Clone High

Season 1 Episode 4

Film Fest: Tears of a Clone

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Nov 17, 2002 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • Ang Lee is directing Cleo's movie (she identifies him by name: "I'm sorry, Ang…")

    • The music that is being played at the track meet is a high school band style arrangement of the "Clone High Theme"

    • Gandhi: ..and I'm Tandoori Jones!
      The "Tan" of Black & Tan is taken from an Indian dinner called Tandoori Chicken.

    • Goof: In the "Previously On Clone High" clip, it shows a scene with Joan and Abe from Episode 1, even though it's only supposed to show clips
      from the last episode, Episode 3.

    • The number or members of the Shadowy Board seems to fluctuate from episode to episode. In Episode 2, there were 6 other board members and the Head of the board. In this episode, there appear to only be 4 other board members, and the Head. By the time the board gets to Scudworth's house for dinner, there is the Head, and only 3 board members remain.

    • This episode features the only appearance of Attila the Hun, who was mentioned by his foster-mother in Episode 3. Attila appears (briefly), and doesn't understand Joan's film.

    • Goof: The Clones in the audience keep changing places, sometimes instaneously between shots. Most notably Van Gogh, but also Hitler, Jesús Cristo, and Nostradamus.

    • Among the extras in Abe's film are Catherine the great, the Buddha, a Viking, Paul Revere and Caesar. After the giraffe is transported up to the UFO, all the extras remain, but Catherine the great disappears.
      Also, judging from Catherine's reaction to Abe's film, she didn't realize it was that bad even though she was in it.

    • Typo When Joan is holding the program Abe wrote for the film fest, it reads: "CLONE HIGH FILM FEST OEECIAL PROGRAM". It should probably be 'Official'.

    • Right after Abe picks Joan's film out of the garbage can, he brings it to his nose and smells it. This would probaly strike the average viewer as strange. Either Abe likes the smell from the garbage can, Abe likes the smell of Joan she left behind on the film or Abe is showing one of the first symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder.

    • There seem to be at least 2 different doors that lead into the Editing Room. JFK's intervees enter from the door to the left of the casting couch. Later, Abe enters from a door to the right of the couch. Both doors having Editing on them, and they are probably only 3 or 4 metres apart from eachother, leading off of the same hallway.

    • JFK's Big Movie
      The name of JFK's film sounds similiar to another movie, called Max Keeble's Big Move. The similiarites end there, for JFK's movie is of an adult nature. Max's movie is about a troublesome youth that causes havoc pre-move, only to later discover that he's not moving, to hilarious consequences.

    • Typo When Abe shows Joan his pamplet advertising the Clone High Film Fest, it reads "CLONE HIGH FLIM FEST".

    • Goof: When Gandhi first approaches George Washington Carver, Carver's shirt is pocketless. As soon as the Bio-Engineered Anthropomorphic Peanut appears in Carver's shirt, Carver's shirt grows a pocket.

    • Dr. Scudworth has a single degree in the Mad Sciences at ASU, or Arizona State University. This degree would not give him Dr. status, so Scudworth probably has recieved his Ph.D. from somewhere other than ASU.

    • The rug outside Scudworth's office that welcomes clones is missing in this episode, like it was missing in the last episode. It was possibly robbed during the cross-country riot.

    • The Buddha: Let's destroy property to show how much we appreciate the team.
      This is the first of the only two lines The Buddha has during the entire season. His second line in Episode 8 is about peer pressure, but is not clearly audible. The Buddha is in several episodes, including the season finale, but plays a silent role in them.

    • Scudworth covers up a Rastaeri poster when redecorating. While there is nothing called 'Rastaeri', it is almost the same word as Rastafari. This is what a member of the religion Rastafarianism is called.

    • Goof: After Abe and Joan are done speaking, they both walk offscreen. Abe re-enters the room through the door, and once again walks off screen.

    • Goof: When Abe and Joan are talking in the Editing Room, the door is closed for most of the scene. During one shot, the door opens of its own accord and is closed next time it's visible.

    • When Scudworth introduces Mr. Buttlertron to the Head of the Shadowy Board, it seems all three have forgotten when Mr. B. met the Head in 1x1.

    • Cross Country Banner: The banner that is shown at the very beginning of the episode reads, "Big Cross Country Meet Today, N'sync concert moved to Nurse's office."

    • During the cross-country meet, the school band is playing the Clone High theme song.

