Clone High

Season 1 Episode 10

Litter Kills: Litterally

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jan 19, 2003 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

The opening music is changed for this episode; sung by a soft-voiced woman, accompanied by music that is soft, with a slow-tempo.

The show begins with the clones enjoying an Ecology BBQ. Abe and Cleo are eating fries together, when JFK and Ponce de León appear. This is Ponce's first appearance, but Caesar claims that JFK and Ponce are never apart. JFK has a tattoo of himself and Ponce, and claims that they are best friends for life. JFK notices Cleo, and together they are awkward towards each other. Since both JFK and Ponce make littering seem cool, Abe litters. Joan, who is watching from a distance, seems upset by all the litter on the ground. A smiling man, who is the janitor, is unconcerned about the garbage and shrugs it off.

In the hallway, Abe and Cleo are approached by Ponce. Ponce notices that Abe and Cleo are getting very close, and Cleo suggests Abe take her to 'Teen Sex Cove'. Inside Abe's chest, Abe's heart starts screaming. Abe agrees that they should go to Teen-Sex-Cove. Cleo leaves. Ponce explains to Abe that JFK is almost over Cleo and that Ponce is proud to know JFK. Gandhi shows up, wearing newly-bought orange warm-ups. Ponce drops some garbage on the ground and leaves.

In Joan's car, Joan is driving with Gandhi. After Gandhi throws some trash out the window, Joan gets mad and kicks Gandhi out. Several prisoners from death row are picking garbage off of the side of the road. Gandhi, because of his orange warm-ups, is mistaken for a prisoner and is taken to prison.

In Scudworth's office, the janitor is taking out Scudworth's trash. After the janitor leaves, Scudworth voices his dislike of the janitor to Mr. Buttlertron.

Outside, JFK and Ponce are walking, eating chocolates, and throwing the wrappers on the ground. Ponce tries to explain to JFK that life is short, but JFK mocks Ponce. After a heated argument, Ponce tells JFK that he hates him. JFK leaves. Joan arrives and tells Ponce not to litter, because he's setting a bad example. Ponce says no, and Joan leaves. Ponce is all alone, and the wind picks up. Ponce is handcuffed by a 6-pack plastic, receives minor cuts from candy wrappers, gets injected in the neck with juice from a juice box, and an empty plastic bag gets stuck over his head. Ponce slips on a banana peel, and hits his head on a glass bottle on the ground. The bag quickly fills with blood from Ponce's head injury, and Ponce dies.

Ponce's funeral is held in the auditorium, with an open casket. Several of the clones are crying, including JFK. Glenn, the janitor, is revealed to be Ponce's foster-father. Glenn is giving Ponce's eulogy, when he is interrupted by Scudworth, who tells Glenn to go clean up vomit. JFK is obviously upset and tries to say a few words, but ends up falling to pieces. JFK gets in Ponce's coffin, closes the lid, freaks out and runs out of the auditorium, with Cleo chasing after him. Genkis Kahn sings Ave Maria, as all the clones exit the auditorium. Joan, is left alone in the auditorium, which is covered in litter. Joan explains that Ponce died because of trash. Gandhi calls Joan's cell phone, and explains his predicament of being in lock-down on death row.

Gandhi is kicked off of the phone by a guard. As Gandhi walks back to his cell, he is being ogled by several male prisoners, who make veiled threats about getting Gandhi in the shower.

In a church, JFK takes turns yelling at God, crying, and taking up fetal position. JFK voices his concern over killing Ponce to Cleo, who comforts JFK. Abe sits in the back, watching JFK cry on his girlfriend.

JFK is in his bedroom, crying, when neon-Ponce arrives. The neon-Ponce tells JFK that it's not his fault. JFK assumes that neon-Ponce is a ghost. Neon-Ponce explains that he is actually a figment of JFK's imagination. JFK misunderstands, and then believes neon-Ponce is a genie. Neon-Ponce voices his current frustration with JFK.

Gandhi is visited by Joan in prison. Joan has spoken with some lawyers, who are trying to get Gandhi released. Joan tells Gandhi that she has some bad news about Ponce.

In Abe's car at Teen Sex Cove, Abe and Cleo are making out. Abe voices his concern over the amount of time Cleo's been spending with JFK. JFK is in the backseat of the car, playing Game Boy, and begins crying again. Cleo crawls into the backseat and begins comforting JFK. Abe leaves.

In a short montage, it recounts JFK mourning Ponce, Gandhi being in prison, and Abe being alone because of Cleo helping JFK.

In Cleo's bedroom, Abe explains to Joan how he berated Cleo, for helping JFK. Joan explains that by casting your love into the sea of human emotion, your catch is determined by Fate. Abe doesn't want to be a fisherman of this sea, but he knows what he must do. Abe starts crying.

In the prison showers, Gandhi gets initiated by the other prisoners ; Gandhi is tossed in the air several times, and receives the death row name 'Silky Butterfly'. Gandhi reveals to the other prisoners that his white, privileged friend just died from litter. Gandhi, wishing to mourn Ponce, decides to break out of prison, and the other prisoners decide to help.

JFK is sitting on the 'thinking dock' when Abe arrives. Abe apologizes for being selfish with Cleo, and starts holding JFK. JFK tells Abe to go away, but changes his mind. JFK recalls Ponce's last thing said; "I hate you." Abe recalls Ponce's last thing said was that JFK was a good dude. Abe suggests that the clones learn from Ponce's death, and put an end to litter. JFK brings up neon-Ponce, who seems to be living in JFK's head.

In prison, Gandhi is small enough to fit through the prison bars. Gandhi steals the key and breaks out some of the other prisoners.

JFK is outside the school, looking at all the litter. Abe brings Cleo and Joan. Gandhi brings some convicted felons. JFK calls his animal friends. Glenn, the janitor also shows up. Together, they all clean up the schoolyard, with transparent images of Ponce floating over the screen. Once everything in shiny and clean, Scudworth decides that the school doesn't need a janitor any more, and Glenn is fired. The clones realize that littering is important, or else people like Glenn don't have a job. Abe and Cleo make out, and Joan, who is watching, looks sad. Abe notices JFK also looks sad, and Abe asks if JFK's all right. JFK says no, but he will be. A bird finds the picture of JFK and Ponce, taken at the beginning of the episode, and uses it for a bird's nest.

The episode ends with a Notation:




1471 – 1521

1987 – 2003