Clone High

Season 1 Episode 10

Litter Kills: Litterally

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jan 19, 2003 on TELETOON
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Litter Kills: Litterally
Ponce de León is killed by litter. JFK mourns the loss of his best friend. Cleo comforts JFK. Abe is weary of his girlfriend's concerns over her ex-boyfriend. Gandhi is mistakenly incarcerated in prison. Joan tries to solve the littering problem. Scudworth dislikes the friendly janitor, Glenn.moreless

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  • A hysterical parody of a cheap teen drama ploy.

    "This is not a cheap ploy in which we introduce a new character only to kill him off." Except it is. And that's why it's so funny.

    The clone of Juan Ponce de Leon is, apparently, JFK's best friend - despite the fact that we've never seen him before. He dies a horrible, graphic, litter-induced death. JFK spends the better part of the episode crying hysterically, and Cleo attempts to comfort him. Abe is uncomforable with how much time his girlfriend is spending with his ex. Bad metaphors ensue.

    I have to say, in the ten minutes he was actually on screen, Ponce grew on me. Probably because he was one of very few people to appear on the show that wasn't completely off in la-la-land. Alas, he was expendable, and had to perish as a plot point.

    A fabulous parody of your average teen series when it tries its hand at tragedy. Probably the best episode of the series, in my oh-so-humble opinion.moreless
  • Funniest and saddest episode of the series

    This episode starts with the save the enviroment BBQ were it is all littered because Ponce who everyone liked littered all the time. Then he encourages Abe to take Cleo to go to teen sex cove, then we get that Gandhi is imprisoned because he wore orange warm-ups. Ponce fights with JFK his best friends and then Joan tells him that littering is not good, and Ponce says "What is litter gonna kill me" and then dies because of litter.after that we see the funny but sad funeral, JFK gets angst and Cleo consoles him but Abe thinks JFK is planning to take away cleo from him.moreless
Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Cleopatra, Various

Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan

Joan of Arc, Various

Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald

Gandhi, Various

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

JFK, Mr. B, Various

Phil Lord

Phil Lord

Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth, Various

Will Forte

Will Forte

Abe Lincoln/Narrator

Judah Miller

Judah Miller


Guest Star

Murray Miller (I)

Murray Miller (I)

Catherine the Great

Guest Star

Luke Perry

Luke Perry

Ponce de Leon

Guest Star

Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Inmate, Wally

Recurring Role

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

Caesar, Carl, Glenn the Janitor

Recurring Role

Andy Dick

Andy Dick


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (33)

    • Glenn the Janitor, voiced by Neil Flynn, shares the same (supposed) name of Neil Flynn's character "The Janitor" on Scrubs, unbeknownst until the season 8 finale, when he reveals his real name to be Glenn Matthews.

    • Krabby Cakes from Plane Crazy:Gate Expectations is one of the friends that JFK summons

    • Goof: A teen sitting behind Abe and Cleo making out appears to be Kurt Cobain. However, Kurt didn't die until the 90's so he couldn't have been cloned.

    • Ponce's body disappears from the coffin right after JFK runs out of the funeral. While Gengis Kahn sings and Joan complains about all the trash as she talks to Gandhi on her cell phone, the coffin is empty.

    • After the Funeral, Joan is telling everybody to pick up their trash and somebody throws a piece of garbage at Joan's head. You can tell it was Mr. B. because there is a robotic noise right before the object appears. In the scene right before, Mr. B. is near the exit with a cheerleader.

    • Goof: During the funeral, Joan is visible in the audience wearing black pants with her black shirt. When she is alone, her pants are her normal green pants.

    • Goof: Ponce gets ketchup on both Caesar's white shirt and his face. A couple of seconds later, the ketchup is gone.

    • Ponce's full name is Juan Ponce de León. Ponce's first name is missing from the Notation at the end of the episode.

    • Glenn, the school janitor, is both dusting off objects and sorting out paperwork in Scudworth's office. These are typically not tasks that a janitor would perform.

    • Gandhi is being held in Cell Block H.

    • Goof: Cleo's bedroom is red even though they repainted it pink after Episode 9: Pie of the Storm.

    • JFK's Gameboy is a very strange model. It has an extra button, and the buttons are located above the control-pad, instead of to the right.

    • When JFK is washing his face, a graffitti on the back wall reads: JFK & Ponce B.F.F.
      B.F.F. means Best Friends Forever.

    • One of the stain-glass windows in the church is of a brown guitar.

    • During the entire funeral, the large black and white picture is of Ponce. After Gandhi calls Joan and reveals he is on death row, the large picture switches to the one taken earlier, of JFK and Ponce.

    • Both Joan's cell phone and the pay-phone on death row have only 9 buttons.

