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  • As a historybuff i am not a fan

    I saw a few eps and quite frankly i don't get the hype. Its not good even from a historical stand point. Joan of arc emo? frankly i am not surprised and quite pleased it got cancled. On the upside at least its better than Histeria (that crappy speilbrug history cartoon))

    Then i just found out people don't get why people in india would get mad. So they think, "KILL JOYS!" Read about Ghandi people and you'll understand. I just learned about Ghandi in my world history college course. I get why Indians got angry!

    As a history major/nerd this show makes me weep! Taking historical figures making them teenagers then making a highschool cartoon does not make sense.
  • This show deserved to be cancelled.

    Wayside is over 9000 times better.
  • need more

    we (the fans) need more clone high we don't care if it's adult swim, teletoon, or comedy we just need more.
  • Historical Accuracy!

    I stumbled upon Clone High recently after hearing tidbits about it from fans of Scrubs and random interviews by the directors of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Whom created the show). So I found the pilot online and literally almost hurt myself laughing.

    Rarely do comedies contain such clever hybrid concepts, all the while maintaining hilarity, genuinely likeable characters and a blistering pace now standard in most comedy shows.

    The show excels the most with its odd ball humor seemingly poking fun at sitcom and teenage drama cliches. Both of these are most present when the show jabs at the "A very special episode", "Previously on" or "Next time" narrated segments, often to episode highlight degree.

    However, I never really felt they managed to top the pilot in the laughs department and with EVERY single episode featuring something tying into Joan constantly pining over Abe, the plot, in my opinion, never explored its genius concept in any huge way. In short, I've never wanted straight filler so bad in my life.

    But with that being said, its short life span didn't really let the show grow and that maybe the biggest sin of omission it committed. Being to darn original to stick around.
  • A very special "Clone High" high school reunion special

    This show was great! I think that those of us who loved it deserve a little closure.

    Give us a reunion, fill us in on what is happening with all of our favourite clones (and what happened after prom!)
  • I watched an episode once, and I loved it. It was too bad that lawyers killed it.

    I loved the show, and like Time Warp Trio and Time Squad, you can easily point out the inaccuracies; sometimes my favorite thing to do is look up the information they had to see if it was right. I liked the Gandhi character, and despite the fact he was portrayed rather negatively, I still liked him. Curse the lawyers, and parent-friendly suing!

    "JFK: Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys!" * his car crashes and he loses* I have to admit, it was offending, but they knew for a fact it was going to be, if it's on MTV anyway.
  • He's an up and coming rapper with street smarts and skills to pay the bills, she's a lovably canceled television program... And they're on a collision course for hilarity and a wholesomely good time! But can they make it work? The yes's and no's as 2.5 ba


    Have you ever been enveloped in one of those awful comedy romance movies and had no way to escape? I'm not just talking about being trapped in the cinema floor itself, ushers aggressively sashaying you into submission, but inside the movie. For the outsider it may be cringe inducing, but deep down they’ll suppress the realization that it’s cute in a way not dissimilar to your parents still making out.

    At first glance, Clone High was an adversary fit to be loathed. My past relationships with these betty’s had been exponentially disappointing and abusive. Commercial-wise, I glowered contemptuously at its coquettish posturing toward the target demographic and imagined foibles. Unconsciously I had decided not to ogle it’s sumptuously glossed curves and plump, undulating haunches of creativity the networks impartial voiceover showcased. “Don’t get drawn in champ, it’s either gonna be a twofaced know-it-all
    like Sarah Southpark, or a drunken waste case like Sally Simpsons or you’ll wind up in bed with the second Pamela (Peter) Popetown and realize it’s another man.”

    But as the movie genre dictates, I inevitably came around. By chance or fate, I flipped the love box on just as Clone High premiered. It was like that girl you had met earlier stopped taking your seat on the bus, grabbing the last candy bar out of the machine and punching you in the face just long enough to smile. And boy what a smile. I didn’t need to truly appreciate the premise of the show or the characters; that came later. I was even so blind as to not capture the play off other teen melodramas, and in the midst of rapture I was briefly taken aback that the show which had been incalculably funny so far would employ such a lame decision making climax. However, the first date was surprisingly hot, and I eagerly awaited next weeks.