    • LOOK HARD:
      Before Joan's film, you can see the clone of Adolf Hitler, wearing a peace sign on his left arm.

    • Scudworth talking to Mr.B in one scene said "Well, the appartement is all finished Mr.B" but when the out side of Scudworths residence is shown... it seems to be house.

    • Mother Theresa died in 1997, but she is mentioned as making a "Teen Slasher Sex Romp" in this episode. As detailed in Litter Kills, the clones were made in 1987, a decade before her death.

    • The screen of formulas that scrolls across behind George Washington Carver at the start of his and Gandhi's movie includes the dodgy arithmetic: 10 - 4 = 2 and 1 + 1 = 3. The first equation would be true in a base-six numbering system, but no such luck for the second.

  • Quotes

    • Abe: My film, it's everything I've been wadding up in the sad chamber of my heart. Now I'm shooting that wad... on 35 mm

    • Little Girl: I have your baby in me, giraffe!

    • Abe: You're going to express yourself, Joan....even if I have to do it for you.

    • Board of Shadowy Figures:Listen, we've all done things we are not proud of after a good cross-country meet.

    • Abe: It's okay, Joan. None of my friends could ever embarass me.
      Gandhi: (completely pantless) Who's got the legs? Cha cha cha!

    • Scudworth:Get out your funbrella, Mr.B, 'cause it's raining style!!

    • Scudworth: DAMMIT!! I haven't been to the Olive Garden in like Forever!!

    • Gandhi: Say Whaaaaaat???!!!

    • (Scudworth talking with Shadowy figures)
      (Turns around)
      Scudwoth: Little do they know, I've got my own plans for those clones... plans that don't involve them at all.
      Shadowy figure: You're talking in a normal speaking voice.
      Scudworth: So I am. (Whispers) Little do they know I've got my own....
      Shadowy figure: Scudworth!

    • Thomas Edison: A fire destroyed all the films!
      Cleopatra: There is no god!
      Joan: There is a god!
      Thomas Edison: Except Joan's, which was somehow expanded in the blaze and will now be shown in widescreen.
      Joan: There is no god.

    • George Washington Carver: Look out for that water tower!!

    • George Washington Carver: What is that you are sayiiing?

    • Scudworth: (on the student riot) They're rioting at a college level!!

    • JFK: Do you mind?! Some of us are nailing Catherine the Great here! Or should I say, ' Catherine the So-So! '

    • Scudworth: You see the pool....they flipped the bitch!!

  • Notes

    • The Clone's Movies are:
      Joan's 'The Truth Wears Sideburns', is an independant film about Abe.
      Cleo's 'The Best Of x5' is a biography about the original Cleopatra.
      JFK's 'Big Movie' is possibly just a home-made sex tape, shot in the Editing room.
      Abe's 'It Takes A Hero' is about an alien giraffe who plays football.
      Gandhi & Carter 's 'Black and Tan' is about 2 cops from different races.

    • This is the first episode where Gandhi is called Mahatma.

    • This episode first aired in the U.S. on Feb 10, 2003.

    • The Recurring Dolphin appears in Joan's film

  • Allusions

    • JFK: Oh, yeah, Casting Couch.
      Casting Couch is an adult oriented film from 1999.

    • Tears Of A Clown

      The episode title Tears Of A Clone is a reference to Tears Of A Clown, which was a 1968 hit for Smokey Robinson & The Miracles.

    • 'N'sync: N'Sync is a pop Boy Band from the mid-nineties. Their lead singer has gone on to have a solo career.

    • Celine Dion: Celion Dion is a French-Canadian pop-singer.
      Joan probaly mentions Ms. Dion in her video because the original Joan of Arc was also French.

    • Reserved Dogs: Professor Scudworth has a poster in his living room of 'Reserved Dogs'. This is possibly a reference to Quentin Tarantino's first film, 1992's Reservoir Dogs.

    • Genghis' Shirt The shirt Genghis Kahn is wearing says "Screw Tibet." Genghis Kahn was the leader of the Huns who rampaged through areas including Tibet.

    • Karen Carpenter The board of shadowy figures tell Scudworth that he is skating on ice thinner than a clone of Karen Carpenter. Karen Carpenter was a thin singer who died in 1983.

    • Sigmund Freud After Joan's bizarre film Freud was the only one who could interpret Joan's movie. Sigmund Freud was a famous psychologist who interpreted bizarre dreams.