Clone High

Season 1 Episode 8

Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Dec 15, 2002 on TELETOON
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Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts
Most of the Clones start smoking Raisins to get high, sold by The Pusher. Abe and Cleo turn into hippies and have psychadelic journeys. Gandhi goes on a trippy adventure into his subconscious. Scudworth and the parents build a wall to stop the clones. Joan has a plan to fix things.moreless

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  • After the theatrical tragedy that was Rollercoaster: the Phineas and Ferb musical, this is a nice refresher. The seats were actually raisin-shaped, but more importantly, clean!

    My opera gloves were almost going to be ripped from my hands and sent back to the manufacturer in which they were made, but after purchasing tickets for Raisin: I was excited again. The first act was strange, and didn't seem to capture a single mood, but that was all right. The biggest plus: the seats are raisin-shaped, and you get a free box of raisins! The actors don't look old like RTM, they look actually genuinely excited about their roles, and you could freely applaud or boo if you thought the musical sucked or was perfect--Phineas and Ferb's? People punched me when I didn't cheer at the end, and threw tomatoes at me and a few others, provided by the cast.

    Go see Raisin--you'll be "raisin" cheers for an encore! *The seats at the P&F musical were covered in gum--ew! I was glad the raisin-seats were cleaned out. Worse, they wouldn't let you smoke at the musical, they rummaged through people's belongings to find cigarettes and then kick the person out forcefully, even if they were screaming to stay*moreless
  • A rock opera review

    Clone High has been about pop culture from it's pilot, but this episode not only makes several clever psychadelic references, but can also be called a rock opera in it's own right. Liam Lynch, music writer for the show, plays a more critical part than usual in this episode, but lives up to the task of making the viewer feel like he/she is in the 60s.

    Within this music, are of course tributes to The Who's Tommy, Pink Floyd's The Wall, and Genesis' The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.moreless
  • Intensely funny

    One of the funniest and best parodies I have seen in years.

    Not to mention all of the subliminal messages woven throughout the ep.

    Not too mention stellar vocal performances from all the actors involed.

    This show was one of the greatest ever to cross the airwaves and it is a sin that it was cancelled.

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Cleopatra, Various

Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan

Joan of Arc, Various

Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald

Gandhi, Various

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

JFK, Mr. B, Various

Phil Lord

Phil Lord

Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth, Various

Will Forte

Will Forte

Abe Lincoln/Narrator

Jack Black

Jack Black

Pusher, Larry Hardcore

Guest Star

Joe Flaherty

Joe Flaherty

Abe's Dad

Guest Star

Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Jimi Hendrix, Wally

Recurring Role

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

Caesar, Gandhi's Dad

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (24)

    • JFK's Hot-boxed van
      It is scientifically impossible to hot-box a van as big as JFK's, using a single Raisin joint. Especially after Gandhi breaks the window, which would no longer make the van airtight.

    • In JFK's van, Abe is being pressured to smoke Raisins, and the heads of six of the clones in the van disattach from their bodies and fly around in a circle. Catherine the Great's head, who is one of the clones there, is missing.

    • Gandhi empties the entire bag of trail-mix into his mouth but when he's riding on Geldemoor several minutes later, she asks him if he could eat some more to lighten the load. How is he supposed to eat more if he ate it all?

    • The crown Scudworth is wearing when he decides that he's King of the PTA looks very similiar to the Prom King crown in ep 13. It could even be the same one.

    • When Gandhi's pupils shatter, he panics and jumps through a window in JFK's van. Why is JFK not concerned about his property being damaged?

    • I buried Ponce:
      I buried Ponce is a subliminal message, that plays when JFK is in a wheelchair at the beach. How did JFK (or anybody) bury somebody who isn't dead, and doesn't die for an episode or two?

    • The Chimera
      Gandhi's guide through his sub-conscious is Geldhemoor, the Honkeycorn. Geldhemoor is part donkey, part hummingbird, and part unicorn. She is similiar to the mythological monster Chimera, who is part goat, part lion, and part serpent.

    • Scudworth: Raisins are a gateway fruit!
      Student Hippy: Let's smoke crack instead.
      Scudworth was right. Raisions are a gateway drug or gateway fruit.

    • Goof: Why does Scudworth not know about the PTA? He was running the meeting about Gandhi's ADHD in episode 3.

    • From the moon's pattern, it seems that this episode takes at least 3 weeks to play out: The first time the moon is visibile is when they are all in JFK's van, and the moon is waxing. Later, when Exclamation! is a wasteland and the sky is red, the moon is waning .: The moon has gone through 6 phases, or roughly 3 weeks.