    Just succinctly I’ll detail a few of Clone High’s features which entailed the fiery attraction I hope you’ll experience atleast once in your life.
    It is my opinion that it is inarguably funny, I don’t care if you’re the white witch who is made of stone, has no mouth and finds the idea convoluted; your sure to crack a giggle. The writers portion of the ten million didn’t go to corn nuts, and it shows.
    The theme and rebellious parody allocates the teens more strata’s of psychological relevance and power than any self respecting drama, I cannot even begin to fathom the strength to dissect the endless potential for teenage conflict with the railsplitter as a clone father. They are able to agonize and hambone their petty plights but hurdle monotonous angst with gag lines and hysterics. Furthermore, I do identify with the characters, but it isn’t required to enjoy the program.
    Complementing this, the pace is frantic and never preachy, and the minimalist background artwork is audacious and intrinsically appealing. But before berets are slung into the ring and a noxious smog of pretension chokes the crowd, I’ll stop diluting the symphony by putting it in words. Maybe you can get a superficial feel with some of these clips:

    I learned early on that this was the one. I mean that in every stereotypical, high flown flowery and pink lace gilded sense. I was going to hold her hands to the grave, and it’s rather sad that she was wrestled still breathing into it, before we all got a chance to know her. I wouldn’t say our comedy romance ended as a tradgedy; she wouldn’t like that. But there’s nothing funny about ending great things like this without a punchline.
  • Great cartoon, I want more.

    Clone High was a great show with a talented cast of voice actors. One of MTV only good shows. The show revolves around Abe and his friends as they make there way through high school. Abe doesn't realize one of his best friends Joan is in love with him, as he is to dimwitted and to busy chasing Cleo to realize it. His best friend Gandhi is a hyper active person who annoys most around him. JFK is by far the best character in the series with my favorite line from the show "oh no i killed Mario." I still can't believe this show is gone.
  • just like all good mtv shows this one was cancelled WAY before it should have been.

    just like all good mtv shows this one was cancelled WAY before it should have been. i swear mtv likes to bring good shows to the airwaves and then take them away just to **** with us. seriously, how are you gonna cancel this show but keep bringing back crap like the hills, sweet 16, and stupid nonsense like that. this was a hilarious show that mtv killed before it ever really got a chance. this is one reason i don't even watch mtv anymore. if by a small chance they do have something i'll like on there they'll just cancel it anyways and piss me off.
  • This show is hilarious.

    This show started on MTV in the states, and the detour in Canada. This show is about government people digging up corpses of famous people and cloning them. This is the clones in their high school life. The main characters are Abe Lincoln, Ghandi, J.F.K., Cleopatra, Joan of ark, Mr. Butlertron, And the crazy principal known as Pr. Scudworth. This show is really funny. The clones do things normal teens would do. They have school elections. They get peer pressured into smoking raisins, and they have a school prom. My favorite character is Ghandi, he has A.D.D. Try watching the show.
  • Bring it back! Possibly the best show to ever be cancelled.

    This show was incredibly funny. My friends and I still quote it and it's been over now for four years. Every episode is hilarious. MTV did the same thing with another great show, Undergrads. The order one season of the show and get rid of it. This happend with two animated shows. They were both very good buy both got cancelled. This show is just as funny as South Park, Family Guy or the Simpsons maybe even funnier. It deserves to stay on the air even more than most of the other shows they have on. Bring it back! It worked with Family Guy and they're doing it with Family Guy. Great show, perfect.
  • Wonderful show!,

    After Daria was cancelled, I wondered if MTV would have another intelligent show like that again. Then I saw Clone High for the first time a few weeks ago, and I loved it. The show itself is funny, and if you know about historical characters the show becomes even funnier. The creators did a wonderful job with matching historical figures to high school stereotypes. JFK is hilarious. Make sure you watch this show! This is my favorite MTV show ever and I am so sad that it was cancelled! I sorely wish that it would be continued. The pacing is great, the jokes are hilarious, the characters are well-written and I love the overall look of the show. My favorite characters? I love them all! But I always have a special place in my heart for Joan of Arc, she reminds me of me :) It's too bad it didn't succeed, I can only hope a DVD release is not far away.
  • A clever cartoon!

    This was a cartoon that was actually pretty clever. What with its historical references and jokes and all. My favorite quote must be "I'm a genetic copy of Abe Lincon, so I'm not fit to run a country." Haha!! And also, Cleopatra is my favorite character. Mostly because Christa Miller-Lawrence is one of my favorite actresses, but also because she is so self-centered it's funny!

    Musical episode. Must I really say more?? Smoking raisens. Lol I think that made my year just seeing that. "Raisens are a gateway fruit!"

    But, hey, you can learn a lot from this show, too. Like Ghandi has ADD! I never knew that before. Hehe!
  • Lots of "Bring it back!" classifications :P I miss this show... it was so damn good, and then it just had to go and end the way it did!