    • Goof: JFK is wearing Ponce's pants at his funeral, which he took off of Ponce. Ponce is wearing the same clothes he died in because his jacket is torn. Why are Ponce's pants in such good condition? His pants were also torn so shouldn't JFK be wearing torn pants?

    • According to the Notation given at the end of the episode, and the Happy Birthday banner hung up during Ponce's funeral, you can assume that Ponce's funeral takes place on his sixteenth birthday.

    • Mostly everyone at Ponce's funeral is wearing black, with the following exceptions:
      Glenn, Ponce's step dad, is wearing a gray janitor uniform.
      JFK is wearing Ponce's purple pants.
      Scudworth is wearing his normal lab technician coat.
      Mr. B is wearing his red sweater.
      Joan is wearing green pants, and is dressed how she always dresses.
      Genkis Kahn is wearing blue pants.
      There is a boy only seen when everybody is exiting and he is wearing a striped shirt.

    • After Ponce dies, the crumpled picture of JFK and Ponce somehow uncrumples & floats towards the camera, located very high in the sky.

    • There are a total of 8 chimes after Ponce dies.

    • Goof: All of JFK's candies disappear from his bag, right before he crumples it up and throws it on the ground. A second later, all of Ponce's candies also disappear from his bag too before he throws it on the ground.

    • The sign on the bus for the Death Row Prisoners reads: Death Row Trash Pick-Up ; Just our way of saying "sorry"

    • Joan and Toots must each own their own cars as Joan drives a green car and Toots drives a yellow car. Also, their cars look very different.

    • This is the only episode where you see JFK's 'Two Peas In a Pod' tattoo, of himself and Ponce. It is located on JFK's right upper arm.

    • When the janitor is first introduced, a squirrel with a 6-pack-plastic stuck on it's head runs behind Joan.

    • Goof: In the scene where Abe litters, all the clones move around while Abe is littering. Before Abe throws the garbage on the ground, Cleo, JFK, Ponce and Katherine the great are sort-of away from Abe. After Abe throws the garbage, Cleo is closer to Abe, and now the order of the clones is Catherine the great, JFK, Ponce, and Caesar, who are still sort-of away from Abe.

    • Notation for Ponce after his death
      In Loving Memory
      Ponce de Leon

    • When JFK summons all the animals of sea, earth and sky to 'help save the environment,' Geshy, the mascot of GESH High School, makes an cameo appearance.

    • Gandhi apparently sits in a baby chair when he rides in a car. He also doesn't wear his seatbelt. Joan drives a small hatchback.

    • Scudworth's "Cloney Island" model from the election episode is shown again in this episode, and Scudworth reads the Cloney Island secret file in the bathroom.

    • Goof: Ponce states he has cranberry juice in his blood stream. Well If you look closely at the juice box, it has a picture of an apple, just an apple. No pictures of cranberries on the box.

    • Even though this show takes place in the U.S., when the camera pans out from Ponce's death we can see cars driving on the left side of the road.

  • QUOTES (26)

  • NOTES (5)


    • The Fonz
      Ponce's character is based on The Fonz from the sitcom Happy Days. Ponce has a leather jacket, he often gives people the thumbs up and he is a role-model for weak-minded peers.

    • Mahatma Gandhi
      The original Mahatma Gandhi was unfairly imprisoned several times during his life. The clone Gandhi is also unfarily imprisoned during this episode which alludes to original Gandhi's imprisonment.

    • Madtv
      On Madtv, there is a skit involving a couple, and every single line spoken has the word 'literally' in it. Nicole Sullivan portrayed Judith, the woman of the couple. Nicole also lends her voice to Joan, and others, on Clone High.
      This episode's title, Litter Kills: Literally, is an allusion to Nicole's Madtv skit.

    • JFK: Why couldn't Ponce have had 3 lives, like Mario?
      Mario is a Italian plumber, a character created by Nintendo. Mario is used in a majority of Nintendo video games. In most games, Mario starts off with 3 lives. JFK is also playing a Gameboy which is a Nintendo game system.

    • Ponce: (To JFK) Jackie-boy.
      Ponce: (To JFK) Jack.
      Jackie is the name of the original JFK's wife.
      The original JFK was also sometimes called Jack, instead of John.

    • Ponce: I mean, there's no fountain of youth.
      The original Juan Ponce de Leon was a famous Spanish explorer who searched for the Fountain of Youth. The fountain was a legendary spring that supposedly gave people immortality and good health.

    • Lady and the Tramp:
      When Abe and Cleo eat the french fry and begin making out, this alludes to the 2 dogs from Disney's Lady and the Tramp, who are eating spaghetti.