    • Jimmy Hendrix is in JFK's van, presumably smoking raisions. Despite the fact that Jimmy is a renowned singer, he has no spoken or sung lines during the entire musical episode.

    • Abe: The Only Thing Ganhdi and I will be inhaling is a little drug called Abstinence.
      There is a high-alcohol beverage called Absinth or Absente, which is sometimes mistakenly called Abstinence.

    • There were many subliminal messages throughout the episode. When Cleo exhales in JFK's van, her smoke shows the word "Sex", and The Pusher's smoke says "Smoke Raisins" when he sings to Joan.
      There are also many single-frame flashes:
      -DNA Dan says "Let's go to the dark side!" during the the 'lion' logo at the start
      -an anthropomorphic raisin is smoking a joint that has Principal Scudworth's head on it after a commercial break
      - a message says "Scudworth is your favorite character" at the PTA meeting.
      -Cleo is shown NAKED when sitting next to Abe under the moonlight, though her nipples appear to be flowers (oh, Abe's naked too)
      -a message says "I buried Ponce" as JFK is in a wheel chair.
      - there is an overlay of Joan praying in front of some religious symbol as Joan sings "Ayee-Ayee-Ayee-Abe" (the second time)
      - there is a message that says "For more information about raisins consult your local library" at the end of the episode.
      - A picture of a raisin smoking a joint pops up when 'Clone high' is on the screen when it comes back from the first commercial.

    • The "Welcome to EXCLAMATION! U.S.A." sign seems to have been augmented with "Population: Fantastic". This extra phrase disappaers half way through the episode.

    • The only kid ready to say 'no' to drugs at Larry Hardcore's concert was also the only kid to approve of putting tinted windows in the albino wing of the school in Episode #2.

    • Abe says that Cleo and he have been dating for two weeks. This is hard to reconcile with the erratic schedule of the episodes, assuming that they started dating in "La Rue D'Awakening" and the episodes are considered to be one week apart in real time.

    • JFK says "I am talking backwards and telling you to watch clone high and for us to get an emmy. I'm saying that backwards because it's neat." backwards as he is falling from the skylight into the PTA meeting.

    • Joan is stuck for a moment on top of a burning pile of raisins. What are the odds that Joan could be burned to death twice?

    • Right before Abe jumps to attack Scudworth, he is posed in Jesus stance, perhaps indicating that Abe has a Jesus complex, or simply another religious subliminal message.

    • During the song Higher, right after the line "After this line there's gonna be a refrain!" We can see Joan in the drum circle at about 11:00. She was the only clone that didn't smoke rasins, so she shouldn't be there. Also, the circle seems to expand from 4 to 8 from "The sun is rising up to higher plane" to "After this line there's gonna be a refrain."

    • Goof: When JFK "crashed" the PTA meeting, he breaks his left leg. However, at the end when he appears in the wheelchair, it's his right leg that's in the cast.

    • Goof: Joan's lips don't move when she is sitting in the tree and says, "Oh, tree". They move for the rest of the sentence.

    • In the superimposed subliminal flash of Joan praying, she appears to have five-digit hands, whereas she should have only four. Her pupils are also unusually constricted.

    • We see JFK standing behind Abe wearing his red shirt in the reaction shot to the revelation of The Pusher's identity, but in the subsequent shot, he is beside Joan on the other side of The Pusher in a wheelchair wearing a green shirt. Cleo is also in both locations, and Ghandi is also standing behind Abe though he should not be present in the scene at that time.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Abe: They're not gonna crush our freedom! We smoke raisins, but they just eat 'em! The sun is raising us to a higher plane! After this line, there's gonna be a refrain! JFK: Watch me! Hold me! Sign my cast for me! Wheel meeeeee! Clones: And it's raising us higher, and higher! Raisins are from heaven, now we're raising hell! Parents: Higher, and higher! Scudworth: Build the biggest pire, don't skimp on that barbed wire! Clones: Higher, and higher! The Pusher: My power grows nigher, with each raisin buyer!
      Abe: ATTACKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Scudworth: I'm king of the wall! Abe: You're going to fall! When push comes to shove, we'll conquer with love! Clones: Love! Only love! Love love love love love love love, lovvvvvve! Cleo: This isn't working! Love is just an abstract concept, it can't knock down stuff! Scudworth: I'll build it higher! Abe: I'm getting higher! Scudworth: Higheeeeeeer! Abe: HIGHER! Scudworth: Highhhhhhhhheeeeer! Abe: Higherrrrrrrrrrr... [Abe hits his head] where am I? Linchon: Inside of you, inside of me too! And me... is you! You must see the truth about the evil raisins, you're all enslaved by the joints that you're blazin'! If you free up the kids, it'd be you that they're praisin'! Cleo would do ya, and I hear she's amazin'! You were my cloned conception, now you'll lead us to redemption... for you are my son. Linchon angels: MY SON! MY SON! MY SONNNNNNNNNN! Joan: Ay-ay-ay-abe! Abe are you okay? Abe: I am now Joan! Man, I look like a JACKASS in these rainbow shorts! Joan: Yes you do, Abe.