    This show was a laugh riot... Me and my friends were really expecting a second season, but it never came... I heard the episodes were released on DVD, but I could not find it in the stores, which made me sad... I miss Clone High and its hilarious jokes, and I just wish they would bring it back! They left us hanging so badly with that last episode! How could they do that to the fans? ;_; Shows like this one don't just come along every day... I guess we'll just have to live with the loss... but that's not an easy thing to do...
  • Where'd clone high go? im so angry i could piss glue.

    I love clone high. I believe this was the most brillant, wonderful, entertaining show ever made. It is a shame it was taken off the air. I miss it with all my heart, and i bet other do too. I own the dvd box set and the first season is on my ipod and i watch it almost everyday. But the last one always brings questions, and i want those questions another season, or even a movie.
    Like what happens when they un-freese? Whats going to happen with joan and abe?

    Well in order to try and bring this work of art back, i made a petition and hopfully the right people see it, please sign it and be apart of trying to make this show come back
  • This show is fantastic Wesley

    Holy moly this is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen!! It sucks that it's finished because it is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyones face. Honestly if you're bored or just in a mood watch this and within 5 minutes you'll be in stitches!!! It's about various clones (like Abe Lincoln, Cleopatra, Ghandi, Joan of Arc and JFK) at a high school going through the normal teen angst that every clone who has a major crush on another clone but can't get that clone cos that clone is in love with another clone (lost? watch the show) If you get the chance to watch it make sure you do, or record it so you can watch it over and over and over again Wesley.
  • One of MTV's funniest shows. Featuring historic characters as high school kids makes for one great cartoon.

    Clone High featured historic characters like Abe Lincoln, Gandhi, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and JFK. The difference is that they are all high schoolers and live amongst other clones in a small town.

    What made this show great was that you throw your political correctness out the window and enjoy the horrible destruction of everything you know about this historic icons. Lincoln is clumsy, Gandhi is ADD, Joan is depressed, Cleo is a stuck up popular girl, JFK is horny, and Ghengis Khan is big, dumb, and slow.

    Some of the humor is a little childish, but it is a cartoon and it does have themes that relate more to a teenage crowd than anything else. Thirteen episodes was not enough, especially with a cliff-hanger season finale.
  • This show was amazing! Me and my friends are still quoting lines from it and it has been cancelled for a couple years now.

    This show was amazing! Me and my friends are still quoting lines from it and it has been cancelled for a couple years now. It was so random and original. I was sad when my friend told me it was going off the air. It definitely needs to come back!!
  • great show! needs to come back!

    They really need to bring Clone High back! Almost used as a history lesson, Clone High slightly teaches you about different figures of the past and what they did that made a difference in the world. From Abe to Ghandi, Joan to Cleo, you learn the importance of them, while laughing in the process. Sometimes not being in the best of taste, the jokes of the show are classic and there is a ton of funny lines. The show is also helped and supported by the ton of celebrity spots that range from jack black to mandy moore. This so is fresh and funny, its easy to love it.
  • It's just so good!

    I recently downloaded the first episode of clone high, and absolutely loved it. The characters were great, the jokes were great, and so i downloaded the whole show. But by the end, I was freaked out by the ending of the last episode.

    I know the shows aimed at teenagers as well, so that’s why i think it had such weird and informative plots. Such as Litter Kills, Litterally. It shows how bad littering can be, just like Homecoming: A Shot in D'Arc which shows discrimination between genders.

    And how the show was cancelled, is just stupid. (Indians got angry because of how Gandhi was portrayed). I can see what the problem is, but to quit the show over it? I mean come on.

    If you want to talk more about Clone High, just drop me a line. Thanks

    When I first saw this one MTV, I fell in love with the show! Ghanda was really funny in his attempts to dry hump! And JFK, John F. Kennedy, he is the best part of the show! His parents were like My Two Dads, only gayer! And Cleo, what an ass on that girl! I would plow that into next year if I could! Abe was really funny in him not noticing that Joan liked him. It was too bad that the show ended with that cliffhanger. I didn't see that coming, and by that, I mean me! JFK is hilarious! This show needs to come back!
  • One of the most innovative shows I've seen in a long time. It's a true shame that it wasn't given the exposure it deserved, as I'm sure it would've caught on quickly if put in a good time slot and maybe a promo or two.

    This is hands down, one of the best shows ever made in the last 10 years. Judging by the "comedies" brought out today by the American Television community, it's obvious why it didn't succeed - it's made for people with an I.Q. higher than 90.

