworth, but since they had such a good time they will let him live.

Joan's film then begins to play it is nothing but a montage of bizarre images. Sigmond Freud stands up and yells, "Haha, its so obvious, Joans in love with Abe." Joan then hits him with a chair. Joan is afraid that everybody knows how she feels now. After the festival is over the crowd goes and begins to riot again.

Abe and Joan begin to discuss Joan's film. However Abe didn't realize what Joan's film is about. Then Joan said she was the only one who put herself out there upsetting Abe. The Abe told Joan that he used Symbolism and that he was the giraffe. Joan asks who the little girl in love with the giraffe in Abe's film was and Abe doesn't tell her.
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