    • [singing]
      Abe: Grounded?! For what? For growing up, for being free?
      Abe's dad: We're doing this for you boy, not doing this for me! You're not going to the hippie beach circle peace fair!
      Abe's mom: Abe!
      Abe: Abe's my slave name, square!
      Abe's mom: Captian Lavender! Raisins are building a barrier! And we need to build a wall to break it down!
      Abe: You don't understand us! You and this stinking town! I wish I could die, your barbeque chicken is very dry!
      [Abe throws chicken at mirror, and it breaks to show himself]
      Abe: Ahhhh!

    • (singing)
      Scudworth: I'm building a fence... it's our last defence... raisins will be past tense and I'll rule the par-ents, build it higher! Build it high-igh-igher! Build it high-igh-er! AHAHAHAHAHA!

    • (singing)
      The Pusher: I'm the PUSHER! THE PUSHER! I push raisins on kids... and kids think it's cool! Cuz they're told not to do it, by the parent and school. I'm the pusher, I'm the pusher! I'm always looming, the famlies boycott... first they'll smoke raisins, then they'll shoot up apricots! I know you can't resist me! But you wanna smoke some fruit! Check out my sweet-ass, matching pants suit! I'm the bad ass, flow train Pusher! I'm the booty-licking, taco sticking PUSHER! Kids think, drugs are cool! That is why I rule... I provoke, simple folk, to just smoke! Take a toke, GET YOUR FOOT OFF MY CLOAK!
      Joan: Oh, sorry.
      The Pusher: I'm the sky high, high dry Pusher! I'm the smokescreen, hazy green Pusher! Booty poking, raisin smoking Pusher! And in summary... I'M THE PUSHER!

    • (singing)
      Ghandi: Everything's normal, nobodies mopin'!
      JFK: But take it for granted, the campus is open!
      Ceaser: Our freedom will be here, that is a given!
      Scudworth: I'm principal Scudworth, I'm power depriven!
      Abe: Cleo... only Cleo... Cleo, Cleo, Cleo, Cleo, Cleo...
      Cleo: Cleo! Only Cleo! Cleo, Cleo, Cleo, Cleo, Cleo, Cleo!
      Joan: Ay-ay-ay-abe!
      All: Organically awesome, fantastical blitz! It's something that happned...
      The Pusher: probably sounds like this!
      All: NORMAL!

    • Larry Hardcore:See,I was into everything: weed, grass, ganja, reefer, marijuana, mary jane. I did it all! I even smoked pot once!

    • The Pusher: I provoke simple folks, just to smoke. Take a toke, get your foot of my cloak!

    • Princess: As a reward for your bravery and your leadership, I shall thrice lay you!
      Gandhi: Uhhhr. That's ... that's cool ... but (clears throat) I'm good.
      Princess: But .. the ... but I ... I shall thrice lay you!
      Gandhi: Uhm, I just ate. And they say that you shouldn't lay thrice, uhhh ... after eating. Uh (clears throat). Thank you.
      Princess: Uh, uh, We could just do coffee first, uh, it doesn't have to be a big deal.
      Gandhi: It's just, um, I've got to be up early ...
      Princess: Oh, oh-okay. Alright. That's fine. I'm kinda seeing someone, anyway.
      Gandhi: Well ... ummm ... thanks for the trippy adventure through my, uh, subconcious. Heh. I'll call 'ya.
      Princess: OK, great.
      Gandhi: You know maybe we could hang out ... you know ... maybe ... not today.
      Princess: Yeah, sometime. Whatever. You know. I'm listed. In Santa Monica.


    • Cleo: This isn't working! Love is just an abstract concept. It can't knock down stuff.

  • NOTES (6)

  • ALLUSIONS (24)

    • Scooby-Doo
      Abe: Let's see who this pusher REALLY is!

      A reference to the Scooby-Doo cartoon series, where every paranormal angtagonist was actually just a human with an ulterior motive. At the end of every episode, Fred would say "Let's see who this -insert monster- really is!"

    • The Flaming Guitar
      When Abe and the hippies are at the beach, Jimi Hendrix sets his guitar on fire and raises it towards the sky. This is similiar to when the original Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire, in June of 1967.