    The humor was incredibly original, the voice acting was utterly superb (is there anybody who could've possibly done the voice for Mr. Scudsworth besides Phil Lord??? Listen to the French DVD audio track on the Canadian DVD version of the show and you'll see what I mean), the stories (though a bit cockamamy) were easy and fun to follow, and it made me do what many shows can't make me do - watch it over and over again. That is the reason this television show gets a 10 rating from my book.
  • Thanks Phil Lord and Chris Miller for creating this very special show it is almost perfect

    This show is great let's look why
    JFK is damn funny my two favorite quotes are: "Hey let's go swim at my pool and by pool I mean bathtub and by swimming I a mean sex" and "Oh no mario is dead now I am killing everyone, why couldn't Ponce have 3 lives?" he get's 10
    Gandhi is a non-stop party machine he also get's a 10 he dosen't have any memorable quotes Cause he is mostly expressions
    Scudworth has a great quote: "Eeeeewww is that water leaking out of your eye?" that's a great quote.
    Abe Lincoln ruins this series with his crappy sayings and his gay attitude he gets a 3 for the tree in episode one and one or two times in the series.
    Cleopatra sucks she gets a 1 for making me laugh but she is pathetic.

    Story ???
    Is there one?


    A really cool serie, original idea, and the same about the episodes. Every character has they own pesonalty which makes this serie more interesting then many others that we see today.

    I really dont realise how could had this ended. There is no logical reason, just that i'm a guy that have everything that i love took from me :(

    This is one of the series that i will remind for years after years, remembering how Gandhi is crazy and how Abe and Joan are weird when they think about love, but the really crazy character is JFK.

    In fact, a really good serie at all. . .
  • Seriously hilarious! This series was SMART!

    This series really went there with it's pop culture references and blatant spoofs of classic television series. Clone High was a smart animated series that saw the humor in corny moments on tv, old trends (ex. Hypercolor T-Shirts), and heroes of the past. The series had everything (including an awesome original theme song) and it's definately one I'd like to see return for more episodes, although that seems very unlikely... :(
  • From the creator of Scrubs comes a new kind of comedy...

    From the creative mind of Bill Lawrence and others, Clone High is an exceptionally unique show that keeps you laughing while thonking your head thinking, eh?

    From the very first scene of the first episode with Ghandi gawking at Joan's breasts, the show never loses pace with its hilarious gags and jokes, as the awkward teenage clones try to make it through high school. Abe is a very sweet guy, hopelessly in love with someone who won't give him the time of day, completely dimwittedly obvlivious to the affections of Joan. Different episodes often feature more clones from the past of famous people, all of which are usually very comical and often really mean something. Afterall, learning is what growing up is all about, so just how can you learn from the growing up of the most famous people in history?

    Bottom Line, buy the DVD's or watch reruns, they are a godsend, this show never should have been cancelled but at least we have the first season. It's creative, unique and funny and keeps you solidly entertained for a good 30 minutes.
  • A favorite of mine, no matter what anyone says, it's almost perfect.

    Clone high goes above and beyond what other cartoons amount to. Instead of cutaway gags every 3 minutes like Family Guy has amounted to, Clone High kept it fresh and funny throughout it's whole one season. I'm glad that Clone High won't be picked up anytime soon. These episodes are now classics, and I think new sodes would ruin the legacy this series has created. No episode was boring, stiff, or unfunny. Every episode was written to prefection, every scene and joke they made were hilarious. New seasons would wear thin, like the newer Family Guy episodes... because we have grown to have favorite scenes and episodes and we love the original 13... to make anymore would taint the show and it wouldn't be as good as we remember. Let the series live as a 13-ep saga, and leave it as that. It's good enough without the extra 39 episodes taped onto it.

    Such a great show! JFK is so funny. All the characters are. I really enjoy watching this show. it's pretty stupid. G-spot rocks the G-spot haha thats so dum. i could watch this show all day if only there were some more episodes! Still great though. Ya it sure is.

  • i hate whoever killed clone high

    i miss clone high... why oh why did it get slammed? possibly the best thing to happen to the world of animation in like... FOREVER! why anyone would do away with this brilliant, hilarious and extremely original show, i don't know. i still wanna know what happened after scudworth froze everyone, dammit! second season, second season!
  • I want a second season!

    Clone famous dead people, put their teenage counterparts in highschool, throw in a nutjob of a principal, and what do you have? Only the single most hysterical animated series on TV! This is definitely among my top 5 favourite television shows ever. I certainly didn't look at my grade 11 history textbook the same way after watching this series.
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