Clone High

Season 1 Episode 4

Film Fest: Tears of a Clone

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Nov 17, 2002 on TELETOON

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  • Take back the day Film Fest, by a bunch of clones... Hijinx and hilarity a guarantee.

    The episode kinda pulls a simpsons and by that starts out one way and ends up somewhere almost completely different.

    We find that Abe is on Cross country, he of course loses being distracted by the beautiful Cleo poring a sports drink all over herself. A great mocking of any scene in a movie where the hot chick douses herself in water to cool off.

    The riot is pricless. They destroy everything because they win. Abe then decides to put on a film festival "Take back the afternoon film festival to save Clone High".

    The shadowy figures say they want the clones for combat purposes. Then why clone people like Abe Lincoln and JFK and Ghandi? One of those huge plotholes in comedies that are fun to think about. They are pissed and are debating removing scudworth again.

    The Joan and Abe relationship is used for most of the jokes in this episode. Joan once again keeps trying to tell Abe that she loves him, but he remains completely oblivious because of his crush on Cleo.

    The Black and Tan is a bit of a parody of every police comedy. Two mismatched peoples causes issues.

    NO one understands joan's symbolism. It's hilarious. Abe just makes a stupid movie and he feels like it's extremely personal.

    The kids riot because the film fest was so great. The moral of the story, if you have a group of kids that like to riot when something goes right... Don't ever say "I can't hear you".. Great episode in a misunderstood series
  • Some suggestions as to what Joan's film represents: (Screw Flanders!)

    The Truth Wears Sideburns: The title of Joan's film referrs to Abe, or her movie's 'Gabe', as played by Genkis Kahn.
    Whisper, Whisper, Hush, Hush: Joan has a secret, and she wants to keep it quiet. (Which is strange, because she does the opposite of this during the entire season.)
    The ticking watch: Time is running out, for either Joan's remaining years, or time is running out on Joan and Gabe's relationship.
    Two dolphins: Joan and Gabe each have a dolphin. Note, the dolphins never touch each other.
    Gabe's screaming and crying: Gabe (Abe) is secretly in love with his best friend, but hasn't told her. The best friend is probably Joan.
    Cherry Pie: Joan's a virgin.
    Turns into maggots: Joan's reproductive system is going unused, and eventually is going to rot and become maggot-food (menopause, then death).
    Celine Dion: Joan is french, and so is Celine. Celine writes a lot of romantic music, which Joan possibly listens to when she thinks of Abe.
    The dead bird: Joan is worried that one day she'll die, and everybody will forget about her and keep living. ie, keep enjoying the picnic, and ignore the dead bird.
    A stove-pipe hat: Gabe, or Abe.
    A desert: With pyramids in the background, you can assume it's Egypt. Who do we know that's Egyptian, uh, Cleo.
    The hat rolling across the desert: Abe's relationship with Cleo. It could mean their relationship is dry, windy, sandy, barren, fruitless, or it could mean it's hot and passionate. The hat is being pushed around by the wind, which definetly shows Cleo is in charge of Abe.
    The cherry pie setting on fire: The original Joan of Arc was burnt a virgin. Clone Joan is worried of the same thing, either dying or being killed, still a virgin.
    The rose: Roses often symbolize passion, even though they are just the reproductive organs of plants, and they can't even tell when someone visits them.
    Setting on fire: Joan's passion is as consuming as a fire.
    A heart: Joan's love. Note, it's just sitting there, not doing anything or being used.
    Gabe coughing: ??? Maybe Joan fears Abe is getting sick? Gabe's bodily fluids (germs, saliva) are shot out into the enivronment via his mouth?
    Bagpipes: A device that shoots a hot liquid (air) out of itself. This could be a metaphor for Abe again. (Or it's just ???. I don't know...)
    Steaming pot: A device that shoots a hot liquid out of itself. Another metaphor for Abe? (Or, just a low budget.)
    Whisper, whisper: Performed first slow, then fast. Joan wants something that starts off slow, then goes fast. (Or, just more ???)
    Slapping the watermellon: Could be translated quite literally, as Joan simply wants to slap around Abe's-- green watermellon. (Or, ?????)
    Shush: Gabe wants to keep his love for Joan a secret.
    Fin: The end

    This is just some of my opinions (and some stuff I found on a site). Use your imaginations, she's in love with Abe and trying to convey the message to him, what do you think some of these 'loose' metaphors could mean?

    Screw Flanders! Screw Flanders!