    • Backstreet Boys
      The boy band, Backstreet Boys, are again mentioned in this episode.

    • Scarface:
      When the principal is singing on top of the wall, lightning flashes, outlining him in black and white. This is similiar to the poster for the movie Scarface, where Al Pacino is outlined in black and white.

    • Richard the Lion-Hearted:
      During the PTA meeting, the principal refers to himself as King Scudworth the Lion-Hearted. This is an allusion to the french, King Richard the First, whose bravery and military activities made him famous.

    • Full House:
      Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are in Gandhi's hallucination, and they mention Dave Coulier. These three are actors of the sitcom Full House. Also, the dragon's first name, Daniel, may also be an allusion to the character Danny. The amulet has "Cut it out", a catch phrase of Danny's on the back of it.

    • Alice In Wonderland:
      When Gandhi shrinks, this is similiar to when Alice shrinks in Alice In Wonderland.

    • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
      In the introduction, when everybody is holding hands, singing, and swaying back and forth, this is reminiscent of the ending of Dr. Seuss's tale. There, all the Whos form a holding-hands circle, sing, and sway back and forth.

    • Rocky Horror Picture Show

      In the first song, you only see the Pusher's red lips the first time you see him. That is likely a tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which opens with nothing but a lush pair of lips singing "Science Fiction Double Feature Picture Show".

    • When Abe throws the chicken, it breaks the mirror, and the chicken, thus showing that Abe was the chicken.
      This may be taken from "Break The Mirror" from The Who's Tommy, where Tommy's mother, in frustration breaks his mirror, and Tommy is freed from his blind, deaf & dumb state.

    • When Abe is complaining about being grounded, there there are bugs crawling all over the outside of his window. This is tributing "The Carpet Crawlers" by Genesis, from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

    • Larry Hardcore/The Pusher: I'm the Pusher!!

      The Pusher bears a strange resemblance to Swan, the villain from Brian de Palma's "Phantom of the Paradise", who, like the Pusher, was vaguely demonic, used drugs to control people, and wore tinted glasses. Also, the Pusher's song bears certain similarities (like rhyme scheme, for instance) to "The Hell of It", Swan's only song in the "Phantom" movie.

    • Cleo: Love is just an intangable idea, it can' t knock things down!
      In the Beatles' movie 'Yellow Submarine' Love was knocking things down similar to the way the clone were attempting to knock down Scudworth's wall (but this time it didn't work).

    • Abe: From you okay? I learned it from watching you!
      There was an anti-drug commercial sometime in the 80's which had a father questioning his son about drugs he found in the kid's clothes. The kid ended the discussion by say "From you! I learned it from watching you!" Abe says something quite similar to his parents.

    • Abe: I CAN TASTE THE SUN!!!
      The slogan for Sunny Delight is "Taste the sun."

    • Scudworth: I'm Building a Fence...
      Scudworth's musical number about building a fence, and the image of him standing on a platform overlooking the enslaved PTA, may be a spoof of the movie "Pink Floyd The Wall".

    • Larry Hardcore: I opened for the Califronia Raisins on their '89 tour, but these days, the only dancing fruits kids want to see are the Backstreet Boys.
      Animated dancing California Raisins was a TV advertising campaign.

    • Abe: (action) A barbecued chicken breaks open to reveal Abe's head inside.
      This may be a reference to "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" when Luke strikes down Darth Vader in the treee only to reveal that Vader was Luke himself.

    • Abe: Grounded! For what? For growing up? For being free? ...
      The music is a reference to Tho Who's "Pinball Wizard". The lyrics are probably a reference to The Who's musical "Tommy", which is referenced in a few places in the episode.

    • JFK: Hop aboard Sgt. JFK's magical mystery tour!
      This is a reference to The Beatles' song/album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and song/album "Magical Mystery Tour".

    • Singer: Bug dance, gravy trance, butterfly dream ...
      This is a reference to the song "Incense and Peppermints" by The Strawberry Alarm Clock.

    • The Pusher: Two scoops of raisins!
      This is a reference to the breakfast-cereal commerical jingle "Two scoops of raisins in Kellogg's Raisin Bran!"

    • Sign: Determination
      In The Pusher's office behind the dumpster, he has a sign on the wall with a picture of a soaring Eagle that says "Determination" in bold at the bottom. This is a Successories type of picture that might be beautiful art if it wasn't for the moronic bold wording at the bottom.

    • Abe: (roars)
      The opening logo with Abe roaring like a lion is a reference to the MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayor) film logo.